I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Since we've been back from our trip around Asia, we've been doing little more than sleeping and eating. You know how people say "oh, all we've been doing is sleeping and eating" and yet you know that actually, no, they've probably also been watching television and going to the grocery store and, you know, showering and stuff? Well, rest assured that these people are not us. We really have been doing little more than sleeping and eating, unless you also count opening the refrigerator door every hour, marveling at all the food inside---all the freeness of all the food!---and then closing it again, safe in the knowledge that if one should suddenly fancy a slice of Wensleydale cheese or a glass of milk, both are there for the taking. (And not once will you have to utter "that's your best price? Really? Two bucks for a piece of cheese? Fine, then I'll just go down the street. The guy sells it cheaper down there.")

Although it's wonderful to be home again---or as close to a home as I have at the moment, such is the lot of the unemployed gypsy---there is rather a large hole in my life under the Adventure section, now that I'm not riding elephants and climbing Wonders of the World, and jumping off the tops of boats. No, scratch that, there's actually a rather large hole in my life under the general Filling My Days section, since I now have two completely free months at home with my family in Singapore before Sean and I start the panic of relocating to San Francisco at the end of December. Is it possible (or even permissable?) to spend two months baking cookies---it's just such a novelty to bake again!---and lying by the pool and asking my mother for rides to the mall and the library? Do I want to spend two months this way? I think not. And so I need to do something. I need to find a way to get people to pay me to write stuff. Just like my old job but without the health insurance! This is called freelancing, I think. Or maybe living dangerously.

(Also, I really need to sell my car, which is back in Charleston and is causing me so much grief by dint of its not-yet-sold-ness. Please buy my car! It's very shiny and it's only been crashed into once.)

(Which was TOTALLY NOT MY FAULT, by the way. Email me. I will throw in some cookies as well. I have made enough of them now.)

Tomorrow I plan to get my act together and tell you all about Burma, because I'm not sure if you realize but I haven't told you about it yet, and CERTAINLY you are just hanging off your seat in anticipation. (Seriously, scoot back a bit, you're making me nervous sitting on the edge like that.)

But for now, here! Have something! Have a video of some men spontaneously jamming in the entryway to an empty temple on Inle Lake! Because however deflated and listless and wracked with malaise and financially insecure and depressed about the breakup of Reese and Ryan and way too full of unneccessary (but delicious and freshly-baked) cookies you may be feeling at the moment---and I think we can all agree that when I say you, we're really talking about me----you're just not human if your spirits can't be lifted by a video of some Burmese men busting a move in a temple. You know, one of them even dances with a baby.

Oct 31, 2006

I would love to give you a job as you have entertained me greatly over the past months with anecdotes from your trip (and most of the time I have spent convincing my lovely man that it is high time we go on a trip together). Alas, I have no job to offer that will bring you and Sean money but I will buy some cookies from you! My favourite is semi-sweet chocolate chips without nuts!

Welcome home or at least to Singapore!

Nothing But Bonfires
Oct 31, 2006

Actually, that's a good idea. Maybe I should become a Girl Scout.

Oct 31, 2006

I think that drummer toured with the Stones.

Oct 31, 2006

holy cow! reese and ryan split up?

Oct 31, 2006

I don't need a car, but I will let you do my freelance jobs if you send me oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Enjoy your time off!

Oct 31, 2006

We were totally shocked by the Reese and Ryan thing. Did NOT see that coming. But maybe... just maybe... they'll work it out. You never know.

And now that you are near a television, will you be covering the remainder of the Bachelor episodes:)?

Oct 31, 2006

You were totally shaking booty to the crashing cymbals music, weren't you?

I'm prostrate with grief over Reese and Ryan. How can it be? They were the perfect little happy couple! (Although maybe now she and Joaquin can hook up. God, that would be hot.)

Oct 31, 2006

I have so enjoyed reading about your trip! Glad yall made it back home to your folks house safely. The whole job thing is over rated. Enjoy the down time, eat some cookies,read some trashy novels and write a book full of essays about your journey! I am sure there were more adventures than you had time to write about while you were traveling. Good luck with the job hunting and cookie baking and car selling. For heaven's sake please don't stop writing, I for one need the escape.

Oct 31, 2006

What kind of freelance jobs are you looking for? (As in, what do you want to write?) I MAY have something. I have some magazine & alt newspaper clients. Not sure how it would work with you so far away though... Let me look into it...

Oct 31, 2006

Wow, Burma looks like fun! Maybe... I can't believe I actually watched that video till the end. :) Anyway can't wait for your story about your stay there! Keep on writing!

Oct 31, 2006

I know, I know. Reese and Ryan have me heartbroken. There were no signs! No rumors of infidelity! No glaring magazines accusing them every week of splitting. I thought that if this happened, I would at least had some forewarning.

Yet there it is. Slapping me in the face. Mocking me because I did not know before it happened.

And perhaps that's what bothers me the most.

Oct 31, 2006

Not Reese & Ryan!! If they can't make it, no one can! My marriage is doomed!

I'm sure some freshly baked cookies would make me feel all better though. Enjoy your time off!

Oct 31, 2006

Seriously? Am I the only one who is fucking repulsed by that nauseating Reese fucking Witherspoon? She's SUCH a drag.

Nov 01, 2006

Hey Holly- I love reading your blog. If you ever write a book, I'll buy it. Guaranteed. But I also must ask... what kind of car are you selling? My fiance (who is from Epsom!) might be in the market for one soon.

Nov 01, 2006

Write about your travels - and send it in. Someone will pick it up. I'd personally buy a book that you write about how to travel to Asia... the amount of money you guys saved, where you stayed, what travel groups you used, any "good to know" tips... because I am all about 2 months of traveling with the husband now! So write that :)

And I am in South Cakalake... will keep an eye and an ear out for a buyer for your car.

Nov 01, 2006

Live it up for the rest of us who have to slave away at the work place! I love you new picture by the way.

Nov 01, 2006

Details about the car, please. I'll do just about anything for some fresh-baked cookies from Singapore.

Nov 01, 2006

I second the idea of a book about your travels. I want to read more than what was on the blog!