Mighty Haus Party Favors


The favors given out at the Mighty Haus launch party on Friday night were some of the cleverest and most creative party favors I've ever seen, and please remember that you're talking to a girl who used to attend copious social events in Charleston, South Carolina, where "How To Give The Best Party Favors On The Block" is pretty much one of the required classes in middle school, right alongside "How To Match Your Purse To Your Shoes" and "Manners: When Is It Not Okay To Send A Thank You Card? (Answer: Never, You Idiot, You Always Send One.)"

Each little takeaway box contained a Krispy Kreme donut for the morning after, and there was a bottle of water, two aspirin, and a Mighty Leaf teabag attached to the outside. Sugar, hydration, drugs, and caffeine: the perfect hangover cure. Honestly, does that Maggie Mason think of everything or what?


Jul 21, 2008

I was so jealous when I saw Sarah Brown's flickr stream the other morning with the description of this genius party favor. Maggie Mason really DOES think of everything. I do have to say that I doubt I could have waited until morning to have that Krispy Kreme, though!
House of Jules

Jul 21, 2008

oy the Krispy Kremes! I ate too many and had a hard sugar crash in the cab on my way back to the hotel.

Sarah Brown
Jul 22, 2008

In one 12 hour span, I ate three Krispy Kremes, which is 300% more Krispy Kremes than I've eaten in the past five years.

Jul 22, 2008

Um, my favor also included a bowl of Cheetos.