Nobody Needs A Wipe Warmer (And Other Things I Hope You'll Tell Me)

A few weekends ago, I sat down to make a baby registry. Wait, let me just rephrase that sentence: a few weekends ago, I sat down to make a baby registry and did not get up. For the entire 48 hours. Call it anxious first-timer nerves, call it "generally unable to purchase anything, eat anywhere, or make any other kind of decision for myself without first reading seven hundred reviews from other people," but I found the idea of making a baby registry more than a little daunting. (I also found it a little uncomfortable—hey, here's a list of things I'd like you to buy me!—but a couple of kind relatives on Sean's side had been asking, so I figured, if nothing else, it was a way to get my thoughts in order and make a list of things for us that we'll eventually need to acquire.) 

We live in a pretty small house and I don't want a ton of extra stuff—plus, if there's one piece of advice I've read over and over again, it's to buy only the basics and wait until the baby arrives to get the rest (weird as it seems to me now, I do realize that Amazon will still be operating after my due date)—but it was still helpful to me to research (and research and research and research) some of the bigger purchases, and to jot down some of the smaller things I hadn't even realized I'd need (baby snotsucker, whaaat?

Since you have all given me such wonderful advice over the past few months—thanks to your comments, I am now a) buying a carseat and stroller frame instead of an actual stroller, b) investing in the Fisher Price Rock n' Play sleeper, which is apparently made of straight-up miracles, c) putting the baby in our room at first for easier middle-of-the-night access, and d) slightly addicted to the Baby Bargains book for my aforementioned research—I thought I'd ask you for one final favor as I slowly go about accumulating the flotsam and jetsam of the infant years. 

Despite my friend Court's sage advice that "all you need is a bed and boobs"—I feel like I should get this tattooed or embroidered somewhere—the first-timer, pre-planner, can't-leave-the-house-until-I've-checked-three-times-that-the-stove-is-off arrangment-maker in me needs to know that I've struck the perfect balance between having the essentials and not having so many essentials that I'm in danger of turning into a one-woman episode of Hoarders: Baby Junk Edition. While I want to feel capable and prepared for doing something I've never done before—oh, you know, just keeping another human being alive, NBD—I don't want to buy anything I don't need. I especially don't want to buy anything I don't need and then have to to go through the complicated rigmarole of returning it while covered in baby spit-up and operating on two hours of sleep. 

And so I'm wondering, if you don't mind weighing in: what's the one thing you couldn't have lived without in the first year of having a baby? More importantly, perhaps, what's the one thing you absolutely didn't need? 

May 14, 2013

Didn't need: bouncers, jumpers, walkers, etc they are all ugly, plastic monstrosities and they do more to deter infant-centered exploration and physical development than anything else.

what was of value: a playpen for baby to feel secure during independent play, self-guided exploration

didn't need: those stupid mittens that are supposed to keep babies from scratching themselves. very "straight jacket esque" and probably a source of frustration for baby to not be able to touch own face because this was possible in the womb, eh?

didn't need all that baby signing crap. for millenia, babies have been programmed to watch our mouths while we speak. asking them to focus on our hands is misguided and unnecessary. they are supposed to watch our lips move. that is how they learn!

what else was of value: black out shades for baby's room

highest value for nursing mamas: BOPPY pillow. so comfy! (i accidentally submitted this comment with the Brest Friend recommended here, but I just made a mistake. I had both and the Boppy was so comfortable for me and for baby. I imagine that falling being nursed to sleep on the boppy is like falling asleep on a cloud for a baby! my girl loved it. the brest friend was not soft at all and seemed like baby is resting on a table of sorts.


May 14, 2013

As another first time mom due in July, I'm loving all the advice on here! Thank you to all who left comments and to you Holly for the post!

I just wanted to add one thing, someone recommended a breast pump and you should check if your insurance covers it now under the Affordable Care Act, most (but not all) do already. I got a high-end Medela pump for free, so was very pleased that I checked before buying.

May 15, 2013

You need - really - a digital thermometer. There are clever ones that go into the ear very lightly and unobtrusively and DO NOT WAKE A SLEEPING BABY (crucial), and give the temp in a nano-second, completely accurately. There are even ones now I believe that you hold close to the baby and they do the same thing! Isn't technology wonderful?? You need this. You will use it forever, you will use it on yourself and when Hamish is a teenager claiming illness as a ruse to avoid school you will still be using it then.

I really loved my microwave steam steriliser. Granted it's not essential if you are exclusively breastfeeding until sterilising things is no longer necessary, but if you do ever plan to give a bottle or use dummies or anything that goes into the baby's mouth (medicine spoon, syringe, snot sucker...) a couple of mins in a white hot microwave steam steriliser will get it hospital standard clean. Cheap too, and quick. No special fluid or process, just wash the items, throw them in and you're laughing. Or crying. Or grabbing for the kettle to make a caffeinated beverage because MY GOD he's asleep, finally!

What I found I really didn't need desperately was a baby monitor. It depends on the layout of your house, but assuming it's small, you will hear him. I promise. What you do not need to hear is every single tiny little snuffle, squeak and breath he makes... I am a poor sleeper at the best of times and this just made me totally paranoid and wired, listening anxiously 24/7 for any slight sound and then RUSHING into my son's room, often waking him up!

May 15, 2013

Sound machine - the kind that projects images on the ceiling too. My son has loved his from the get go. And when they become older and are more easily awoken the sound machine drowns out other noises around the house (which was useful for us in our 780 sq. ft. house).

May 15, 2013

Our Hamish was born in Singapore and we moved when she was 2 weeks old, again at 8 weeks old, were then living out of a car visiting family for 4 weeks, another temporary spot, and again into our current home when she was 5 months old. You actually need very, very little! During those first 5 months, the only things that moved with us were: a Summer infant swaddle pod (and then we ordered a Woombie). We couldn't deal with wrapping. Zip that baby up! A good carrier. At first a Moby, then a Beco Gemini, which we ADORE. 2 muslin swaddling blankets for putting down on the floor or wherever we were. A 6-pack of basic "cloth diapers" for burping/spit up. A little zip pouch with a snot sucker, baby nail clips, ONE little bottle of baby wash (babies are small), and a tube of rash cream. Until 4 months, we used the boppy as the "place to put baby." I used it while nursing when she was itty bitty, and then we propped her up in it to look around. And that was it. I bought 5 onesies total. People give you plenty of that. Now we have more stuff, but it's a long time before you need more stuff.

May 15, 2013

My son is now 9 months, and the things that I definitely needed, and needed right away were:

Medela breast pump (an electric one, not a hand pump)
good nursing bras
aden & anais swaddling blankets
baby bjorn (the good thing about a bjorn is that once the baby gets a bit older s/he can face out--and my son still loves to do that)
Wash pod (funny shaped tub that will make you giggle and the baby feel like he is still in the womb. We used this a lot the first four or so months)

Things we didn't need:

Newborn size clothes--my son fit into them for about two days.
Bouncy seats
Swaddling jackets--my son liked to be swaddled in blankets but the little swaddling outfits freaked him out
Bumbo seat--baby's thighs were always too big for this, alas!

May 15, 2013

SWING! The babies love them and you will be able to take a nap right next to the swing! YOU WILL NEED LOTS OF NAPS!!
Also, the Aden and Anais blankets are the best for swaddling and covering a carrier. I've had three kids and those two things pretty much top my list. (Ooh! Don't forget the nipple cream if you're breast feeding. Lansinoh is magic.)

May 15, 2013

NEEDED: a swing, at least early on; a boppy breastfeeding pillow (am 100% certain I could not have successfully breastfed without it. I used it everywhere. It made it hard to nurse in public, tho, and I learned to do that without the boppy but it always made my arms/back hurt like hel!.) Music source. And finally: Super-awesome efficient breast pump. Learn to love it. If you want to breastfeed and be a working-outside-the-home mom, this is mission critical. Spend the $$ and get a good one. We used the Aveda Pump in Style. I pumped three times a day at work for 6 months. Also finally #2: My first had horrible colic and we would not have survived without mylicon. (gas meds for babies)
DIDN'T NEED: bottle sterilizer. Hello dishwasher.
ADDITIONAL REGISTRY TIP: If you plan on going the pacifier route (I had one thumb sucker, one pacifier sucker, but either way, know this: babies like to suck on stuff. Plan for it.), my suggestion is to register for a ton of different brands of paci's. Babies will have preferences and you won't know which one will work until you've tried them, but in the early days it's hard to get out to the store every day, and plus having to spend an extra $5-6 every time on something baby might/might not like, well, it gets frustrating. So tell people you want to try them all. Chances are, baby will like one of them, and that will give you some respite when you need it. Once you know a favorite, then you can go buy a ton of that exact kind.
PS ABOUT WIPEWARMER: Your hands can warm wipes pretty well. Also consider buying about 50 baby washcloths and keeping them in a nearby basket/drawer, and use those for wipes, and throw them in the laundry. Warmer, cheaper, more efficient, better for environment.

Baby Robusto
May 15, 2013

White Noise app. Best $1.99 I ever spent. When nothing else would calm our baby, we could always depend on loud white noise! Especially in the car, which he was not a fan of for the first several months. LOUD PROTESTING FROM BABY. White Noise App to the rescue!

Also, the Ergo is one of my favorite baby items. My baby is now 13 months old and I still use it all the time. We started using it when he was maybe 3 months old (used a wrap before that, though he didn't like being worn when he was a newborn). When he still had short little legs, I'd roll up a receiving blanket and put it under his butt so he'd fit better in the Ergo. If you do get an Ergo, make sure to get it either directly from the Ergo store, or from an authentic Ergo dealer (check Ergo's website). There are lots of counterfeits out there, including on Amazon. Mine is definitely a counterfeit (and is from Amazon). It works, but is probably not safety inspected. And I can't resell it for lots of monies. That is one nice thing about Ergos--high resale value.

And the Miracle Blanket helped us a lot when our boy was a newborn. I sucked at swaddling with those cute Aden & Anais blankets, and the Miracle Blanket gets a nice tight swaddle without the use of Velcro, which made me kind of nervous.

If I were going to do this again, I'd ask for more little kimono shirts and kimono onesies. Or shirts/onesies with snaps up the front. They are nice because they are easy to get the baby in and out of. I hated trying to put stuff over that giant floppy newborn head!

Hmmm, the stuff we didn't end up needing were the Rock n Play (though lots of people love it, my baby just sat in it and cried) and newborn sized clothing (average size baby--8#13.5 oz, but outgrew n00b clothing within 2 weeks). But that's about it. I avoided baby showers because I was like you--small house, don't want a lot of clutter. We made lots of "emergency trips" to Babies R Us after our boy was born to get a swing (only way he would nap), the rock n play, and later on an activity mat (so useful--we could finally put the baby down and go pee).

You'll be able to tell what you need once Hamish is here. Until then, it's really hard to know what items will be helpful to you. Babies are all SO different. People will give you all kinds of advice and tell you what products worked for them, which can be helpful but also maddening if the same stuff doesn't work for you. It's a learning curve, for sure.

Happy shopping!

May 15, 2013

I wished I had brought my boppy to the hospital--the hospital pillows sucked and breastfeeding would have been much more pleasant with a boppy. Also, a nursing tank top (target has great ones)--also useful in the hospital so that you can breastfeed without showing off your belly to everyone. I guess that's 2 things I would buy before the baby comes.
Also, we learned in the hospital that our baby was only soothed by up and down motion rather than swinging side to side motion. When we got home we lived on the very large yoga ball. We wouldn't have made it through the first 3 months without a yoga ball.
Didn't need item--nursing stool didn't work for me at all.

May 15, 2013

Children's Ibuprofen. Talk about a miracle worker...

And my 2yr old is obsessed with her Little Giraffe Deluxe blankets. They're a little over-the-top, but we can't leave home without them.

And a pak n' play! My daughter will still sleep in it if we stay at friends' houses until late - definitely one of the best investments!

Good luck Mama!!

WI Gal
May 15, 2013

Poor you! One person says get the swaddling blanket, another says don't. I hope you were able to find some meaningful commonalities and that all this advice is helpful, and not just confusing!

I have two kids, now five and two. With both, we use the Moby wrap for the first three months. In my opinion, the best thing about it is it allows you to fall asleep with the baby securely attached to your chest. Once my daughters were older, and could fit in the Ergo without the infant insert, we shifted to that. I still use the Ergo all the time with my two-year-old.

We also loved the miracle blanket. The first time we used it with my older daughter she went from sleeping four hours to six hours a night. That seemed worth $30 to me!

I would caution you not to buy things you will need after the first eight months or so. For example, you don't need any baby proofing things with a newborn, and though it's nice to register for those so someone else will pay for them, I feel like once the child child arrives you have a much better sense of what you actually need when your child is older.

I think your recognition that Amazon isn't going anywhere is spot on! You really only need the things to get you for the first couple of weeks, and if for some reason you don't have what you need, you will probably have 1000 people willing to go get it for you.

Good luck to you!

May 15, 2013

wine. for me.

May 15, 2013

I am so glad my boss is traveling today because I have spent the entire first half of my work day reading through every single comment and updating my registry accordingly. Thank you for helping all of us other first time moms, Holly!

May 15, 2013

I have two boys and they both needed totally different things. First one went through burp cloths like water and the second one had to be bottle fed exclusively, so it will all just depend on Little Hamish. However, my absolutely must have for both: Muslin blankets from JJ Cole (like these are amazing. So large and great for swaddling, nursing cover, blanket, etc. They are huge and just get softer every time you wash them. They are pricey, but totally worth it. My go-to baby shower gift every time now.
Also, a good netflix streaming subscription. I watched entire seasons of shows during those first few months of night feeding and the oh so fun the-baby-only-sleeps-while-being-held stage. Mute the TV, turn on captions, and while the night away catching up on every episode of Weeds.

May 15, 2013

Do NOT collect many newborn-sized clothes and/or diapers. They will last about a week, and you will tend to reach for the same onesies over and over again anyway. Those first few weeks at home, we used diapers, a bouncy seat, onesies, and boobs. That's honestly pretty much it.

May 15, 2013

Here is my bare minimum list for the first couple months:
Ergo carrier
Miracle blanket (for swaddling)
(Read the baby whisperer while you're at it)
temporal artery thermometer
boobs (or breast pump, or formula and bottles)
diapers, wipes, butt paste
some kind of sleeping place for baby (won't need for a while, probably--like a pack and play and a crib)
car seat/stroller and swing thing--which you already have.

That's it! You're ready to roll!

May 15, 2013

Oh, and a pile of burp cloths too!
And a diaper disposal/containment device (one that doesn't require specific bags to be purchased)

May 15, 2013

Couldn't have lived without the Bjorn. The kid(s) lived in that thing and it allowed me to get a few things done with BOTH hands! And both of them really loved their swing. They had their morning nap in there. (Not at the same time, they're 5 years apart so that would have been weird.)

Could have lived without the diaper genie. Do they even have them anymore? Sure it contained the smell, but just empty the bin for crying out loud! Didn't need any bottle stuff. Even when we went out without him he'd wait for me. Not crying, just patient. (He's 13 now and seems to have lost that skill. Of patience, not of waiting for my breast milk. Ew.)

For you - good nursing bras are essential and I lived in cardigans (hides the side boob a treat.) There was an amazing breastfeeding support group that we lived at at CPMC - are you delivering there?

San Francisco was a great place to have a baby and toddler. Endless walks around Stow Lake were our thing. Also, the Golden Gate Mothers Group is pretty good. (Unless you get a group of overprotective helicopter moms.) But I did meet some great moms there that I'm still in touch with 13+ years later.

May 15, 2013

Oh - Sudocrem is the best butt cream out there. Can you get friends from home to send it?

May 15, 2013

So, my little guy just turned 2, and currently pregnant with his sibling. So I'm currently going through the list of things we got but didn't need for the second one (and happy about the things we will re-use for the 2nd one).

The things I used daily: blankets/swaddlers, wash clothes, a baby carrier (we used the baby bjorn and the moby wrap), and a few toys. His "safe places" were mostly a blanket on the floor with toys, or I carried him. Once he had good head control, we also used the bumbo seat (he loved being able to see things from a new perspective) but we didn't get it till he was about 4 months old. When he was a new baby, he loved the swing, but we borrowed one from my cousin and didn't have to pay for it, which was good because he used it for like, 2 months. And we also had a bassinet, but that's been in my family for generations. I just bought a new mattress/sheets for it.

When he was ready for solids, we got a high chair that I LOVE, the Boon Flair. It's cool looking and it has an adjustable height, so I can put it right to the table and we don't need to use the tray. Plus there's no fabric meaning cleanup is EASY.

I didn't use the change station, I DID use the boppy pillow, but ANY pillow would have worked just fine, I think. At first, I just gave him sponge baths with a nice foamy pad for him to lay on, and then in the sink, and then we got him an inflatable duck bath that sat in the tub at Target that he liked a lot, but I don't think it was necessary. We ended up hating the stroller/infant car seat combo we got for him and for the first 6 months of his life, we rarely used it (I opted to just carry him). And then we got a nice umbrella stroller when we were fed up with the stroller we had. We're going to splurge on a nice one with this kid because we're in a more urban environment and walking is our main means of transport.

May 15, 2013

Couldn't have lived without our Halo sleep sacks + sleep gowns in the early weeks. We could keep her swaddled & change her diaper which is why they won out over the Miracle blanket & A&A swaddling blankets, at least for night time sleeping. We supplement with formula (SIGH) (NOT MY PLAN) and the Dr. Browns formula pitcher is fantastic. I created a breastfeeding support kit with lots of Soothies (the kind for Mama not the pacifier) and cold/warm packs by Lasinoh that were wonderful. Twice I found myself at Target at 10 pm as they were closing trying to buy more nursing tank tops as they are all I wear now. As for what we didn't need....we live in a condo in Chicago and ended up with too many "infant containment devices" but mostly due to generous friends and borrowing. You really only need one device per major room - for us it is the swing, the Rock n Play & the Pack n Play (we use the bassinet attachment for sleeping right now.) Which means the bouncer and other various "holding things" are more than we need.....

May 15, 2013

I love to talk baby gear.

I had my second in December, and here are the things I have found essential with both kids:

Bed and boobs. Good advice. For me, also: Woombie wraps for early swaddling, Rock & Play (YES! Miracles!), a Medela Pump-in-Style (my favorite, very best thing), a soft mirror for baby to see himself, lots of burp cloths (Gerber cloth diapers are perfect for this, honestly). Snotsucker, definitely; gas drops, yes.

I bought a k'tan wrap for this little guy and he HATES being worn, so. Many people recommend and LOVE them, though.

Stock up on some diapers and wipes and call it a day. :)

May 15, 2013

Oh and LANOLIN. If you're planning on bf'ing stock up on lanolin and some breast pads for your own peace of mind. Also these things called soothies - you can put them in the freezer or warm them in the microwave to put in your bra - so so helpful in early days of nursing.

May 15, 2013

My daughter is 3wks old, could not live without our sling. Great for hands free and curing the fussy baby (her in the sling and me sitting on my exercise ball bouncing = world peace), and shopping (do not put a carseat in a grocery cart!! put him in the sling instead). I use the hotsling, too warm over here in Sac for the Moby. You'll also want a carrier - like the Ergo or Bjorn - better for out-of-the-house use (shopping more than a few min, walks, etc).

She's hated swaddles since day 1 so all the receiving/swaddle blankets did nothing for me.

Do not buy/ask for newborn clothes. I didn't dress her for the first 4 days (just swaddled and did skin/skin feedings) and by that time newborn clothes were too small!

Definitely buy as little as possible before and amazon everything after :) Really, they don't need much.

Erin @ Fierce Beagle
May 15, 2013

I have a 5-year-old boy and a 5-month-old boy, and this is what I've discovered:

Sleeper suits that ZIP, not SNAP. Because why put yourself through a rubix cube of fasteners for a middle-of-the-night diaper change? However, for snappers, never undo the leg snaps. Unnecessary! Just sip the baby's legs in and out.

An unobtrusive nightlight. So when the baby wakes to eat in the night, I'm not fiddling with switches or blinding myself with with a lamp that seems to have the same wattage as the surface of the sun.

Bibs that SNAP closed rather than velcro. They stay on better, don't snag things in the wash, and aren't lint/hair attractors.

If your baby takes a pacifier (and don't worry, I've never met a child who confused a dodi with his mummy's milk factory, so if it soothes him, I say go for it), a pacifier clip is a useful and stylish baby accessory. No more frantic scrambling! Where's the dodi? Ah! Right here clipped to his bib!

May 15, 2013

Need: An ergo or other carrier that doesn't hurt your back! A stroller that is comfortable to push and not impossible to fold and is smaller than a Hummer. Diapers. Lots of barf rags. (Or "burp cloths"). A good babysitter. Sleep.

Do Not Need: Everything else.

May 15, 2013

All the onesies you can store, because hoo boy are you likely to be surprised by how many loads of wash one tiny human can create. On that note, one thing we couldn't do without was some sort of baby-friendly enzymatic cleaner to pre-spot all the stains. The name of the one we used escapes me (our "baby" just graduated from college last week--ack!), but there are a lot to choose from these days.

May 15, 2013

The Thing i didn't know I needed until it was gone... someone to cook for you. Seriously. My mother-in-law brought us casseroles for the first three weeks and I cried hard when she stopped. Ask for it, get someone to organize it, whatever.

Once she stopped I think we lived on trail mix for a few months.

Good luck!

May 15, 2013

A Boppy is a must! I also loved the little baby gowns. They are long sleeved and go down past the feet. There are no snaps to fiddle with in the middle of the night like on a onesie. Both of my babies wore these a lot!

May 15, 2013

So I'm 30 weeks and a bit and had the WORST time creating my registry. Which is odd, because prior to getting pregnant I might have had a little online shopping addiction. Assumed baby stuff would be a lay up. And then comes the information assault which rendered me totally paralyzed for about 2 months. Finally got my act together last month and did one which I'm happy to PM you if you'd like (went with I relied fairly heavily on the registry guide available for free at like you may be familiar given some of your choices so far. [Sidebar: her blog post from last summer when she was 11 days past due date SLAYED me.]

One thing I haven't seen mentioned here but I saw in action and am totally getting is the nuroo for skin to skin contact (feeding, sleeping, etc). You can read about the benefits here and and order via Babies R Us. I'm totally sold on the concept but am planning on also trying out some combo of the Moby/Ergo/Beco Gemini. Evidently they are not all mutually exclusive. Great, more crap.

A lot of moms recommended the Amazon Moms thing to me so I have set that up. Otherwise, tried to keep my registry really tightly edited, but it still rang in at 63 items--wha?
Good luck and thanks for starting this convo--super helpful for all your expectant readers.

May 15, 2013

One other thing: for us SF gals, I've heard it's worth getting fitted for nursing bras/camis at Mom's the Word on Sacramento Street. I've been going there fairly regularly since my 2nd trimester and love it. The sales lady said that you don't even have to wait until the baby is here (as if you'd want to venture out for a boob fitting with a newborn); they are experienced and if you come in 3-6 weeks before due date, they can typically get pretty close to spot on in terms of fit. I'm definitely going to do that so that I have at least one bra and nursing cami on me by time of delivery. They have really cute nursing PJ/robe sets too that I'd love to have to take to hospital with me. If your boobs blow up (more than expected) after milk comes in, you can always size up after with an online order...

Susan Davis
May 15, 2013

Need/Loved: A pack and play!!! And a bouncy seat when they are little/baby bathtub

Don't need: tons of clothes or toys

May 15, 2013

Necessary: vibrating chair, arms reach co-sleeper (not all babies like the rock-n-play, mine did not...also didn't like the snuggle nest, crib, pack-n-play...yes, I bought every sleeping contraption ever made), snug-a-monkey swing, BECO Gemini carrier, Gerber pre-folded burp cloths, jammies that zip and have built in mittens, pampers swaddlers, soothies, muslin swaddle blankets (google "double swaddle"), gripe water and medi-paci for gas (lifesaver!)

Nice to have: bottle warmer, sound machine that has white noise, sleep sacks, Best Ever Baby Mat, extra diaper changing pad to keep in the living room,

useless: crib, cute little outfits, pee-pee tee pees, huggies or seventh generation diapers--you're having a boy and the pampers are the way to go, wipe warmers.

May 15, 2013

DUDE. Fisher Price Rock-n-Play. #1 must have. When my daughter outgrows it, I will shed many tears and that is not an exaggeration.

Outside of our RNP, the things I use most often are:

Babies-R-Us brand flannel burp cloths
Nose Frida aspirator

Also - a word on bottles. If you end up doing formula at all/in any measure, don't get Dr. Brown's bottles. They have really narrow necks, and the formula scoop (for powdered formula) is just slightly smaller than the neck of the bottle which means FORMULA EVERYWHERE. So annoying - get Born Free or Avent instead.


May 15, 2013

Nursing Camis black and white 3 of each go with everything. Throw shirt over.
Playtex bottles for when i went back to work oldie and still goodie for my guy
Swing at our house and at sitters
Rocking chair - if you breast feed some babies will want to cluster feed mine wanted that after work so I would rock while he suckled
Huggies gave him yeast infections so I'm glad I didn't stock pile diapers found store brand just as good as pampers
You will cry the day your milk comes in - usually day 3 or 4. They told me weepy big lie I was a crying mess
Little dresses that have the hand covers on them the bottom is open for easy middle of the night diaper changes and they can't scratch themselves
I would change him before middle of night feedings so when his belly was full I just had to lay him down & not subject him to cold air.
My bob stroller.

May 15, 2013

Couldn't have lived without: swaddle blankets. I have a bunch of the largest sized Aden+Anais muslin ones that were given to me as shower gifts, and I have used them literally every single day since my son was born. I swaddled him up in them when he was tiny, and over time they became our cue that it was sleep time. He's almost 15 months old now and I still wrap one loosely around him at nap time. I also drape them over the stroller when he needs shade or privacy to sleep and drape one over both of us if I'm trying to nurse him and he's getting distracted by everything going on around us.
The white noise machine has also been really useful for us. We still turn it on every time he sleeps, and he can take it to college with him someday for all I care. :-) It lets him sleep through all our household noise.

Didn't need: tons of bottles. Breastfeeding ended up working out great for us, so I only needed a couple of bottles for when I would go out and dad or a sitter would be giving him pumped milk. Someone gave me a box of at least a dozen bottles and they are still sitting in my basement, untouched. If you're planning to breastfeed I'd buy just a couple of bottles to start out. You can always buy more if nursing doesn't work for you guys.
Oh, and I never had one of those vibrating infant seats, something that everyone seems to have but that I never missed at all.

May 15, 2013

I had been reading Sweet Juniper and Amalah for a couple of years before my husband and I had our first and both of them had written things that stuck with me when it came time to register. The first was Jim's Sacagawea theory of parenting (all she had was a sling and she walked all over the damn place) and then Amy's Zero to Forty registry list (which I think comes in around Week 26).

It did help that we didn't know baby's sex (so I was less tempted to register for fun things/things I might not need) and really stick to the basics.

One thing that I read over and over was to not buy a swing or bouncer because some babies prefer one over the other/like neither/etc. With our first we borrowed a swing just to see (she hated it) but she loved to be bounced on the exercise ball. SO glad we didn't waste money on a swing. son liked bouncning but also loved the damn swing. I found a really nice one (that got great Amazon reviews) on Craig's list. The good thing about items like this is that they are usually found used in great condition b/c people don't use them often (see also: jogging stroller) and for a lot less than retail.

My "can't live without" item Aidan and Anais swaddling blankets. Love them - they are great for swaddling and once my kids were weaned from that, they are now their comfort item. Also - snap sheets. I hate making a crib up so it's nice to layer a crib sheet, water proof pad, crib sheet, water proof pad, crib sheet, snap sheet. This way, if baby pukes, leaks, all you have to do is rip off a layer and you're done.

My "don't really need it" - I used everything that we were given/purchased (but I was also really only registered for the necessities - seriously - Amy's list is great). I will say though - save your money on the fancy baby furniture. Changing tables, etc. are ridiculous in my opinion. While baby isn't wiggly, we always put the water proof pad we took from the hospital on top of the dresser and changed the kids there. And, since they lived in our bedroom for the first 6 mos of their lives, the middle of the night station was on the bathroom counter - waterproof pad, old towel, BAM. Changing table.

May 16, 2013

Sorry, I am not qualified to offer advice on this topic, so I'll just ask a question instead. Where's our damn "WEEK 28" photo? 8-)

May 16, 2013

I can't believe I'm adding a comment when you already have so many great ones, but this is my favorite subject (baby gear!!) so I can't resist.

For saving space I highly recommend getting a bouncy/vibrating seat for baby and forgo a swing. It takes up way less space and you can always get a swing later if he doesn't like the bouncy.

I also recommend reading a couple baby books now because you will not have time or energy to read them after the baby arrives. If you want to be a "schedule mama", I highly recommend The Contented Baby by Gina Ford. I found her book so helpful but will caution you to use the schedules as a guide-only, not something to get totally worked up about. I don't think we ever had a day where the baby complied completely to the schedule, but it made me feel more confident as a mother to know what I was aiming for (rather than just winging it, like usual). If your personality is one that you will feel like a failure if the baby doesn't immediately comply perfectly to the schedule, this may not be the book for you.

Second book recommendation is The Baby Whisperer. It's a similar parenting approach to The Contented Baby, but less stringent on the schedule. There is a guide that outlines the different types of cries and what they mean (hungry, tired, gassy, etc.) and I referenced it a TON with both my babies. I recommend this book for the crying guide alone.

Last but not least, breastfeeding items! A good breast pump (Medela Pump in Style). Check to see if your company or Sean's have any benefits that will offer you a discounted pump. Lily pads were awesome and gel soothies were a life saver in the first weeks when I was so tender(put them in the fridge and you will thank me later). I also loved the "My breast friend" pillow way better than the boppy. And my number one piece of advise for future breastfeeding moms is to put aside a little fund (like $200) to have a lactation consultant come out to your home to help you if you are having trouble. The first few weeks can be bumpy and having someone come and help you out in your own home, while you sit in your own chair, etc. was a HUGE help for me. My rationale is that if you don't end up needing the help you've got $200 to spend on yourself or the baby!

So excited for your new arrival.


May 16, 2013

I hate to add another signal to the noise, but here's what we loved/couldn't have done without. 1) A boppy newborn lounger. Different from the horseshoe-shaped pillow, this is a bigger pillow with an indentation that the baby can lay in while you do other things. Our baby hung out in that thing most of the day and loved it. 2) Ergo carrier with infant insert. Babywearing was so essential for us. 3) White noise machine. This one was a gift, and at the time we were sort of "eh?" about it, but it was terrific. Other things were helpful, but probably not 100% necessary (we actually had a wipe warmer, but we use cloth wipes and it was just so much easier to have a ready-made stash come changing time). OH! and 4) A changing table. We tried to do without, at first, and just changed him on our bed, to the detriment of our backs. A changing table was a lifesaver!

May 16, 2013

Something I just realized that was WAY more important than the things I listed: a lactation consultant. As much as breastfeeding is touted as being "natural," it doesn't often come naturally, if that makes sense. When my milk took forever to come in, we called a lactation consultant who gave me instructions *over the phone* that made my milk come in that afternoon, and then she came to our house for a consultation that night to help us with latch issues and so forth. Without her, I don't know what we would have done. Because of her, I have a wonderful nursing relationship with my son.

May 16, 2013

Two things I always try to mention to new mamas for health/safety reasons (but I try not to be preach-y!):

1. Please research baby carriers. I see a lot of people mention Bjorn, but front facing carriers are not best for baby or you. It doesn't support their legs and thighs properly, and pulls you forward. Lots of research out there, but Boba's website has a great summary. There are carriers where front facing is possible without so much strain (like the Gemini mentioned above), but baby facing you is always preferable.

2. Also, please take some time to reseach cloth diapers! Not only are they 500% cuter than disposables and save you thousands of dollars over the course of baby's diaper-wearing days, but they are so, so much safer. No dioxin (listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all cancer-linked chemicals and banned in most countries) and no sodium polyacralate (the chemical responsible for toxic shock syndrome). If you have a cloth diaper haven in your area (which I would hope SF would have!)I would encourage you to take a look! It's really hard to do the appropriate research online.

With that said, I think most everything is preference (yours AND baby's!). There are always so many opinions on this sort of stuff! Wishing you a happy and healthy delivery!

May 16, 2013

If you are planning on circumcising the baby, you will need some vaseline and gauze for care at home (only for a few days). My advice would be to buy vaseline that comes in tubes, so you can squeeze it directly onto gauze pad. Much less messy, the last thing you'd want to do at 2 am is wash your hands for 10 minutes to wash away the vaseline.

May 16, 2013

Cold meds for everyone in the house.

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous. But here's the deal - someone is going to get sick in those first few months. If it's the baby, you'll be FREAKING out because they have a fever and you have nothing for them. If it's you or Sean, you'll be horrified at the thought of having to either wait for meds or take the baby out to get them.

So stock the med cabinet. While you're at it, get baby orajel and things like the snot sucker and baby nail clippers.

As far as the wipe warmer - no one needs it. If your kid likes warm wipes you can warm them in the palm of your hands (or, lets be honest here, I've been known to stuff them in between my boobs to warm them quickly. I'm not proud)and it's a lot quicker and easier. Wipe warmers are a hassle.

Our rule of thumb was pretty much anything our grandmothers wouldn't recognize for the baby was unneeded. You'll accumulate so much after the baby comes. Don't worry too much before he's here.

Beth R.S.
May 16, 2013

Not a mom, but this post made a big impression on me recently. To boil it down: you barely need a thing.

May 16, 2013

Ok one more addition--a friend of mine told me about these (or maybe Lucie's List) and they seem GENIUS!

From what I understand, crib mattresses are meant to fit SUPER snugly in the crib and fitted sheets are meant to fit SUPER snugly on the mattress for safety purposes. So changing a fitted sheet at 3am after a diaper blow out sounds like a nightmare. Zipping off? Sounds like a lifesaver. I have abandoned all my cute bedding plans (I know the bumper thing is a controversy but why risk it is my view) and am just doing a bunch of these white zip sheets. Other parts of the nursery will be cute, I figure. You know, like the baby.

May 16, 2013

We live in a 500 square foot house, and have a 2 yr old and a 10 day old newborn.... I am hard core about not bringing anything extra into our house! For the newborn, our essentials have been tons of prefolds for spit up, a bottle sterilizer that we can also use to store the bottles (we use tommy tippee), and our rock and play which she basically lives in. One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet-- we use a pack and play, and I put a waterproof mat and a fitted sheet over the pad. We go through crib and pack and play sheets like mad, especially early on when we are still figuring out what works for night diapers. Get a few extra sheets so you always have some clean ones on hand-- 4 works well for me.

May 16, 2013

That Nose Frida is no joke. Get some saline drops to go with it (you spray them up the nose and then suck all the snot out. Parenthood is glamorous).

Definitely Miracle Blankets. I also love Aden & Anais swaddling blankets, but not for swaddling per se--Eden busted out of those pretty quickly, but they're great for keeping baby warm when we're out and about, nursing covers if you want one, something to lay on the ground when you're outside, etc. etc. Plus they're pretty.

Diapers, obviously. We do cloth, but Pampers Swaddlers are good for those early days (there's a blue line when they pee). Wipes. Diaper cream. Some sort of carrier (we have a Moby and Ergo and love both). Lots of onesies. And a video monitor. It might seem ridiculous, especially if you're in a small house, but it will save you from going into the room too quickly--sometimes they're just shifting around, and if you run in too quickly they'll wake up. If you're breastfeeding, get some nursing tanks from Target, a nursing pillow (My Breast Friend is great even though it's not as cute as a Boppy), and lanolin.

Wait on diapers, pacifiers, anything feeding related (bottles, bibs, Beaba, etc.). Also the breast pump. Hopefully breastfeeding will work out for you, but if not you don't want to waste $300 on it. But if it does, you can use your completion discount at BBB and save 10%! And nursing bras--you won't know what size you need right away. People will buy you plenty of clothes and toys.

No to bottle warmer, wipes warmer, and buying a jumperoo, Bumbo, swing/bouncer etc. firsthand. See if he likes them first then borrow or get off Craigslist.

Good luck!

May 16, 2013

need: baby sleep book (whatever your preferred variety, there's a billion out there. my personal favorite (bible, honestly) is healthy sleep habits, happy child. i could talk for days about how much i love it and how it's helped me and how much of a difference i see when my kids are on a schedule and getting enough sleep (as opposed to not...))

need: (if you're nursing) good breast pads. i could go into the story of how i leaked while visiting my office for the first time after, but i'll just skip to the part where i say lansinoh breast pads are the only way to go. the end. (also, some lanolin if you're nursing).

need: gas drops. i've liked the little tummies brand (always pick dye free, trust me)

want: good swaddle blankets, gowns are great for midnight changings (girl or boy!)

don't need: wipe warmer :)

May 16, 2013

Two things that escaped my attention but were SO important: 1. Thick curtains to block out the sunlight when baby sleeps. Darkness is needed to release serotonin - the feel good hormone.
2. Tylenol for babies to keep that fever under control. When he gets a high temperature it's important to have that in the house.

The things that were useless: bumbo, plastic drop cloth under sheets to capture pee - that thing shifted ALL the time and never caught it.

May 16, 2013

Three things that escaped my attention but were SO important: 1. Thick curtains to block out the sunlight when baby sleeps. Darkness is needed to release serotonin - the feel good hormone.
2. Tylenol for babies to keep that fever under control. When he gets a high temperature it's important to have that in the house.
3. Humidifier to help clear out the nasal passages when your babe is sick.

May 16, 2013

Sleepy wrap (just like a moby wrap) for the first few months
I have two little boys and they like the Bjorn not the ergo b/c they want to face out and feel like they are "walking".
Ipod w/ white noise
swaddles (swaddle me or miracle blanket)
My breast friend pillow ( if you are breastfeeding, terrible name but a LIFESAVER for the early days of breastfeeding!)
cloth diapers to use as burp cloths
washcloths for washing and for protecting you from getting peed on at diaper changes

Ps Boys are so much fun!!

May 16, 2013

Forget the baby bathtub. The kitchen sink is your best friend!
I found it helpful to invest in a good breastfeeding pillow/support for my first baby. Yes, you can make-do without it but it really does help - especially with the first one.

May 16, 2013

I've got an almost 7 week old, and I'm finding what I can't live without changes from week to week. She initially took well to swaddling (we used the A&A blankets), but has suddenly decided swaddling isn't her cup of tea (quite vehemently). For awhile the snugabunny swing would lull her to sleep, now it can be hit or miss. I'm finding the moby or Boba baby carrier helpful to get her to sleep, and laying on top of me to keep her asleep.

If you're going to breastfeed, bottle feed a few times a week a few weeks before you go back to work to make sure the baby will take a bottle - ours was fine for a bit and then we hit a rough patch.

I have both the Boppy and Brest Friend, and prefer the Boppy - the BF is a pain to get on in the middle of the night when the little one just wants to eat NOW. Nursing bras that aren't fiddly are great too - nothing like trying to frantically unclip yourself in the middle of the night!

Things we haven't really used: We have a wipe warmer that never gets used, and when you're out and about you won't be able to warm the wipes unless you get a portable one. We have an Angelcare monitor which I just finally took out of the box, and may be taking back because it seems to just transmit static.

May 16, 2013

I loved the Rock n' Play sleeper, it was the only thing that my son would sleep in for a long, long time. That said, the back is a little hard for your baby's soft head (you may have noticed that many Amazon reviewers pointed this out)... so I combined it with the Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support. This cushion has a lot more support than the one that comes with the sleeper.

May 16, 2013

Holy suggestion overload! :)
Definitely have plenty of the basics, but I agree to wait and see with the rest (easier said than done though!). My Boppy pillow had every day use while both my girls are babies and we went thru lots of light blankets, both receiving blankets (for both of my spit up queens) and Aden & Anais ones for swaddling, to lay on the floor, car seat covers, etc. And if you decide to get a swing sometime down the line, buy one that plugs in!! I made that mistake with our first baby, who loved the swing so much that we used it until it died. That's a lot of C batteries, believe me. :)
Good luck!!

May 17, 2013

When it comes to swings, bouncy chairs, bumbos and play mats EVERY child is different. My daughter HATED the play mat and loved her bouncy chair. For this child I bought the bouncy chair second hand and I'm forgetting about the play mat. If she hates the bouncy at least I didn't pay full price! lol

Never used: Scratch mitts, pack and play (the baby slept in the pushchair or carseat at people's houses) but maybe see how things go and decide on that later or borrow one.
Crib mobile, totally useless. Pacifier/ soother clips... never worked. High chair... a travel booster was SO much easier.

Iffy: People mentioned the changing table. I agree, a with a top a kitchen counter height with a mat on it works perfectly, although you CAN get changing tables withe "changer" part that is removable ie converting to a dresser.

Must have: A nursing cover up if breastfeeding. They didn't have those when my first was born and she was forever exposing me in public when I used a shawl. Got one for this go 'round!

May 17, 2013

This style onesie was a lifesaver for my big ole headed boy. Mine came from JC Penney, but years ago.

May 17, 2013

I can't live without the ExerSaucer, big and loud and plastic and junky as it is. I'm already sad to see it go. I also wouldn't function well without some kind of baby carrier; I like a cheap homemade Moby until 5 months and then the Ergo until they get too heavy to carry, which is somewhere around 2.5 years old. It's a must for air travel, grocery shopping, and housework.

We didn't end up with a bunch of stuff we didn't need (and things that didn't work for W mysteriously became necessities for F), so I'd say just ask yourself if your mother or grandmother had X or Y, and that will usually help weed out the crap.

May 17, 2013

Baby gowns - perfect for easy diaper changes in those first weeks!

May 17, 2013

My son is now 3 years old, and I still regret going out & buying a swing while I was still pregnant. He hated it. It was only used when I put him in there to sneak in a 5 minute shower...that is all I got because after those minutes were up, he would scream his little head off like it was a torture device.

And I have to give some more defence to the poor, endlessly bagged-on wipe warmer. My husband likes a cold house, and that makes for cold wipes. I didn't even want to handle them. I actually wish I had put this on my registry.

The absolute must-have for me was a QUALITY breast pump. I registered & received a mid-level one...and it was horrible, uncooperative, noisy, & took forever. I was at Babies R Us the first chance I got to get the top-of-the-line model. Best investment I ever made. EVER.

May 18, 2013

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May 18, 2013

We didn't have a white noise machine (per se). We had an oscillating desktop fan in her room instead. Set on low, it kept the air circulating, made a little noise and she would sleep. On the few days she was sniffly, we skipped the fan and ran a humidifier for noise/help.

something we didn't need? the wipe warmer. she didn't care if the wipes were warm or cold. So long as you cleaned her up quickly, she was happy.

May 19, 2013

I also desperately wanted answers of what to get or not get, but really - it depends on the baby. And no one knows your baby yet, so there are no answers.

HOWEVER - the thing I wish I had known, the thing I was absolutely floored by, is that you need transitional clothing. While I know I wouldn't be back in pre pregnancy clothes right away, I somehow never thought to figure something else out. What I did (and I imagine most people) is I just kept wearing maternity clothes, but it felt wrong and like cheating. As much as I grew to love the elastic waistband, I really missed zippers and buttons, and ended up buying some cheap jeans in size I only wore for about a month, but I just wanted something to wear that felt like "real" clothes.

Also, if you are nursing, you need nursing bras, which I did plan ahead on, but you also need some kind of top that allows for access to that nursing bra, which I did not really think about. It was summer when I had my baby, so I just wore a nursing tank top, but I wish I'd spent some of my obsessive googling and shopping energy while I was still pregnant finding cute nursing tops that allow for various shapes and sizes of your ever changing postpartum body.

May 19, 2013

I'm so late to this. So, what everyone else said plus a couple packages of cloth diapers. They're great for burping, putting under naked baby butts, wiping stuff off of baby and mom and, in a pinch, they can actually be used as diapers. Sounds crazy, I know. A billion years later I still have a few in the linen closet and use them to dust, polish, etc....

Twice Five Miles
May 20, 2013

A video baby monitor. Worth every single penny we paid for it, and then over again. It was invaluable when we were brand-new parents and didn't know what different baby sounds meant; it kept us from rushing in to check on the baby every time he sighed or cooed.

We used it for 4 1/2 years on our first - long after he was in a big-boy bed - and now use it for our new baby. Can't recommend it enough!

Ours is no longer made but here's what appears to be the next generation:

May 22, 2013

Oxo makes a wipe dispenser. I know this sounds about as important as the wipe warmer, but I got SO frustrated with the plastic boxes that came with the wipes and didn't release them ONE AT A TIME but rather in a big string...and wipes are the last thing I wanted to be messing with when I had bigger "messes" to contend with. So, yeah. Get yourself one of those.

But really - a breast pump. Bare none, that is the one single thing I could not have lived without. And still can't (I'm pumping as I type, for my 4 mo. old boy to eat). Get the good one and name it (mine is Nelson, as in Nelson Mandela...get it? HA!) because you'll be spending a lot of quality time together as you prepare to go back and then actually do go back to work. But it can be useful, even necessary in those first few weeks. I didn't get mine until week 4 and wished I'd had it sooner.

Didn't need: So many blankets. So many swaddles. The Bjorn or any of the slings (there are better carriers). Baby shoes. Maybe the swing.

May 22, 2013

We absolutely loved the Baby Bjorn bouncy seat. Our daughter used it until she was 3, as it turned into a great seat when pondering board books. Bonus: no plastic or batteries; packs easily; great to pass on to other new parents.
As far as other things -- I wish I hadn't thought I needed so much! Buy nicer items that will last longer, or for more stages. Always keep extras in the car, that way you can quiet the paranoid "what if I need 6 extra outfits" voice without carting it around on your shoulder.
On the other end of the spectrum, I had some ideas about what kind of (and how many) toys I would purchase for my daughter. And I...broke some of those rules. I am okay with it, and wish I hadn't been so strict with my expectations!
You'll do great!

May 24, 2013

Swaddlers, boppy and the Baby Log iphone app (great for tracking feeding, sleeping and pooping)!

Home Sweet Sarah
May 25, 2013

The Rock & Play would be my couldn't have lived without item. As for stuff I was "meh" on? Everyone talked up the Aiden + Anais blankets and MEH. We received some as a gift (didn't register for them, though) and I was underwhelmed.

May 26, 2013

We loved the Baby Bjorn baby sitter. I was a little hesitant with the price but had heard good things, so when I saw it on special on Gilt, we made the purchase. And our little one has loved it. It folds flat for portability, which is really nice!

We also loved the Miracle Blanket when our little one (who is now 8 months) was younger—seemed to work a lot better, as Owen kept breaking free of regular swaddle blankets.

Alicia C.
May 30, 2013

I have a 5 month old and initally the moby wrap was a blessing. He wouldnt sleep but in someone's arms and that allowed me to still feel productive. I'd strap him in and do work at the computer, cook, do laundry, etc. he'd just sleep away. The rock n play was instrumental to having him sleep somewhere other than against a human. now that he's teething and drooling and spitting up, bibs are great! We go through 3-4 bibs a day but only one outfit. If he didnt have the bib on, I feel like i'd be changing his outfit all the time! But seriously, you will have stuff that people swore was critical and you never touch it. then there are things you bought one of because you were like "meh" and then you will send Sean out for 10 more because it is the best! thing! ever!

Jenn Amano
Jun 01, 2013

I would say miracle blanket and bouncy seat.

(really the bouncy seat just served as a safe place to put her down, in which case the rock and play you mentioned might also work)

Also, I really think I have gotten my money's worth out of my Ergo baby carrier. My daughter is now 15 months and we still use it. It's great for hikes/walks and we use it a lot on dates when we're in the city. (they have an infant insert you can buy, but I wouldn't pay to buy that again-I ended up buying a Moby wrap for when she was tiny.)

Savvy in San Francisco
Jun 04, 2013

Wow! My list could go on an on forever! But for the first couple of months this was a lifesaver for me! You can barely remember your own name, let alone when you last fed the baby, changed their diaper and put them down to sleep. The ItzBeen Timer-

Jun 21, 2013

We live in a yurt, so we don't have much space but we have done pretty well so far with just a few things for our almost 7 month old.
I felt the same way you are feeling before our daughter was born (our first baby - I didn't want to get too much junk, but I wanted to be well prepared). Your friend's advice of needing "a bed and boobs" is pretty spot on. Nonetheless, there were a few things I'm glad we had in addition to a bed and boobs.

Things I am very glad we had:
1) an old ice cream container to catch baby's pee and other unmentionables (made for way less dirty diapers)
2) cloth diapers +pins (the old cotton kind of diaper that you fold)
3) warm wool blanket (doubled as a snowsuit when we went for walks)
4) fleece sleepers (our baby was born at the beginning of winter, so she lived in sleepers for her first few months - they were warm and easy to remove for diapering)
5) baby wrap

Things we have/could have easily lived without:
1) different outfits for the first 3 months (honestly, we would have been fine with 4-5 sleepers and that's it)
2) noise machine
3) wipe warmer
4) swing, baby bouncy chair, etc. (a blanket on the floor was her favourite spot to be anyways)
5) toys (she prefers pieces of paper, shoes, and blankets to toys... plus, they don't take up extra space)

p.s. I just found your blog - it's great! I'm looking forward to reading more.

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Aug 06, 2013


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