Adieu! Adieu! To You, And You, And You!

In exactly 12 hours, I will be leaving for the airport to catch a plane to Hong Kong. Because it's finally, finally, finally here: the day we leave for The Great Southeast Asian Adventure. Would you believe me if I told you we'd been planning this for, ooh, about a year and a half? Would you believe me if I told you I haven't even started packing, I'm confused about how many pairs of pajamas to take, I have yet to buy a combination lock or photocopy my passport, and the teeniest, tiniest part of me doesn't want to go anymore? (I've been hitting that part with the business end of a rolled-up Chinese visa application form, but still it keeps popping up and cooing seductively "but here at home with your family we have air-conditioning, and wireless Internet, and a relatively miniscule chance of contacting Avian flu. Do you really want to go? Do you really?")

But of course I'm going. I know full well that those cold feet are going to warm up the second I step into the arrivals hall. I do have to admit, though, that Hong Kong is going to be something of a buffer before the serious backpacking begins. Apart from the fact that I lived there for seven years and therefore know my way around pretty well, we're also being picked up from the airport IN A LEXUS WITH A DRIVER---connections, baby, connections---and are staying in a fancy apartment belonging to a family friend, thus avoiding both the bed-bug-ridden sheets of the youth hostel I'd picked out, and also the embarassment of having to say its name---Wang Fat---out loud and in public. After Hong Kong, it's all downhill from there, of course, with rat-infested $3-a-night digs, but we thought we'd ease ourselves in slowly.

So we've bought our money belts, we've assembled our First Aid kit, and we've stuffed ourselves full of roast chicken, vegetables, and roast potatoes during our ceremonial Last Supper, so all that remains is the packing. I already know that I'm taking far too much white---"we're going to spend all our time at the laundromat!" moaned Sean when I informed him of my preliminary list---and three too many pairs of Havaianas. However, I refuse to compromise on bras. When I googled "Southeast Asian packing list" a few days ago---you know, just to get a general idea of whether the bulletproof vest, the screwdriver, and the copy of the Guinness Book of World Records were actually entirely neccessary---I stumbled across the packing list of some American girl who had just completed almost exactly the same route as we're about to do, although she'd taken four months instead of our three.

And here is the weirdest thing: SHE ONLY TOOK ONE BRA. For four months! Which seems just a little irresponsible, doesn't it? Apart from the fact that you would never be able to choose which one to take---nude-colored to go under white things! but nude under black shows up weird in a photograph! strapless? padded? front-fastening or back?---you would have to wear that bra EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DAYS. And god forbid you might lose it! Or, worse, I suppose, be the person who had to find it after all that time.

Jul 28, 2006

Have a fabulous (and safe) trip! Your cold feet reminded me that a couple of decades ago, I literally had to be pushed onto a plane in San Francisco by my then-boyfriend for a two-month solo sojourn in Europe. I suddenly panicked...WHAT was I thinking?! Of course, just like you said here, the minute I took off all those second thoughts vaporized. :) Have fun!

Jul 28, 2006

But that is what the amazing sports bra is for!
You're not taking your nicely padded Victoria's Secret bras that are so flattering and make you look one size bigger - are you?
Take it from me - invest in a couple of sports bras. I backpacked through SEA for 4 months and I did not want to wear anything with a wire in it in the 100 degree heat and humidity. Plus, you're probably going to give your laundry to some guesthouse to do for $1.00 per pound and some things may not make it back into the bag when they have been washed and dryed.
Little by little, at the end of my trip I think that I only had 1 sports bra left and a few pairs of panties.

But the BEST part was this white nike t-shirt that I had. It turned kind of this grey yellow colour in Indonesia (Jakarta to be exact) and so I threw it away in Lombok in my hotel room. That day I was out on the beach and this guy comes walking up to me to sell some watches. I noticed he was wearing a white nike tshirt so I asked him if he found it and he fully admitted that he found it in the garbage at our hotel and liked it. He washed it and when I laughed and told him it was mine, he offered to sell it back to me for $20US!

Just remember to have a great time! Don't worry about your clothes b/c you can always replace what you lose or what gets dirty. But you'll probably never have another chance to do what you're doing now.

I'll stop babbling now.

Have fun!!!!!

Jul 28, 2006

I believe it's ACTUALLY " yuh, and yuh, and yuh!"
"You" doesn't rhyme with adieu, y'know.

Also, of course you have to bring spare bras. In the event of an avian flu/bubonic plague epidemic, a padded bra could be turned into two respiratory masks - thus protecting you and Sean from germs of all kinds. Bras - they're not just for boobs!

Jul 28, 2006

Ewww PANTIES!! You said PANTIES! At least it wasn't.....panty!!!

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night...I hate to go and leave this pretty sight!!!

Nothing But Bonfires
Jul 28, 2006

Wait, I didn't say PANTIES. Trust me, I would know by the high-pitched shrieking and rocking I'd be doing right now if I had.

Jul 28, 2006

Have fun, have fun!! Blog often so we can follow along vicariously...

Sean's mom
Jul 28, 2006

Have a safe journey - Charley and Sadie miss you, but they are fine. Charley and Snoopy were nose to nose today, and I think that Charley has fallen in love with Jade. He wants to be around her all the time. She does not go for the May-December romance, she being December. We hope you and Sean have a wonderful adventure. I will send pictures of the kids.


Jul 28, 2006

I should post this anonymously, but what the hell.

One of my best friends had only one bra. I repeat. HAD ONLY ONE BRA. Not "chose to take" only one bra. Or "had a favorite bra she wore often." No. SHE HAD ONE BRA.

By the end of our freshman year I think it had turned gray. She refused to ask for money from her parents to buy another one.

So. The point is, at least you're not her.

Have pantloads of fun Holly!

Jul 28, 2006

Oh, and Sean's mom? Too cute.

Jul 28, 2006

Bye! Have fun storming the castle! Don't forget to write!

Can't wait to read your adventures. BE SAFE!

bad andy
Jul 29, 2006

I don't see what the big deal is... you don't always have to wear the bra and there is always the option of wearing the bar on the outside. This can really change the look of an outfit already overly used (and I hear it is very international, hehehe). Maybe you got confused and thought bra when you were trying to think book.

Jul 29, 2006

So the girl with the one bra. What did she wear while she was washing the bra?

Did she have to do her laundry at dead of night?

Did she just not wash it?

The mind boggles.

Have a wonderful time on your travels....


Jul 29, 2006

you're going to the heat and humidity of hong kong! who needs a bra!?

Jul 29, 2006

I have to disagree with the sportsbra recommendation.. but maybe it's just me who has a thing about wearing sports bras for long periods of time. I was a runner in college, and often I would get dressed in my clothes for practice when I woke up (why carry them around all day?), go to practice and run in them at 4:30, then go to dinner... and by the time I finaly got home and took a shower, it felt like heaven to get that tight, constricting thing off me. But maybe it wouldn't be that bad if you had one that wasn't tight enough to actually run long distance in, I guess.

Um, but only one bra? What was that girl thinking? Better to make it no bra at all, than wearing the same one for 4 months straight.

Jul 29, 2006

Sending you lots of traveling mercies - have fun and be careful! I think someone in The Babysitter's Club said that and I have adopted it as an adult.

One bra? Seriously? NO WAY. She must not have worn it very much, or if she did, nobody wanted to sit by her, whatwith the funky bra odor.

Jul 29, 2006

Sooooooo... what's it like to need a bra???? (inquiring minds... of A sized chest)

Can't wait to hear of your travels. This has been a long time goal of mine -- maybe in the next year! -- and I'll happily look to your experiences for guidance on planning and implementation.

Serenity Now
Jul 29, 2006

ONE BRA? I pity the fool.

Have fun, be safe, take pics and I can't wait to hear about the stories. Blogland will miss you guys.

Jul 31, 2006

Adieu to you and Sean too! I did the same (kind of) trip in 2000 and now it seems like another life time ago. So try to be IN the moment every now and then and sometimes turn your 'writers mind' off... ENJOY! BE SAFE!

Jul 31, 2006

Have an astonishing time! We'll miss you!

And honeychile? She probably wasn't WEARING a bra for 119 of those 120 days.

Jul 31, 2006

Take lots of socks. Simons and I are deciding what to take with us to San Francisco. I'm totally doomed, because I just got all this nice kitchen stuff *can you hear the whining?* and I'll be damned if I want to leave one single thing. How did you decide? Curse you for leaving! Gah!

Aug 01, 2006

Have an amazing adventure together! Write when you can as we will all go into withdrawl without our NBB fix. I look forward to hearing your travelling stories and seeing pictures when you are back.

Enjoy! Be safe! Relax! Have the adventure of a lifetime!

Aug 02, 2006

Wang fat?

Isn't that the medical term for overuse of a male enlargement pump?

Aug 02, 2006

I hope you have a fabulous and safe trip. I really really really hope you pack more than one bra. One bra for 120 days?!? *Shudder!*

Aug 04, 2006

You guys are missing out not going to the good old Wang Fat! ...Enjoy though!