Best Thing Ever: Dyson DC25 The Ball

Dyson DC25 The Ball

Look, I know it's a lot of money. And it's not just that it's a lot of money, it's that it's a lot of money for a vacuum. But Internet, I am not lying to you when I say that the Dyson we bought a few months ago has actually changed my life. I have become a person who---wait for it---CANNOT WAIT TO CLEAN THE HOUSE. I know! It's grotesque! What kind of weirdo am I? But somehow, cleaning the house with the Dyson is so extraordinarily satisfying---be gone, cat hair! wow, the rug can actually get that clean?---that it becomes, somehow, fun.

I have wanted a Dyson for at least six years---I know, right? Dream big, little girl!---but it was only after we received a lot of very generous gifts of wedding money that I began to seriously consider plonking down the cash for one. Because we'd lived together for a while and had all the basics, a lot of our guests gave us money instead, and while we put the majority of that money into our savings account like the good little savers that we are, we decided to buy a couple of big-ticket items we'd wanted for ages, and the Dyson was top of that list.

Here's how to buy a Dyson: get it from Bed, Bath and Beyond and use one of those 20% off coupons you're always finding in the mail and in the backs of magazines. Yeah, I know, I know: the fine print says it can't be used for certain brands, one of which is Dyson. But I did an embarrassing amount of research on this beforehand, and guess what? It totally can. Apparently, BB&B has to put that on there for some sort of legal reason, but the truth is that 99% of cashiers at the register won't bat an eyelid if you use the coupon for your Dyson. Ours certainly didn't. And bingo---we got a whopping $100 off!

We chose the Dyson DC25 The Ball, and Internet, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Since we have these two very fluffy cats, we could have paid an extra $50 for The Animal, but the woman at the store explained to us that the only difference between The Ball and The Animal was that The Animal has an extra brush on it for pet hair, and that a) the brush on The Ball was probably good enough to get up our cat hair anyway, and b) if not, we could always buy the brush that comes with The Animal separately later. As it turns out, The Ball works brilliantly on pet hair---at least it does on cat hair, don't know about dog hair---so I'd say if you're a pet owner, you really don't need to spend the extra money on The Animal if you don't want to.

Okay, four paragraphs about my vacuum is really four paragraphs too many, so I won't go on about it any longer. But I will say that if you're considering a Dyson, I really, really, really, really, really like ours, and I am not even kidding when I say that it has made cleaning our apartment---all hardwood floors with a few rugs thrown in---far more tolerable, in part because it just takes less time now, but also because it just yields better results. The vacuum actually sucks, imagine that! Pet hair comes flying out of corners that I didn't even know we had. Kitty litter gets swooped up in two seconds flat. My baseboards are marvels of modern cleanliness! I am no longer finding pine needles in June from the Christmas tree we bought in December!

So it works. We love it. I really do think it's worth every penny. And now I promise I will never talk about vacuums ever, ever, ever again. I think I just aged myself 40 years.


Mar 01, 2010

4 years later and I am in love with my Dyson. (I have a German Shepherd = hairy!)

Be careful though, the sales lady who sold me the Dyson said "You will love this more than you love your husband!"

Mar 01, 2010

Last week, I bought one from Bestbuy.com (refurbished) and I am so excited. I don't have any pets but I know that I've spent an equivalent amount of money on really shitty vacuums that I should have just spent on a Dyson in the first place. Also, I wouldn't feel badly about this post because when I was doing my research, there were people who were WAY more into vacuums than a paltry 4 paragraph love affair.

Operation Pink Herring
Mar 01, 2010

I have one too, and I love it!

Mar 01, 2010

I love my vacuum too but it's not a Dyson. I went to the vacuum store totally intending to buy a Dyson but ended up buying a Riccar. I love it. We have 4 cats, 1 of which is fluffy and the Riccar does an awesome job of picking up everything. It works on wood floors, tile, and carpets equally well. LOVE! IT!

Mar 01, 2010

I am president of the Dyson fan club. Best money ever spent... And yes, I used my BB&B coupon too!

Mar 01, 2010

I KNOW!!! Dyson is the best thing in vacuums ever!! (with possibly the exception of The Rainbow--but really, no one wants to use that thing for daily cleaning stuffs).
I dream one day of having the money t purchase a dyson of our very own.

Home Sweet Sarah
Mar 01, 2010

I'm dying over here because I once had a boss who LOVED his Dyson and whenever the cleaning lady would come around vacuuming (with a Dyson, obv) he would say, "The DIRT goes to IT! The DIRT goes to IT!" Now every time I see a Dyson commercial, I shout, "The DIRT goes to IT!" And I think it goes without saying that when I read this, in my head I yelled, "The DIRT goes to IT!"


Mar 01, 2010

Can you share the research that shows the BB&B coupons can actually be used for Dyson?? I tried once and was rejected, so I need verbal ammo I can use to argue next time. I want this vacuum!

Mar 01, 2010

My MIL bought us a Dyson Animal for Christmas (I think she got it at a Black Friday sale at Sears) and it's awesome. I have to admit that I rarely use it because my husband is so wacko about dog hair that he's constantly vacuuming, but that also makes me happy :)

Mar 01, 2010

I love my Dyson. Watching the tank fill up with dust and other nasties totally excites me. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoys it.

Mar 01, 2010

I got a Dyson for my birthday a few years ago and LOVE IT! Having a cat and a ridiculously shedding dog, I got the Animal. I think, if it were available, I probably would have purchased the Ball instead simply because it seems a little easier to use. Either way, I haven't turned back, it's amazing how much hair it picks up!
I agree with Christine...it totally excites me to watch the nasties swirling around in the canister!

I completely agree. My boyfriend had one when we moved in and I thought he was nuts for paying so much money for a vacuum.

That is until I saw what it sucked up.

After I came to I hugged the Dyson-of-amazingness and have never looked back.

Mar 01, 2010

Felicia, I'd just try another cashier. Or another BB&B!

Mar 01, 2010

The only thing that its going into our wedding registry is this little puppy.

We covet this vacuum so much, I'm surprise it has not materialized yet!

Mar 02, 2010

We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and our Dyson Animal has been terrific. It has been 5 years since we bought it and the thing still works amazingly. Big money purchase up front but you get tons of use from it in the long run.

I'd agree that perhaps people with few pets/small pets/not hairy pets wouldn't need the Animal but for us, it has been everything. The day we bought it, I vacuumed with our regular old vacuum, then immediately vacuumed the same area with the Dyson (carpeting, before we replaced it with hardwood) and I was sickened by how much dirt and fur the Dyson picked up. The canister made it look like I hadn't vacuumed the floor in weeks.

Mar 02, 2010

Sorry Dyson, I love my Mele. Also pricey, but the same general effect--pet hair gone and I love to clean the house! Mine was a 30th birthday gift from my mother. Talk about aging oneself!

Mar 04, 2010

I got mine for $100 on Craigslist and it. is. phenomenal. Black lab hair is no match for Sir Dyson!

Mar 04, 2010

I did the same thing with a B, B&B coupon and went when the Dysons were on sale. Awesome. I love mine. So much. I felt so lame b/c I was so happy. Glad to see it isn't just me!

Mar 04, 2010

I am going tomorrow to pick one up. I am so nervous about the BB&B coupon thing. Fingers crossed they don't reject me!

Anna Ellis
Mar 13, 2010

We bought the non-ball pet version of the dyson with our wedding money as well, and LOVE IT!!!!

In fact, we were even showing our house guests, it's mad skill every time we had someone over, for the first month we had it... Sad, I know.

Jun 10, 2011
Feb 28, 2012


Jan 22, 2013

I was once employed by a very large vaucum manufacturer that rhymes with Moover'. It was there that I first met a Dyson and fell in love the stylish colours and sleek lines are great, but the proof (as they say) is in the pudding.For me, it wasn't important to have the coolest vaucum, it was important to have a clean carpet. In the end, that's the whole point, right? It was, to me, well worth the billion and one dollars I paid for my Animal.Having said that if I'd have Henry around when I was a kid, perhaps I wouldn't have endured a life-long fear of vaucums! I'd never suspect a smiling vac of wanting to eat my feet..

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