19 Weeks

I have been sleeping terribly. Sometimes I catch myself thinking "oh well, only 21 more weeks of this to go!" and then the part of me that wasn't thinking that reaches out and slaps the part of me that was, because what? Do I think sleeping is going to get easier once the baby is born?

Seriously, though, I wake up, like, fifteen times in the night to pee. Okay, more like five. Seriously, I wake up five times in the night to pee, and I know this because I've been counting them. I almost thought about putting little notches in the wood of the bathroom vanity to keep track, or scrawling a running tally in lipstick on the mirror in the middle of the night, but turns out I can remember them in my head just fine because it's always five times a night. Five times a night. Is this normal? I think I spend more time peeing than I do sleeping, because every time I get up in the night it takes me another little while to fall back asleep again. 

All this waking up and falling back to sleep means I've been having some pretty crazy dreams, although I seem to be the only person who's not dreaming about the baby. My sister Susie dreamt that I gave birth to a tiny orange kitten named Lars—"we all had to be very careful with him"—and Sean, whenever I ask him, says loftily "oh, I have tons of dreams about the baby," which is a little irritating, I have to admit, because don't you think the person GETTING UP FIVE TIMES A NIGHT should be the one who gets to dream about the creature who's making her do it? I did have one brief baby dream—it was a girl in that one, by the way—but it was only a few seconds long, and then it turned into a different dream where I had my hand stuck between the bars of something, and that one was entirely more unpleasant. 

Another thing that's been happening is that my skin is crazy dry, which isn't anything particular to the 19th week—it's been happening since the very beginning, actually—but seems to show no signs of abating, no matter how frequently or thoroughly I moisturize. (My shins! My shins are like snakeskin!) My throat is also really dry right before I fall asleep and as soon as I wake up, and if I don't slather my lips in lipbalm and keep an emergency glass of water by my bedside, I feel like I've been wandering through the Sahara for a week. These are the sorts of things I just sort of thought would go away in the second trimester, but hey, guess what, turns out they're here for a little bit longer. On the plus side, my nails have never looked better!

Nineteen weeks has heralded the beginning of the OH MY GOD WE'RE NOT READY meltdown, a meltdown I knew with utmost certainty would be along sometime soon and which, boom, showed up on Sunday like a ton of bricks. The baby, at this stage in its young life, possesses absolutely nothing else in the world except one (1) tiny New York Yankees onesie I bought Sean as a joke at Christmas; one (1) super adorable yellow duckie bathrobe and slippers from my parents; three (3) matching yellow burp cloths dotted with assorted animals, of both the farm and safari persuasion; one (1) knitted bunny cap that I saw the lady in line behind me at the Gap outlet in Napa holding and was only able to run and buy because she kindly held my place in the line; and one (1) navy blue cableknit fisherman's sweater purchased in a daze at the LL Bean flagship store at 11pm on the night I took a pregnancy test. I know everyone says "ah, you hardly need anything! You can just buy it all after it's born!" but I kind of feel like maybe this is sort of pushing it for "bare minimum," you know? Like, perhaps it should have a bed? 

To quell my rising panic that there is just so much to do in the remaining four and a half (!!!) months, Sean demanded that I download one of those list-making apps—we're using Wunderlist, which I like both for its clean, user-friendly design, and the opportunity it affords me to refer to it in a German accent—and we set about writing down absolutely everything we could think of that needed to get done, from stuff like "figure out maternity leave" to "choose a name" to "I dunno, maybe, like, read some Amazon reviews of strollers or something?" I felt myself getting instantly calmer as I made these lists—one is called "Project Hamish" and one is called "Hamish Post Launch"; oops, excuse me, madam, I think your job in the tech industry is showing—and now I take as much delight in adding items to the to-do side (HOSPITALS! WE NEED TO TOUR HOSPITALS!) as I do about crossing off the, uh....one thing I've so far crossed off. 

Anyway, the most exciting thing this week is that I think I might have felt the baby move while I was sitting at my desk at work today, but then again, I've also been on such high alert for baby-like movements since my Babycenter app told me I could potentially start to feel flutters at week 16—my doctor, for what it's worth, rolled her eyes and said new moms (new moms! she called me a mom!) were more likely to feel them around 20 weeks—that I'm not entirely sure I wasn't imagining it. Everything I'd read said it felt like butterflies or bubbles or someone tapping you from the inside, but this was more like a twitch, like when your eyelid starts spasming and you can't stop it, or when you get in an elevator and it lurches upwards really quickly. Am I crazy? Is that what baby kicks feel like or do I have to add "investigate whether I have Overactive Muscle Twitch disease of the lower abdomen" to the Project Hamish list?

(It was the baby, right? I think it was the baby. Probably just a quick thank you for the fifteen mini Toblerones I fed it for lunch. I mean, you're welcome and everything, baby, but maybe next time try a card? Fruit basket? IOU for one full night's sleep in the early days of August 2013?) 

Mar 06, 2013

That's totally the baby! I've been feeling those same ones most days since week 17; they were strong enough last night that my husband was able to feel two in a row - he compared them to teeny muscle spasms. I only felt 'bubbles popping' a few times during weeks 14-15, but I think we've moved past all that now and into legit kicks, albeit from teeny matchstick legs! It's simultaneously really cool and pretty freaky (I try very hard not to think too much about Alien).

Mar 06, 2013

I would guess it's the baby you are feeling. Also...the dry skin thing. I NEVER found anything that helped. I tried so many different body washes and moisturizers. I sincerely hope you have better luck than me on that front!

Mar 06, 2013

It definitely feels like muscle twitches that early. I'm 29 weeks, and I started the twitching right around week 18 or so. Super fun, right? :) Just wait until the baby gets bigger and you start to see limbs rolling across your midsection -- that just started happening a couple weeks ago. And the flips! Oh my goodness, the flips feel SO WEIRD. Love it!

Mar 06, 2013

Delurking to offer a couple of tips I learned ...

Register at Target. That way if you need to return something, they just bring up your registry and return it off of that (no receipts!) Also, you can get your returns put on a gift card so after you realise that you don't really need 3 Diaper Genies, you can buy diapers and wipes.

People will give you a ton of stuff at your baby shower (I am assuming you will have one or more of those). We were given a crib by my MIL and the mattress by my cousin - so you don't necessarily need to worry about a bed.

Mar 06, 2013

I read this whole thing really slowly and deliberately and didn't allow myself to jump to the end where you were surely going to do the gender reveal. I believe this proves that self-discipline sucks and never pays off. Such a tease with your instagram photo. :)

Also, I think you are feeling the baby. I thought it felt almost like a twinge. Like when your ankle is healing after you sprained it. Which is perhaps appropriate, because my kid is a bruiser. Not butterfly-like in any way.

Mar 06, 2013

I was going to comment, like Emily, that yes, it's baby and also, wait until you see the outline of a tiny foot rolling across your belly cuz that is some trippy sh*t right there!

I second LizP in that you don't need a bed right away. Baby #1 slept in a drawer for the first couple of weeks -- no lie, like we were some kind of poor Victorian chimney sweep family -- and Baby #2 was happiest in the car seat. They don't like to have too much space at the beginning, -- they like to feel kind of "squeezed" so it was perfect.

Lastly, I laugh now when I remember picking out the "going home from the hospital" outfit and thinking "OMG, how am I going to care for something so tiny that it fits in this?" and then realizing after the fact that the thing just SWAM on her. Newborns are much smaller than you think (and my ladyparts were grateful for that).

Mar 06, 2013

Piggybacking on LizP's advice:

You also get a 10% completion discount with Target registry items. They mail you a coupon about a month before you're due that you can use to buy any remaining items at 10% off. So fill up that registry!

Mar 06, 2013

Baby! That was the baby! Just like an eyelid flutter. Soon you will experience hiccups- not yours, the baby's. In fact, you should probably go ahead and add that to the list of Things Keeping You Awake, right behind Overactive Bladder.

Mar 06, 2013

I felt second and third babies MUCH earlier, but I also had an anterior placenta with both of them and felt them rather "late" for a second and third time around. So, I agree that It's probably totally the baby but if you end up with a placenta up front it will definitely DULL the movements to you for a good long while and you might freak out about that and panic like I might have done (the baby is not POKEY ENOUGH) but NO WORRIES THERE IS JUST A PLACENTA IN THE WAY.

Ahem. That was....really not your question.

And also the baby moving at about that point felt to me like a little bee buzzing around in a very localized spot.

The baby! Moving! AHHHHH!

Mar 06, 2013

The first fetal movements felt like the baby tumbling from top to bottom, or like the elevator sensation you described. I felt it for the first time on the outside around 20 weeks. It's awesome!
We have baby clothes (hand me downs) and a glider, but that's about it. I did make a list during a conference call this morning and was surprised by how little I felt was necessary after combing several guides online.
Regarding dry pregnancy skin - I have found that the Almond Oil from L'Occitane is a godsend. I slather that stuff on after my showers in the evening and then usually that or pure shea butter (also from L'Occitane) in the morning. I use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for my neck and face and I'm happy to say that everything is feeling moisturized now and no longer itchy!
Still get that super parched mouth when I wake up in the morning though. I keep a liter of water next to bed and will usually guzzle half first thing. Thankfully, getting up to pee in the night is down to about 2-3 times right now (25 weeks).
Also, I've had exactly one baby dream this entire time and it was just a glimpse of my husband and I watching our baby playing with its toes on our bed. Couldn't even tell the gender, but it was so sweet and woke me up with a smile.

Pretzel Thief
Mar 06, 2013

YAAAAY, baby flutter!


Kudos to you for dealing with the overactive bladder and crazy-dry skin...drat!

As for the meltdown, you guys will be fiiiiiine. And I'm sure it's annoying when someone says that but you know it, too, deep down, plus: Wunderlist!

Mar 06, 2013

You look adorable. But will baby call you mom or mum?!

Mar 06, 2013

Yes, that was the baby. I always had twitches too, no fluttering or bubbles.

Mar 06, 2013

I think you felt the baby!

Seeing this helped me realize that after 16 weeks, pretty much anything that you feel towards the front of your belly and beneath your belly button is the baby's movements, because the uterus is the only thing against your skin. I was feeling movements from 16 weeks onwards, my husband started to feel them at 21 weeks, and at 22 weeks we were able to SEE MOVEMENTS THROUGH THE SKIN. That has been pretty awesome. I'm 24 weeks now, and sometimes I can see the big movements through clothing.

SO FUN! Congratulations!

Mar 06, 2013

oops sorry here is the link that I referenced, it shows organ movement and displacement as your uterus expands to make room for the baby:


Nothing But Bonfires
Mar 06, 2013

Debbie: Whoa, that link is super cool. Thank you!

Mar 06, 2013

Hi Holly,

I've been reading your lovely blog for years, and I may have dropped a comment or two in the past (probably to squee about "Gavin and Stacey" or contribute to lengthy mascara debates), but I just wanted to say how very thrilled I am for you. When I first read your news, I was so delighted, and then had that funny blog-specific realization when you find you are feeling emotions for some one you don't really know and who definitely doesn't know you. But I am so happy for you. You look beautiful. I have a fantastically wonderful 2 year old and your pregnancy posts remind me so much of that time. Savor it, and enjoy the thought that the best, most magical experience of your whole life is just ahead of you.

And YES that was your baby moving!

Mar 06, 2013

Aside from agreeing with what everyone else has said (I do think you're feeling the baby! I first felt mine around 20 weeks and it's just like that, like a muscle twitch), I've also had terribly dry skin throughout my pregnancy and two things I've done have really helped: 1) switched to Dove super moisturizing (or whatever they call it) body wash from my fancy pretty smelling stuff, and 2) someone gifted me Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter and I use it all over. It's AMAZING. Super hydrated skin. Regular lotion barely made a dent! Good luck!

Mar 06, 2013

Aww you have the EXACT same pregnancy "issues" I had - peeing 5 times a night and dry, dry, dry skin. My little girl is 4 weeks old now and I'm still using the humidifier at night to help with my skin. I dismissed the first baby kicks as "something else" (I have no idea what) until I got the twinge during an ultrasound and was able to see the wee baby punching me. Ha!

Mar 06, 2013

I'm so excited for baby Hamish. The child will be born, have a name, and I still will comment on baby Hamish.

Mar 06, 2013

I am super late on this because I've been moving (to San Francisco!!) and have not had internet access for a couple of weeks but...CONGRATULATIONS!! This is so exciting and I can't wait to read all about your experience. So happy for you! PS If you feel like sharing any tips/thoughts on moving to SF, send them over, since clearly you don't have anything more important to focus on. :)

Mar 06, 2013

27 weeks over here. The best pregnancy related things I have purchased so far include

- Sleep: The Snoogle Pillow (http://www.amazon.com/Leachco-Snoogle-Total-Body-Pillow/dp/B0000635WI/re...). It really will improve your sleep quality (although it doesn't do anything to facilitate getting out of bed to use the bathroom). It's not too big and not too soft - just right for between the knees, staying on the left side, comfortable sleep without hogging the bed.

- Itchiness: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Cream (not the massage lotion). This stuff is thick and has kept me moisturized and itch free throughout a Michigan winter. It also smells good. (http://www.amazon.com/Palmers-Butter-Formula-Massage-Stretch/dp/B000EGZ3...)

- Preparedness: I can't help you on this one. Despite being as type-A as the come, I oscillate between panic and full out hippy (all the kid needs is a boob, a onesie, and a diaper) on this one. BUT, a friend did send me a link to Winter Water Factory yesterday. At least my hippy child will wear cute (albeit, somewhat expensive) onesies. http://www.winterwaterfactory.com/

Kim L
Mar 06, 2013

I too was waiting for the gender reveal! Maybe try straight up Vitamin E oil on your driest skin patches?

Mar 06, 2013

Just wanted to say I totally understand the list-making propensity snd I can send you my comprehensive and refined baby registry Excel spreadsheet, complete with reviews from Baby Bargains. It's slightly outdated (from 2009) but I think it pretty much all stands. The only thing I would potentially add is a Rock n Play, which we have for my little one now because she has reflux (but that is something you can buy after). And don't look down your nose at hand-me-downs; we got a lot of gear (jumperoo, bumbo, highchair) that way and that saved us a lot of money. They'll all get coated in spit up anyway so it's not that big of a deal if they're slightly used IMO.

Mar 06, 2013

I'm trying to weigh whether this is terrifying or reassuring but I think it's reassuring because it's been five years and YAY, we're all still alive! Anyway - my husband and I had no plans to have children but a family member asked us to take her two kids with about, oh, fourteen hours notice. Seven of those hours were drive time where we were going to meet here (while I looked at my husband and he looked at me and we kept saying "Is this actually happening?") and then driving home with a ten month old and a two year old (while I cried because OMG someone just handed us two kids and he kept checking to make sure they were actually still there because the whole thing was so surreal).

We had nothing. No beds. No clothes. No diapers. We had two babies and absolutely nothing. It was pretty terrifying.

So the good news is you have more than 14 hours! Not only did we survive that, we got two more kids a few years later. (Want to talk about terrifying? Realize you're getting on a plane the next morning to spend two months with four kids in Uganda and haven't packed yet!)

Now I'm the annoying girl who has a one up/my story is worse than yours story. I'm sorry. I'm not really that girl!

Mar 06, 2013

I mean this in a completely, not sarcastic way, but please keep writing about your pregnancy! Your posts are the only ones where my eyes widen and I think of how strange/awesome/crazy pregnancy really is!
I'm not sure if you plan on sharing the babies' name when he/she is born, but if you do, I'm already a little sad that Hamish will go away. I just love it! Unless, of corse, you plan on naming the him/her Hamish!

Mar 06, 2013

I always felt like baby movements were akin to how the water must feel when you're in a swimming pool. Except you're the swimming pool.

My friend had a baby about 5 months ago and she did not have her nursery set up or a thing unpacked until three weeks before the baby was born. So, you could be worse!

BUT, before you get all "I can't trust this woman!" she is actually very organized and together and I swear I've never met a more put together, calm, amazing Mom/Baby combo. She also just recently recapped everything a new Mom needs for getting the most sleep. Something you clearly aren't getting now, but with the right tools hopefully can get once Hamish is here. Here's the post, http://lovehomemadeblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/bought-it-used-it-loved-it-...

Apparently she'll be doing a gear roundup soon! I'll tell her you need it. :)

Mar 06, 2013

It was the baby! Congrats!

Mar 06, 2013

I agree with everyone who says that's baby you're feeling. I also wanted to share something that helped me figure out what stuff to register for/buy. I started out reading amazon reviews, but there's so much stuff that it quickly gets overwhelming. Instead, buy the book Baby Bargains. A new one comes out every year, and it gives you recommendations on which products are good, better, and best depending on your needs and budget. I've been happy with every product that I've gotten based on that book (except our baby monitor, that thing blows). Seriously though, the best advice I got was to get that book (oh, and watch Happiest Baby on the Block; my husband's coworker gave it to us and it was incredibly helpful). Congrats!

Mar 06, 2013

Here are thing you NEED when you have a baby (I'm a somewhat crunchy mom so YMMV):

The number of a good lactation consultant (breastfeeding is the cheap way to go, that's why I did it, but I also assumed that because it was natural it would come... well, naturally. Nope, wrong.)

Things to catch poop. We did cloth diapers and find it to be very easy, as well as being cheap (sense a theme?) and environmentally friendly.

A good firm mattress to sleep on. Wish I'd gotten mine before we had the baby, I would have slept so much better on those up and down pee-filled nights. Don't kid yourself, Hamish will most likely end up in bed with you. Don't feel guilty when it happens.

Blankies and clothes will be given to you at your baby shower, as will most other things depending on how generous and wide your circle of friends is. I personally haunted Craigslist in the last month of my pregnancy to grab those things I found to be essential that hadn't been gifted. Again, this is the cheap and environmentally friendly route- buying used means less crap being manufactured.

Mar 06, 2013

Two things:
1 - Books: I know, old school, but Baby Bargains (reviews, from real people, on all the different brands of all the different things, in one place! also, updated yearly so it's not old info like Consumer Reports) and the post-birth Baby 411 saved my sanity when it came to all the decisions.

2 - A swing. The fisher price one that goes side to side and back & forth became known among my group of mom friends as the magic swing. How magic? One of the husbands drove an hour each way on Sunday night to borrow the one I still have packed away (in hopes of #2) to calm their second child during the witching hour (aka dinner prep & eating for everyone else).

Enjoy those first little flutters!

Mar 06, 2013

I didn't feel baby move until week 20 or so, when we had the gender ultrasound and I was able to correlate what I was feeling to what I was seeing (not intestines after all!) - what you're describing does indeed sound like baby.

Try not to stress about all the things. When it comes down to it, you really just need a minimum of somewhere for the baby to sleep, some diaper system, and enough changes of clothes to get you through a day or two. Being a compulsive list maker myself, I downloaded a few lists from Babycenter and other places and looked at reviews on Babycenter and from friends and created a registry and then tried to forget about it (until now when we're trying to really get ready).

For the dry skin - I alternate between Belli belly oil and Burt's Bees massage oil - I'm in the high desert so I needed something more than just lotion. Seems to work pretty well! That and the ridiculous amounts of water you're supposed to drink.

Best of luck to you, and sorry for the novel!

Mar 06, 2013

Hahahaha, fruit basket. Oh, how I wish babies sent fruit baskets...

I love how writing a good to-do list makes everything seem so much more manageable.

Mar 06, 2013


So exciting... I love your crafting and home design blog and was thrilled to learn that you and I are pregnant at the same time. I know. I know. It's weird and stalker-y and really just quite tragic that this should make me squeal with joy, but there you go.

Now. The dry skin thing. Go and get some Johnson's baby oil, a vat of it, and after your shower or bath, when you are still fairly damp, slather it on. Hang about while it sinks in and you are good to go. Cheap and it works very well. I am the original Lizard Lady and this is my 3rd time up at bat so I know of what I speak!

Alicia C.
Mar 07, 2013

I felt the baby move at 19 weeks too. It didnt feel like bubbles to me, more like a fish swimming through viscous liquid. It was another week or so before i felt him again so dont worry about that. I ended up using body oil because lotion wasn't cutting it for the dry skin. Good luck! By the way, have you read scarymommy.com? It's hysterical and has some good insights. So does pregnantchicken.com (read her "best of" page.

Mar 07, 2013

I had the same sleep problems when I was pregnant, with multiple bathroom breaks and having a hard time falling back asleep. At the same time everybody kept telling me to 'Better catch up on your sleep now because once the baby's here...' winkwink - It made me SO MAD!
And what do you know: I actually DID sleep more and better after my son was born! Sure, there's the night feedings, but those weren't that frequent really (def. not the 5 or 6 times I was getting up before).
So there's hope!
Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!

Mar 07, 2013

Yay! Moving baby! To me it's the most utterly surreal feeling in the world, and I miss it once the babes are on the outside.

Not to get all conflicting advice-y on you, but someone said their baby swam in the coming home outfit--but mine barely fit into his. I sort of had to stuff him in there. SO, maybe pack a few of varying sizes, and don't set your heart on THE outfit? You'll likely have a ton of freaking adorable clothes, so it'll actually be nice to be able to choose a few possibilities.

I concur with those who say you don't need much for a new baby: a car seat, diapers, a bunch of onesies and some socks/ soft pants/ pajamas (you will be given clothes, and won't be able to help buying them anyway due to the cuteness), swaddling blankets (the big muslin ones), a bassinet or crib, maybe a bouncy seat (I recommend the Baby Bjorn one), maybe a stroller. We knew we'd be moving overseas after baby #1, so we stuck with the above items. Our "nursery" consisted of a pack-n-play (with built in bassinet and changing table) in the corner of our room. And I kind of loved it that way.

You'll probably want more than that, but don't stress too much about having ALL the things. Your baby will let you know what he or she needs.

Mar 07, 2013

Congrats! As for your skin, straight olive oil or sesame oil should do the trick. I was having terrible problems with dryness before the Dr. Google (and later my actual doctor) recommended these:)

Mar 07, 2013

So excellent all around!! A bit of a plug here from a mom of two little ones, but don't be fooled by the title and pick up The Dad's Guide to Pregnancy. It's not just for dads, and it's beyond helpful and agrees with pretty much everything everyone said above - it's also not overwhelming in the way a lot of baby planning tools/books/(everything!) can be. BEST OF LUCK and such a fun time.


Mar 07, 2013

If I had it to do over again, I would skip the crib entirely in favor of a real bed in the nursery that can be made co-sleeping-safe, and a nice pack&play crib thingy with a bassinet. By the time kid 1 was 14mo, she was sleeping on a double mattress on the floor in her baby-proofed and gated room.

For baby #2, the very bestest thing was the fisher price rock&play. It is like a portable Moses basket off the floor portable rocking $60 no-batteries sleep magic thing.

We barely decorated a nursery for #1, and #2's room consists entirely of mismatched furniture that didn't fit in elsewhere in the house. It's ok. At first you need boobs, diapers (of whichever variety... Check out modern cloth diapers if you want to, they are aderrrrrable and a fun project and can save you bank and many trips to target.) and a place to sleep, a carseat, a cozy wrap to be carried in, a bunch of those soft muslin blankets, and a few clothes.

Mar 07, 2013

Hm, sounds like you've pretty much got yourself a completely normal pregnancy. My baby kicks with both kids started out like that feeling you get when you drive over a little hill fast. Be thankful that's all it is right now; my son was never bad, but I swear my daughter dislocated a couple ribs. Before you freak out about everything you have to DO, just remember that all babies need for the first couple months is diapers, somewhere to sleep, and boobs. They're actually pretty easy that way.

Mar 07, 2013

We are exactly the same in a lot of ways! I'm due on July 28th (my first too) and so far have had a fairly similar pregnancy. I'm sitting at work right now and my abdomen is totally twitching up a storm. its moving and has been for about a week. I sometimes fear that something must be wrong because I feel too good. Like really good. I don't even feel that tired (never did in the first trimester at all).

I was also wondering what you thought about women or people in general telling a pregnant woman that their belly is HUGE and therefore they MUST be having twins! I for one, would NEVER utter those words to another human being but so far have heard plenty of that. Awesome.

Love these updates, it's even more fun because we are due at the same time!

Margie K
Mar 07, 2013

While my "children" are 28, 25, and 22, I felt the first one move at around 20 weeks, and the second two maybe about 2 weeks earlier at 18 weeks. But yes, at first it's such a faint thing that it's hard to be sure. The first time I was lying really still in the orthodontist's chair (getting my braces removed -- yay!); I think if I hadn't been lying still, doing nothing it might have been a few more days before I noticed it. Of course as the baby gets larger and stronger, it will be MUCH easier to notice.

I think 5 times a night is about right -- or about average. Possibly more as you get later in pregnancy, especially when it "drops," and pushes even more on the bladder. I always took this annoyance as preparation for getting up in the night with the baby, which of course you'll have to do, but maybe not quite so often. I had a relatively easy time getting back to sleep with the first one (I was only about 27 at the time), but the older I got, the harder it got to get back to sleep -- so I was glad I had my children as "young" as I did.

As far as what you need, you're right; you won't truly "need" that much. I'd suggest looking at what Amalah has written regarding lists (you've probably seen her weekly articles at AlphaMom), what you'll need, etc. Remember, you will undoubtedly be showered with gifts from family and friends, and you have plenty of time to get ready. Most of the items you won't need from day one anyway. We put our babies in a bassinet right next to our bed at first, so didn't switch them to a crib in their own room until they were much older (people have different opinions and preferences about this of course). Still, there's no harm in making lists of what you need/want, so that you can register at Target and Babies 'r Us, so those friends and relatives can buy what you prefer.

I haven't read all the comments (yet!), but I agree with Larita regarding all babies need for the first few months.

Mar 07, 2013

Congratulations again Holly! :)
I don't have a baby yet but I think this bassinet/cot/bed is cool! Maybe there is something like it in the US?


Mar 07, 2013

That was totally the baby moving!! Aw, I loved that feeling!

I chose to concentrate on reading a gajillion pregnancy and birthing books, which I was really thankful for during the birth. Whenever I couldn't sleep while I was pregnant, I'd take one of my birthing books to the guest room and read for hours and plan out in my head what I'd do in the situations I read about. It helped calm me a lot.

I wasn't into registering for much but I do love the stroller I researched and painstakingly decided on through the last trimester. Have fun!

Mar 07, 2013

I have just been on holiday and have only just caught up on your last few entries.. needed to delurk to say I have been a long time reader and your announcement brought tears to my eyes! I am 27 weeks pregnant and from the time you start to wonder if it is happening onwards it is just a huge emotional rollercoaster. A big congratulations to you both! I am really looking forward to reading about you discovering what awaits with pregnancy and motherhood, please don't hold back :)

I felt the first movements quite early, but for me they did feel like flutters, or to put it frankly - like I had a lot of gas! When you get the flipping feeling that is just the weirdest thing ever. I am now experiencing my entire belly visibly moving/shifting and constant movement which is bizarre!

Also looking forward to you discovering more and more of the random pregnancy symptoms - google got a work out from me! Who knew so many strange and unexpected things would happen to our bodies? Why did no-one warn me I might grow a moustache and start to drool uncontrollably?

Congratulations again :)

Mar 07, 2013

Pregnancy makes you super dehydrated. So, even though you're peeing 5 times a night, keep drinking that water!! Also I learned the hard way that nursing makes you CRAZY dehydrated. So if you nurse make sure to keep guzzling the water!

Side note: when you find out the sex of the baby, can you please please please share your list of potential baby names? You don't have to say which one you're picking. Or at least maybe the opposite sex's names that you won't be using? :)

Mar 07, 2013

A solution to your dry...ness:
I live in Utah, so I know dry. Especially during the dead of winter when the moisture gets sucked out of you from every pore. This winter was exceptionally bad. I was spending a weekend at my parents house and happened upon a new bottle of Curél, Ultra Healing lotion. I was only there for three days and would use this lotion on my cracked hands a few times a day. By the third day, no more cracked hands! It was a miracle. My boyfriend keeps telling me how soft my hands are. I mean what better complement could I want? For years I have tried lotion after lotion, and nothing worked until now. Also, I haven't used that lotion since I was up at my parents two weeks ago and my hands continue to be soft and healthy. I suggest giving this a try, maybe you can cure your dryness too.
p.s I'm loving the baby posts.

Mar 08, 2013

OK, finally something I can help with - the dry skin! As someone who lived in Minnesota (winter = terribly dry skin) most of her life and who has taken Accutane (Which turns skin into the desert floor! And which was 10x worse than MN winter skin!) my suggestions are:

Eucerin cream- the original greasy, heavy duty stuff. I prefer the stuff in the pump bottle. Right after a shower/bath, before you're completely dry. This is what my entire family uses in the winter, and what every dermatologist I've had recommends.

Jojoba oil - you can get it at TJ's - it soaks in fairly quickly, and I like it especially on my shins and on my face/neck.

Khiel's Creme de Corps - expensive, but it worked better than anything else when my skin was cracking from Accutane. Also, for my hands I used the ultimate strength hand salve. It smells like herbs.

Franca Bollo
Mar 08, 2013

Aw man, you were just a block up from my house. You should have stopped in for a cup of tea (loose leaf).

Mar 10, 2013

I agree with alliey about getting yourself a mattress. In high school, one of my friends sold mattresses so I learned a lot that I stored away in my brain, including the fact that you should replace your mattress every ten years but most people wait longer than that! You spend about 1/3 of your time in bed (if you sleep 8 hours per night) so it's totally worth it.

Re: dry skin - I am totally with you. I used to live in San Diego so when I moved to the Bay Area, my skin went through some shock adjusting to the environment. I looooove lotion and moisturizing products. I can't resist buying them. I figure hey, it's lotion so I'll use it eventually, right? Meanwhile cut to my bathroom shelf stocked with every lotion known to mankind.

The most luxurious moisturizing oil I have tried (and I've tried all of them) is tamanu oil. Make sure it's cold pressed and unrefined. I find it's easiest to apply if you transfer it to a glass bottle with a dropper (which makes me feel like a mad scientist so that's a bonus). I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs online but you can probably find it at Rainbow Grocery in SF or maybe Whole Foods. I think it smells a little nutty and chocolatey which does not hurt.

Argan oil is also awesome and I find my skin absorbs it a little more quickly than tamanu. Argan is super trendy now so lots of makeup brands sell it (at a huge markup) but you can find it at most hippie stores. It has a lighter scent so if your nose is really sensitive to odors now, it might work better for you than tamanu. Just make sure to read the label because like tamanu, you want cold pressed and unrefined.

You can use both argan and tamanu on your body as well as your face, and they're both great for healing scars so they're probably good for stretch marks too. Jojoba and almond oil are also good and easier to find if you need a quick fix.

If you want a more traditional lotion (and I know it can be a bit strange to get used to rubbing oil on yourself), Lush has a lotion called Ro's Argan Conditioner that is amazing. It does have parabens though, if that's something you're avoiding.

I also get an awesome coconut oil lotion online from Tropical Traditions. It's totally natural and coconut oil is really good for your skin. You can also just get straight coconut oil from Trader Joe's and use it as a moisturizer but I wouldn't put it on my face because it can be comedogenic for some people.

I have a coconut oil lip balm that I bought on etsy and it's the best. It moisturizes really well and keeps my lips moisturized for a very long time (unlike the other ones that seem to work and then ten minutes later I have dry chapped lips again). If you're feeling crafty, it's super easy to make. All you need is coconut oil, beeswax, and any essential oil you want to scent it with. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax over low heat (I don't even bother with a pot for this - I just use a metal measuring cup on the burner) then take the mixture off the heat and stir in any essential oil and pour into a little tin or lip balm tube. Voila! Instant DIY lip balm!

Mar 11, 2013

a. I think it was the baby!
b. You really don't need as much as you think you do, and you have plenty of time and a loving family and group of friends that will SHOWER you and Hamish with things
c. Squee! you're really looking pregnant!
d. even though it seems unlikely, really there is no tiredness like pregnancy. I remember thinking the same thing--I'm so tired now and it will only get worse! But it doesn't. You will be tired with a newborn, yes, but pregnancy tiredness is worse.

Sara Mallory
Mar 11, 2013


Mar 13, 2013

I'm at almost 22 weeks, and Hamish has more stuff than our baby at this point! So far we have one blanket (for rolling around on the floor, not wrapping baby up) that my mom saved from when she and I were babies (cute!!); one onesie from my mom's best friend, and one copy of The Cat in the Hat. I just don't even know where to begin, so haven't started yet!
I'm sure everything will get figured out in the next 19+ weeks. I hope!
And I'm feeling my baby move all the time nowadays. he even kicked at the probe last week when my doctor went to listen to the heart! :P

Mar 13, 2013

Oh and no baby dreams for me either! But PLENTY of vivid/weird ones.

patty v
Mar 14, 2013

regular food grade coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, and trader joe's sells it at a very good price. it looks like a jar of shortening but is not greasy at all on the skin. it's worth a try, and if you don't like it you can just use it for cooking!

Mar 18, 2013

I'll second the mention of the book Baby Bargains. Very helpful in figuring out what baby gear you actually want/need, with top picks in multiple price points for each item/section.

May 19, 2016

Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on throhgu.

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