Today: Topeka, Kansas. Tomorrow: The World!

So we finally left Charleston!

holly in uhaul

Does it matter that we left approximately 24 hours later than we'd planned to leave, that we stayed up til 3am on Monday night cleaning, that we shamelessly accepted all offers of help from kind friends, and that we spent half an hour in Target picking out road snacks before we hit the freeway? No, it does not! Does it matter that towards the end we started just GIVING THINGS AWAY because it was easier than packing them ("Hey, Lovely Neighbor Stacy, want a stereo?") or that we threw the last couple of things into boxes willy-nilly, not even bothering to label them so that the one containing 600 Costco Band-Aids, an old coin collection from 1993 (does anyone else's boyfriend have one of these? Please? Just pretend?) and a small bottle of Kahlua will come as a lovely surprise when we open it in San Francisco? No, it does not!

u-haul truck

Does it matter that we just left the grill on the back porch because it wouldn't fit in the truck? No! That we paid an obscene amount of money to stay seven hours in a horrible motel in Paducah, Kentucky, because it was 1am and we were just tired of driving? No! That we finished the newly downloaded David Sedaris CD on our first day of driving because we were too exhausted to play "I Spy," and anyway, the only things to spy were fields, farms, and freeway, and that would have been too easy? No! Know why? Because we finally left Charleston! We're having an adventure! We're on the road, sallying forth across the states, a couple of conquistadors fueled by Powerbars and gas station coffee!

And now we're in the Sleep Inn in Topeka, Kansas and the funny thing is that we've stayed in this hotel before. It was about five years ago when we were ferrying Sean's belongings from Virginia to San Diego in a considerably smaller van; we'd driven for almost 24 hours straight, taking turns to nap and snap at each other---I vaguely remember getting out to clean my teeth at a gas station in Indiana, but think I was actually asleep for most of the experience---and by the time we crossed the border from Missouri into Kansas, we were so exhausted, we could barely see. The Sleep Inn had just opened; it was so new, in fact, that they hadn't even finished the sign. All we saw, two hallucinating nomads, was the word SLEEP written in big letters rising over the plains, like a command from God or maybe my mother, and we came straight off the freeway and pulled into the parking lot so we could check in and do just that.

Jun 23, 2006

BUT ARE YOU IN THE SAME ROOM? Because that would be truely freaky.

I think perhaps it is a good thing you are not coming through Dallas, because A) TRAFFIC and B) we just had our carpets cleaned, and right now half our apartment is stacked up in the guest bathroom, which would have made it horribly difficult for you to shower. Or pee.

Jun 23, 2006

This post is hilarious - you seem to have captured the delirium that comes from packing/moving/driving a Uhaul perfectly!
Wishing you & Sean nothing but a entertaining, easy trip the rest of the way. And my Grandmother was born in Topeka - can you wave to the city for her?

Oh yeah, and the random boxes you packed up at the end of the move? They are always the most fun to unpack -- they cause so many thoughts to pop up -- mainly "why in the world did I even bother to move this stuff across the country?"

Jun 23, 2006

Hooray! On the road! Do you get to be Sal Paradise or Dean Moriarty?

Drive safe and wave hello to Kansas for me.

Jun 23, 2006

Does it matter how jealous I am that you're actually wearing make-up and fashionable sunglasses while driving in a U-HAUL? (I was wearing fuzzy slippers and a pound of dog hair during our U-HAUL drive)

Does it matter that the big green spider on the side of your truck is totally creeping me out?

Jun 23, 2006

Trust me, leaving things behind because you can't fit them in is much better than the alternative. Which is when you rent the world's most enormous truck just for your stuff (one tiny apartment bedroom's worth!) and you find out that you actually have to LAY ALL THE FURNITURE DOWN so that it doesn't slide all around and break into pieces on the drive. Not that that happened to me or anything.

So! Kansas! I hope you get yourself a lovely souvenir everywhere you stop! Unlesss that souvenir is a rash or something. Because, gross.

Jun 23, 2006

You're off! Congratulations! I can't wait to hear about your upcoming adventures. My boyfriend has a collection of coins in a large overflowing sack that I am absolutely not allowed to touch because someday he will buy a car with it. Or something. I try to sneak quarters for laundry sometimes, but he always knows....

Katherine G
Jun 23, 2006

Sounds like an adventure. If you need help or a place to stay when you
get to SF, drop me a line. Or even just some suggestions for food, fun, wine... Great storage facility in the Presidio.

Jun 23, 2006

Packing is the WORST. You totally get to a point where you just throw stuff in the box willy nilly (as you did). But that box will be the most fun to open--eventually!
Road snacks are awesome-for a little while at least. Who doesn't love an excuse to pig out on junk food and McDonald's!?!? Until your stomach revolts and all you can think about is that last sit down meal that you had that you actually cooked so you knew exactly what it was you were eating. Hopefully you won't reach that point for awhile! Good luck with your travels, and know that many of us homebound people are living vicariously through you on this Grand Adventure!

Jun 23, 2006

If I were travelling across country in a U-Haul, there's no way I'd be looking that glamorous. You go girl, with the adorable head scarf and Jackie-O shades! And eat lots of McDonald's fries for me. IMHO, there's no better road snack. Unless you add a chocolate shake.

Jun 23, 2006

Bonus points for use of "sally" as a verb.

Jun 23, 2006

Way to go Guys.

LONG way to go. Have a ball.

Good luck!

Vaguely Urban
Jun 23, 2006

An adventure! With a lime-green spider mascot! Hurrah!

Jun 24, 2006

I like your scarf but the true question in everyone's mind is ... "Will there be hats?"

Jun 24, 2006

Eh... time left to finish those Q&A's from last month's trip to London? I really need to know where the Ben Affleck dislike stems from!

Jun 24, 2006

OH! OH! GO TO CRACKERBARRELL for COMFORT FOOD!!! They have those in kansas!!!

Jun 24, 2006

On my last cross-country move I was forced to give away a floorlamp, mop, broom, cooler, Brita pitcher, and all of my plants. Actually I'm pretty sure I've left brooms in apartments all over the East coast because I do sweep rather regularly and yet every time I move I have to go to Target for a new broom. (See how I made it sound like I have ever HAD to go to Target? Like it was against my will? Right.)

Jun 24, 2006


Jun 25, 2006

Agreed, packing is the worst. Once I discovered that I'd not packed a whole BUNCH of things - including bedding, comforter, textbooks, mugs, a whiteboard and three pairs of pants - after sealing all the boxes. In desperation I stuffed all of the said above into my mini-fridge, which miraculously stayed shut, but only after I used half a roll of duct tape to seal it closed. Hurrah for panic-driven slightly maniacal packing abilities! Good luck on your move and the rest of the drive :)

Jun 26, 2006

I don't know how you managed to tear yourself away from that pretty apartment building....but you did it in style. Who ever looked so good after a packing frenzy and while in a U Haul? I don't know how you do it.


Jun 26, 2006

Paducah Kentucky is my worst motel experience ever. There really isn't a funny story about it, except that the numbers on the doors were hand painted...and that there were room service trays sitting outside rooms for over 12 hours, with maids walking by...and the motel was BEHIND the flood wall (so in a flood...pretty much screwed)...and the floors slanted so much we thought that the place was going to collapse...and we went to super target and bought blankets so we wouldn't have to touch the sheets...the experience makes my skin crawl...

Jun 26, 2006

It could be worse, with the coins, my friend's husband collects coins and he keeps them in 2 big safes.

Jun 26, 2006

I just found your blog--it was a boring day at work! I look forward to my lunch hour now when I can read about your crazy adventures.
My fiance has a coin collection, and he found a shiny Jordanian coin in the airport yesterday! He was so excited.

Jun 26, 2006

My boyfriend has a collection of beer bottles from around the world - much harder to pack than a coin collection. I dared to ask one time if he could wean the collection down to his very favourite bottles and we could recycle the rest of them. After he got the look of utter shock and horror, had put some air in his lungs after the loud gasp of dismay - he uttered that he already had culled the collection down to his faves (these are in 10 boxes in the furnace room in our house) and he could not get rid of any more! He muttered something about me having to choose to purge some of my shoes or purses and I quickly dropped the topic. My advice - stick with the coins - at least you can pack those into one box!

Good luck on the rest of your journey and keep us up to date - I love the posts!


PS - love the use of 'sallying' - it is a word that is never used any more!

Jun 26, 2006

Does it matter that i did this same thing (from florida to san francisco then to charleston) about 11 yrs ago and had my adventure and am coveting your freedom and spunk cause my freedom and spunk now involves going to dinner without kids? LOL kidding. i am so excited for you. please drive by my old apartment at Hayes and Fillmore and eat at TiCouz (best crepe restaurant ever)

Best Wishes cute thing in awesome sunglasses

Jun 27, 2006

A (c-list) celebrity fact: both of Kerry Katona and Bryan McFadden's children were conceived in the same London hotel room (eighteen months apart), which is either a sweet family tradition or faintly queasy, depending on how you look at it. Given their bitter divorce/custody wrangling, I'm plumping for the latter (and desperately hoping they don't try and resurrect the custom with any new loves - that would be truly hideous).

Also - *I* have a coin collection, although it's remained at my mum's house (lucky her!) and missed out on all my adult adventures.

Have a blast on the road, Burns (and Slinsky), and keep up the gorgeously glamorous look (which I'm assuming Sean is also sporting)!

Thespian LLibby
Jun 28, 2006

Ah..."Burns & Slinsky" sad it was to tear that bit of adhesive tape off of the mailbox....All those little strips (which the postman TOTALLY ignored), disappearing one by one.....And the evil, coldblooded, money-grubbing capitalist dog owners are wringing their bony hands and gnashing their teeth....wondering if Lovely Neighbor Stacy and Thespian Libby are EVER going to actually vacate the premises.....bwahahahaha

Jun 28, 2006

Now that is how to travel across our fine land in style. If you stop in Arizona, give me a shout.

Jun 28, 2006

LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVE the sunglasses! Glad to see I am not the only one who wears them large!

Jun 29, 2006

Howdy. I just found my way to your site, via Misfit Hausfrau, and you are moving to the city where I happen to currently reside. If we can be of any help, please let me know! However, we just moved here ourselves a year ago, so we`re relative neophytes -- plus, we live in the fog belt because we needed a house big enough for 3 kids and an au pair, and I`ll be you`ll live in a more interesting part of the city, and I will soon be asking YOU for advice, and gleaning your site for info on new cool local things.

Jul 01, 2006

it's just wrong that you look good in a headscarf.
who can do that?
not me. that's for damned sure.

Jul 02, 2006

Nicole Richie called. She wants her sunglasses back.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jul 03, 2006

She can have them if I can have her collarbone.

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Jul 12, 2006

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