Quick, Let Me Post These Pictures Before They Lose Their Seasonal Relevancy

Happy Christmas Eve! I am here at my parents' house in San Diego, where I have already eaten many dishes from my childhood, shouted out many answers on Jeopardy (if only we could play as a family, we would totally win), and watched Elf, Meet the Parents, and Good Morning Vietnam (we started out with a Christmas theme, as you can see, but it soon deteriorated into Eh, Whatever's On and Won't Distract Me From This Delicious Thing I'm Eating From a Tray on My Lap.) Sure, I have yet to wrap the presents my family will be opening in less than 24 hours, but what does that matter when my sister and I are pretty sure we've made our best Christmas table yet. 

We even fashioned tiny miniature wreaths for the placecards, and I think when you make tiny miniature anything, you can be assured of having far too much time on your hands. Or rather, far too much time on your hands when you'd rather be doing anything but wrapping presents. Why is wrapping presents the going-to-the-gym of the holiday season? It seems like it'd be fun, but it's somehow not. 

Making miniature wreaths, however, is a blast.

Call it the Pinterest effect or call it "well, I've just put in a full day of work and the only thing my brain can handle right now is cutting up a bunch of paper while I zone out in front of a Real Housewives franchise," but I've been really into decorating this year. I had a holiday party in San Francisco before I left to come down here, and although I went way overboard on the merriment and cheer—well, maybe not the merriment and cheer, but definitely the veggies and dip (I put them into individual plastic glasses with a dollop of hummus piped into the bottom, I don't know why, maybe just to see how ridiculous and twee I could be without actually cracking up)—I really liked the way my house ended up looking and now I'm considering leaving my Christmas decorations up year round. 

My sister and her boyfriend were staying with us during the party, and my sister's boyfriend—a big strapping lad of 6"4—made those delicate little doily chains, a task I don't think he anticipated being given when he offered the customary "anything I can do to help?", but which, to his credit, he took in his stride like the polite Southern gentleman he is, even honoring my request not to be addressed as "ma'am" ("do you have another year of school left, Alex?" "Yes, ma'am!") when I told him it was making me feel old. 

Here is the invitation we sent out for our holiday party:

And here is some of the food and drink:

My favorite part of the gathering was the photobooth we set up in my office, using two "party curtains" from Party City and half a roll of aluminum foil.

It resulted in some fairly hilarious pictures, many of which I am sure will come in useful if I ever need to blackmail anyone in the future. 

Tons more pictures here, which I'll leave you to look at while I go and finally wrap these presents. Happy Christmas to you, if you're celebrating Christmas, and happy Monday and Tuesday to you if you're not. Hope you all have a wonderful time with the ones you love best. 

Dec 25, 2012


Dec 25, 2012

Wow! Looks like you and your family will enjoy Christmas! =)

I have never seen small wreaths like that! How cute! I love the dining table set up - nicely done!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Holly & Sean and families! Love the photos, party looks like a blast and your usual fabulously-decorated/themed style for it and for the Christmas table, divine. I got engaged this Christmas Eve so am feeling more festive this December than ever before, yay!

Wacky Mommy
Dec 25, 2012

My daughter asks, Will you please invite us next time? Happy Holly-days!!

Dec 26, 2012


So...where does one buy a tinsel wall like that?

Dec 26, 2012

Hi Holly, your parties always sound like so much fun they make me wish I live in SF so that I can erm, find you and make you my friend just so I can be invited to your parties!

Camels & Chocolate
Dec 26, 2012

Hilarious--we also did a photo booth at our Christmas party this year, after I found the Canon photo printer leftover from our wedding and had a full aquarium of Christmas props I was dying to make use of.

Dec 27, 2012

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with your house!! It's totally my style and it's too gorgeous for words. Happy Christmas! :-)

Dec 27, 2012

Love the DIY photobooth! Did you use a timer or shutter remote or....? I'm thinking about doing something similar for my wedding instead of shelling out all that $$ for one.

Dec 27, 2012

Did you get a chance to visit the Del or Balboa park to see all the pretty decorations?

Thespian Libby
Dec 28, 2012

Yummmm.... Mexicolas!

Jan 03, 2013

You really should go into party planning...

Jul 24, 2013

I came across your tutorial and am so happy I did! Love, love, love your sense of humor! I am hosting a baby shower next week and I plan on using your step by step instructions to make tissue pom poms. Thanks for the laughs!

May 19, 2016

Gözlerim ve içim doldu anlatın kadÄnısűŸra. Sevginin bunca köklüsü ve derinini duyan bir insan kendini ÅŸanslı hissetmeli. Onu tanıyan, tanıma fırsatı bulanlar da elbette )Nergis

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