Hamish, Either Way

Before I got pregnant—before I even started trying to get pregnant—Sean and I would refer to our mythical future child as "Hamish." I can't remember exactly how this started, although I do remember telling Sean that I used to babysit a sweet little boy named Hamish, and Sean declaring it his favorite baby name ever, but we somehow fell into the habit of using "Hamish" as a synonym for "baby." Before too long, we'd have perfectly normal conversations with each other that contained sentences like "When we have a Hamish, we can..." and "Oh, we should remember that for when we have a Hamish." 

Once we found out that I was, indeed, with Hamish, it only made sense to continue to call our unborn fetus a popular Scottish boy's name, despite being neither a) Scottish or b) any more than 50% sure that this baby is actually a boy. I know most parents-to-be go with cute little nicknames like "bean" or "peanut" or "oops," but Hamish seems to have stuck for us for some reason, and now my family has adopted it too. If we're feeling formal, we use his or her full name, which changes weekly based on whichever fruit or vegetable my good old Babycenter email tells me the baby resembles at this point. This is how, at somewhere between nine and ten weeks pregnant, I received this Christmas present from my parents under the tree:  

Wait, did I say I received the present? The present was clearly for Hamish. I mean, the teeny-tiny yellow terry cloth bathrobe with matching eensy-weensy duckie slippers was adorable, obviously, but it wasn't really my size. 

These days, Hamish the Grape is now Hamish the Heirloom Tomato, according to Babycenter—frankly, I'm just glad the Hamish the Turnip week is over, for reasons of obvious unglamorousness—and we're about to face a very important milestone. Later this week, if all goes according to plan at my ultrasound, we're going to be able to find out if Hamish is actually a Hamish or....well, I guess a Hamishetta. 

Did you find out the sex of your baby in advance? I admire your restraint if you didn't, but Sean and I both agreed immediately that we wanted to find out as soon as we could. For me, it's a matter of planning; I somehow feel that I can plan better if I know exactly what I'm dealing with. Boom, 50% of that spreadsheet of baby names can be deleted. Bam, all those bunny-printed sundresses in my online shopping cart can be erased. For the first nineteen weeks of this pregnancy, I've known little more about this baby than its washing-machine heartbeat and its grainy ultrasound image, and now suddenly I've got the chance to unlock one of the biggest mysteries of all. I know people say you should wait because you don't get many surprises in life, but how is it any less of a surprise at 19 weeks than it is at 39 or 40? 

Anyway, if you asked me if I have a hunch, I'd tell you that I'm fairly certain it's a girl. I don't know why—other than that I'm a girl, so maybe that's all I can imagine?—but I think I'd be a little surprised to find out I'm wrong. Sean, on the other hand, is pretty certain it's a boy, and since both of us have exactly a one-in-two chance of getting it right—and no significant evidence other than "eh, I just think so" to point us either way—we're just going to have to wait and see what happens. And while I'm thrilled beyond belief that we're finally going to get to find out, I'm also getting strangely nostalgic for the few days we have left when we don't yet know what we're having. I'll be over the moon about whatever it is, obviously, but I'm sure I'll mourn, just a little bit, whatever it isn't. 

Do you have a guess? Now's the time to place your bets. Winner gets to say they were psychic all along. 

Home Sweet Sarah
Mar 05, 2013

We did find out. I was convinced with all the boys in Chris's family that it was a boy, but was SO HOPING for a girl. Chris claimed to know all along she was a girl. My guess for you? Girl. No, boy! No, girl!

Mar 05, 2013

What a fun and exciting time for you!
We have 2 children (21 months apart) and didn't find out either time I was expecting... although the first time I just knew with every fiber in my being it was a boy. So much so that we didn't even have a girl name picked out, and when our baby boy arrived we named him Wil, not William. Wil with one L, and yes, every year his teachers have to confirm the correct spelling of his name.
The second time I just knew Wil was going to have a baby brother and one of the names on our short list was Cole. So when we got to the hospital on a Tuesday afternoon and the television was playing the movie Days of Thunder and Tom Cruise's character name in that movie is Cole, we knew it was a sign - another boy to be named Cole.
Now imagine my surprise when a few hours later I pushed out that little bundle of love and the doctor proclaimed, "it's a girl!" What? Huh? No way! Really! Oh my gosh, I was so excited! For two days I just kept saying, "I can't believe I had a girl." It was the greatest surprise of my life and the best! Now naming her took a whole day... My husband wanted the name Emily and I wanted the name Eleanor. We compromised, Ellie suits her just perfectly!
Good luck and enjoy every moment :)

Mar 05, 2013

I will go with mama's instinct: girl. Also your cravings line up with mine when we had our daughter.

We found out with both of ours. For our first, we were both so sure it was a boy and we wanted to see whether we were right (we were). I had less of a sure feeling that our second was a girl, although by the time we could find out I was fairly certain. (I did a pie chart on my blog: http://juliloquy.typepad.com/juliloquy/2007/04/the_results.html).

Congratulations -- either way you will have a beautiful, fashionable, and well-loved baby!

Mar 05, 2013

Twenty-five years ago, with our first, it wasn't common practice to find out via ultrasound. Two weeks after my due date, we were so excited when our daughter finally arrived. I had secretly wanted a girl, but wouldn't allow myself to verbalize that preference and jinx it. Four years later, pregnant with #2, I felt the need to know ahead of time. We both really wanted another girl and I needed time to wrap my head around the idea of a boy if that's what it was to be. So we found out, through amniocentesis (because I was over 35 and that was the option way back then) that it was another girl. We didn't keep the sex a secret from our family and friends, but we did keep her name to ourselves so we would still have a surprise to share on her birthday (plus we could change our mind if the name we picked didn't fit her once we met her). And you know ... it keeps people from having any weird, preconceived responses when you announce a chosen name ahead of time. If you wait until the baby is born, they will love the name you picked because they already love the baby.

I'm going to guess you are having a girl because I had the same aversion to coffee during both my pregnancies. I've always been a coffee drinker and could not understand why I suddenly could not stand the stuff. I got through the first trimester with the help of bread (and all forms of crackers, though mostly saltines) and peppermint lifesavers. And I give extra points for having that mother's intuition from the get go.

Either way ... it's going to be awesome! Parenthood is tough but it's one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever take. Congratulations ... so happy for you both!

Mar 06, 2013

Congratulations! I had been lagging on reading your blog due to a move at work, so I just caught up from Jan 30. I'm so excited for you, and also that we are in the same club with the Royals and Kim! I am also pregnant with our first and due July 8 :-) We did find out and it's a boy, I agree that it's a surprise either way so you might as well plan for it ahead of time. I actually didn't have any morning sickness or nausea at all (sorry!), and no significant cravings, although I have been loving all things lemon! So maybe yours is a girl?!

Mar 06, 2013

Girl! No, Boy! No, Girl!

Yea I think I'm going to go with girl in this case.

Also, was Sean's surprise a hot air balloon ride?

Can't wait to find out!

Mar 07, 2013

I take it back... I think it's a BOY!

Mar 07, 2013

We had the exact same Hamish situation, only with the name Busby instead. We used it for years before getting pregnant but never considered actually using it as a name. When we found out we were having a boy we decided to just go with it and used Busby as his middle name.

I think you're having a girl too. You should name her Hamisha.

Mar 12, 2013

Our little one was known as Schlumberger Zumhagen in utero. Schlumberger because I don't think there's a more fun word to say & Zumhagen because Brian Zumhagen was an announcer on KQED in those days. Then she was born & we called her Mia. Not as much fun, but it suits her.

Mar 14, 2013

So this is random, but I was doing some research for work and read this article: http://pandodaily.com/2013/02/26/indie-book-publishing-platform-pressboo...

And the author's name reminded me of you. :)

May 19, 2016

Great article but it didn't have evn-ithyegrI didn't find the kitchen sink!

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