Oh, Jeremy! How will I survive the last week of The Bachelorette without you? Your brooding profile and creepily well-decorated apartment were the only things that made this piece of crap worth watching.

Deanna seemed to like you---she did say you were "beautiful," after all, and oh, Jeremy, you are---but she rejected you in the end, in favor of Hyperactive (Balding) Dad Jason and Sweet Snowboarder Jesse. What was she thinking? I'm really not sure. Perhaps, like me, she decided to google you, and found out you were about to get fired. For going on The Bachelorette! The irony!

Goodbye, Jeremy, and good luck in your future pursuits. I'm sad we'll never see your perfectly symmetrical face on television again, although I'm betting you'll get half a page in next week's Us Weekly before you disappear forever into the reality TV abyss (say hi to Travis Stork for me!)

And just so you know, buddy, my money was always on you. Good thing I never actually placed any bets. 

(PS: My boyfriend is totally taking this picture of you to his barber. Damn, that's some good hair.)  


Jun 30, 2008

Holly! I thought you had completely abandoned watching The Bachelorette. I won't though, it is a guilty pleasure I'm not ready to abandon.

Jeremy was my favourite too (uh, for Deanna, of course). I'm shocked that Jesse who has no sort of life plan other than to live close enough to Breck or some other place in CO so he can ski 3 months a year is going strong. It's totally obvious that Deanna digs him and can barely keep her hands off him though.

Poor balding hands-on Jason...I'm not sure he's won Deanna's heart.

I'm totally looking forward to next week's episode.

She Likes Purple
Jul 01, 2008

In addition to his apartment being creepily well-decorated, didn't it also puzzle you that he left his LSAT notes TAPED TO HIS WALL? I imagine he went home first. He, at least, had to pick up his motorcycle yet it didn't occur to him to take the large pieces of construction paper off his wall.

Jul 01, 2008

I am likely the odd man out, but I am still mourning the loss of Graham. He may have been a commitment phobe, but their connection was undeniable. These last two guys don't work for her. Either childish Jesse, or with child Jason. Of course I'll still watch the finale next week, I just can't turn away from the train wreck.

Jul 02, 2008

Seriously? I thought for sure she would pick him in the end!! Even though he is creepily perfect!!

Jul 02, 2008

Ahhh, finally I can talk to people about this show. I don't know anyone else who will sit through this reality crap each week. Jeremy is hot but ummm, can you say robot? He was just stradling that line between dreamy and creepy. However, I don't think we've seen the last of him. I'm willing to bet that he's going to be the next Bachelor. For that matter, they may let Grahm be the next Bachelor, but that would probably be the most quiet, passive aggressive season ever. Yeah . . I'd still watch it either way.

Jul 02, 2008

I may be in the minority here, but I love Jesse! He's sort of like Jeff Spicoli without the bong.

Jul 02, 2008

After watching that men tell all episode I've come to loathe Graham. He's a bigtime jerk! I hope they don't pick him as the next Bachelor because I bet he'd pull a Brad and not pick anyone as his girlfriend.

Jeremy is the obvious choice for the next Bachelor, but I'm not sure if he'll go through that again...although, if he loses his job he might have a lot of free time for such things...

Jul 03, 2008

"Creepily perfect" - that is how I felt about Jeremy too!

Jesse = Jeff Spicoli - HA HA!! Funny - but true!

I'm afraid of who she will choose - because I don't think either one of the two left are good choices. Oh - but I will be on my couch watching!

Good Bye Jeremy - I will miss your prettiness!