Five Things I Like Right Now

I feel like we've got to the point where a person can't write a post about the things she likes without someone wondering if it's a sponsored product review, so I just want to say before I begin that this is not sponsored, or a product review, or a sponsored product review. I'm not trying to sell you anything here, I just miss the days when you could read about something you liked on a blog and think "ooh, I think I'd like that thing too!" and maybe go out and buy it, and neither party would feel a little weird about it. Also, I'm sorry, but as a lady, I just have this innate sense of duty to report back on any successful blush purchase I make. Blush is such a bitch of a thing to get right. 

1. Sonya Kashuk Super Sheer Liquid Tint
Okay, this is the blush in question, and it is fabulous. I have it in Peony, and it is my favorite blush I have ever owned. It makes you look dewy and glowy and like you have just come in from the cold, and a little bit goes a really long way and lasts for ages. It's sheer and pretty and really easy to apply, and I cannot recommend it enough if your own personal blush aesthetic is along the lines of the "English rose/ooh, someone just said something to embarrass me and now my cheeks have pinkened shyly but attractively"  school of thought. You know, not to put too fine a point on it or anything. 

2. Chobani 16oz Blended Greek Yogurts
I have been doing something of a yogurt audit for the last decade or so, and this one is now my new favorite. Be careful, though; you have to buy the blended yogurt, and not the "fruit on the bottom one," which is only about 65% as good. The blended one is rich and creamy and amazing, and the best flavor is black cherry, followed closely by vanilla. If you live somewhere with a Safeway, I find they are often on sale here. 

3. Orla Kiely Method All Purpose Cleaner in Tomato Vine
Listen, no-one thought it was weirder than me that a cleaning product would be marketed as having a tomato scent. I mean, what's next: braised leeks? Mashed potato? I am willing to admit, however, that I was wrong; this cleaner, weird though it is, smells exactly like summer, like someone bottled up the essence of long sunny evenings and sunburnt shoulders and meals eaten al fresco, and put it into a bottle with a pretty label. I find myself spilling things just so I can use this to wipe them up. 

4. Fever Tree Ginger Beer
Ginger beer is my favorite drink, and I'm not even talking about when you put rum in it to make a Dark n'Stormy; I just like it all by itself. I've found it hard to come across in the US, though, particularly the really gingery, spicy kind (Schweppes was always my favorite outside of it, but they don't seem to carry it here.) Up until I tried Fever Tree Ginger Beer on my birthday a few months ago—hey, the knocked up have to get their kicks where they can—I'd been a devotee of Bundaberg, and while I am still a devotee of Bundaberg (which I find at World Market, if you have one, and sometimes at Costco), I have to say that Fever Tree is way gingerier and way spicier and way more like "real" ginger beer is supposed to taste. Wow, I guess feel a lot more passionately about ginger beer than I realized I did when I first started writing this paragraph about it.

5. Gap Maternity Essential V-Neck Knit Dress
Okay, this one is for my fellow pregnant ladies, who I would like to suggest go out and buy this dress at once. Wait, maybe not at once: wait for the Gap to send you a coupon first, which—for me, at least—they seem to do every few days (ooh, there's actually a 30% off code on the site right now.) This dress, which I bought in black a few weeks ago, is like a giant t-shirt—soft, comfy, cozy—but also bizarrely flattering, especially on one's expanding girth. I wore it three times during my trip to London last week—for three entirely separate occasions; it's one of those "Can be dressed up! Can be dressed down!" type of jobbies—and I plan to wear it three hundred more times during my pregnancy, or for as long as it will fit me, whichever comes first. If you are buying it online, know that it runs pretty much true to size. Also know that if we are likely to be seeing each other anytime in the near future, chances are I will be wearing this. If you're wearing it too, let's not make it awkward. 

I'm a big Orla Kiely fan but had no idea she made cleaning products and as my favourite smell is tomatoes with basil (summer lunches) this is the one for me!
Really enjoy your style of writing. Good luck with baby.

Apr 04, 2013

Oh, I love ginger beer - proper, spicy ginger beer (ginger ale, quite simply, is an affront). The Fevertree is very good, I agree, but my favourite is plain old Old Jamaica. And also Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer, but that had probably better wait until the baby is on the outside!

And, next time you happen to be in the UK, I feel I should also tell you that Waitrose are now making ginger beer ice lollies. Oh yes.

Apr 04, 2013

I agree -- it's a shame one can't post a list of fave items without having to include a disclaimer about it not being sponsored, but alas, this is the blogging world we live in. I still remember when you recommended Cover Girl Lipslicks in Daring (not sponsored, though Id be curious to know if CG ever saw a bump in sale!). I sought it out then, and I still use it now. I'm excited to check out the Sonia Kushuik blush, as I've been in the market for something that will make me look dewy and fresh, especially after I have this baby and have no time for primping. And if I wasn't already 37 weeks pregnant, I'd probably rush out and buy that dress, too.

Apr 04, 2013

I need you to explain to me how to apply liquid blush in a way that doesn't end up making you look like a clown. (You specifically said it's easy to apply, but maybe some of us are so makeup-challenged that we're not sure how that works. I'm just thinking of everyone else, of course.)

Apr 04, 2013

I went out and bought the Shell We Dance nail polish after reading about it here and was super-excited to have read a blog post about a product I really like and didn't feel weird about it at all : ) May I suggest that you search all corners of where you live for the yogurt made by Noosa. There is a chance it isn't sold out of the Rocky Mountain states, but if it is... you've been warned. I'm not even kidding when I say it's better than ice cream. !!

Apr 04, 2013

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chobani yogurt - just had the blueberry this morning!

Apr 04, 2013

Mir, I don't know if I'm Doing It Right, but basically I just take a tiny dot from the tube (like, TINY: the size of....a grain of couscous?) and put it where I approximate my cheekbone to be. Then just rub it in until I don't look clownish, I guess. I think they key is really only to use the smallest amount, since it's so pigmented, but this particular blush is really sheer so you can actually fudge it a little and still not be scary.

Apr 04, 2013

How often should one replace their blush? I bought my current pack (NARS Orgasm) for a friend's wedding and I just realized that they are coming up on 3 years in June. Yikes. I guess this means I rarely wear makeup!

As for yogurt, I have been having a love affair with Fage 2% plain greek yogurt for a few years. So delicious and creamy and tart. I mix in just a tiny bit of my favorite jam, throw some berries on top - it's like dessert.

Apr 04, 2013

Elizabeth, I live in Cleveland and we have Noosa Yogurt. They sell it at the Target in the nicer part of town. It is pretty amazing, although oddly packaged. I agree chobani fruit on the bottom is hit and miss. Have you tried the blood orange flavor though? I've found that to be reliably delicious. Fage is probably the greatest greek yogurt out there, though. Dont even come at me with that oikos stuff.

...And now everyone knows I've done an embarrassingly extensive amount of market research on yogurt.

Apr 04, 2013

I second the tomato vine scent from method! I just bought it in the hand soap and it smells so fresh!

Ceci Bean
Apr 04, 2013

Yes to tomato vine scent! Real tomato vines are really my favorite garden smell. Even my husband who doesn't love tomatoes to eat, will sit in front of the plant and sniff it. I must find this product, stat!

Apr 04, 2013

I'm wearing my covergirl lipstick in daring thanks to you. So I'm very glad you are still willing to share things you like. But Chobani doesn't cut it for me, I would recommend Liberte yogurt, the whole milk kind. It has become my go to easy to find favorite. But if you are ever in the northeast and stumble across a little brand called "Seven Stars", you have to try their maple flavor. It is what I want to eat for eternity.

Apr 04, 2013

Elizabeth - omg Noosa. Target has started carrying it in the bay area and I feel like all I do now is tell people to go eat it. So, so yummy.

Poppy K
Apr 04, 2013

I've found that Fever Tree products can be found on Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime they will cheerfully deliver them to your home for free. I love the bitter lemon flavor.

Thespian Libby
Apr 04, 2013

I love Barritts's Ginger Beer, which was never easy to find, but now the hateful Gosling's Rum people have created their own gb and have closed the southeastern market to the dear people at Barritt's. Several years ago I wrote an email to Barritt's in Bermuda, whining about my inability to find their delicious concoction. The head of the company sent me the most delightful email in which he listed several sources. That rant over - I have followed your recommendations on any number of items. I don't leave the house without "Daring".

Apr 04, 2013

If you like ginger beer, you should definitely try Vernors! It's a lot like ginger beer. It actually has a bit of a cult following because it's somewhat hard to find outside of the Midwest (it's made in Detroit).

I grew up in Michigan but have lived in New Jersey for a decade, so when I noticed that a local grocery store had started stocking it, I'm pretty sure I did a little happy dance in the soda aisle!

You can buy it online, but oh my goodness is it expensive!

Kelly P
Apr 04, 2013

I second the suggestion to try Vernor's, being from Detoit and all. I live in Arizona now and can't get it, but whenever I go home I drink it until I make myself sick. In a good way. Try it - it's delish!

Thanks for sharing your faves - I love reading them!

Apr 04, 2013

YES! I didn't know Method made a tomato vine scented cleaner. That news makes my day. I hate tomatoes but adore the smell of tomato plants :) My favorite candle is Tocca's "Sofia" which smells like tomato vine. I recommend it!

Apr 04, 2013

I had to check out the tomato vine cleaner. I didn't buy it yet, I'm hoping to find it in a shop somewhere nearby; but I got an immense kick out of the fact that one of the two 'products usually purchased together' was frosted mini wheats. The large pack. You know, because I often order my cereal from

I also miss proper ginger beer. I have vaguely considered making my own, as they don't even have Safeway in Oklahoma. I do suspect that might be harder than I think though. These are desolate times.

Apr 04, 2013

Damn, Heather beat me to saying "VERNOR'S"!!! Best gingery ginger beer EVER. Word.

Kat Hart
Apr 05, 2013

Noosa should be sold in gallon containers like ice cream.

Apr 06, 2013

Maybe I had the wrong sort, but Vernor's was absolutely horrible when I tried it - watery, flat, seriously lacking in flavor. I couldn't even finish it. I had such high hopes, too. I haven't tried the other ginger beers suggested, but I really like Reed's Extra Ginger Brew. Very bold and spicy. I live in the South and I've seen it at Publix markets.

I also own Shell We Dance? due to your recommendation!

Apr 07, 2013

You're right - tried the Chobani blended black cherry - YUM! I just wish they sold it in single serving sizes - my grocery only has the big tubs of it. Not that I won't eat it, I just can't take it to work with me.

My favorite cleaner is Greenway's Lemongrass All Purpose Cleaner - another one where you look for things to clean so you can smell it again.

Apr 07, 2013

I came here to recommend Noosa but it seems others have beat me to it. Colorado proud. it's delicious. I have to hide it from my kids and eat it after they've gone to bed so I don't have to share with them. Whole Foods and SuperTarget carry it.

Nothing But Bonfires
Apr 08, 2013

Gahhhhhhh, I tried Noosa this weekend and now I'm addicted! It's SO GOOD. It's like eating BUTTER. Except not gross.

Apr 10, 2013

My blog used to just be stuff that I liked. No sponsors, no ads, just me writing about whatever I had bought myself with my own money and liked (it seemed far kinder to write a blog than to constantly tell everyone I know, "I just tried this and YOU NEED THIS! GO BUY IT NOW!"). I only wrote about things I really liked so of course I might have been ridiculously enthusiastic sometimes but on one of my very first entries, someone posted a comment asking if I had been paid by the company to write about the product because my review was TOO LONG and TOO THOROUGH. And this was back in the olden days before TL;DR existed. I was so taken aback. What was the alternative? Just copying and pasting whatever was written on the back of the packaging and then saying, "It was good"?

Anyway, I'm with the previous commenter who loves Fage 2%. I've tried cheap yogurt and super expensive fancy yogurt but I always go back to Fage. My BFF Mindy Kaling taught me years ago on her blog to smear some on a piece of sprouted bread as a healthy snack, which I never would have thought to try.

Apr 11, 2013

I couldn't resist the tomato soap! I bought some yesterday and have washed my hands approximately 58544654 times since then.

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