Slumdog Millionaire


How great was this movie?

Wait, what do you mean you haven't seen this movie? Hasn't the incessant buzz about it on the Internet had you covering your ears in surrender yet? Everywhere I went last week, all I heard was Slumdog Millionare this, Slumdog Millionaire that. So finally I was like, alright, fine, it's a random Tuesday night, we are going to gather up our friends, inhale some falafel sandwiches, and go SEE THIS MOVIE ALREADY.

I was a little worried about the hype. I was nervous, specifically, about what I've come to call The Juno Effect. Don't get me wrong, I thought Juno was a good movie and I enjoyed it as much as everyone else, but by the time I got around to seeing it---several weeks after it came out---I'd basically heard the plot summary from every talk show host, talking head, and entertainment columnist ever born, as well as roughly 90% of the pithy one-liners from all the trailers. If I'd just seen it on my own without having it shoved down my throat beforehand---"oh my god it's so good, it's so good, you have to see it"---I'd probably have liked it even more.

Luckily, The Juno Effect did not befall Slumdog Millionaire, a movie I saw last night with some of my favorite people, and which I enjoyed immensely, pretty much like every other person in the world. It was simultaneously harrowing and uplifting, hilarious and heart-wrenching, serious and bent on not taking itself too seriously. Sean and I talked about it all the way home and into this morning as well, and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you do. I might even take my parents next week when they're in town, and the last time I saw a movie twice in the theatre was........well, wow, I don't actually think I've ever done that. And since it costs an extortionate $10.50 to see a movie in San Francisco these days, that's high praise indeed.


Jan 07, 2009

Last weekend we went to the theatre to see either Milk or Slumdog, but we couldn't decide. We knew one was at 9:45 and one was at 9:50, so we agreed that we'd see whichever one was at 9:45. Which turned out to be Milk. But now? I HAVE to go see Slumdog!

Jan 07, 2009

I want to BE Frida Pinto.

Jan 07, 2009

Yes! I just saw it last week and have been thinking about it since. Bonus points to Slumdog Millionaire for including Irfan Khan in the cast; I love him.

I think I might have to bump a film from my top five favorites of all time to make room for this one.

Jan 07, 2009

I agree. It really was that good.

Jan 07, 2009

Janet (um, the first one!), I desperately want to see Milk too. Sounds like you couldn't have made a bad decision if you'd tried!

Jan 08, 2009

Agreed as well! I keep recommending it to everyone I know- I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like it. My one friend who didn't like it I think is just trying to be contentious.

Jan 08, 2009

Yes! It was so great. One of my favorite co-workers said she thought it was only "OK" and I was on the verge of getting all defensive and having hurt feelings. Have you seen Son of Rambow? I don't watch too many movies starring children but these two blew me away.

Jan 08, 2009

Your Juno effect is my Mamma Mia effect. If I had to hear how amazing Mamma Mia was from ONE MORE PERSON, I would punch them. And I haven't seen it.

Jan 08, 2009

I've been telling anyone who will listen that they HAVE to see this movie. I loved it, too...and between that and Pineapple Express, I haven't been able to get that M.I.A. song out of my head for 6 months!

Jan 08, 2009

the best thing i have seen in a really long time.
i LOVED it.

Jan 08, 2009

I saw this last week and LOVED it. I also saw Milk last Saturday and loved that too - so Janet, I'm with Holly, you couldn't possible make a bad decision. Both stories stay with you long after the film is over and are absolutely worth seeing in theaters. (And I say that were it's $10.75 in Boston to see the films!)

Jan 08, 2009

We loved the movie too. Some parts were difficult to stomach but overall it is a must see!

Jan 09, 2009

I loved that movie. There was one part I wasnt able to swallow but on the whole its best movie I have seen in a long time.

Jan 10, 2009

Yes, the hype around the film has been phenomenal, but I've seen very few negative reviews of it so far. Glad you enjoyed it! I can also highly recommend "Q&A" by Vikas Swarup, the book on which the film is based (soon to be re-released under the same title as the film). I blog on Swarup and other Ampersand writers, so feel free to visit my blog!

&... xxx

Jan 11, 2009

yes, finally a movie that was worth my $12.50 (in manhattan).
(liked the part when they were kids better than the rest, though)

Jan 12, 2009

No joke, a good friend of mine is on the soundtrack. You can especially hear her singing in the last song, the one they dance to. She worked in a recording studio in India last year and when she came back she kept telling us about this movie called Slumdog Millionaire that we HAD to see. We figured we'd sit through it even if it was awful, just because she was invested in it. Wow were we surprised--it is AMAZING!