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I am not so much a chocolate person as I am a candy person. There's a difference, I think. I like gummy sweets and squishy sweets and big crunchy rocks of boiled sugar that a person could lose a filling on. When I was at school in England, nothing made me happier than whiling away an afternoon with a good book and a white paper bag of sweets from the newsagent up the road. I've written about this before, about my nostalgic obsession with traditional English candy. And it might not make my dentist very happy but I have now found a place to buy it in bulk.

Sweet Junkie is a company in England that specializes in the sort of British sweets I was eating in 1994 and my parents were eating in 1964 and my grandparents were probably eating in 1934, though my grandma had all her teeth taken out on her 21st birthday and replaced with false ones (no really, she did!) so she has probably blocked all of her sweet-eating from her memory. They have all my old favorites and then some, and if you have never tried British sweets before, I highly recommend that you do. Could I perhaps interest you in a sugar mouse?

I know, is that not the cutest thing ever? I couldn't resist adding one to my most recent order. Awww, cute little mousey-wousey! Now come here so I can bite your head off.

If you are taking your first steps into British Sweetiedom and wondering what to order, I will tell you that my favorites are Apples and Custards, though I am particularly partial to Lemon Bonbons as well. If you are a licorice fan---and you either are or you aren't, I've found---I highly recommend Licorice Comfits. When I am feeling wacky, I indulge in a Flying Saucer or two (they're the crazy-looking ones in the picture at the top) and I would never say no to a Rosy Apple. And if you yourself are trying to avoid having all your teeth taken out and replaced with false ones, you might be interested in the sugar-free versions of some classic British favorites, a few of which I added to my most recent order and found quite pleasant.

Anyway, in case you're not Halloween candied out already---I bought a large bag of mini packets of Skittles, knowing FULL WELL that we wouldn't get any trick or treaters---I thought I'd share my new favorite place to get proper English sweets. Let's not tell our dentists.


Nov 01, 2010

This is like a crazy internet version of going to the Pic'N'Mix at Woolworth's.

I'm pretty sure though if I ordered any of these 1942-era sweets I would end up being evacuated to the countryside where I would pay for things in shillings and solve mysteries at abandoned airfields.

Nov 01, 2010

When I see things like sugar mice, I know where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for the sweets in "Weasley's Wizard Wheezes"! I mean, a chocolate frog is not so far from a sugar mouse, now, is it? Except the part that they actually jump, of course...

Hairy Farmer Family
Nov 01, 2010

Ah, Yes, the good old 21st birthday tooth removal present for those who were lucky enough to afford the dentist's time! My husband's Uncle had all his teeth out for his 21st, a fact which it took several days for me to accept.

I will elbow old ladies aside for a quarter of liquorice comfits. Yummy.

Nov 01, 2010

There's a brilliant website here called A Quarter of, and is pretty similar to the link you posted. We went a bit crazy and ordered everything from Coca cola bottles and fizzy space dust to drumstick lollies and fake cigarettes. A great way to remind you of your childhood!

Nov 01, 2010

teeth - schmeeth...who needs 'em? Bring on the candy!!
If American candy is good....I bet British classic candy is even better!

But who shall pay the price when the sugar courses through my veins and I'm sobbing when the sugar crash hits?! Not my coworkers, certainly. They avoid my office like the plague when that happens.

Nov 01, 2010

oooohhhhhhhhhhhh the candy sounds lovely! Must get some for myself - and my nephews - and my coworkers. Right now I'm happy you mentioned the site. Later when I'm crying after overdosing on sugar then crashing from it, I may have second thoughts but HELLO, that hasn't happened yet. bring on the sugar! :)

Nov 01, 2010

I have a sugar mouse that I got when I visited London with my school in 12th grade. I never ate it and it's tucked away in a box somewhere. I had a slight affection for the vermin that I saw running around while we were waiting in the Tube stations. Gross, I know!

Nov 01, 2010

I am ADDICTED to Floral Gums and I buy a large bag whenever I see a British candy shop. My nana used to always have them in her candy dish. They taste like soap AND they get stuck right in your teeth. What could be better?

Nov 01, 2010

When I moved to London for university, I was amazed how everyone could remember the flavours all those oddly-named sweets and chocolate bars I saw in corner-shops. A uniquely British superpower I guess. On a side note, I can see no harm in ordering sweets from sweet junkie, they give dental advice after all: http://www.sweetjunkie.com/dental-advice/i-28 :)

Nov 01, 2010

yummy, looks good.. nothing sweeter than the Giants bringing home the title tonight, but these yummies come close! wish i as in the city right now!

A. Tee
Nov 01, 2010

I am not a candy girl, but English chocolate is one of my all time faves! Nothing compares to a Cadbury Flake, or Fruit and Nut, except maybe a Yorkie, which I eat out out of spite, because I am a girl :)

Nov 02, 2010

A Quarter Of (already mentioned by Starla) is my preferred retro sweet website because it has aniseed balls, which I love and adore. No aniseed wheels, sadly, which were loved and adored by my horses (they were flat discs, about 2 inches across, and a sort of dusty brown colour. They sound awful but they're delicious).

Also Refreshers, which are getting hard to find in shops (and are the best hangover cure ever, to be taken with flat diet coke and Hula Hoops, followed approximately an hour later by builders tea and marmite on toast and - ta da! - hangover gone!).

Like Holly I'm a sweet person but not a chocolate person, and now I'm hungry. . .

Nov 02, 2010

Sugar mouse! We used to go on holiday to Wales when I was little, and halfway between our house and Aberdovy there was an amazing Welsh shop which sold Bara'brith, dragon tea towels and sugar mice. My brother and I used to be allowed one mouse on the way to the seaside and one mouse on the way home if we were good. They also had this amazing yellow helicopter climbing frame for children outside, but that's another story entirely!

Erin @ Fierce Beagle
Nov 02, 2010

British candy is superior to all other candy. Fizzy Colas, Rountree Fruit Pastels, Fruit Salad, these are some of my favorites.

Nov 02, 2010

Oh, bless you for posting this! Of all the things I miss about the UK (and there are many), sweets top the list. It's so hard to find anything but Cadbury chocolate in the British stores here. Now I'll finally be reunited with dolly mix, vanilla fudge, and sherbet straws. You made my day!!

Nov 04, 2010

When I first heard about the Day of the Dead in Mexico I got very excited when I read about sugar skulls. I figured that they were some sort of delicious confection in the shape of a skull. But while cast from sugar, they are decorated with shiny bright paper and paint and definitely not for eating. I think a sugar mouse might ease my disappointment.

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