I'm a bit obsessed with Gatorade at the moment. Sometime during the Christmas party season, when I had one of the worst hangovers mystery illnesses ever, Sean bought me a bottle at the corner store across the street, promising it would make me feel better. And it totally did. I'd always shunned it in the past----a sports drink? I hate sports!---but something about the electrolytes (or, um, the high fructose corn syrup) just made me feel a little better immediately.

While I know water is the best way to rehydrate---and trust me, I've been drinking tons of water too---I have to admit that I've had two Gatorades in the last twenty four hours and man, sometimes I think they were the only thing that kept me from curling up into a ball on the pavement and inviting every single Prius in San Francisco to run me over already.


Jun 04, 2008

My kids, who do play sports, LOVE gatorade--especially the frost blue one.

Jun 04, 2008

I just had the one called RAIN in "Berry" and it was exactly like drinking rain. If rain was berry-flavored. And pale purple.

(I also recommend the lemonade flavor. NOT lemon-lime, though.)

She Likes Purple
Jun 04, 2008

There's a Powerade flavor called "Arctic Shatter" and although the name itself is just awesome, it tastes delicious too.

Jun 04, 2008

Best "mystery illness" cure: Riptide Rush Gatorade (the lavender one) with an Alka-Seltzer dropped in the bottle.

Grape soda that fixes everything!

all the wine
Jun 04, 2008

I second the love for Gatorade Rain..whichever flavor "clear" is. It was yummy, it almost made me want to work out.

Jun 04, 2008

Dude, Gatorade is a great hangover cure but is also great for hangover preventative measures. I keep a few emergency Gatorades in the fridge for big nights out. After imbibing copious amounts of gin, half a bottle of Gatorade before bed and the other half in the morning pretty much ensures I will be hangover-free *knocking on wood*

Jun 04, 2008

There were weeks when I survived on Propel water (a watery, less-sugary version of Gatorade) during this pregnancy. LOVE the black cherry flavor!!

Jun 04, 2008

My grandmother swears by Gatorade as a home remedy - flu? Drink Gatorade. Ebola? Gatorade.
She prefers the powder in a can variety so she can make it really strong by adding less water.
Also, I work at the University of Florida where Gatorade was invented and we get free Gatorade at the student health center. My grandma was happy to learn that it is the powder mix and not the pre-bottled variety so she knows the health center is taking her advice and keeping the students here well hydrated and "medicated".

Camels & Chocolate
Jun 04, 2008

I drink Gatorade like it's water. My favorite flavor is orange, but there's this yummy fruit punch flavor of the G2 Gatorade line that's starting to creep up on orange.

Jun 04, 2008

RAIN in the orange color is the absolute best! So crisp and refreshing without the heavy sugar feel. Ahhhh, comfort.

Jun 04, 2008

Agreed... about the mystery illness (hee) and the Gatorade. Another powder mix fan. I water mine down like no one's business.

Jun 05, 2008

Could every Prius in SF run you over? I mean, that's a hell of a lot of Priuses (Priui?). The line up of cars would cause traffic for miles. And then we would all be cursing for you for making traffic so bad and for making us late to work (or to bars to meet our friends).

Don't be that traffic causing person Holly! Drink your Gatorade!

Pink Sun Drops
Jun 05, 2008

For some reason Gatorade tastes too watery for me. My sons last sport team always had blue Accelerade and THAT was yummy. If I could find it anywhere I'd be drinking it every day.

You know what my husband told me bikers drink to stay hydrated? Pedialyte. For kids. Maybe it's the electrolytes without the high fructose corn syrup.

Ms. Boombastic
Jun 05, 2008

Gatorade is good for hangovers, but Vitamin Water is the BEST. And you can pretend it is healthy, too.

Jun 06, 2008

I'm half Irish and half Russian, so if there are three things I know about they are potatoes, misery, and hangovers.

The most effective hangover cure includes the following three things:
1) Dramamine
2) Gatorade
3) Pepto-bismol

Try it next time. You'll thank me.

Jun 06, 2008

I can't drink that stuff unless I have the flu, because my mom always got it for me when I'd been throwing up and now it reminds me of throwing up. My psyche is weird that way.

Jun 08, 2008

Gatorade and Saltines - definitely my vote for curing a mystery illness!

Jun 21, 2008

GATORADE rocks! You should not drink the stuff all the time though, since the type of carbohydrates in it will cause incredible weight gain if your body is not primed to absorb that stuff... i.e. midway through a taxing physical activity. I proved this in my junior year of college by giving up water for only Gatorade. Also if you are dehydrated this is better than water, but it will really save you from a bad hangover, if you have some after a night of overindulgence with adult beverages.

All other sports drinks don't compare... plus if you are into health and fitness you can make a great recovery drink with Gatorade and whey protein. If its good enough for Olympic Athletes, thats good enough for me.

Jun 22, 2008

Gatorade and and 2 Advil is the best cure for a hangover. That, and maybe a strong bloody mary! :)