We've been having a little makeover here at Nothing But Bonfires---you know, a bit of lipo, some dental veneers, a few stabs of Botox, the introduction of cream blush. Fancy, isn't it? You should know that I never asked for it. I thought the old site was fine as it is! But idle hands are the devil's play thing, of course, and when those idle hands belong to one's unemployed graphic designer boyfriend, well, then you're just asking for trouble. Sean likes to take on projects, you see. You say "hey Sean, can you replace the picture on my site?" And Sean says "Woman? We can do better than that! We can REDESIGN your site!"

So here we are, all pink and brown still, but with a new font and a few other differences. The header for instance---what do you see up there right now? The San Francisco skyline? Some birds? A tree? Go ahead and refresh the page! Go on, I'll wait. Alright, so now what do you see? It's different, right? Exactly! That's the beauty of it! You never know what you'll get! IT'S LIKE LIFE.

To your right, you'll see a music player Sean designed, and if you press play, whatever song I'm currently obsessed with will start streaming immediately. I go through phases, you see, where I discover a certain song and then I must listen to it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN---like, seriously, one more time, I promise, no, wait, maybe just one more and then I'll stop, look, I promise, this is the last time---and a few days ago I decided that hey! maybe these songs are just so good that the Internet should hear them too! Also, having a song there will give you something to listen to on my site if my inane babbling finally gets too much. And when I start using the caps lock—AS I AM WONT TO DO! WHEN I AM EXCITED! OR ANGRY! OR GENERALLY JUST TRYING TO MAKE SOME SORT OF EMPHASIS!---you can turn the volume up and drown me out. See? Works for everyone!

There are some other differences too. My About Me and About This Site pages have finally been updated, for instance. The columns are a little narrower. We have drop caps at the beginning of each post. The text is finally appearing on a plain white background and not some weird grainy pattern that Sean thought looked avant-garde and I thought just looked like I was throwing in a bunch of extra commas and semi-colons where there didn't need to be any. The AdBrite thing has gone, because thanks AdBrite, you were incredibly helpful! Know what I got from you, AdBrite? A bunch of junk mail! The BlogAds, however, we are still enamoured with. We like the BlogAds. We would like it if more people would buy them more often, of course, but still.

Please do e-mail me, by the way, or leave a comment if anything is looking weird on your computer or not working properly. You are my eyes, Internet! And those glasses totally suit you.

So there we have it, the new and improved NBB. Because change is good, of course! But you know who else is good? Sean is good! We should all give him a round of applause. Maybe we should all buy him a shot. Maybe we should say "hey wait a minute, Sean, what kind of man are you? Fiddling around on websites all day when everyone else is watching the Superbowl! Pink websites, no less!"

Actually, on second thought, you can say that, but I probably shouldn't. I probably shouldn't say anything bad about him ever, ever again. The man does have total and complete access to the inner workings of my website, after all. And a whole bunch of embarrassing pictures of me. Stories, too.

Feb 05, 2007

Loving the new look!

One quick thing - the link in your post to "About Me" doesn't really got to your "About Me" page, it goes to a word press log-in screen, and the next link in the post to your "About This site" seems to go to your "About Me" page. But your links under the "Nothing But Bonfires" line work fine.

Thought you'd want to know~

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 05, 2007

Fixed it! Thanks.

Feb 05, 2007

Love the pretty new birdies!

One problem: once I pressed play on the new, pink music player, I couldn't pause or stop it during the song.

PS. I always

Feb 05, 2007, I always hate it when the last line of my comment isn't published even though it was definitely there when I hit "Submit"?

Feb 05, 2007

i was like "refresh" what's this girl talkin about...i got all birds all day. then i clicked on make a comment and i got a all is well. you should have had a bonfire some where in there....ya know...for obvious reasons.

nice job sean!

Feb 05, 2007

a fellow 'one song' obsesser. respect.

Feb 05, 2007

I like! No! i *heart*! Nice job Sean!

*pouring both of yous a large shot of grey goose* but only coz its viturally...otherwise it would be a skimpy shot of absolute coz i'm a student, and what students do you know drink grey goose, let alone share grey goose with their friends?


Feb 05, 2007

It's very cool! I like the changing graphic up top and the song thing - the song is really good and the whole idea is awesome. Nice job, Sean! And of course, Holly, because without your shoes I'm sure the colors would be weird and manly and I wouldn't like it as much then.

Feb 05, 2007

Brilliant! Well done, Sean. And, as always, love your blog, Holly.

Feb 05, 2007

Visiting your site is now a multi-media art show! It looks great, and a very cool song! I need some new music, so I'll be taking advantage of the daily offering--it's like going to Borders and listening to the headphones, only I don't have to leave the house.

Maybe leaving the house is a good thing. :)

Heather B.
Feb 05, 2007

I keep hitting refresh to see the different headers. It's wonderful and could probably keep me amused for hours.

Feb 05, 2007

Love the song.

Feb 05, 2007

I love the new website too. Sorry, I looked at "love the song" and thought--that sounds snarky! I love the website, really, I do.

Feb 05, 2007

Love the new look Holly! Cute and talented - you sure do know how to pick a good boyfriend! Congrats on the book as well - it looks awesome by the way.

Feb 05, 2007

One word (okay three, four, five ...whatever)


Feb 05, 2007

Not to sound all fannish, but I LOVE it. That's gorgeous. It really is. Brilliant job, Sean. And Holly, I too am a devotee of the song on repeat. Again. And again. And again. It is my joy.

Feb 05, 2007

I love hitting refresh. Except I'm only getting the birds and SF skyline, and damnit - I WANT THE TREE.

Will continue poking around. Looks good!

reluctant housewife
Feb 05, 2007

Looks gorgeous, you lucky girl.

*clap, clap, clap*

Thanks for complimenting my eyeglasses. I'm a bit self-conscious when I wear them, so it means a lot.

Feb 05, 2007

Well done, Sean. I especially like the vignetting around the comment field. And yes, change is good. Especially when it lets us know what song you're currently obsessing over.

Wait, there was a superbowl?

Feb 05, 2007

Problem alert:

Clicking on Sean's link at the bottom takes us to

And that really doesn't work so well.

Feb 05, 2007

The new look is oh-so-hip and sleek and sexy and I love it. Nice work Sean! Holly, I love the current song obsession too and I' m thrilled that that is a new feature on your blog - as someone who is constantly trying to update her Ipod, I'm looking forward to discovering lots of new music!

Now, I have a very important question. Does Sean have any cool, single, attractive, graphic-designing friends that live on the east coast? Preferably Boston?

Feb 05, 2007

Niiiiice redesign. I'm going to have to take some pointers from Sean because I am in two web design classes at the moment, which are really cool actually.

I also love the music player with your favorite of the moment song playing.

This one (to me) sounds like a cross between Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. :)

Daydreams and Musings
Feb 05, 2007

As my six-year old would say. "I don't like it . . . (pause for effect) - I LOVE it!" I especially love the changing header. Brilliant.

Feb 05, 2007

I love it! Even the comment section is oh so pretty. Is this an early birthday present?

Feb 05, 2007

I love it! Big round of applause!

Feb 05, 2007

Oooh, and the comments page looks so cute too!
Congrats for the new look, and applauses to Sean!

strange bird
Feb 05, 2007

I see no drop caps!

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 05, 2007

Are you using Internet Explorer? Use Firefox! It will make your life one thousand percent better, I swear.

Feb 05, 2007

I just started visiting last week but I like the fresh changes and I love your stories. What a great little spot you have here!

Feb 05, 2007

It looks fabulous, seriously. It also loads (and I am in Firefox, always have been) much more quickly - and I love the comment scrolls! So cute! Thank you, also, for making listening to the song optional - at first I was afraid you'd gone all My Space on us, where you are assaulted with someone's favorite song and all you can do is click desperately to turn it off.

Feb 05, 2007

I am glad to know that SF is working its magic on you two. New ideas, new energy, tra la!

Now for the hard part. I never minded it before. But with the redesign this shade of pink is stabbing my eyes a little bit. So you'll have to put me down as a naysayer. Not that it would keep me from reading. I'll just have to read quicker.

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 05, 2007

The pink should actually be mellower than the one on the old site. That's weird! What does it look like to you? Sort of Pepto-Bismol-ish? Sweet n'Low? Because it's supposed to be dusky. I guess everyone's monitor callibrates stuff differently.

Feb 05, 2007

It's great. Totally great. I wait in vain for that tree, though. I bet it's spectacular! Also, maybe I am dumb--but how does one reach your archives now? Just in case I need a fix...

Feb 05, 2007

Oh man. Firefox. I got the tree and the archives in one fell swoop. Perfection!

Feb 05, 2007

i heart the header and i'm thinking of stealing your color scheme...for my master bedroom AND my website 8)

Feb 06, 2007

GORGEOUS!!! Excellent - love the revolving header!

One question --- where is your 'about me' link, I don't see it. And the 'categories' is at the top right.


Horrible Warning
Feb 06, 2007

I have hit refresh a bazillion times...I especially love the SF skyline. How fun!

Nothing But Bonfires
Feb 06, 2007

Thanks, Starfruit, that should be fixed now. Let me know if not.

Feb 06, 2007

That song has a very haunting sound to it.

Feb 06, 2007

Woo hoo, look at the snazzy comments too!

I love the streaming music. Please, everyone, do exactly that on your websites.

Feb 06, 2007

I've refreshed, like, FOUR HUNDRED times, just to see the new thinggie on top.

Feb 06, 2007

My two favorite colors


Feb 06, 2007

The pink and brown are becoming one of my favorite color combinations. I am still holding fast to orange and pink because I love the color orange.

Sean is amazing!! This is gorgeous. A beautiful site to match your beautiful words and oh my God, I can't believe I just wrote that. Yes, I have revealed myself as a total sap.

Feb 06, 2007

The new site design is absolutely lovely. You should totally bake Sean something chocolatey and delicious. Or grilled cheese. Or maybe just smile at him alot. He's very talented, but then again so are you. :) Have a nice day.

Feb 06, 2007

The skyline is my favorite. And I hate change. But this? Is good.

Daily Tragedies
Feb 08, 2007

Of course. I fall behind on my blog-reading and Sean goes and redesigns the site and I am the last person to know. Well. See if I prioritize work over the Internet ever again!

Nice work, Sean! And Holly, I love the notion of adding music to this medium.

Feb 09, 2007

Love the look of the new site. And I downloaded "Beauty" thanks to you and I love it SO much. Thanks for the tip!