My New Trench Coat


Hey, remember how back in March I was on the lookout for the perfect trench coat? That was five months ago and I think I've finally found it! Thank goodness this wasn't a Severe Trench Coat Emergency or anything, eh?

There was one I really liked in Zara, liked so much in fact that I went back to visit it a few times a week. I tried it on again and again, and every time I was close to buying it, a little voice inside my head would say "meh, it's not quite right." Because it wasn't. And neither was the price. I mean, I could have justified it, I guess, but when you're paying that much for a coat, it sort of has to automatically transform you into Jennifer Garner, you know? And bring you a cup of coffee in the morning.

So this afternoon, after a happy hour glass of champagne or two in the sunshine with my co-workers, I decided it would be a great idea to go and do a little shopping. I was actually going to burst into the Apple Store and finally buy that new Macbook you all convinced me to buy months ago---because the latest thing to go on my rapidly deteriorating iBook G4? THE TRACKPAD, TALK ABOUT ANNOYING---but luckily for my credit card, I got waylaid in Old Navy instead. And guess what I found there?

Oh wait, I guess I kind of gave it away already: the perfect trench!

It's exactly what I wanted---right down to the three-quarter length sleeves and open neckline---and the best part is that it only cost me $49.50, which is less than a third of what that Zara trench cost, which makes me very, very happy indeed. I can't seem to find it on the website, sadly, which means I had to, uh, take a picture of it myself. Sorry about that! Please be assured, at least, that I have since improved my belt-tying technique. Quite dramatically, in fact.


Camels & Chocolate
Jul 31, 2008


Sanguine Spice
Aug 01, 2008

Yeah! Soooo satisfying to find a long-sought item. And how come that always happens totally randomly? Good coat, nice work.

Aug 01, 2008


Aug 01, 2008

That's a nice coat AND we have a tax free weekend this weekend AND I was planning to hit Old Navy today. I wonder if they stock the same stuff across the country? :)

Aug 01, 2008

Oh, god, the SLEEVES, I love them!! That is so adorable that I'm tempted to go to Old Navy and copy you.

Aug 01, 2008

You got that at Old Navy???? Super cute!

Aug 01, 2008

I'm glad you decided against the Zara trench. I bought a cute black one there a year or two ago and it immediately started losing buttons and I have been too lazy to sew them back on so now all I have is the tie. On my to-do list for fall: sew buttons back on trench.
Love the 3/4 sleeves but I always worry about buying one of these in NYC for fear of having cold forearms and/or having to coordinate the proper long sleeves underneath!

Aug 01, 2008

You are the queen of bargain shopping, I swear. You find all these fabulous items in stores that I assume would never sell anything so nice, and for cheap prices! I am thoroughly impressed.

Also amused, because I was thinking when I saw the picture that I wish I could figure out how to tie a freaking belt as nicely as that, and then you go and say you have improved your belt-tying skills dramatically since the photo was taken. Tutorial?

Aug 01, 2008

Dude. I convinced at least 7 people to buy that at BlogHer. I have it too.

Aug 01, 2008

I bought that coat in San Fransisco! One of slynnro's apostles.

Love it.

Aug 01, 2008

Awesome! You look fabulous. Now I have a very important question for you. I am fairly small yet fairly busty for my size - rather like you. What size did you buy?? I always have trouble with old navy size small fitting me in general but not having enough room in the boobs area. Then if I go up a size it droops awkwardly elsewhere. It looks like that one fits you perfectly...

Aug 01, 2008

I love the quote and I love 3/4 length sleeves but is it ok to wear long sleeves under 3/4 length coats? I think that is my fear with the 3/4 lenth sleeve coats.

Aug 01, 2008

SJB: I bought it in a Small. I tried the Medium too but it looked pretty weird and baggy.

Anne & May
Aug 01, 2008

OOOHHH! You look tiny, minuscule, svelte.

And I love, love, love this!!!

Aug 01, 2008

Well done! Can you post a belt tying tutorial? I have a belt tying problem. I always tie belts like I'm eight years old and obsessed with My Little Pony.

(Those shouldn't be hyphenated, right? Because if they were, they would talk about a tutorial that ties belts and a problem that ties belts. And although almost everyone I know ties belts more fashionably than I do, I am fairly certain that problems and tutorials do not best me in this category.)

Aug 01, 2008

Perfect. Just perfect. And we all know how rare THAT is when shopping. (You do look very svelte. Must have your secret. Unless it includes a prohibition on cheese.)

Aug 01, 2008

I am one of Slynnro's convincees (is that a word?) and love, love, love it!

Aug 01, 2008

Maybe we should have a Slynnro Made Me Buy This Old Navy Trench Coat pool on Flickr.

Aug 01, 2008

That is usually the way I shop.. I put it on, or in the cart and carrying it around the store...and if I don't get the the cash register.. its because I really DID not want it THAT bad.. and then, then... when I least expected.. WAM.. there its what I wanted and I waste no time in plucking down the money... But, I got to tell you it was worth the wait (and the price) because its super nice... me likey

Aug 02, 2008

it's nice!! but ooh yeah you're tying the belt all wrong! but at least you knew not to buckle it!

Aug 02, 2008

Old Navy is totally about to owe you (and slynnro, it sounds like) a commission.

Aug 02, 2008

Oooooh...now that is lovely!
But here's my question...did they have one with full-length sleeves?

Because I am in the hunt for the perfect trench myself, but I need full-length sleeves, so to wear it over the top of my suits and such.

Aug 03, 2008

It's great! Love the three quarter length sleeves!

Aug 03, 2008

ooh it's so lovely and modern! i was just at old navy yesterday and didn't see it. darn it all! it'll look so cute with long sleeve shirts that you layer underneath it. jealous!

Aug 03, 2008

Totally cute, really.