So When Are You Two Getting Married?


How To Marry A Guy In 16 Days

This morning I got an email from a woman named Cate. She was slighty panicked—though in the good, excited, happy kind of way—because four days ago, she and her boyfriend had decided to get married. But why would she panic?, you ask. Is she secretly afraid that her soon-to-be-husband is suddenly going to start recieving Allure magazine every month in the mail for no discernible reason?


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Honeymoon: The Movie

One of my goals for the Christmas vacation---ie: the ten days in December I spent at my parents' house in San Diego, eating cheese just as quickly as my mother could buy it---was to teach myself iMovie.

Goals! On vacation! I know! What is the world coming to? But man cannot live by back issues of Us Weekly alone, turns out, even when those back issues of Us Weekly are substituted with HGTV marathons and late morning lie-ins, and so eventually, when slothfulness had lost its charm, I decided to tackle my Christmas vacation goal and make iMovie my bitch.

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Things I Remember About My Wedding (Before I Finally Shut Up About It)

The number one thing I heard in the weeks leading up to my wedding was how fast the day would fly by. Because I like to be prepared and know what I'm getting into, I made a mental note of this. The day will fly by, I told myself. And then I thought: but wait, how can I stop it from flying by? Which leads me to the number two thing I heard in the weeks leading up to my wedding, which was that I should try---should really, really try---to be present in the moment. Okay, I thought, got it. The day will fly by, but I should try to be present in the moment.

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