Skype for the iPhone


Internet. Seriously. Skype for the iPhone is the stuff dreams are made of. Prior to now, I'd been paying AT&T $3.99 a month for the pleasure of calling my parents in Singapore on my phone---and then 14 cents a minute per call. This meant that I tried to keep the iPhone-made calls to emergencies only---you know, like that time my brother Tom was held at immigration for trying to enter the United States illegally---and used Skype for the rest of them.

But calling someone from Skype on your computer can be kind of a pain: for a start, you're on your computer. Which means you're talking into your computer, with your earphones on, feeling a) sort of uncomfortable, because you're sitting upright at your desk and b) a little like a fool for talking into your computer. For what it's worth, you also cannot call your mother from Target on Skype and tell her about the amazing deal on laundry detergent you just found. Even though your mother is in Singapore and this deal doesn't apply to her. You know, if you happened to regularly do that sort of thing. (THE DOWNY VANILLA-LAVENDER DRYER SHEETS WERE ON SALE! THAT NEVER HAPPENS!)

All this to say, the iPhone has just released a Skype app, and I am in love with it. I load ten bucks onto my Skype account and forget about it, and then wherever I am, I can call internationally from my phone and it costs two cents a minute to Singapore. Two cents a minute! I just called my dad on my phone just now---because I could! Because it's two cents a minute!---and he had no idea I was calling through Skype. Normally he's all "You sound weird. Where are you calling from? Down a well?" and I'm all "No, I'm just on Skype. Talking into my computer. Like a crazy person. Trying to save money. Can you hear me? Dad? Dad? Are you there?"

Internet, now I can have the best of both worlds: cheap calls and convenience! It's like they made this app just for me.


Apr 06, 2009

I don't know if Singapore is on the list of countries you can call or not, but you DO know about SkypeOut don't you? I was calling Israel on my phone via Skype by using SkypeOut long before the app was even in the works. It basically gives you a U.S. number and you call to a voice machine that lists your "speed dial" contacts" and you select a number to call a certain person. I will admit, though, that the Skype app is the stuff dreams are made of.

I'm hoping Singapore isn't on the list so you aren't banging your head on your desk for all those nights you spent talking to your computer. ;)

Nothing But Bonfires
Apr 06, 2009

Whoaaaaaaaaaa, I had no idea about Skype Out! What a waste!

Apr 07, 2009

I was all set to tell you about SkypeOut as well. We've been using it to call Poland for several months now. Plus, I also put the SkypeOut number as one of my Fave5 (T-mobile) so I can talk to my grandmas everyday and think nothing of it. Bummer that you didn't know! :(

Anne & May
Apr 07, 2009

Ohhhh sure! They invent this not six months after I got stuck in Thailand on my honeymoon and had to rebook the second half of our trip while trying to calm my poor Southern family down.

I love apps. I'm not sure how I lived before them. Downloading this now for my trip to England. Maybe I'll skype you from there!

Operation Pink Herring
Apr 07, 2009

My iPhone envy is getting out of control.

Sep 11, 2009

It worked straight out of the box. All of it including Bluetooth, WiFi, calling, camera, browser, Google Maps, everything. This compares very favourably with the Nokias of my past which all required configuration, unlocking from my network, upgrading of firmware etc introduction to iPhone is due to because of my friend in a 3g company and it is very stunning experience.

Sep 18, 2009

Skype on the iPhone is a great thing - I'm glad they've allowed this to happen...now when will the mobile companies reduce their rates and start competing?

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Sep 18, 2009

Yeah I use Fring and it is pretty sweet. Truth be told, I've never actually used the skype voip service over it being that I only have 1 friend who uses skype, but from the outside observation of the dialer and contacts I'm sure it works just as one would e

Atari 2600
Oct 06, 2009

OMG people why did i not know about Skype out? Tell me more!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 25, 2009

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Dec 21, 2009

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