Splendid Thing: Costco Workout Tops

Attention, attention! Cease whatever you are currently doing! I have found the world's most perfect workout top!

Perhaps you, unlike me, have not been on a ten year quest to find the world's most perfect workout top. In which case, you should skip this post and go roll around in your stack of already-perfect workout tops, you show-off. For me, the search for a perfect workout top has been a long and fruitless one---until now, that is.

Or, more accurately, until last weekend, when I spotted a stack of folded workout tops on a table at Costco, picked one up, made a noise somewhere between "hmm" and "eh" and dropped it in my cart between the bottle of olive oil the size of a bottle of whiskey and the bottle of whiskey the size of a small child's wading pool.

"Looks alright," I thought. "I need a new workout top."

And then I got home and tried it on and choirs sung from the eaves of my awful mirrored closets. It fit really, really.....well. It was tight in the parts you'd want it to be tight and looser in the parts you'd want it to be loose, and it was just a really really.....well-fitting workout top. See how I am at a loss to describe how well it fit? That's because I've never had to describe a well-fitting workout top before. BECAUSE THEY DON'T EXIST.

Except now they do. And they don't just fit well, these tops---I liked how mine hit me right below the hips but didn't cling to me there----but they perform incredibly well at the gym. After an intense 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, I tend to....well, let's just go with glow, shall we? But this top must have wicked all that glowing away or something, because I never felt or looked like I'd done anything more strenuous than a quick set of jumping jacks.

The first one I bought was a purple one. And then because I loved it so much, I went back the next weekend and bought three more: in lime green, coral, and black. It felt a little extravagant, but they're only $12.99 each, and now I never have to buy another workout top ever again in my life.

I couldn't find a link to purchase them online, but I did find this fairly hilarious video that shows exactly what they look like and gives their official name: the Kirkland Signature Yoga Top. If you want to get one, they'll be in the clothing section of your Costco, folded up on a table with some yoga pants (which I haven't tried.) Obviously it should go without saying that I have absolutely no affiliation with Costco or Kirkland and am not being compensated in the least for saying that I like their workout tops. I am, however, finding that I'm actually going to the gym more, now that I have a new piece of clothing to wear there. Is that the oldest story in the book or what?


Jun 09, 2011

Thanks for the recommendation. Now what we really all want to hear about is how your brother blew it with Pippa Middleton :)

Jun 09, 2011

There is no costco near where I live. Which now makes me sad b/c I've been wearing the same (one) workout top from target from about 3 years ago. It is perfect and long also. I'm not sure why every other workout top costs like $40. Who wants to spend that much money on something they're going to sweat in?

Now I'm sad.

Jun 09, 2011

Good workout tops are surprisingly hard to find! I bought a rather expensive one from a shop that everyone on the internet raves about and it absolutely suffocates my rib cage. I still force myself to wear it from time to time of course, because it was so expensive, and I hate it with every wear.

lucy s
Jun 09, 2011

ooh, they look identical to my favorite workout top - lululemon's cool racerback tank (http://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/women/Cool-Racerb...) but sooo much more affordable!

Jun 09, 2011

That's so funny, I just saw these yesterday at Costco and was like "eh" but now I think I will have to go back and purchase one in every color if they are as awesome as you say since I have been on a workout top quest myself. :)

Jun 09, 2011

THAT VIDEO!!!!! I was wondering "when are they gonna get to the yoga?" and "I never drink coffee before yoga!" And that key she pulls out of her pants? Start the chastity belt jokes now, please. But the tops are cute!!

Jun 09, 2011

I hope the bevy of fit Bff's don't come with the workout top... cause they would get on my nerves.

Jun 09, 2011

Oh Oh!!!!! I have the pants and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE them!!! They are EXACTLY like Lululemon pants only they do not cost a bagillion dollars. Must go to Costco for the shirts!!!!

Jun 09, 2011

No, I completely agree. I have been rigorously getting into yoga lately and I use a pair of old sweats that work okay, but are getting a bit heavy for the summer. I have been looking all over and yet, I refuse to buy something that will be the same as what I have now. I just found a set at Target I really like, though I haven't been able to try them out. Thanks for the fabulous tip!!

Jun 09, 2011

Wait, you can buy liquor at Costco?!?? Ahh, the joys of living in California.

Jun 09, 2011

I am more jealous of the whiskey at costco than the workout top!

Jun 09, 2011

definitely Lululemon rip-offs...but infinitely cheaper! may go the Costco route next time...

Kate in Ohio
Jun 09, 2011

I have recently decided that I do not like yoga. I do, however, like yoga clothes. Thanks for the tip.

Jun 09, 2011

Like others above, I also have the pants. I'm a bigger girl and they fit me great and they are the best! Think I'll try a top under a t-shirt, so that it wicks away the moisture, but hides the (large)(dinner) rolls hiding under there.

Poppy K
Jun 09, 2011

Hey - they sell booze at Illinois Costcos too - where do you all live that there's no booze? Hillarious video - it was almost porn-y when they did the slo-mo bounce-a-riffic shot of the woman jogging up the stairs.

Jun 09, 2011

What kind of key was that woman pulling out of her pants? Who carries ONE KEY, with no chain or keyring or anything? Seems the Yoga Club Girls do, I guess.

Jun 09, 2011

The Kirkland tank tops with the adjustable straps and built in bra are awesome too. They stay put on the shoulder and they don't roll up at the bottom. I have bought tank tops from every store under the sun and the ones from Costco are absolutely the best.

Jun 09, 2011

I live in Sydney, Australia but have LOVED shopping at Costco when I have visited the US and Canada. Finally, Costco is coming to Sydney and I can't wait. I have just stummbled upon your site and think it's fantastic.

Jun 10, 2011

I think the key's her locker key... her real bunch of keys is in the locker of course! :)

Jun 10, 2011

I definitely enjoy working out more when I have a cute workout top and pants that flatter. Congrats on finding some good ones!

Jun 10, 2011

The pulling of the key out of her underwear at the end of the video is really random. Now that you've found the perfect top, I ask you: Have you found the perfect workout BRA? I shall never find one.

Alicia C.
Jun 11, 2011

@poppyk I am from atlanta and you can buy booze at costco but it is in a separate entrance and you have to pay for it before you go into the main area. I know live in Charlotte, NC and everything is regulated by the state. You can only buy booze at state run ABC stores (alcohol and beverage commission). So when i go back to atlanta to visit family, I stock up and bring it over state lines. Gasp!

@Holly thanks for the tip! I always wonder about costco clothes. Although i did buy a set of CK wifebeaters there last summer that I love. And new clothes always help me motivate to work out more. :)

Jun 11, 2011

1. i really wish i had a costco card. 2. costco has videos now?!

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Jun 12, 2011

Life is exercise

Lucy Fisher
Jun 13, 2011

First off: THANK YOU for that fabulous video link.

Second off: I was eyeballing those very same tops this weekend, while picking up my FORTH pair of the pants that go with them because of how similarly awesome they are. Honestly - tight where you want them, loose where you need them, they do some sort of wicking magic to sweat, and they come in cute colours to boot.

I'm running out to get the matching tops, per your recommendation, as soon as pay day hits!!

Jul 05, 2011

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Jul 11, 2011

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Aug 10, 2011

And new clothes always help me motivate to work out more. :)

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Aug 10, 2011

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I did have to watch that hilarious video, and I thought you would appreciate my observation that Costco does not have an online clothing dept, but they DO have an online funeral dept. I haven't seen Target jump on that bandwagon, yet...

Jan 03, 2012

I have found the world's most perfect workout top!, I still force myself to wear it from time to time of course, because it was so expensive. wartrol genital warts

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Jan 06, 2012

Happy is the man who is living by his hobby.

Emily Jones
Jan 21, 2012

I bought the pants and jacket today and they are EXACTLY like lululemon. Wonder if they're made by the same co.? The pants fit so nice, waist is not too high nor too low. The jacket is really nice too...the sleeves have thumb-holes and fold-over mitts to keep your hands toasty while running, and a vent flap in the back. I actually found your blog while I was looking for reviews on the Kirkland workout apparel, because I love it so much I just had to review it!

Feb 28, 2012


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