We Are The Champions

Of all the things that I'd anticipated might be an impediment to my enjoyment of working out first thing in the morning, crying my way through the previous night's Olympic coverage while stuck on a treadmill wasn't one. But the Today Show was playing a reel of Olympic parents watching their kids winning and I didn't have the remote for the overhead TV, so what do you expect? I'm not made of stone! 

My solution was just to run harder, so I'd get sweatier, and then the tears would blend with my face sweat. Genius, huh? (Oh man, do I have regrets about using the phrase "face sweat.") Unfortunately, though, if there's anything more pathetic than someone clearly out of her athletic depth on the treadmill, it's someone clearly out of her athletic depth on the treadmill while CRYING. (Should I start a Tumblr for that? Crying While Exercising? There's already Crying While Eating.)

Honestly, it was a relief when Jamie Oliver came on next to show Matt Lauer how to make an Eton Mess. Except that segment was funny, so then I was laughing, and now I'm pretty sure that my picture is taped to the gym check-in desk with a warning sign next to it. EMOTIONALLY VOLATILE. WATCH THIS ONE CAREFULLY AROUND HEAVY EQUIPMENT. 

Are you watching the Olympics? I'm about as unlikely a fan of organized sports as the next dodgeball-scarred gal with no hand-eye coordination, but I'm finding myself really enjoying them. I mean the shirtless men don't hurt, don't get me wrong—my favorite is swimming, although I swear I only read it for the stories—but I could happily watch any of the events, to be honest. Despite the starter gun at the beginning of the running and swimming races, which gives me stress palpitations for everyone involved, there's something weirdly calming about watching a bunch of very muscly people exert themselves in skimpy clothing while you lounge on your couch in your pajamas and half-heartedly cheer them on. Through mouthfuls of ice cream. Look, I didn't say it was right, I said it was enjoyable. 

Aug 06, 2012

Question is - who are you cheering for?

Aug 06, 2012

I wish I could laugh and point fingers and act like I've never cried while running, but that would make me a liar. And while your fellow runners at the gym are probably watching the same TV program and feeling a little weepy as well, running down the street sobbing with with just some teensy weensy earbuds to point out the fact that you-are-not-crazy-thankyouverymuch-just-listening-to-an-emotional-podcast-of-Vinyl-Cafe-with-Stuart-McLean-and-I'll-thank-you-very-much-not-cross-the-street-when-you-hear-me-huffing-and-sobbing does not exactly make for a mutually supportive environment.

Aug 06, 2012

Try listening to this American life episodes while at the gym. I've been a crying fool so many times.

Aug 06, 2012

I started crying part-way through the opening ceremony and I haven't really stopped since. Confidently expecting a gold medal in heavyweight weeping any day now.

Aug 06, 2012

These Olympics have been really teary for me, too. Although most of mine happens on the bike at the gym, and I just keep mopping my face (sweat AND tears) with my towel and assuming nobody notices.

Aug 06, 2012

I have cried while laying on the couch watching these olympics. It's the first time in a long time since I have really watched them. Of course we have also been calling Lochte a "hornball" around my house. Did you hear what his MOM said? HA! We have been laughing about that and how he is hoping to hook-up while he is there and his grill that he wears. I mean really? But the gymnastics were particularly emotional for me as well. Also, I just completed my first 5K a week ago and almost started crying when I finished. So I know the feeling. I had to hold back so no one thought I was crazy...I mean it wasn't a marathon or anything!

Aug 06, 2012

YES! Just a millions times YES! It's like the video editors have some kind of bet going on who can make the viewers cry the most! Add to that the fact that I'm 7 months pregnant and pretty much a hormonal mess, and it's all over. I might as well host my own little Beaches-Terms of Endearment-Steel Magnolias marathon and invest in Kleenex stock.

And thank god for that Jamie Oliver "Eton Mess" segment! He's just so cute and funny and on top of all that he can cook??? He's the kind of fella I want at my family reunions without a doubt!

Aug 06, 2012

If they would just stop showing the parents watching their kids (usually through laced fingers while crying, I might be able to get through a showing without choking up. I especially enjoyed watching Missy Franklin. Anyone who can understand that fourth at the Olympics is actually amazing, not the end of the world, is refreshing.

Aug 06, 2012

haha! you are too funny! Gyms can be so awkward

Aug 06, 2012

The Opening Ceremony had me at "Jerusalem," but only because I read your blog.

Ah- who am I trying to kid? I have been an Olympic Crier for years. In fact, if there were an Olympic Event for crying at Olympic Events, I'd have more golds than Michael Phelps. I can't get enough-- of the competitions, the hokey back story segments, the proud parents in the stands, good God even the commercials make me weep. The Nike one with the kid who runs from the horizon line to the foreground while we hear about Inner Greatness? I mean come ON.

And don't even get me started on Oscar Pistorius.

Aug 06, 2012

Yup, I'm in medal contention for the Olympic couch potato crown, here - and loving it! Despite not watching any sport (except sometimes netball, cricket and rugby - I'm a Kiwi, how could I not?) during the previous four years, I can't resist the Olympics. I'm getting weepy every time they play Chariots of Fire, regardless of the nationalities of the winners - although extra-especially happy-weepy when NZ or GB are up there, as they have been, often!!

PS I only read the swimming for the stories, too. Also good stories at the diving...

Aug 06, 2012

I was watching synchronized diving the other night at the gym and I realized that while watching diving, my face probably looks like I am passing a kidney stone.

It takes everything in my power not to yell, "OH MY GOD THEY ARE GONNA HIT THEIR HEADS!!!! Oh, no, it's cool guys, they cleared the board. No need to be alarmed" EVERY TIME SOMEONE DIVES.

Also, I don't watch swimming for the stories. I watch to see the hotties in tight spandex. Holla!

Aug 07, 2012

I cried while watching two adorable little twin boys cheer their Mom on as she ran (on some running event) tonight. She said she was running for her kids, proving you can be a mom and have a career, and there they were yelling, "Go, Mommy, Go! GO MOMMY!" Then she came in first place.

With tears welling up in my eyes, I told my husband I may need to meet him in the bedroom, immediately. "Let's get this family started!" But I thought better of it, for now, dried my eyes, and finished my plate of spaghetti. Ahh, maybe we'll be ready by the end of football season.

Aug 07, 2012

I started crying during the Opening ceromony and haven't stopped! The emotion of Team GB doing so well, and it being hosted in my home city makes it all the more powerful. It's on all day in the office, and at home all evening. I feel SO proud to be British & a born Londoner that I well up everytime we win, and I hear GSTQ. The team are doing us so proud! It is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity and I can't believe a lot of people deliberately left town to avoid it!

London is a mixture of eerily empty/full of Olympic revellers, proudly draped in their Nations colours. It's a sight to behold around central London.

I just wish it had been easier for Londoners to get tickets to the Olympic park events. I went to watch some of the road cycling and the Marathon though.

Aug 07, 2012

I'm afraid I've reached that stage of life where I'm just checking the male swimmers' bulge. Who am I kidding, I've always done that.

Which is just another way of saying that I work evening shifts and haven't seen any of the Olympics.

The best thing I heard on the news about it was when the North Korean volleyball team walked off the field because they'd put up the South Korean flag next to their names. HAHAHAHAH! Something tells me that was not exactly accidental.

Aug 07, 2012

I usually sit stone-faced through movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc., but this olympics had be bawling at the opening ceremonies and I haven't stopped yet! Another good sport to watch for the uh, stories, is men's gymnastics. Holy muscles, batman.

Camels & Chocolate
Aug 07, 2012

I cry every time someone wins a medal. Apparently, the Olympics turn me into a pregnant woman.

Aug 07, 2012

Your spam filter stole my comment!

Aug 08, 2012

Yes I love watching the Olympics and feel like bawling about half the time. The other half I attempt to do gymnastics and hurt myself...I hurt both knees and pulled a RIB somehow while trying to do a handstand! I did it tho by golly!!

Aug 08, 2012

We have the sleepingest newborn ever, but we're EXHAUSTED because we stay up too late every night watching the G-D Olympics. While eating ice cream.

Aug 09, 2012

I know! I watch the Olympics at the gym and I know I have groaned aloud a time or two. And what is up with those tear-jerker ads and things? I get sniffly too. Then I feel all pitiful, and have to glance round at my fellow- sufferers hoping they haven't noticed.

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