It's Become An Obsession

Me? Obsessive? Is the pope Catholic? Is Britney Spears slightly tacky? Is Baileys the nectar of the gods? Is nude-colored underwear the best thing to wear under a white skirt? Is---oh, alright then, just a little bit, yes. Having spent the afternoon trying to find shoes sturdy enough to climb the Great Wall of China, but cute enough to warrant being carried around Southeast Asia for the next three months, but not so cute, mind you, that I'd have a panic attack when they got dirty climbing the aforementioned wall---by the way, these shoes don't exist, and if they do, SEND THEM TO ME, I DON'T CARE WHAT SIZE---Rockstar Mommy's invitation to reflect a little on some of my old obsessions seemed curiously fitting. (Uh, have you been following me around again, Rockstar Mommy? If I've told you once, I've told you a million times: It's fine, seriously, but NEXT TIME, BRING SNACKS.)


My So Called Life
When I was 15, I fell madly, passionately, irretrievably in love with Angela Chase and her whole angsty, plaid-shirt-wearing, Buffalo-Tom-loving persona. (What do you mean she's not a real person, she's just a character? I CAN'T HEAR YOU WITH MY FINGERS IN MY EARS LIKE THIS.) Even ten years later, the opening music to My So Called Life ("Go, now! Go!") still gives me chills; I'm not sure I've ever been so obsessed with anything since. I really had it bad. I dyed my hair Crimson Glow, I sat in front of the television transcribing whole episodes by hand, and I used to stick a post-it note with a "My So Called Life Quote O' The Week" in the bathrooms every Wednesday during my last year of high school. (When I went back a few years ago, they were still there.) I even assigned every person in my grade a role from the show and GAVE THEM A LABEL WITH THEIR CHARACTER'S NAME ON IT THAT I ASKED THEM TO WEAR ON THEIR LAPEL. Have you ever heard of such lunacy? (By the way, this last act was made far trickier by the fact that I attended an all-girls' school. Though I have to say, it was hardly a surprise when one of the more, ahem, butch chicks on the lacrosse team asked if she could be Jordan Catalano.)

It started with The Doors. Then it was Roseanne. Then meatloaf and pot roast and Greyhound buses and malls and cheerleaders and varsity jackets and homeroom and---for reasons I have yet to fathom---Illinois. I longed to go to America, specifically to go to high school in America: to have boys leave notes in my locker, and to sit in one of those classroom chairs with the little desk on the side, and to pledge allegiance to the flag every morning. I first went to California when I was 13, and I can still remember the smell of the Marriott Residence Inn in Anaheim and how I thought for years afterwards that the lobby---where we ate our free bagels and drank glass after glass of cranberry juice, which were total novelties in early 90s England---smelled Exactly Like America. So when I was 15, and my dad broke the news that he'd been transferred to New York and we'd be moving to the states in a few months, it was like Christmas and a 75% percent off sale at Banana Republic HAD HAPPENED BOTH AT ONCE. And New York! New York is exactly how you think it's going to be! I have to say, I've been disappointed by several things in my life, but emerging from Grand Central Station in December and seeing the yellow cabs screeching along the slush-covered streets has not been one of them.

James Wilson
Poor James Wilson. He was the object of my affection from 1989 until 1995. Yes, Internet, I was nine when I fell in love with James Wilson, who was tall, dark, and handsome, the star of Hong Kong's South Island School basketball team, and five years my senior. He lived in my apartment building, and my friend Anna and I would often venture up to 13-A and ring his doorbell, pretending that we were conducting a survey or selling raffle tickets. I think his mother merely humored us. The summer that I was 15, he worked in a video rental shop and I would phone up constantly, asking his opinion on various new releases, using a different accent every time. The X-Files were big that summer, and so I made a folder devoted to James Wilson that I called the J-Files. In it, I kept a photocopy of every single page upon which he had appeared in the school yearbook for the past five years. Should he ever stumble across that file now, he would be well within his rights to have me arrested.

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
I have no idea what it was about this movie, because it was hardly a cinematic masterpiece, but for some reason I watched it fourteen times in a single weekend anyway. No, that wasn't a figure of speech, I actually did watch it fourteen times. Back to back. Pausing only for bathroom breaks and meals. And it got more and more horrible every time.

Not touching wooden spoons
I just can't touch them. I avoid them at all costs. I'm actually fairly certain I'm going to throw up just writing about them. I'm going to stop now. And possibly have a small lie down.

Knowing what everyone else at my table is going to order before I decide what to order myself
I actually cannot order in a restaurant until I have ascertained what everyone else is going to have. And sometimes I try to dissuade them from what they've chosen, usually if I'd wanted to order the same thing. My brother Luke, frustrated with this particular pecadillo during dinner in Charleston last summer, turned to me and said "Yes, I'd like to fill out a form to request a grilled chicken sandwich and fries. Can I get one of those from you?"

New Kids On The Block
Oh, please. Like you weren't.

Team sports usually make me break into hives, but for some reason I became obsessed with the concept of baseball when I was 13 or 14. I could never actually bring myself to watch a game---in my defense, I was living in England at the time, where they were only shown at 2am on the third Wednesday of every other month when the moon was full and the programming director at the BBC had eaten something beginning with the letter "h" for dinner---but I just loved the idea of it. I bought a book about baseball and practiced the various signals used by referees, and I made my brother, Tom---who was 10 or 11 and owned a baseball glove---play catch with me in the back garden. It would have been awesome if I'd have even the slightest modicum of hand-eye coordination. My obsession with baseball culminated in the summer of 1994, when Tom and I co-hosted a baseball party. The weeks preceding it were fraught with anxiety as we frantically arranged teams, telephoning friends to find out if so-and-so might be upset if we asked her not to be the pitcher, and re-hashing our strategies and hand signals right up until the night before the big game. I feel slightly sad when I think of how we must have looked now: a mixture of pale, English, clueless 11-year-old boys and 14-year-old girls running around a cricket field, making the game up as we went along, and all really just wishing that the baseball part might be over already so we could go back to the house and eat the hamburgers and hot dogs my parents were grilling in preparation for our return.

So what about you---any obsessions you want to own up to? Do you avoid touching wooden utensils? Do you know all the words to "Step By Step?" Were you secretly digging James Wilson too?

(Uh, wait, were you really? Listen, are you still in touch with him? Can you get me his number? No big deal, I just kind of need to update the J-Files. They haven't been done in ten years.)

Jul 27, 2006

I think Kirk Cameron was my biggest obsession. I watched every episode of Growing Pains, and every bad movie that he appeared in. I also bought every glossy fan mag that the local Eckerd Drugs sold, cut his pictures out, and hung them on my wall. I had dreams that he was my boyfriend, and read everything about him that I could get my hands on. I thought I would DIE if I didn't get to meet him!

I was crushed when Growing Pains ended, but I think I moved on shortly afterward, when he started advocating the Pritikin diet and got married. Now, all he does is some weird religious infomercial-type show that comes on late at night. I am so glad the Internet wasn't readily available when he was popular; I would have wasted all of my time trying to find more information about him or contacting him.

I had other, smaller obsessions as well: Corey Haim, Chris Young, Debbie Gibson, and New Kids on the Block. I saw them in concert twice, wore t-shirts and buttons with their pictures on them, and bought music videos by them. No current obsessions these days...

Jul 27, 2006

When I was in the 6th or 7th grade my friend Rachel had a slumber party. She rented several hit movies from the time (I believe a Tom Cruise movie was in there, YUCK!), but we started w/ Sixteen Candles and never watched any of the other ones. We just watched it over and over again. To this day when it comes on I'm like a lemming drawn to it. Ah, John, you were so young, cute, and geeky in that supporting role...

Jul 27, 2006

Loved New Kids. Must have watched "Young Guns II" about 30,000 times (never seen the prequel, only the sequel for some bizarre reason). Still have yearly fall obsession with college football.

But in college: Felicity. Oh for the love of God, I could not separate my own life from hers. I spent a semester of my senior year in London and what was the very first thing I did when I got home BEFORE I EVEN CALLED MY FRIENDS WHOM I HAD NOT TALKED TO FOR SIX MONTHS? Watched 14 hours of Felicity that someone had taped for me while I was gone. And cried. Because that show ripped my heart out EVERY SINGLE TIME IT WAS ON. I can't watch it now when its on Oxygen or whatever because my current hormone levels are already at Red Alert and I don't know if I would ever stop crying again.

Jul 27, 2006

Oooh! I\'d do this one on my blog (since I\'m radically obsessive, but I\'m obsessive enough to not want to do it unless I was \"tagged.\" So I shall babble in your comments.) I\'m obsessed with hair serums -- the shiny stuff that makes your hair smooth. I own three or four kinds, but the one I REALLY want is by Frederic Fekkai, and it looks SO fun. I also am obsessed with Havaianas, and won\'t wear any other kind of flip flop. Also, John Cusack, because of Say Anything and High Fidelity. And trying to find the perfect, slim little jean jacket, just perfectly worn-in, but a little more chic. And also? SEPHORA.

Tom (The Brother)
Jul 27, 2006

I would also like to add that before Holly had an obsession with America, she had an obsession with IRELAND! I remember her doing a school project on it! Her obsession with America reached an all time great however when she attended UCL (University College London) because it sounded like UCLA!

Now the great irony of this all is that I have never had an obsession with either country yet have ended up spending 3 years studying at Trinity College in Dublin, with a one year placement studying at UCLA...

..what a cruel cruel world she lives in.....

oh, but I too have a loathing of wooden spoons, they make my eyelids curl.

Susie (The Sister)
Jul 27, 2006

Uh, I think you\'re forgetting something, Holly; how about your Buyer\'s Remorse??? Never go shopping with Holly, ESPECIALLY if she\'s picking out presents for other people! It\'s okay if she\'s picking out things for herself --- unless you say her new skirt reminds you of the fourth of July! But really, we\'ll spend hours choosing someone a present and then half way between the shop and home... \"Ohhh, I\'m really not sure if I should have bought that now!!\"

That\'s okay though, I don\'t mind extensive shopping! A little QT and bigger calf muscles never hurt anyone!

Jul 27, 2006

I am obsessed with two things- Alias (yes, the fantasical spy show featuring Jennifer Garner and the de-lish dish that is Michael Vartan). I am obsessed to the point that I started a blog completely devoted to Alias. I know. Sad. But Agent Sydney Bristow is so kick-ass and she has a gun and gets to wear flashy outfits and do I need to mention Michael Vartan again? All I have to say is... lovetheshowownalltheseasonsonDVD!

My second obsession- blogging. I have six blogs in my control and one on the way. I blog about everything from television to my humdrum life as 1/3 of the residents living in my Seattle townhouse. I would blog about watching paint dry if I thought people would read it!

Ohh, I just realized I had a third obsession- Project Runway. Come on- Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and did you see all the cute little puppies on the show last night? What is not to be obsessed about! Who am I kidding, I am obsessed with tons of stuff- cucumber sandwiches, having enough time every morning to shower, hang drying my clothes, locking my bedroom door at night, doing the dishes, the Gap, Barnes and Noble, checking my e-mail, updating my blogs and not getting caught blogging at work!

RockStar Mommy
Jul 27, 2006

I knew your list would be eons funnier than mine! I should never have tagged you! ;)

And I have the same wooden spoon thing. Kills me. That, and pulling out popsicles (or anything, really) out of a wooden box and listening as the wrapper scrapes against the cardboard... Oh God... Excuse me, I have to go uncoil my spine...

Jul 27, 2006

So, the wooden spoons aversion is a family trait...? Is there a story behind this - a shared spoon-related trauma of some sort?

The obsession I remember best is the one I had at age 14 for actor Charley Boorman, when he was in "The Emerald Forest" (which his father John directed). Holy God, did I think he was hot, and I loved that no one else in America seemed to even know who he was, so I had him ALL TO MYSELF. I hunted down videos of every bit role his dad gave him - in the pre-Internet, pre-IMDB days, this was a challenge. He dropped off my radar before high school was over and I always vaguely wondered what had happened to him... Then last year I'd heard about a reality show that Ewan McGregor had made about riding a motorbike around the world called "Long Way Round", and I was already planning to TiVo it when I found out that - wonder of wonders - his cohort was none other than his best friend Charley B.! Oh frabjous day! Turns out Chuckles got a bit pudgy and rummy in his 30's, but it was still fascinating to see him.

As for negative obsessions, you will never, ever find me rubbing my finger on fake velvet surfaces (e.g. Elvis paint-by-numbers or the inside of cheap jewelry boxes), or squeezing cotton balls, or pulling wet synthetic-yarn items out of a washer. The thought of these things makes my teeth itch.

Jul 27, 2006

When I was in middle school, my walls were completely covered in pictures of the New Kids, mainly Jonathan Knight. I was totally obsessed and I know I should feel ashamed about it, but I don't. I think obsessing over the New Kids kept me from realizing that I was a somewhat unattractive, pudgy middle-schooler with bad teeth and a hideous perm.

Then I moved on to obesessing about Australian tennis star Patrick Rafter. He's hot, gracious, and an incredible serve and volley player. What more could a girl ask for? I'm pretty sure I cried when he played his last televised match before retiring. But I hear that now he's playing World Team Tennis in the US. Maybe I gave up on this obsession too soon...

Jul 27, 2006

I've had a lot of obsessions myself, but my most embarassing obsession was probably O-Town, the boy band formed from the first Making the Band. In middle school, I was convinced I would grow up and marry one of them. I even went to see them at the state fair in concert. That's high class right there.

Jul 27, 2006

Holly. GET OUT OF MY HEAD ALREADY, WOMAN! You have no idea. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead is one of our favorite bad movies; it's funny! I like it! (ROSE, I'M RIGHT ON TOP OF THAT! RIGHT ON TOP. And David Duchovney [why won't you love me] besides.)

Damn. I totally have to summarize this deposition. Y'all have fun doing your Asian thing; those Asian girls know tricks. (You know, TRICKS!) This is fine for pedicure and massage. No happy ending. Y'all do that yourselves. Does this make sense?

Jul 27, 2006

In the third grade I had a mad crush on Bing Crobsy and Bob Hope, you know, from all those cheesy On The Road movies? For three months, I haunted the library's entertainment section digging up every last nugget of info on them. Sigh. Good times.

Jul 27, 2006

you know how you feel about wooden spoons? that's how i feel about having my belly button touched. the mere thought makes me want to vomit.

notsoccer mom
Jul 27, 2006

well i'm probably dating myself but when i was in middle school i was obsessed with the band KISS. had magazine pix of them ALL over the walls in my room. my parents hated it. a few years after that my sister and i were obsessed with the movie "sherlock holmes' smarter brother." we saw it about fourteen times--in the theater. 'cause back then there were no VCRs!

suzanna danna
Jul 27, 2006

Ally McBeal.

The shame.

Jul 27, 2006

Oh, Holly. My computer crashed and I have not been able to read you for 21 posts. 21. That is how prolific you've been. Fortunately it has started slowing down at work and I have just spent the last hour getting caught up and wondering how I could possibly forgotten about how funny you are and laughing hysterically to myself over the how to screw up a cake in ten steps photo essay and everything else you've written. So. I am all caught up now.

My obsessions:

Blogs, reading of. If I find someone who makes me laugh and is a good writer, I will have to read everything they have ever posted. I did it with you, I did it with Flea from One Good Thing and I tried it with Mimi Smartypants but then I had to give up because that woman has been writing forever.

Transcripts, reading of. I have read every single transcribed script of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Lost. I am currently working my way through Star Trek: TNG and Charmed (I know. Lame). I'm not sure what it is but I can watch every single episode of a show and still have to read the transcripts. I think it is because my hearing is odd and half the time I don't catch what is being said. That's why I have to watch movies with the subtitles, I hear better when I can read what's being said. Which is just weird but apparently is a legitimate hearing problem.

Owning every single book that my favorite authors have written - or, well, I would if a) one of them didn't release at least a 100 books before I started reading her and b) the other one's earlier books are selling for 40 dollars or more on e-Bay. Which is just insane.

Ethan Erickson. One of my former employees is his step-sister. I mentioned that I loved Buffy, she told me he played Perry on the show and I was thrilled. I have an autographed picture from him. I scoured e-Bay and bought several movies he was in (which I haven't watched yet. No clue why) and magazine clippings. I think I was planning on scrapbooking the clippings. Which is even lamer than reading the Charmed episodes. Fortunately I overcame this obsession. But dang it, the man is hot. At least I think he still is. I'm not sure what he's doing now.

I'm sure I have more. But I think this is enough to convince everyone I'm a freak.

The Painted Lily
Jul 27, 2006

The only thing worse than touching a wooden spoon (which I am not totally adverse to) is scrubbing one with a sponge after it was used to make macaroni and cheese. Gah! I do the order thing, too. I MUST know what is going to be ordered before I decide, for it may sway my decision. Or if someone is getting what I want I gotta convince them otherwise, because we cannot order the same thing. We. just. can't.

Jul 27, 2006

Holly, this is why I love you. Because most of your little obsessions are so SILLY! And I know that they're all true. What *is* this Burns obsession with wooden spoons? They're just, well, spoons. Made of wood.

I might have enjoyed MSCL more if a) I had been a girl, and b) I hadn't seen my own pathetic reflection in every episode (but with slightly curlier blonde hair) in the shape of Brian Fucking Krakow.

I'm not generally an obsessive person, but I do hate turning the stereo off in the middle of a song. I will sometimes sit down with all my bags and wait for it to finish before leaving the house, even when already running late. I have missed trains because of this.

That's quite a mundane obsession. But then I suppose that's the point.

Jul 27, 2006

Kiki, I'm obsessed with Alias too....where's your blog?

And Holly, my husband always refuses to tell me what he's going to order at a restaurant because he says it might be the last one of whatever it is they have. You two would apparently NOT get along.

Jul 27, 2006

Oh so relate!! your obsessions are my obessions ( well apart from the whole James Wilson thing- alhtough if I had met him...) My so called life is just genius - as is the music of NKOTB (Well in its place of course - like when no one else is home and you need to relive the early 90s). As for ordering last at a restuarant - its the only way to do it. My other obsession is writing lists - I write them and then purposely don't use them. The writing of them is what I need to do - I don't actually use it. So there are just countless lists on post-its and backs of envelopes lying around my house and all over my desk at work.

I like to think that obsessions spice up life - for your self and those around you.

Jul 27, 2006

As far as sturdy and cute shoes go, have you checked out Keen?

Jul 28, 2006

My James Wilson was named John Stebbins. I think he looked at me, like, ONCE.

I am so with you on the wooden spoon thing. Nothing ruins a good Fudgesicle treat more than the smell of wooden popsicle stick in your nostrils while you are carefully biting away, taking eeensy nibbles to avoid your tongue or lips touching the stick itself, which is wrapped in the sticky paper wrapping to protect my fingers from any incidental contact. I have to throw the treat away before it is even 60% finished. But still, I try.

And finally? Mikey Hay. He of Culture Club fame. (Fame? Well, you know.) I really can't defend that at all, but there it is.

Jul 28, 2006

Wearing nude-colored underwear under a white skirt (or pants!) isn't obsessive. It's just plain smart.

Jul 28, 2006


My Alias blog is Enjoy!! Make sure you go back to the archives. Things are slow now that the show is over!

Jul 28, 2006

I am not going to bore you with my obsessions, but I will tell you that these shoes rock: The beauty of them is that they are washable and can dry out overnight. I also have the pair mentioned about by another blogger. They are good as well.

Jul 28, 2006

The wooden spoon thing? Bleh! I had to walk away from my laptop to settle down, just thinking about them. EW! Yuck!

Jul 28, 2006

I'm obsessive about the news, but only news as it relates to pop culture or my business (beauty/fashion). For instance, I have to (HAVE TO) read Gawker, Mediabistro, and Defamer everyday. There is no "or else I..." I mean I just always make time to read them. If I can, I'll also have to check Perez Hilton and all the blogs I have bookmarked. It's an incredibly effective time-waster, but I just can't go to bed at night without being on top of the latest trash.

I'm also obessive about reading things IN ORDER. I get Women's Wear Daily every day for work, but I travel a lot for business and sometimes come back to a week's worth of papers. I have to read every single one of them, cover to cover, in the order in which they were printed, before I feel settled. Mind you, no one is making me - I just get agita knowing there is news I haven't yet read. I'm the same with my New York magazine subscription. It's such an enjoyable read for me, I can't just flip through one - I need to set aside a night when I can really dedicate myself to it. But sometimes they'll skip a week, and come two at once, or I'll have been busy and they'll pile up, and I get that agita just knowing I am behind on it.

When I was a kid I was obsessed with Jack Wagner (Frisco Jones on General Hospital). But I was a weird kid.

Mary Dawn
Jul 28, 2006

My date for the Junior Prom did not bring me a corsage, he gave me The New Kids on the Block's album Hangin' Tough, on cassette no less. I sort of loved him after that!

Mary Dawn
Jul 28, 2006

Ricky Schroeder, I sent him fan mail monthly

Nothing But Bonfires
Jul 28, 2006

Oh god, that reminds me -- I used to send fan mail to Sara Gilbert, back when she was Darlene in Roseanne. I'm sure it was fairly fawning. I bet she and Angela Chase (I'M SORRY, Claire Danes) get together all the time and laugh about me.

Jul 28, 2006

OMG, I loved New Kids when I was younger....first concert I ever went to. I practiced their dance moves in my bedroom and would have races with my best friends to see who could say all of their names quicker. Poster? T-shirt? Tapes? Yup.
The best part is that I recently had to make a mix for a wedding after party and I did it. I threw some New Kids on there. Sure enough, EVERYONE was singing. And EVERYONE was dancing.

Jul 28, 2006

My obsessions are so tellingly brief -- at least you have staying power (a FOLDER for James Wilson, sheesh girlie, you make me laugh). Let's see:

In high school, I decided I had to watch every single Woody Allen movie and read his (in retrospect, not that funny) books, like Without Feathers.

I had the script books (Volume I and II) for Monty Python and on a trip with a friend when I was 14, we acted them out. All the time. Incessently. If you heard to giggly girls in Vail in 1991 singing the lumberjack song every time they road up the ski lift, that was us.

Sweet Valley High books. My older sister got first dips (since my mom thought they weren't really age appropriate for me), but oh, I would long for them. And re-read and re-read and re-read.

I kept a list of every book I read starting my sophmore year in high school. When my purse got stolen in London during my JYA with my little black notebook in it, I was devestated and sobbed on my dad's shoulder for the rest of the week.

Jul 28, 2006

Joey Lawrence. Gah, even writing that makes me blush.

I don't get the wooden spoon thing, because I absolutely cannot stand the sound that a metal utensil makes on a metal pan, so it's all wooden spoon all the time in my kitchen.

Jul 28, 2006

Oh the obsessions! They are, in no particular order as follows:

The Sound of Music
Pretty shoes
Pretty purses
My dog
cleaning a shower at a friends house before I get in
The Backstreet Boys (I know, I know - the shame of it all)
Old Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow (stop gaping - their music was good in the 70s)
People Magazine - frankly all Hollywood trash
Vanity Fair magazine
always having reading material on me should I be on a trip (either transit - it is so a trip as it involves a train - or a flight or really long car ride, etc)
Entertainment Tonight - or as it is refered to in our house - 'The News'
Bricks and Stones blog
The Superficial blog

I am sure that there are more but those are the top of the list. After reading my list - I realize that I have some issues. I need to take myself into a quiet room and have a good talk with myself and then settle down with the new People!

Jul 28, 2006

Oh my god. There's this kid's network called Noggin, and they replayed every MSCL episode last year, and I would Tivo every single one and watch them back to back, and I refused to let my husband delete the episode in which she and Jordan Catalano kiss for the first time, because IT WAS MY LIFE, TOO.

Le sigh. Thanks for letting me relive that.

Um I have a few obsessions...

Charmed ( I am hanging my head in shame)
Xena (My head is still down)

Winning at Trivial pursuit
People magazine
Television without pity

And coming to america and getting to sit in the chairs with the little desk thing attached? Highly over rated. They were okay until to got to class late one day and were stuck sitting at the desk with the desk attached to left hand side for the lefties in the class. Then you spent an hour with your arm in an akward cross over which I still blame for my back problems. Damn lefties.

The only upside is if you are in college or high school chemistry and the professer is a jerk and won't let you have an equation card you can spend the week before the exam secretly doodling equations in among the "I love beer", "I love Cindy", "I love weed" doodles that cover the surface. Not that I have ever done that.

Jul 28, 2006

oh, I was obsessed with NKOTB and My so-called life too. and Leonardo DiCaprio (when he was starring on Growing Pains). We are moving into a new house next week and while packing I found a couple of CDs, Hanson's Mmmbop album. and Joey McIntyre's solo album. so embarrassing.

Jul 31, 2006

Was no one else obsessed with Menudo? I lived in Corpus Christi, Texas, when they hit big, the population there is around sixty percent Latino, and I had the hugest crush on my best friend Yvette's big brother Luis. I thought he looked just like one of the guys in the band. I had some long involved DREAM about Menudo--so weird that I can still remember DREAMING about them. No, I don't miss being twelve AT ALL...

Jul 31, 2006

I'm the one who OUGHT to have a problem with wooden spoons, considering I used to get beat with them when I was little. It was always, "Jemima, if you don't calm down, it'll be THE SPOON." And then I'd shriek and run around and circles, "Noooo! Daddy, noooo! Not The Spoon!" Anyway, I got some rainbow colored wooden spoons for the wedding, and maybe you would like those. What about wooden salad those make you crazy too? How do you stir mirepoix?

When we live in San Francisco, you totally need to come over and watch My So Called Life and the babysitter movie. I actually saw that one in the THEATRE, and I still remember the stupid runway scene with a sick fascination and envy. WHY? WHY? Who knows. I did say it was sick.

Aug 01, 2006


I have just recently become obsessed with listening to the 90's channel on Music Choice. Just the other day "Step by Step" came on and I turned the TV up so loud that the dog went outside.

Then I commenced with vacuuming while I danced, sang, and flung the vacuum cord around (step ONE! we can have lots of fun...step TWO! there's so much we can do...).

Aug 02, 2006

1. No, Britney Spears is not "slightly" tacky. She has been declared a class-free zone by the federal government.

2. Obsessions of yore: Corey Haim (still, even), the TV show "Beauty and the Beast" starring Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton (pre-Terminator), the series "Kindred, the Embraced" starring MARK FRANKEL (an obsession in his own right), "Little House on the Prairie" (yes, I still watch the reruns and cry along with Michael Landon), black parachute pants, the lead singer of Warrant, the bass player for Whitesnake, the lead singer for Skid Row, the lead singer for Mr. Big, the lead singer of Poison, the bass player for Aerosmith, the lead singer of Type O Negative........

Aug 02, 2006

Sorry - I forgot the one major real-life obsession of my youth. His name is David Donnelly. Proof of obsession - I did a pencil portrait of him and used my charm on the art teacher to get it prominently displayed in the main hallway of our highschool. I also followed him around with my camera, taking "candid shots" whenever possible.

Obsession's High Point: I followed him into the principal's office as he was getting detention one day and took his picture. The teacher who dragged him in there is also in the picture, looking at me with his mouth hanging open.

Crowning glory: On graduation day, when everyone was running around asking people to turn their class ring for luck (you had to get it turned exactly the number of times as the year you graduated, which for me meant 84 turns). The last person to turn your ring was supposed to be your true love. I walked past what I thought was an empty classroom, looked in the door, and saw him standing there, completely alone. I walked in and asked him to turn my ring. (What the hell, was I going to be embarrassed NOW, after all the picture taking?) He turned my ring. I don't think I washed my hand for a long time after that...