This Is How You Dance

Last week, my friend Anna emailed me to tell me that her parents were cleaning out their house in Hong Kong and had sent her two large boxes of her stuff to sort out. Because I have known Anna since 1987—which is the longest I have known any of my friends and, actually, anyone who is not technically a family member—I was fairly sure I knew where she was going with this, and I was right. 

"Pretty much everything in those boxes," she said, "is a letter from you." 

(If you would like a laugh right now, please refer to this hilarious picture of Anna sitting on my lap in front of a Christmas tree, when we are both—I am approximating—eight or nine years old. Marvel at the abundance of stonewashed denim in that picture! It takes up, like, forty percent of the frame. Impressive, no? Also, what are we doing?

Apparently Anna had been laughing all afternoon while going through those boxes, and so took a few photos of the things she'd found because she wanted to share her joy with me. And I, in turn, want to share my joy with you. Like, for example, this very serious illustration of some new dance moves I'd just been taught by my friend Debbie. Whether Debbie herself was also being serious in teaching me these dance moves—or is in fact still laughing uproariously about the time she convinced me to actually do this with my body in public—will never be known,* but I thought they were worth sharing anyway in case you're thinking of hitting the club this weekend and clearing the dancefloor with your sweet new grooves. 

*(I mean, yeah, I guess I could ask her on Facebook or something.) 

Be honest, did you try any of those just now? You did, didn't you? I know I made a few attempts at  "The Click" myself, but apparently I'm just not as limber as I was aged sixteen because I couldn't quite get the hang of how to "click your pelvis round three times," exhilarating though it sounded. I did appreciate my helpful little illustration of the stick figure's "pelvis going out of joint," though, as well as the bizarre instruction to "put an expression on your face like you are in severe pain (this will be relatively easy.)"

And how about "The Flex"? Anyone manage to nail an expression that shows you're "concentrating very hard and, at the same time, try[ing] to look cool"? Man, being sixteen is exhausting. 

As though a cheat sheet for 1996's hottest dance moves wasn't enough excitement, Anna also a enclosed a picture of what is probably my first known—and, let us all hope, only—drawing of Sean, whom we'd met together earlier that summer. 

I had drawn this for her, apparently, "so you don't forget"—excuse me, "SO YOU DON'T FORGET"—and I am actually pretty impressed with the level of detail I managed to capture. "Nice hair complete with sideburns," for example? "Sexy eyes"? "Pumas"? Those were some keen powers of observation happening during the three seconds I actually spent with him, and I am certainly very grateful that I remembered to include the all-important "knee brace" in my creepily accurate depiction. (It wasn't some weird 90s trend; he'd just had knee surgery after a snowboarding accident. Which is more than I can say for "pager.") 

My favorite thing, however, was the one-page fax Anna had saved from me, which was obviously sent sometime around the dawn of email. Once we realized letter-writing was too slow a medium to communicate our important teenage thoughts to each other, you see, but before anyone really had their own email account, Anna and I used to stay in touch during the summer vacation by sending faxes between Connecticut and Hong Kong. The risk that some other member of our family might see our most personal and intricate thoughts—and, what, try and imitate our dance moves?—was a concern, sure, but the speed with which we could consult on important matters like how to impress boys with knee braces and pagers was worth the potential embarrassment. Plus, we both just made sure to plant ourselves in front of our respective fax machines when we knew a missive might be coming in and scream "DON'T PICK UP! IT'S A FAX!" as soon as the phone started ringing. 

At my wedding three and a half years ago, Anna—who was my maid of honor—gave a hilarious speech in which she recalled the golden summers of faxing, in particular the way she would stuff the seven-foot reams of paper I'd sent her into her bag and pull them out to read on the bus. (This was back when faxes just came on one long continuous shiny sheet of paper, not divided into several neat and tidy pieces like they did later.) The one she found the other day, however—and had kept, presumably, because it heralded such an exciting turn of events in the world—was the one where I'd decided to branch out into this new-fangled thing called "email" and had faxed her the following request:


What is your email address (or screen name or whatever)? I want to try emailing you!  

Fax back as soon as you can!  

Love, Holly

Don't you just love the urgency? The general fuzziness around how one might actually communicate via the computer? The request that she fax back to let me know she got my fax so that I could then attempt to email her? Oh sweet, precious, innocent 1990s. What a lot of paper we must have all wasted back then. 

Apr 19, 2013

This is spectacular. I moved all over the US as a kid but my long distance friends and I never thought of faxing each other! We went straight from letter writing to instant messaging. Thank goodness for AOL. Shellstation4112 needed to keep in contact with her besties around the country

Anna Louisa
Apr 19, 2013

Step-by-step dance move instructions? My day is made. (Also glad that my desk faces a wall so no one can see me imitating those faces!)

Apr 19, 2013

Oh my GOD! Thank you for the laugh to start my weekend. We also had a fax machine and my best friend and I would fax one another silly notes. My parents also paid to have a toll-free 800 number so we could give that out to friends that otherwise would need to pay long distance charges. I told this to my 21 year old sister the other day and she looked at me like I was an alien. Sometimes I miss the 90's. Everything was so innocent and simple then.

Stephanie S
Apr 19, 2013

That was awesome! So needed that laugh today...

Apr 19, 2013

This filled me with SO much nostalgia. My parents both used to travel to Asia quite a bit when I was growing up and we used to fax back and forth a lot (I, too, remember the shiny rolls of paper!!). A lot of fond memories. :) Also, did you find that you could read the faxes on the shiny paper still? Several years ago I came across some really old faxes and found that the writing had faded badly on that type of paper.

Apr 19, 2013

This was a much-needed laugh today. Thank you so much for sharing!

Abslutely fabulous. I think my favourite though has to be the pager on your drawing of Sean. I always giggle just a bit when I watch older movies where the characters have pagers...of the nostalgia!

oh my god, yes! those shiny continuous fax papers! hah. I sadly had to wait till email was available in full force as my pals in the States didn't jump on the fax train like my pals in HKG did. What wonderful memories!

Camels & Chocolate
Apr 20, 2013

Of all your posts, I love the 90s nostalgia ones the best! And I loved getting to meet Anna in the flesh at your wedding, putting a face to all the stories.

Apr 20, 2013

My best friend and I used to write secret notes, and then drop them down behind a stairwell in the basement of her house. I always wonder if whoever lives there now ever found them. Excellent diagram construction, by the way! Hysterical over the Sean drawing - it's SO what I used to do, as well! I love it even more because you guys actually fell in love, got married, and made a Hamish.

Apr 20, 2013

HAHAHA knee brace and pager, the defining features of any man

Apr 21, 2013

Love how far both of the relationships have made it. Wondering now where I've put all those pen pal letters from my youth -- and growing somewhat nostalgic for the paper and pen.

Apr 21, 2013

Oh, would that you'd had that drawing of SEAN in time for your wedding. Think of what you could have done with the invitations.

Apr 21, 2013

Oh, would that you'd had that drawing of SEAN in time for your wedding. Think of what you could have done with the invitations.

Apr 23, 2013

I love this so much! Considering I just found a box of letters from my BFF that were written 15 years ago. I was laughing so hard at the "dilemmas" we faced, the drama, the heart break, the BOYS!
Those are precious letters I'll never give up!

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