Banff Day Two: Of Elk And Bison And Long-Awaited Poutine

I'm going to give you some advice about coming to Banff. Here's the first piece: don't miss out on skiing at Lake Louise, because the views from the top of the mountain are spectacular. Here's the second piece: always bring a pair of very comfortable sweatpants in your luggage. Why would you bring a pair of very comfortable sweatpants in your luggage, you ask? Well, you may not think of Banff as an epicurean epicenter---to be honest, I really didn't---but the food here is surprisingly excellent, and you are going to be eating a lot. Why, the very first thing I did before sitting down to write this blog post just now was to change out of my skinny jeans---which were starting to cut off my blood supply around my stomach---and into some super soft and slouchy yoga pants. Take it from me, having a pair of Official Eating Trousers will come in pretty useful in Banff. And just to be on the safe side, bring them in a size larger than you wear now.

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