This Will Be The First And Last Time I Talk About My Dreams In My Website, God As My Witness, But It's Important

Some months ago, I received an email from Sam of Sunday School Rebel detailing a dream she'd had about me. It was actually seriously awesome: in the dream, she'd been driving past a Sonic and had looked up and seen "Nothing But Bonfires" on the sign. Later on, she'd run into me---still in the dream, of course---and told me about it and I had, apparently, replied "Oh no, that's not good. There's a girl who works there who hates me."

A few months after that, I had a dream about Jes of Chirky, in which she'd asked me to babysit her niece (does she even have a niece? I don't even know), and I'd said yes, because apparently I had moved to Texas. When I got to her house, it turned out she lived in a Target. I mean, she owned the Target, it wasn't like she was camping out in the kitchen appliance aisle or anything.

And then last night, Dutch from Sweet Juniper appeared in my dream. I was attending a weekly assembly back at my old boarding school in England, and he was sitting cross-legged next to me on the floor. And although I have seen pictures of Dutch on the Internet, and thus have a general idea of his appearance, in the dream he was actually Spencer from MTV's The Hills. Except he wasn't Spencer from MTV's The Hills, he was Dutch from Sweet Juniper. I know because I asked him between hymns. Yes, we were singing hymns.

So my question, I guess, is has this happened to you? Do you dream about other bloggers, people you've never met but whose stories you follow with interest and whose lives you know a surprising number of things about? Do you think this means we need to spend less time on the Internet, or maybe just less time eating cheese before bed? Perhaps you've even had a dream about someone who's had a dream about you! In which case, you've pretty much met already. Although it could be kind of awkward if you ever did actually meet and were all "hey, remember the time when you lived in a Target?"

Feb 06, 2007

Yes, I have had 4-5 dreams featuring bloggers that I read regularly. I've never shared this fact with them because I always felt a little off about it and assumed that I was the only one. I remember my dreams more often and seem to dream more vividly than most people I know, so I just figured I was strange that way..

Feb 06, 2007

I totally have! It's bizarre, since I've only met a couple of you, and I don't really have a clue how you actually are "off the page."

I had one that you were in, one about Melissa from Surburban Bliss, one about Leah from A Girl and A Boy, and TWO about JenB from JenAndTonic.

So crazy. One of them even involved a dentist.

Marmite Breath
Feb 06, 2007

I just emailed Y from Joy Unexpected the other day to tell her about the dream I had about her. It's a weird feeling!!

Feb 06, 2007

A couple nights ago I had a nightmare about my husband's ex-girlfriend. I've never met her, but she has a blog that is ALL about me and my husband. Yep. Just me and my husband, her ex-boyfriend. How creepy is THAT?

Feb 06, 2007

Oh, yes. I don't think there's too much wrong with it; if I'm particularly involved in a book I'm reading, its text might make a dream appearance, so why not the writings of people I'm getting to know via their words? In fact, I wrote a post in the first days of my site mentioning one of these blog-dreams. And I now find that I am bizarrely reluctant to tell you that I've even had a NBB dream or two.

And am cutting way back on the bedtime Gorgonzola.

Feb 06, 2007

Gasp, you broke the "talking about your dreams on a blog" taboo!

For some reason, most of my dreams feature bit players from my waking world (my husband, for example, almost never shows up), so bloggers do sometimes join the random playlist. Although last night it was the opera singer and one of the guerilla generals from "Bel Canto". Except the general was dressed as some sort of circus ringmaster (which, note to subconscious: a gorilla suit would've been funnier).

Feb 06, 2007

Oh yeaah! I had this *insane* dream that Jon/Heather/Leta and Chuck (The Armstrongs from Dooce) were all coming to my house for the weekend and I was FREAKING OUT because where, where, *where* would we put them all? What about Chuck chasing the cats? And the yard, for the luvvapete! A mess! So shameful! I was getting annoyed with my own crabbing at my husband in my dream and then I woke up. And told him all about it.

No NBB dreams yet - but I wouldn't be surprised.

Feb 06, 2007

Oh dear, I would never have ever mentioned this, EVER, had you not written this post. A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream that my boyfriend and I were taking a ballroom dancing class, and you and Sean were there too. Please don't be afraid.

Feb 06, 2007

oh yeah, all the time. i regularly dreamed of you and sean while you were in asia. i frequently dream of meg fowler too. and sometimes heather, jon and leta from Dooce are in my dreams.

Feb 07, 2007

i dreamed about Dooce and leta the other night, too *LOL* weird...she was CLEANING MY HOUSE...that is one dream i'd love to have come true

Feb 07, 2007

I've never dreamed about bloggers, but I have a group of about 20 girls that I talk to on an online message board almost daily. I've only met a few of them in "real life," but I often dream about them and their kids and husbands.

Worse, though? Last night I read a bunch of old Top Chef recaps on Television Without Pity, and so this morning I dreamed that I was on the show, acting as sous chef for Harold from season one. He was making open-faced sandwiches with the most horrible-looking green salsa glop, cheese, lunchmeat, peanut butter, and bananas. God, that was weird.

(PS I love the new layout!)

Feb 07, 2007

I never have, but now if I do at least I'll feel okay about it!

gina in sc
Feb 07, 2007

Well, was Spencer a lying cheating ASS like he is in the Hills or was he nice in the dream? these things are important. (lol)

Feb 07, 2007

Oh my, yes, I had one just last week and I was not sure if I should tell the blogger or not. I know I have had others in the past but I can't remember them! Last week it was about mamacita from Scheiss Weekly. She was teaching a class that a friend of mine was taking, and for some reason I showed up at the college too.

Yeah, I do remember that I dreamed about you and Sean when you were on your trip. Just feel weird to tell you.

Feb 07, 2007

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you told the whole Internet my Sonic dream! I'd forgotten all about it. If only they would make some sort of Sonic Blast in your honor - something really yummy, of course.

But I do think it's pretty normal to dream about people we read. I've had several dreams about bloggers - Heather and Leta used to pop up every now and then - but I think you're the first one that I really confessed it to. When I first got pregnant I was having lots of vivid dreams and several of them involved bloggers, but of course it's ones that I feel like I know - talked on the phone with them, etc. Of course I would be thrilled if I appeared in anyone's dream!

Feb 07, 2007

But Holly, I do live in a Target. A SuperTarget.

How else do you think I have all this fabulous jewelry?

Feb 07, 2007

This is insanely odd.

I had a dream last night where I met you, Holly, at some blogger-type convention thingy.

For whatever reason, you were fawning over my husband and telling him how great his blog is. And I was laughing because he doesn't have a blog, but then I became worried-- maybe he does, and I just don't know it?

And then Sean showed up, and there were a small gaggle of ladies who collectively said "Oooh! It's Sean." And then we proceeded to good-naturedly take group pictures.

Feb 07, 2007

Oh yes, I have dreams of other bloggers ... it's always so weird, but I think it's a hoot! I would LOVE to live at TARGET!

When I was a kid I used to wish I could live in the mall and peruse all the stores to find what I was going to wear that day, etc. Kids are so stupid.

Feb 07, 2007

i had a dream about Yvonne a long time ago. (joy unexpected's 'Y')

Feb 07, 2007

I dreamed about Sean once (which I told you about here - I can't remember the details now, which is very disappointing ;-)

Feb 07, 2007

yeah...I just had a Zoot dream last night - first time for a blogger creepy (for her, not for me)

Feb 07, 2007

first of all, i think it's hilarious that you had spencer from the hills in your dream. he is SO creepy looking! and second, i always have weird dreams after eating cheese! for example, on saturday night i gorged on manchego and brie and then later i dreamt that a blog reader was stalking me and announced he was going to kill me. i need to stop eating cheese before bed.

Feb 07, 2007

I have had dreams about bloggers before, definitely. I've dreamt about Jonniker (who I've met in real life and with whom I email constantly, so it seems less weird), the Armstrongs (apparently they get around people's dreams a lot!) and most recently, Leah and Simon of A Girl and a Boy. Fascinating, really, isn't it? How we internalize the stories of all these people we don't know face-to-face?

Feb 07, 2007

i dreamt i kissed twisty from 'i blame the patriachy'. it was nice. woke up confused...

Feb 07, 2007

Absolutely. I especially dream about the last person I read or talked to before going to bed ...

Sarah Marie
Feb 07, 2007

Yes, just the other night I dreamt about a blogger! It was a very realistic and long dream, or so it seemed. I feel like I know that person and her family better now. Which is a very strange feeling indeed...

I *heart* the chic new layout! I especially like that I can listen to your current obsessions.

Feb 07, 2007

Me, too!

Never met a one of you ... but have dreams about you like I do my book characters. : )

Feb 07, 2007

Yes! I actually had a dream last week that you and my old boss were chairs of a conference I was at - CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Higher Education.)

Feb 07, 2007

I dreamt once about Karen from Chookooloonks. I was at some tropical beach somewhere, Australia maybe, and she comes walking out of the surf all Halle Barry style like in the James Bond movie, except her hair was in waist-length braids, and she was wearing a bikini like Honey Ryder on Dr. No, and dang her figure was rockin' that bikini. So I went up to her and was talking to her about stuff as we walked into this beach shack bar thing that was covered on the inside in polished exotic wood, and she had this really cool Trinidadian accent.

Feb 07, 2007

You've opened a floodgate! I, too have dreamed about fellow bloggers. A few have been about babysitting for a couple of the mom bloggers; and I did actually dream about you once. We were strolling through some artsy area of some trendy town chatting as if we'd known each other our whole lives. But really, we know nothing more than what we read. It was a bit strange, but fun!
Hmm, perhaps I should stop eating cheese before bed...

Feb 07, 2007

I've yet to have a dream about a blogger. I think if that ever happens, I'm going to need to take a break from the internet. Then again, last night I did dream about having a pastrami sandwich. So, of course, today I had to go out and get one.

What would Freud say about all this?

Feb 07, 2007

Oh, god. Well at least now I don't feel so weird about it. I've had dreams about Dooce/Heather as well (seems like a lot of people have dreams about her...and I live in Salt Lake so in one dream I saw her at the doctor's office or something, and once I rear-ended her car in a dream, that was awful), and Alice from Finslippy (we were both buying spinach at the farmer's market), and yes Holly, I admit I've had a dream about you too.

I think we were seated next to each other on a plane, and I was trying really hard not to let on that I knew who you were because I didn't want to bother you (also, I think I was afraid of being creepy. But this is kind of creepy right now, so there you go). You lent me a book to read and were completely funny and charming, and I thought "Hey, maybe I will let on that I read her blog, no big deal". Suddenly, somehow I was on a different plane and my husband was seated next to me, but I still had your book, and I had forgotten to tell you how much I love your blog.

So Holly, I love your writing. And the new design is fabulous. Sorry about the book though.

Feb 07, 2007

OMG, yes! Just the night before last I had a dream about you, Holly, I think because I read your post on the wedding book you wrote. In my dream I told you how much I liked the picture on the cover and you told me that those were your feet, and look! You were wearing the same shoes they photographed you in! And then you sort of modeled the shoes, which were pink little slipper shoes (very cute) and that was the end of it.

I've had some other dreams about bloggers and my friend Ginny and I used to tell eachother about them all the time during our lunchbreak and wonder if, indeed, this was a very strange thing.

Feb 07, 2007

To "thegirlwho...":

I am so curious about the blog of your boyfriends ex. Will you share the url, so we can all laugh (and may be dream about HER)?

Feb 08, 2007

Actually I had a dream about you and Sean one night last week, and I was totally going to tell you about it but then I thought "What sort of a weird Internet stalker bitch would she think I AM, first buying her vacuum cleaner and now dreaming about her?" But now that you ask: The dream concerned me visiting you and Sean in Florence, Italy, where you had a home, and losing my cell phone when we were all engulfed by a tidal wave, and we kept finding OTHER cell phones which were irritatingly not mine.

Feb 08, 2007

Lordy, I am not alone!

I dream about bloggers, movie stars, and old boyfriends a LOT.

Escape from reality, much?

Feb 08, 2007

Jess, you read my mind! I was wildly curious about the crazy blog too.

Feb 08, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY! I love the header Sean did for you today.

Feb 08, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOLLY!!! At 29, I can look back and say that 27 was my favorite year. Enjoy your day, and all best wishes for the most incredible year yet!!!

Feb 08, 2007

Happym Happy Birthday, Holly!

Feb 08, 2007

awwww the top of your website says "happy birthday, love sean". cute!

happy birthday :)

Feb 08, 2007

Wheeee! Happy Birthday! I love the header - you should keep Sean around for a while. ;)

Feb 08, 2007

Happy Birthday! I, too, love the header! The timing of the new look for your site was perfect!

Feb 08, 2007

Aw. Sean. I want a web designer boyfriend! (In addition to my husband)

Feb 08, 2007

I had a dream once that my husband and Amalah were having an affair and I woke up SO MAD. :D yipes! Talk about weird.

Feb 08, 2007


As a fellow 27 year old (turning 28 this June), I can say that, so far, this has been the best year ever.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a wonderful year as well!

Feb 08, 2007

Happy birthday Holly!
Hope you find the perfect cake today. Have some for me as well - I miss american cake! (Swedish is good too, but it´s just not the same..)
Have a great day!!

Feb 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Holly! I mostly lurk around here, but I do enjoy your writing. Have a great day!

Feb 08, 2007

I thought dreaming about people I've never met (but know in a virtual-type way) made me some kind of weirdly overattached hanger-oner, so I've kept it to myself. But yes. Internet people have appeared in my dreams. Glad to know I'm not alone in that.

Happy birthday! I hope you get a nice, tall chocolate cake with cascading pink icing just like the one in your masthead. (Well done, Sean.) Enjoy your day!

Feb 08, 2007

happy birthday holly!
and here's to many many more!

Feb 08, 2007

Well, I don't use to dream... But I remember to have dreamed about some blogger... But I didn't worry! It's just a dream :)

Feb 08, 2007

Psst! Happy Birthday!

Feb 08, 2007

Happy 27!

Feb 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, Holly!

Feb 08, 2007

Hi! I just discovered your blog today, and oh, do I love your writing. I'll most definitely be back (and hopefully, with something more incisive/original to say at that time).

A very happy birthday to you!

Feb 09, 2007


Feb 09, 2007

Never ever commented on a blog before (except my sister's) but I do love yours and I have so enjoyed following your travels etc. and sometimes I confess, I want your life but ANYWAY! Happy Birthday! Please keep writing after a glorious celebration and lastly, I know just what you mean about the light in gorgeous San Francisco... Lovely.

Feb 09, 2007

Happy Birthday to the cutest girl blogging the web ... with the cutest boyfriend and the brightest future. Here's to MANY more years of happy!

Feb 09, 2007

Happy Birthday!! Did you gorge on cake?

Also, thegirlwho - you must share the ex-girlfriend's blog. Holly, please tell her so...!

Feb 10, 2007

I had my first one a few weeks ago and it was the weirdest thing! I keep a sewing blog on the side (it's my dirty little mistress) and it involved one of the gurus of the historic costuming world (god, i'm such a dork!) trying to teach me how to snap in and out of costumes. What was wierd, is that she actually looked like another one of my blogger friends, but she was still herself...weird.