Hamish, Either Way

Before I got pregnant—before I even started trying to get pregnant—Sean and I would refer to our mythical future child as "Hamish." I can't remember exactly how this started, although I do remember telling Sean that I used to babysit a sweet little boy named Hamish, and Sean declaring it his favorite baby name ever, but we somehow fell into the habit of using "Hamish" as a synonym for "baby." Before too long, we'd have perfectly normal conversations with each other that contained sentences like "When we have a Hamish, we can..." and "Oh, we should remember that for when we have a Hamish." 

Once we found out that I was, indeed, with Hamish, it only made sense to continue to call our unborn fetus a popular Scottish boy's name, despite being neither a) Scottish or b) any more than 50% sure that this baby is actually a boy. I know most parents-to-be go with cute little nicknames like "bean" or "peanut" or "oops," but Hamish seems to have stuck for us for some reason, and now my family has adopted it too. If we're feeling formal, we use his or her full name, which changes weekly based on whichever fruit or vegetable my good old Babycenter email tells me the baby resembles at this point. This is how, at somewhere between nine and ten weeks pregnant, I received this Christmas present from my parents under the tree:  

Wait, did I say I received the present? The present was clearly for Hamish. I mean, the teeny-tiny yellow terry cloth bathrobe with matching eensy-weensy duckie slippers was adorable, obviously, but it wasn't really my size. 

These days, Hamish the Grape is now Hamish the Heirloom Tomato, according to Babycenter—frankly, I'm just glad the Hamish the Turnip week is over, for reasons of obvious unglamorousness—and we're about to face a very important milestone. Later this week, if all goes according to plan at my ultrasound, we're going to be able to find out if Hamish is actually a Hamish or....well, I guess a Hamishetta. 

Did you find out the sex of your baby in advance? I admire your restraint if you didn't, but Sean and I both agreed immediately that we wanted to find out as soon as we could. For me, it's a matter of planning; I somehow feel that I can plan better if I know exactly what I'm dealing with. Boom, 50% of that spreadsheet of baby names can be deleted. Bam, all those bunny-printed sundresses in my online shopping cart can be erased. For the first nineteen weeks of this pregnancy, I've known little more about this baby than its washing-machine heartbeat and its grainy ultrasound image, and now suddenly I've got the chance to unlock one of the biggest mysteries of all. I know people say you should wait because you don't get many surprises in life, but how is it any less of a surprise at 19 weeks than it is at 39 or 40? 

Anyway, if you asked me if I have a hunch, I'd tell you that I'm fairly certain it's a girl. I don't know why—other than that I'm a girl, so maybe that's all I can imagine?—but I think I'd be a little surprised to find out I'm wrong. Sean, on the other hand, is pretty certain it's a boy, and since both of us have exactly a one-in-two chance of getting it right—and no significant evidence other than "eh, I just think so" to point us either way—we're just going to have to wait and see what happens. And while I'm thrilled beyond belief that we're finally going to get to find out, I'm also getting strangely nostalgic for the few days we have left when we don't yet know what we're having. I'll be over the moon about whatever it is, obviously, but I'm sure I'll mourn, just a little bit, whatever it isn't. 

Do you have a guess? Now's the time to place your bets. Winner gets to say they were psychic all along. 

Mar 03, 2013

We always found out. I couldn't go 40 weeks without knowing. I am a planner, I NEED to know!

It was always exciting to find out. My husband was sure our 2nd would be another girl and the delight in his voice upon learning it was a boy...amazing.

I suck at guessing so I will go with you. Girl!

Mar 03, 2013

It was no question for us that we wanted to know. I have to imagine my future. When we travel I like to know how our hotel room looks like so I can imagine myself there! So I had to know.
I want to go with a boy as a guess ,since I have a boy myself!

Mar 03, 2013

We found out each time although each time (3) I knew that it was a boy. Right before our wedding I had a dream that we had three sons and so I told my soon-to-be husband "we will have three sons." And so it was.

Everything about pregnancy is exciting including learning if it's a boy or girl!

I'll say girl because mother knows best.

Mar 03, 2013

I feel like I could have written this! Our eldest was Rufus in utero, and we also had gifts for Rufus under the Christmas tree from family members...In fact, it was kind of difficult to start calling him William rather than Rufus once he was born! We found out the sex with both kids...I always wonder why it seems not be considered a surprise if you find out early...trust me, I was surprised both times...I suspected "Rufus" was a girl, and that our daughter was a boy. And in retrospect, I found giving birth (so wonderful but also) so mentally draining, that having that added aspect of surprise would have been too much. I will hazard a guess that Hamish is a boy, based on absolutely nothing, and an awful record of guessing, so you can bet it'll be a girl :). Also, just to say that I know a toddler Hamish, but I am on the other side of the pond (though not in Scotland) so maybe that's not so surprising!

Chris G
Mar 04, 2013

I waited and it didnt affect planning really. I had two boys and I thought the first was a girl and the second also. I wanted the first to be a girl and wore more pink. When my first was a boy I knew I wanted the second to be a boy also. I am so happy I had two boys. I knew nothing about boys and ended up divorced but they are the best things in my life and they are 18 and 20 now but they are considerate and watch out for me too. I have a stepdaughter and a niece so I get my mani-pedi's in too. I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I wanted to say that I was looking at pinterest the other day and saw a picture of your dad. I couldn't help but think I knew this man. Someone had pinned your idea for your dads 60th birthday. It felt so strange knowing that was him before I read what it was. Kind of like family I guess. I am glad you are sharing all of this with us. I am happy you are finding out because you are so creative and a planner. It just means more interesting reading for me. Yea!

Mar 04, 2013

We both wanted to find out, me even more so after Lovely Husband proclaimed he wouldn't even consider baby name discussions until we knew what sex it was.

I somehow knew we were having a boy. Not sure how or why. We almost called him Titus, after the ER doc who gave Lovely Husband a massive shot of morphine when he was writhing in pain from what we later found out were gallstones.

Mar 04, 2013

"I know people say you should wait because you don't get many surprises in life, but how is it any less of a surprise at 19 weeks than it is at 39 or 40?"

THIS! I think there are reasons not to find out and I don't have any problem with people who don't find out, but 1) it's just as much of a surprise by ultrasound and 2) life is, actually, full of surprises – and lots of those surprises aren't a 50-50 chance, but a genuine out-of-the-blue surprise.

/end rant

Mar 04, 2013

I don't think we could have gone without finding out the sex - we're far too nosey! It's an uncommon thing to do here, though (damn superstition), and we've had lots of tutting frowny faces, but I'm so happy we found out. I was convinced it was a boy and it's not! I get to buy the entire Beatrix Potter Baby Gap range before she arrives now!

As for you guys, well, I'm obviously crap at this so who knows. But I'm just saying, Evandando Burns Slinsky has a certain ring to it...

Mar 04, 2013

Hamish is an excellent nom de womb.

We referred to our first child as Maynard in utero, and he might have had to stay Maynard forever since we had trouble agreeing on a real name. 'Trouble' being a euphemism for mutual veto on each others top 100 names.
I knew the impasse would be broken one of two ways - my husband would preemptively fill out the birth registration papers with his favourite while I was in hospital, or he'd be so overawed by watching me going through labour that he'd give me anything I wanted, including the moon.

And yes, labour did have that effect :)

I feel slightly guilty that our second child's name was also my choice. (Nom de womb was Othniel) But better grateful than regretful, right?

Of course we found out the gender, if its that hard to agree on one name, imagine needing to prepare both a girl and a boy's name. Our heads would explode.

And my story is a roundabout way to explain, Hamish is an excellent nom de womb choice, because if you get into a similar naming standstill, you can just carry on with Hamish after his Birth day. Its a perfectly legit and fashionable name, it'll be familiar from 9 months use, and you both like it. Though I have some nostalgia for Maynard and Othniel, they were too crazy to be used for real at the pinch.

Congrats, and happy Reveal day. Go forth and invade that child's privacy!

Mar 04, 2013

I want to say girl because those bunny sundresses sound awesome, but my gut says 'boy'.

Either way how exciting to find out!

Mar 04, 2013

We found out, although I somehow knew all along it was a boy. So it wasn't too much of a surprise. However, we recently did a 3D scan of baby's face and afterwards I felt a bit disappointed. Like I had somehow robbed myself of seeing him for the first time at his birth. My husband loved the experience, but I won't do that particular scan again.

Mar 04, 2013

Girl. I'm going with girl, although maybe that's a case of wishful thinking.

Mar 04, 2013

We found out. My husband didn't care (about finding out) either way, but I am a planner, and wanted to know, since most gender-neutral stuff is decidedly uninspired.

Also, the beginning of my pregnancy was so totally awful that this was one thing I could control. I couldn't stop the nausea or the other random pains and inconveniences, or even control whether it would be a boy or girl, but by god I could control whether we would find out!

So of course at our hospital ultrasound, the tech couldn't get a good enough view. We ended up having to spring for one of the fancy 3D ultrasound packages to finally find out. But we did! And it was totally worth it.

Mar 04, 2013

We called our youngest Bertram in the belly but for different reasons. People will judge the heck out of you, no matter what name you choose.

We decided to try to find the most awful name we could to tell people when they asked what we were going to name him. One sweet soul shuddered when I told her this name and then rallied to say, "oh, is it a family name?"

Everyone was very pleased with Patrick after 6-9 months of Bertram. We've received no criticism at all.

Oh, I wish a boy for you. They are wonderful little creatures. No fun to dress, of course, but all the wonderfulness makes up for it.

Mar 04, 2013

I think girl but then I am basing that on absolutely nothing except that I usually guess my friends babies correctly :)

Mar 04, 2013

I don't understand people who don't want to find out in advance. The surprise is the same, at 20 or 40 weeks. My first one, I wanted a girl so badly and immediately knew it was a girl. I told the doctor before he could see anything. Milla Rose. The second one I didn't have a clue. Doctor said it was a boy, but my husband didn't believe him. And at 30 weeks the doctor agreed with the husband: another girl. Olivia.

Mar 04, 2013

I myself am a LONG way from having a Hamish, but I can only think that I will have to know, too. I think if something is inside of me and taking nutrients and energy and whatnot, it's only fair we not keep secrets from each other.

But, your lovely post reminds me of two stories.

1) My friends similarly had a name for their pre-baby baby, or baby in utero, and that was Andy, even after they found out she was a girl. The reason for this was they imagined if someone was to play the pre-baby baby in a movie, it would just be the voice of Andy Rooney.

2) When I was engaged, I kept commiserating that I really hated the word "honeymoon". It was just a little too romantic and cheesey. So we kept just saying "our trip to Hawaii". Even after we ruled out going to Hawaii, so then it confusingly became, "Where should we go for our trip to Hawaii, Ireland or Mexico?"

Mar 04, 2013

This is too funny! My guess is Girl - Hamishetta! My brother is a Herschel Walker fan (UGA football player) and he said if it was a boy then he would name him Herschel and if it was a girl he would name the child Herschelina. Thank goodness his wife wasn't crazy, and they have a little boy named Reid and a little girl named Vivian.

Mar 04, 2013

We found out - I really needed to be able to feel like the little person inside me was a person, so it helped to call him by name. Before we found out, we changed it up every week based on the fruit - Liz the week that baby was lemon-sized, etc.

I love that Stacey up there said that they called their baby Rufus in utero. My dad called me Rufus when my mom was pregnant with me (back in the day before you could easily find out for sure).

Mar 04, 2013

Ok im in the minority here and we didnt find out with either. i just liked the suspense to go a little longer , i wanted to have something to motivate me through planned natural childbirth and its fun to frustrate people who cannot believe we didnt find out. It didn't affect planning for a baby, thats pretty much the same eithe way. we had a boy first and then a girl, and it is perfect for us.
I had the second at home, on my bed, and I am the one who got to discover she was a she, first. Now that was exciting!
Good luck w this but sometimes the baby doesnt cooperate. I work in maternity and there are always a few surprised parents!

Mar 04, 2013

Wow, we called our baby Hamish. Including "a Hamish". http://travelisfatal.blogspot.com/2012/10/naming-hamish.html

We didn't find out until the baby was born, so she was Hamish for a long, long time.

Yay for Hamishes!

Mar 04, 2013

Congrats! I am currently at 27 weeks and we found out. I was certain that it was a girl. Absolutely, positively, certain. Turns out, it's a he-baby. I was wrong and my mind was blown. I always imagined myself as a mom to girls. It took me a few days to wrap my mind around the idea of being a mom to a boy. I'm glad I had plenty of time to adapt to the idea.

I'm guessing you're having a girl. Why? I have no idea. Either way, I'm sure the nursery will be fantastic.

Maternity clothes recommendation: the Loft (online only).

Mar 04, 2013

I don't know why, but I think it's a girl. :) Will be interested to find out for real, though! :)

Mar 04, 2013

I absolutely had to find out!

And I think it's a girl. When you described your morning sickness and your love of chocolate milk, I thought it sounded just like my pregnancy. Which resulted in a baby girl.

A baby girl who is now nine. Excuse me while I go cry.

And congratulations!

Mar 04, 2013

The hubs has 3 girls and a boy from a previous marriage, so we REALLY wanted a boy. We even called the baby by the boy name we'd picked out up until the ultrasound tech informed us the baby was a girl. D'oh! Glad we found out though - gave us time to come up with a girl name and adjust our thinking. We were thrilled to have a healthy baby girl, but we still miss the boy that wasn't. (I wouldn't trade my little lovey for anything!)

Mar 04, 2013

My guess is going to be BOY, based solely on my own pregnancy name "thing" we have going on. We gave the Babuh-in-ma-belluh a nickname almost immediately. Fast forward 16 weeks and find out she's a girl - and within a few weeks realize that our nickname is actually kind of a girl's actual name.
Now, 7 weeks later, we cannot, for the life of us, consider any other name but the one we'd been jokingly saying - because "it just feels right!"
So I say go with Hamish!Insert bias - I am scottish and LOVE SC. names...)

Anna Louisa
Mar 04, 2013

For some reason, I think Hamish Tomahto is a boy...maybe just because I think you'd be wonderful with sons? :) So excited to see the nursery either way!


Kristin H
Mar 04, 2013

In my mind you're having a girl. I was fairly certain about both of mine and I was right both times. I felt like I had superior pregnant-woman knowledge, but I suppose it could have just been a lucky guess!

Then there's my husband's cousin, who claims to be able to lay hands on a pregnant woman's belly and determine the gender, but then refuses to tell you what she thinks until *after* the baby is born. Unsurprisingly, she seems to always be right...

Mar 04, 2013

We didn't find out with either child (#1 = boy, #2 = girl) and that worked for us. Yes, the whole "surprise" element thing was nice, but our reasoning went beyond that. Being in utero was the most privacy the kid would get...ever. It also spared us my mother's shopping sprees. We would have been inundated with baby boy or baby girl "stuff" (i.e. junk...the woman cannot let go of a bargain, even if it's nothing she or we would ever want or use...). So really, it was more about our self-preservation than anything else.

Ashley in M
Mar 04, 2013

I love in-utero nicknames. We have a last name that is really more a sound than a name: Dur. (That isn't the spelling, but it is how it is pronounced) so we came up with a bunch of names we could never use. Cora Dur, Colin Dur, Ben Dur, Lee Dur, Janna Dur, etc. We played this game a lot even before pregnancy and one day my sister shouted out "Helicop! Helicop Dur!!" I was like, "Since when are people named Helicop?!" But when I got pregnant about a year later, Helicop immediately became our fetus's name. Maybe it was because Helicop sounded sort of masculine, but I had a strong instinct it would be a boy, and at twenty weeks found out I was right! (For the record, my husband was positive it was a girl. He just sat there in stunned silence at our ultrasound, but then it sank in and he was just beaming, completely thrilled. Don't let anyone tell you that finding out at the ultrasound isn't great fun!).
Anyway, we didn't share our baby name before the birth, so he was Helicop to all our family and friends. It worked out well, actually.
For the record, I vote Hamish is a girl, just because mom's instinct is often right.

Mar 04, 2013

Boy, definitely a boy.

Mar 04, 2013

I'm going with girl, just because you think so! I was certain I was having a girl - dreamed it was a girl, had all the old wives' tales point to girl (high heart rate, lots of morning sickness, craved sweets) and the Chinese gender predictor said girl - and lo, it was a girl for me!

And don't worry -- even if you find out the sex at 20 weeks, you will still be plenty surprised when s/he comes out! It is amazing to see your child for the first time and to see who s/he resembles (although they change so fast and end up looking nothing like they do at birth)

Mar 04, 2013

I'm with you on the finding out the baby's sex. I don't think I could possibly wait 9 months to find out, at least with my first baby. I would want to know as soon as possible, and totally agree that it will be a wonderful surprise whenever you find out.

Mar 04, 2013

I don't understand how people don't find out what they are having. It actually angers me when other people don't find out--I realize that it doesn't really impact my life, but dude...I am WAAY too much of a planner for that nonsense.

I have two boys--so I will say boy for you, but hope that you have a girl. Girl clothes are way more fun!

Mar 04, 2013

I couldn't wait to find out my baby's gender. We called her "Oona" until she was born. Once we saw her, she was so obviously a Maria. Congratulations to you!

Mar 04, 2013

I have absolutely zero interest in having children, and yet I can tell you without hesitation that if my husband and I had chosen to have kids, I would have wanted to know.

Mar 04, 2013

I have no idea what you're having, but we tried to find out with both of ours. Although my daughter wouldn't cooperate, so we were surprised anyway!

One thing I would advise is not telling anyone the name before the baby's born. People are so mean about names they don't like if the name isn't attached to a baby, but once it's the baby's name, no one will dare to say anything bad about it.

Mar 04, 2013

Also in the minority, it seems. I'm 25 weeks pregnant with our first, we elected not to find out the gender. I don't have a feeling one way or the other and though I am a big planner, not knowing doesn't bother me. I've found it really easy to plan the room and clothing around gender neutral colors because really, what isn't gender neutral besides pink it seems? You have every color in the world available to you that could go either way.

We actually think it's funny how much it annoys people when we tell them we don't know what we're having...even complete strangers feel a need to express displeasure with them not being able to know what I'm carrying. :)

But as with most things in life, to each their own! I'm so excited for you guys to find out!

Mar 04, 2013

Girl! Also, if you get another pet, you should name it Hamish. Unless you are going to use for future pregnancies. I always found out because I'm impatient & when we found out we were having unassisted triplets, that was plenty of shock so I didn't need any further surprises. I had the ultrasound whisperer apparently who correctly called two boys, one girl at 14 weeks.

Debbie W.
Mar 04, 2013

I had a dream about you (before you announced your pregnancy) that you acutally had a baby. (I even checked on here to see if you announced were pregnant - nope)

But in my dream you had a boy. His name was Burns. I thought it was cute in a odd way you named him your maiden name.

Why I had a dream about you and baby Burns. I have no clue.

Camels & Chocolate
Mar 04, 2013

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that you would have to find out the sex given your planner tendencies (I would be the same).

And for some reason, I have just always envisioned you with a girl, even though the only baby I've seen you with in the flesh is Wombat.

Camels & Chocolate
Mar 04, 2013

Also, I see Hamish and all I think is "Haymitch" as Woody Harrelson in The Hunger Games.

Mar 04, 2013

We found out the sex with our first two, both boys. I thought people who wait we're crazy! Que third baby. My husband wanted to wait and so I said I guess I could wait. I'm so glad I did. I was convinced it was a girl, turns out it was another sweet boy! It was perfect for me to see my sweet new baby and hear it was a boy at the same time. It helped me not dwell on not having a daughter. Baby number four, who is currently 5 weeks old, was a mystery delivery as well...boy número four!
Two differences I noticed between finding out and waiting: money saved and the dreaming. When I found out the sex I spent the remainder of my pregnancy dreaming of my life with a son which was great and the mystery at delivery was what he would look like. When I didn't find out I spent my intire pregnancy dreaming what a son or daughter would be like and upon their arrival I got to see them, a surprise, and then spend my first few weeks post partum dreaming of our future with 3/4 boys. I've enjoyed the postpartum dreaming more :)
Congratulations to you! And, I'm guessing girl!

Mar 04, 2013

We found out both times, but both times the boys flashed us on the ultrasound so we really didn't have much choice. ;-)
I will say this though, I would NOT delete the opposite sex names and would have at least one name or two from that list that you can agree on. The reason is that ultrasound techs and docs can actually get it wrong. It happens more frequently with them saying it's a girl and it turning out to be a boy. But it does happen, and you should make sure you have a back-up plan. So, even though we knew, we went with deep purple on the walls with of the nursery with the first and got lots of yellow and green for clothing and accessories. We went with a light purple on the walls for the second and again more neutral clothing and accessories color scheme (brown, green, yellow, etc.). I'll guess girl, my wife always seemed to know.

Mar 04, 2013

We found out, both times. Actually we had a solid guess at the second's sex at 13 weeks. (It was right.). I needed to know for planning and everything, but also because I literally cannot stand knowing that there is information I COULD have but DON'T. Hence, pregnancy testing at 9 or 10 days past ovulation when we were trying to conceive, every time. I couldn't flush pee down the toilet that could be TELLING me something, omg. The second time, I needed to know whether I could let all the saved girly clothes go, or start sorting them and hanging them in new baby's closet. (We have 2 girls, score, hand me downs forever.)

Mar 04, 2013

I didn't find out for any of my three. I just like the surprise later rather than sooner. But it was really hard to resist ... not sure if I'd have been able to if my husband weren't there. I think you're having a girl.

I love that your pregnancy is making you write more. Yay!

Mar 04, 2013

The hospital where I gave birth would not tell us the sex of our babies. But I was pretty sure I was having a boy the first time around and certain I was having another the second. Either way, you will fall in love so hard.

Stephanie S
Mar 04, 2013

I had a feeling it would be a boy, but now that you say YOU think it's a girl, I'm going with girl. Mothers intuition is hardly ever wrong in my humble opinion.

Stephanie S
Mar 04, 2013

Also? We found out at 19 weeks. I kind of regret it and don't think we'll find out the second time around, which is even more crazy, right?

Mar 04, 2013

I'm the same way - we had to find out the sex of this one (I think she's at the cantaloupe/honeydew stage this week) before my husband would even start to discuss names! I was convinced it was going to be a boy, and I was totally wrong :) So, I will guess you're having a boy, just for the sake of the name!

Mar 04, 2013

I feel like it's a girl. Girl clothes are the best.

I always wanted to know as soon as possible. I don't care for surprises. With my 2nd, we had multiple ultrasounds, and each time, they confirmed it was a girl, and each time, I told them I thought they were mistaken. I was in such denial, that I bought only gender-neutral clothes, and brought a boy's coming home outfit for the hospital.


Mar 04, 2013

We found out both times. The first one, because I couldn't wait. I hate surprises. The second time because I had to have a level II ultrasound at 15 weeks and he was showing off his manly bits.

Mar 04, 2013

My sister-in-law and her husband, while pregnant with their first child, decided to tell everyone that they were naming the baby Chuck Norris. Also, at one time it was called Magnus and other various crazy names followed suit. I think they were mostly tired of the name question and this shut people up. So I called my nephew Chuck Norris until he was finally born as Ridley Leo.

If I am ever to be pregnant, I will want to know the gender. No doubt about it. I'm a planner as well and the waiting would kill me. And I don't think finding out now makes it any less of a surprise.

I am going to guess boy. Just because.

Mar 04, 2013

Waited all three times here. I definitely understand finding out but here is why we waited :
1. My husband was obsessed with the fact that they could be wrong.
2. I like to keep the baby to myself as much as possible for as long as possible. (Yes, does not share well with others!)
3. Finding out when the baby is not in your arms, there may be disappointment. When you are holding your beautiful new baby the love in your heart allows no room for disappointment!(Since you seem open to either this doesn't seem to apply. :-))
We only make boys so I think of all babies as boys. So glad that the sickness is gone for you! God speed!

Mar 04, 2013

We called ours "Two" before he was born so we could say I was eating for Two.

And I agree with Heather @51 - Girl clothes *are* the best. I love my son, but I mourn all the frilly dresses I've never gotten to sew.

I'll guess girl too.

Mar 04, 2013

We found out mostly because we are planners and I wanted to be able to focus name decisions and nursery decorations. It was a good thing, too, because we had a girl's name ready but not a boy's so finding out gave us time to come up with a boy's name. (Though it still came down to the wire deciding between two before they would let us leave the hospital. Something about a birth certificate...)

I think yours is a BOY!

Mar 04, 2013

I'm going with girl because of your lemon and tart cravings. My former bosses former housekeeper (got that?) told me that she craved lemons and lemonade when pregnant and had a girl, her daughter did the same, I drank lemonade by the gallon and had a girl.

Regardless, I was convinced I was having a boy until the ultrasound. But I guess I must have known somehow because that morning, having a choice between a pink shirt and a blue shirt, I went with the pink one.

Whatever your Hamish turns out to be I'm positive s/he's going to have the most fabulous nursery ever!

Mar 04, 2013

I love this...ever since we started talking about kids several years ago (and now I'm right behind you--I'm 16.5 weeks), we started using the names "Carlos" and "Pilar". So, "When we have a little Carlos...Look at that sweet little Pilar!" Despite the fact that, much like you and the Scottish part of Hamish, we are not Latino. My man is having a hard time letting go of those names, though...so we may yet have a Pilar or Carlos. :)

Mar 04, 2013

We tried to find out, and at both ultrasounds, the baby wouldn't uncross it's legs. We were in there for like 45 minutes and at no point did the baby give us a peek. So that totally can happen.

In the end, we enjoyed not knowing. I thought it was a boy, my husband a girl. He was right. And only gloats occasionally... :)

Mar 04, 2013

We found out, because it makes life easier (I think) when you know. My husband was really hoping for a girl, I didn't care either way - as long as it had all its parts and was healthy, I was good - and she turned out to be a girl. Which admittedly I was really happy about, purely because I love little girl clothing options, and also because we were having a much easier time coming up with girl names we both liked.
So I'll guess GIRL, because I just saw a woman outside and that seems like as good as reason as any.

Mar 04, 2013

This might be a bit silly, but as soon as I saw this, I thought of this bit from the wonderful show Sherlock: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HZZAY0IUmg

Congratulations either way, and, for the record, I think Hamish is cute for a little boy. Actually, I think it would be even cuter for a girl. But then, I named my kid Oisin and doomed him to a life of mispronunciations.

Mar 04, 2013

We did not find out the sex and it was the most beautiful moment when my husband announced it was a boy. it definitely motivated me through an unmedicated birth and the nurses seemed to really be excited for the big announcement. I definitely understand the seduction of finding out though, as it was exquisite torture the entire pregnancy. Either way it is a big surprise and finding out ahead of time may make you feel more bonded to the baby while in utero. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I was having a baby and I think it was because I couldn't visualize the sex. Either way, the planning will seem so much less important once the baby is here, although when pregnant it is SO important. :)

"I know people say you should wait because you don't get many surprises in life, but how is it any less of a surprise at 19 weeks than it is at 39 or 40?"

Due dates are so fluid! I was 42 weeks pregnant to the day before that kid finally made his descent, and that made the wait almost unbearable!

Team Blue!

Mar 04, 2013

much like the people who are baffled by us waiting because "it's a surprise at 20 weeks or at the birth!" i am confused by people who say they need to know "so i can plan!" there has not been a single decision we have had to make thus far that would have been easier to make if we knew boy/girl. having said that, we have always had a boy and a girl name picked out because we hope to eventually have one of each. we also gravitate towards gender neutral things mostly because when we have a second we hope to be able to reuse everything. i am also the type of person who, given the opportunity to know what my christmas present is beforehand, will always wait for the surprise on christmas day, so it made sense for us to delay the surprise until birth. plus i feel like finding out "it's a boy/girl" from an ultrasound tech would be a much different experience than finding out from my teary, elated husband while being handed our baby. plus it is just fun seeing how mad people get when we say we are waiting :)

Mar 04, 2013

We found out with our first two (boys), but didn't with our third (or fourth).

The main, selfish, reason I didn't want to find out is that I !!REALLY!! wanted to have a girl. And I didn't want to deal with the guilt I would feel if we found out we were having another boy and I was disapointed.

I figured that at the time of giving birth, there would be none of those naggy, "but I wanted a girl" thoughts if we ended up with son #3. Also, I knew, based on past experience, that my baby didn't wear anything but a t-shirt and diaper for its first month or so.

We did end up having a girl (as well as a closet full of girly pink clothes within a few days) and a second girl as well with our fourth. We didn't find out the fourth time because, well, it was fun not knowing until he/she made her entrence.

I also had my last two babies at home; so let me know if you'd like any first-had advice about that adventure :o)

Mar 04, 2013

my guess is you will be able to continue with the "Hamish"!!! ;O)

Mar 04, 2013

My mom's old nanny family had twin girls, a boy an unplanned 16 months later, and then two years after that, a surprise 3rd girl. When that third girl was in utero, her older siblings (who are half English) referred to the unknown gendered fetus as "Cheeky". Well, Cheeky came out with female parts, was named Eliza, and to this day, at age 8, goes by Cheeky. Even at school.

So who knows? You may have the first female Hamish, even if it's not on the birth certificate!

Mar 04, 2013

I was so, so sure mine was a boy - every maternal instinct and every old wives' tale said so, and I told everyone who asked (ie, everyone) that I thought it was a boy. But MaterniT21 told me at 13 weeks that it was a GIRL! Since I found out via blood test and not ultrasound, I was alone when I got the call one random Tuesday. I decided I wanted to surprise my husband, so went to Target and bought the sweetest little dress and wrapped it up for him. He got home, opened the package, said 'So cute!' and then looked at me all confused and said '...But what if we have a boy?'. Oh, husband.

For you, I vote girl! (But see above re: crappy track record.)

Mar 04, 2013

I am saying a boy...however I want it to be a girl because I can't wait to see the clothes. Also I just know you will pick a name I will love. I see something old fashioned that just sounds cool and hip now

Mar 04, 2013

My husband and I don't have any children, but we name our Yule trees every year. Last year's tree? HAMISH!

Mar 04, 2013

I am going with girl because that's what you're feeling. I have been right with all three of my pregnancies so I am going to trust your intuition. I am exciiiiiiited for you!

Mar 04, 2013

We found out both times, and I'm thrilled we did. For one, it cuts down on half of the name deciding (which in our case, involved a lot of bartering and negotiating as it was, so I was glad to cut out anything I could).

It was also nice from a clothing standpoint, particularly with number two--when we found out that he was a boy, we could finally offload all the dresses that we'd kept on hand from his sister before he showed up, rather than having to wait to sort everything till after, when all I wanted to do anytime I got a spare minute was to sleep.

Mar 04, 2013

My husband and I chose to wait until birth to find out our children's sex. EVERYONE (except our families who also loved the surprise) thought were were nuts. "But what will you BUY?" we were asked. And to be quite honest, it's not that big of a deal (or at least it wasn't to us).

First time around, everything we received or purchased was neutral and not locked into green or yellow! ;) We decorated a nursery not knowing, had everything ready to go and get us through the first few weeks with baby "it" un-gendered. She was born at 5:55p Christmas Eve and I kid you not, Christmas day the PINK rolled in. Our friends and families hit the shops Christmas Eve in time to buy all of the girly things they could for our daughter.

Second time around it was so nice to just pull all of the newborn stuff out of storage and not have to worry about sorting through it because I knew it would all work just fine. We waited on the nursery since we had just moved into our new house 6 weeks before our son was born but knew he'd get his sister's old crib eventually and we'd re-paint the dresser we used for her as well as change out the hardware to suit his new room.

We chose 4 names for boys and 4 names for girls with our first and when I saw her I knew exactly who she was as did my husband! We didn't even discuss it and looked at one another and said her name.

With our son I was convinced he was a she so I had only chosen new girl names. What a surprise that was! All of our previous boy names, while we still liked them, didn't work for him. He just didn't look like Henry, Jameson, Gabriel or Wes. So for 24 hours he was "Baby No Name" until we found a suitable moniker for him.

I love waiting and will again when we choose to add number 3! There is nothing better than the excitement and anticipation of labor, all of that hard work and then AH! Your husband cheers "It's a..." as baby is born...You get to meet the little stranger and FINALLY know his or her secret all these months. It's a rush.

Mar 04, 2013

I hate suprises. HATE. Don't surprise me with a weekend away, I'll be upset. Don't surprise me with dinner reservations (bc I've probably got something marinating). Don't send me on a scavenger hunt for a gift. If you want to give me something, give it. Don't make me hunt for it. Yes, I am a control freak. I know it and totally fine with it thankyouverynice.

HOWEVER, we did NOT find out the sex of our baby. It just didn't matter one bit and as for decorating, I knew I didn't want blue or pink anything anyway and I wasn't going to full on decorate a room anyway.

It just seemed more organic for us. And old-fashioned. And it was pretty fun annoying the annoying people who HAD to know.

Yeah, I'm weird. I get why people want to find out, but I'm telling you, it was pretty awesome to hear "it's a boy!" and for my husband to get to go out to a waiting room of family and friends and make that announcement. I wish I could've been there for that...

Mar 04, 2013

We waited with our first. I thought it was more fun. However, I was sure it was a boy--by the last few months, I was so certain that if it hadn't been, I would have been shocked! Next we had twins and with them, I wanted to find out. I figured twins were enough of a surprise ;)

Mar 04, 2013

Forgot to say I vote girl. I always go with the mum's feelings.

Mar 04, 2013

I'd bet it's a girl, just from the shape of your bump. Boy bumps are usually pointier! Either way, I'm thrilled to find out!

Mar 04, 2013

I'd go with your gut feeling... It's usually right . So a girl it is!

Mar 05, 2013

I'm going with.... ehhhh,a baby girl. Oh, and congratulations Holly and Sean. A little late in the day I know but better late than never, right!?!

Mar 05, 2013

I'm team baby girl... the gut always is right.

Mar 05, 2013

From all the way over here in Egypt, I have a strong sense that Hamish will remain a Hamish. Sidenote: all two Hamishes I know in real life are really nice, very clever guys. So...good choice.

Mar 05, 2013

Healthy babies who are either male or female is all very important, but I am super excited to start seeing the posts about decorating the nursery because I know it is going to be AMAZING!!!!

Mar 05, 2013

My vote's for a girl.

We found out the sex of ours by accident when I was only 11 weeks along. We hadn't yet decided that we wanted to know and during a routine ultrasound, the tech said she was fairly sure she knew. I said something like, "Well, then it must be a boy!" (Wouldn't there have to BE something to SEE something?). And she gave me a look that said "yes" without saying anything, and it was all pretty anti-climactic, even when we got definite confirmation 9 weeks later.

I'd had my heart set on a girl and I had to adjust some of my fantasies, but I'm so, so happy with our little boy now and couldn't imagine our lives without him. You'll feel the same, too, whatever you end up with.

Mar 05, 2013

Oh, me too!! My siblings waited to find out in the delivery room, but there was no way we could've done that!

As for hunches, I thought my first was DEFINITELY a girl (husband thought so too), but then we found out at our first scan that she was actually a (very lovely) he. Then, when it came time to predict #2, I was positive he was another he, only to be told at 16 weeks that he was, indeed, not. BUT THEN, two weeks later, my doctor changed his mind, and so I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG.

The truth is, despite all the flip-flopping with #2, my excitement never dimmed in the least. Each time I re-discovered what we were expecting, I happily adjusted to the new reality (as well as to the new colour scheme). Babies are just so beautiful and lovely and delicious, it turned out it didn't matter to me whether I needed to stock up on bow ties or hair bows (ok, maybe I never would have actually stocked up on either, but you know what I'm saying).

TL;DR: I found out the genders of my boys while pregnant, was really happy I did (for visualizing!), but ultimately realized that knowing what I knew didn't change the force with which my heart burst from my chest upon meeting them for the very first time. The sheer power of that love is just indescribable.

Mar 05, 2013

In Yiddish, haimish means homey, friendly, welcoming. So it's got a good vibe.

We found out the gender of both our children in advance. I didn't have a particular predilection for either, but I hate surprises. I cried when I found out each time, for different reasons. Daughter: she's going to hate me when she's a teenager, plus all my friends were having boys. Son: he's going to marry someone who hates me and I'll lose him forever.

Mar 05, 2013

You know what's REALLY a surprise? Having a baby coming out of your, you know. So I figured that was enough surprise for one day, and why not have the other surprise earlier. I honestly cannot understand waiting. Other benefits of finding out: 1) People honestly seem more excited for you once they know what the gender is, which is fun and can result in more Hamish-gifts, which is nice 2) you can start imagining your future with this person. I LOVE imagining things like the vacations we're going to take and wedding we'd have, so you can bet your bippy (I just became a 100-year old apparently) that I wanted to daydream all day about our future with our son. And that was a lot easier to do when we knew it was a boy. It really helped me feel connected to him.

Mar 05, 2013

Girl. Girl girl girl. And thank you for being the type of person who wants to find out as early as possible, because otherwise I'm not sure I could have made it all the way to the end without going insane with wondering. And now today's the DAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!

Kat Hart
Mar 05, 2013

Boy. They say girls steal your beauty and from your pictures you are not experiencing this at all.

For our first child we had the ultrasound tech write down the sex and put it in an envelope. We cuddled in our bed and opened it. I love that memory and we now share that bed with both our boys and laugh at how life has changed!

Mar 05, 2013

Twins! One boy and one girl.

I say this half in jest, so that I'll be partly correct no matter what... But also because I always think about how lovely and perfect your life looks when I visit your blog* and can imagine how lovely and perfect a complimentary set of twins would look with you and Sean.

*I know no life is lovely and perfect, of course! And twins would be crazy and hard, I realize, but you'd pull it off looking so nice on the internet. :)

Mar 05, 2013

I'm with Melanie up there, going with 'Girl' due to the chocolate milk. As I've said, it's what I drank exclusively while gestating my three girls.

First time around, we did not find out and it was FREAKING PEOPLE OUT. (We got a lot of yellow clothes as gifts, with most people saying something like: "I've saved the receipt so you can exchange it for something else ONCE YOU KNOW WHAT THIS BABY IS.") I secretly all along thought it was a girl and lo and behold, she was. Good thing, because my husband and I agreed on her name right away, but went to the hospital ready to come to blows over a boy's name. Most of our nurses couldn't believe we had waited to find out until her birth.

Second time around, we told the ultrasound tech "no" when she asked if we wanted to know the gender, and two days later I regretted not knowing- to the point that I called up radiology and asked if the tech had written it down in our report, only to be told "No, that's not pertinent medical information, so it's not noted." I spent the next 20 weeks mad at myself for missing the chance to know and secretly hoping for another girl. Once again, we could not decide on a boy's name and came home with our Maggie.

Third time, determined not to repeat my mistake, we asked the tech to write it down on a card, which we opened in front of our families at Christmas a few weeks later. I tell you, that moment was just as nice as hearing it in the hospital room. Even better, really, because we celebrated with our family and I could hug my two girls as I told them they were getting a sister. Bonus: no more fighting over boy's names!

Girl or boy, surprise or no, you are in for some wonderful times ahead. Hamish is a lucky little baby.

Mar 05, 2013

I'm a planner and I'm pretty sure when the time comes, I'll want to know ASAP!

And...I think it's a boy :)

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