Best Thing Ever: Bagel Thins


You guys, I love bagels. I love bagels so much. One of my interests on Facebook is even "bagels," that's how much I love bagels. I think it has something to do with being bagel-starved for the first fifteen years of my life---England, though I love it, is not so much the hotbed of bagel-making---and then desperately trying to make up for that bagel deprivation with a rampant and steady consumption of bagels since my move to the U.S.

Also, I think I just set the record for using "bagel" the most times in a paragraph. The above is 77 words and eight of them are bagel. Cleary, I was not lying about loving bagels.

Bagels, however, do not love me. Actually, they do love me, but they just love a very particular part of me: my thighs. To be fair to the bagels, it's probably the cream cheese that loves my thighs more, but I think the bagels probably have a particular fondness for them too. And as much as I love bagels, sometimes I would rather give that thigh-space to other things: things like ice cream, for instance, and macaroni and cheese with bacon.

So I have found kind of a stop-gap solution. I bought these things called Bagel Thins at Costco last week, which are kind of the poor man's bagel. Actually, they are more like the very very poor man's bagel, because they're, like, one-eighth the size of a normal bagel. They look like a bagel would look if it fell out of your car and then you accidentally backed over it when you were parking, and then ran over it again the other way when you straightening the car up.

However, they don't taste half bad. They taste sort of thin---I guess the proof is in the name---but they make a pretty good bagel substitute if you're trying to cut back on the bagel-eating without any sort of feeling of deprivation. We've also been using them for sandwiches this week (man, you buy a bag at Costco and you have to use them for everything), and they're a pretty good sandwich base too (better, even, than a real bagel, which I always find too thick and bready for sandwich-making.) 

Bottom line, they're not going to replace bagels in my life by any stretch of the imagination. But I'm digging them right now because I can never resist the novelty of new food-related products, and also I'm going to have to wear a bikini in seven weeks when I go to Barbados. I mean, it's not like I'm going to give up the ice cream, am I, so something has to give. 


May 07, 2010

My grandma bought these a couple weeks ago I definitely felt less fatty eating this rather then when I eat a regular bagel and think O I will only eat half but then feverishly eating the whole thing.

May 07, 2010

coincidentally I tried these for the first time staying at a friend's place over the weekend and I agree 100% of your assessment - not as good as the real thing but better for the thighs.

She Likes Purple
May 07, 2010

Let's talk more about Barbados! I vacation vicariously through others...

But, also, they have a similar thinner hamburger bun and they're pretty perfect for smaller patties and also Boca burgers.

May 07, 2010

YES YES YES. My mom buys these and I eat them whenever I go over there. YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES.

May 07, 2010

I wish we had them over here in the UK, I would love to try them. Whilst we're not a totally Bagel loving country, I have a lot of love for them. Especially toasted, with lots of butter. Or egg mayo. Yum! Toast or bagel? I would go with Bagel every single time.

May 07, 2010

My mother-in-law is so into these things. I know, because we live with her.

Have I mentioned we're living with my in-laws?

We're living with my in-laws.

Sarah Ashley
May 07, 2010

I don't think you have to worry about the bagels adding to your thighs. From you pictures, you look slim, and this is coming from a fairly slim person by the way.

May 07, 2010

There's a bagel shop (Noah's) that has bagel thins! I had one today - not too bad! (I suppose, though, having extra cream cheese on my bagel thin defeats the purpose?)

May 07, 2010

Not to burst your bubble, but if this is anything like the Flagel attempt a few years ago on the East Coast (I kid you not- flagel= flat bagel)... its the same amount of dough just shaped differently or something. I hope you are right though for the sake of all our thighs! I tend to just scoop all my bagels so I can still indulge but cut down on the amount of dough...

May 08, 2010

I was in the same boat until i replaced bagels with english muffins. They do it for me!!

May 08, 2010

I was in the same boat until i replaced bagels with english muffins. They do it for me!!

May 08, 2010

Bagel Thins are an automatic guilt trip. Basically they're saying that for the last fifteen years of your life you've been indulging in Bagel Fats.

May 08, 2010

You are right about this whole post! They are thin. They do taste thin. But they are still pretty good. I have used these for pizza bagels, bagel sandwiches and more. They're not bad for being a healthier sub.

Balkan Girl Down Under
May 09, 2010

Mmmmm, BAGELS. And cream cheese!

Love 'em too but haven't had them in a while for some inexplicable reason. Huh.

(Note to self: get some bagels soon. Like, 'tonight'-soon.)

Gee, Holly, thanks for reawakening my dormant bagel craving! (:P)

Australia (well, Melbourne anyway) is not too bad where bagels are concerned; you can find them quite readily if you know where to look. Plus, most supermarkets have them.

Now, Barbados...duuuude, how do you get to travel around so much? Let us in on your saving-up-for-trips secrets! ;)

May 10, 2010

Yay, Bimshire has been mentioned in your blog! I lurk here, but never comment.
Warning, bagels are found here, but not in the "thin" capacity.

While you are in Bim please walk the South Coast Boardwalk at sunset, you won't be disappointed.
Oooo, and have a moonlight dinner at Cafe Luna!!
Also visit St. John's church on a clear day. :) Enjoy!!

Kooba Shop
May 10, 2010

Where can i but this?

cristen hemmins
May 11, 2010

you're going to BARBADOS?! I am so far behind. We lived there for 7 months (my fiance worked at an offshore co., and I got really tan and bored), and got married there, and went back for our 10-yr anniversary--was that last year?

Where are you staying? We got married at Sandy Lane, the day before they tore it down for the renovation that took 3 years. When we went back last yr, we stayed at Little Arches and LOVED it. Now I am off to look up what you have written about this planned trip that I have missed!

Nothing But Bonfires
May 11, 2010

Cristen -- you haven't missed anything! I haven't written about it yet. We're staying at The Crane.

May 12, 2010

I like the weight watcher's bagels, they are only 150 calories. totally not bad!

May 14, 2010

You're going to Barbados and I'm not! Please take and post a bajillion pictures so that my homesickness only gets worse and I make everyone around me just as miserable as I am until they decide that we can go, too.
I love the Crane!
Don't forget to go to Mount Gay for the tour and lots of rum drinks.
Then have dinner at Champers. And make sure you eat a lot of flying fish. You will miss it when you've left.
And let me know if you need a lives-there friend to show you a local good time!

Sep 26, 2010

Instead of using regular cream cheese, you can use Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cream Cheese. It tastes amazing (on toast and crackers too) and is only 35 calories per triangle!

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