All In The Family


I Think You Need To See This

I wasn't initially going to show you, but then I suddenly thought about how awful it would be if some natural disaster befell me tonight and I never got to share with you my picture of The Longest Hair In The World, which was attached to the head of a girl walking in front of me in Yangon in Burma, and which I followed for several blocks in order to record in all its glory.

The longest hair in the world, oh my god, please cut it, I'm going to barf

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Goodbye To All That

I won't be posting for the next twelve days, since we're leaving for Burma this afternoon, and---prepare yourself---THEY DON'T HAVE THE INTERNET THERE.

(Pick yourself up off the floor. You look kind of weird like that.)

Actually, they do sort of have the Internet, it's just that you're not allowed to access it, just in case, you know, you accidentally find out some news or something and realize that not all countries are run by abominable military regimes.

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