Obama Foam Fingers


I first saw these Obama foam fingers on Sweetney's site, in a post where her little girl was wearing one. I left a comment professing their awesomeness, and a few days later, the guy who makes them emailed me. "Long story short," he wrote, "I make those things. How they got to her, I have no idea, but I almost fell out of my chair with excitement."  

And then he sent me one so I could see it, which I thought was pretty cool. Sean thought it was pretty cool too, and waved it enthusiastically at the television during some of the more interesting parts of Tuesday's debate. A regular cheerleader, my boyfriend.

You can buy an Obama foam finger at ObamaFoamFingers.com. They cost twelve bucks each, although half of the proceeds go to the Obama Campaign.

Also, whatever your political affiliation, I bet they could be pretty great when the election's over for just keeping in the backseat of your car and flipping people off in traffic. That dude who just cut in front of you isn't going to be able to miss your giant bright blue middle finger, you know?


Oct 09, 2008

YAY! sweet! :)

Oct 09, 2008

Ooo those are awesome! I'm torn between that and wanting merchandise from here: http://thatone08.org

Oct 10, 2008

The Obama fingers are fabulous, but more importantly where can I get myself a Vandelay Industries t-shirt?