And Now For Some Other Stuff

Okay, it's getting a little too All Evan Dando All The Time around here, so I think maybe it's time for me to stop. Incidentally, "I think maybe it's time for me to stop" was the very same thing I said out loud a few days ago, when I found myself deep in an Internet wormhole, looking at pictures of Evan Dando's mother's Christmas tree on her Facebook page. I don't know how this happened, honestly. One minute I was watching YouTube videos of acoustic Lemonheads performances, the next I was admiring Mrs Dando's ornaments. (Note to self, Mrs Dando's ornaments would be an awesome band name and/or euphemism for boobs.)

The other day, my friend Alison said to me "I sort of feel like we've got to the stage where he's going to send out a restraining order against you soon. And you'll just frame it and call it a letter from Evan." The sad part is, that is kind of true. I mean, look how great my framed set list looks! ("Next to your bed?" my brother asked on Friday night, scornfully. "Next to my heart," I corrected him.)

I'd have to double-check with HGTV, but a framed restraining order might really complete the tableau. Of course, so would ironing my pillowcases once in a while, but let's not judge. 

And that is all we shall say about Evan Dando forevermore, ooh, apart from a) I have indeed bought tickets for the Boulder show in February, meaning we can all look forward to another cycle of 90s nostalgia and borderline obsessive behaviour three months from now, just as this one is staring to wind down and b) thanks to my last couple of posts, I have, over the last few days, amassed a small posse of like-minded Evan Dando enthusiasts, with whom I have been emailing therapeutically, as though we were an unusual but very committed support group. You know, you read so much about the Internet bringing new mothers together, as they bond together over their shared experiences and form a constructive community, but I would also like to give a shout-out to the Internet for matchmaking us non-mom types as well, and letting us find our (very, very, very specialized) tribes. Someone needs to help you track down the lyrics to that obscure B-side from 1993, right? And I am happy to be that someone. 

Now onto some other stuff! No more Evan Dando until February! Oh wait, just one more thing.

Well, okay, fair enough. Maybe not if it's him. 

I do indeed have a cold, which I woke up with on Saturday morning after hosting a supremely fun party on Friday night (coincidence? Well, obviously! Nothing to do with staying up until 2am, drinking around a campfire in November, clearly.)  By the way, my records show that this is my fourth cold of the year, which seems a little excessive, don't you think? I am not, historically, a particularly "sick" person; I cannot remember the last time I threw up and I have hitherto had the immune system of a.....thing with a very strong immune system—shark? elephant? dinosaur? Wait, if dinosaurs had awesome immune systems they might still be around—so I'm not entirely sure what's going on, only that I have bought a lot of Dayquil in 2011, and I am not pleased. 

I guess if there is a silver lining, though, it's that I'm getting this cold out of the way before we head to South Africa next week. Did your eyes just pop out of your head when you realized how fast that had crept up? Don't worry, mine too. I have been preparing by making many, many, many lists of all the things I need to do before we leave, and also by spending a large amount of money on earth-toned clothing at Old Navy, because I suddenly realized that Sean and I both need "safari wear." Seeing as safari wear is just—I assume, anyway—pants in various hues of khaki, I took advantage of this week's 30% off coupon (it's available on the Old Navy website until Tuesday, FYI) and bought a few things today. This, sadly, has been the most glamorous of my errands so far. Never say never, though: on Tuesday, I'm going to Target to stock up on bug spray and preventive anti-diarrhea meds. Whoooo! Rock and roll all night! Party every day! Live free, die young! (Wait, not that last one. I'm stocking up on the bug spray because I don't want to die young. Of malaria.)  

Hmm, what else? Well, I wanted to thank you all for entering my raffle for the shiny red stand mixer earlier this week—though not as much as Sean would like to thank you, I think, since it has been sitting on our garage floor for the last year, taking up valuable space that could be occupied by another can of primer (WE OWN ALL THE PRIMER IN THE UNIVERSE)—and also to let you know that I have chosen the winner, and she has been notified, so basically, if you have not heard from me, it is not you. Instead, it is Lori! Congratulations, Lori! And to everyone else, thank you so much for participating. 

Finally, is anyone headed to Alt Summit in January? I have the distinct honor of speaking at it this year, which is basically a dream come true—even though they do not have me on the speakers page yet, so I'm hoping it's not just a cruel joke that's being played at my expense—and I will be talking about how we organize our online finds, specifically through the enjoyable time suck that is Pinterest. In the event that any of you are going, does anyone perchance need a roommate? I am perfectly nice, I promise—weird inability to let go of lifelong crush on obscure 90s singer/songwriter notwithstanding—and I will probably only steal one of the mini bottles of shampoo. Wow, I am selling myself so well right now. Quick, who needs me to write them an elevator pitch?

Let me finish here and flee into the arms of the large bottle of Nyquil on my bedside table, but not before bidding you a very happy Daylight Saving Time and joyous putting-the-clocks-back-palooza. You know, the extra hour of sleep sounds like a good idea in theory, but then you get to the evening part and it all goes to hell, right? My cats were yowling for dinner an hour earlier, and as for me, I am three seconds and two inches away from faceplanting into my keyboard. There is no way on earth that it is still only 8:45pm. 

Nov 06, 2011

The framed set list looks awesome! So does your barometer, oops forgot to shout it, I of course mean your BAROMETER. I have been wanting those for ages! I iron nothing. No judgement here re pillow cases. The restraining order made me think of this scene from The Big Bang Theory. I believe the words "an autograph tattoo would be awesome" have passed my lips before, to my other half no less, who thinks I am insane and tacky. But he has a needle phobia, so y'know, it's probably more to with that than my actually being crazy. So yeah, perhaps I should frame something, and keep it "next to my heart"

I would love to be your roommate but alas I am not going mostly because I have no idea what an Alt Summit is, but congrats on being a speaker and living the dream. Unless it is in fact a cruel joke. Then sorry.

Oh how I hate time change, more so when my son (who is autistic) was little. He doesn't like change, team that with the fact I don't like change, it doesn't make for a happy household. This year went fine though, not sure how, but whatever.

ps Congrats Lori!

pps Please try not to die of malaria.

Nov 06, 2011


I just spent a few months in Tanzania, where I lived with a local family and had no access to washing machines. The best dreams I had over there involved me discovering secret laundromats. Washing clothes by hand for 14 weeks makes you really appreciate the spin cycle!!

My safari included tent camping in the Serengeti, where we had hyenas outside the tent (which made me understand why our guide told us to buy a lot of alcohol to take along... if you are tent camping, you will want to do the same). You will definitely want to pack clothing in darker colors, OR plan on wearing lighter colored clothing you may not ever want to wear again, because there is an unbelievable amount of dust! Also, don't forget to take a zoom lens for your camera. And don't worry too much about malaria. I went three months without medication, and one month on a previous trip, and am still alive. :)

I've been following your blog for a few years now. It's so exciting to see you are going to Africa! Have an amazing time.

(Also, watch The Lion King before you go. That is a ridiculous suggestion, but do it anyway. You'll have a whole new appreciation for that movie after you go on a safari!)

Jan Ross
Nov 07, 2011

I'm sure you will be horrified to hear that I had never heard of Evan Dando or the Lemonheads before you started writing about them. But, on a music-related note, my husband friended a girl from high school on Facebook who promptly informed him that he had borrowed a Bread 8-track in 1972 and never returned it. I assume she has just been waiting all these years for him to contact her. Seems like she may have a similar fixation.

Anna Louisa
Nov 07, 2011

I can't wait for the tales and pictures from the South Africa adventure! As someone who got married this summer and used all of her vacation days on the wedding and honeymoon, I might be living vicariously through you a bit :)

Nov 07, 2011

I laughed out loud at ironing pillowcases!!! Do people do that, I never iron so I am not one to ask I am sure but that just seems extreme!!

I aso cannot wait to hear about your South Africa adventure, I was in a non creepy way thinking yesterday hmmmm I wonder when they are going!

Nov 07, 2011

Oooh so excited to hear about South Africa! I agree, yesterday afternoon/evening was the longest ever. I seriously hate this time change business.

Nov 07, 2011

In England, our clocks changed the last weekend of October. It's definitely a bit discombobulating at first.

For a day or two I was all 'but it feels later'!
However within a week you forget all about it.

Although it getting dark by 1630 isn't something I like getting used to. Not at all. Not one bit.

Suzanne Young
Nov 07, 2011

I am so GUILTY of ironing my pillow cases (especially the ones from Target that don't have the super high thread count that I so covet). Dare I say it, when I am really going for it I iron the top sheet too. I am glad I am not the only one that does it. Could others please step forward and admit to this slight foible?

Have a great vacation next week! Looking forward to hearing and seeing all about your adventures!

Nov 07, 2011

I keep waiting, expecting at some point, I'll decide enough is enough and stop watching random YouTube videos. Hasn't happened. It may have gotten worse, even; I've resorted to sending links to select videos to my friends who don't know who Evan Dando is.


Restraining order is obviously a Personal letter from Evan. It's good to have goals.

Nov 08, 2011

I love the idea of a framed restraining order. I kinda want to start stalking someone just to get one.

Nov 08, 2011

Holly, I'm surprised you cannot remember the last time you threw up. I can remember the last time you threw up, because you blogged about it. You were in the ocean. Now do you remember?

Nothing But Bonfires
Nov 08, 2011

Wow, Marcheline, well remembered! You're totally right. I stand corrected (and also impressed.)

Nov 08, 2011

Shout out to all the non-moms! Admittedly, i stopped reading after you stopped talking about Evan, so I have no idea what this post was really about.

But did you hear about this?

HOW LUCKY ARE THESE SEATTLE PEOPLE?! I wanna go so bad, on a whim, but alas, work, life ... and still, i'm thinking maybe this whole "job" and "home ownership" thang is over-rated, and perhaps I should be OUT ON THE ROAD, following Evan's tour, deadhead style.

OK, I, too, am (sort of) coming out of my haze. Until a google alert comes in. Or a pelican mouse update. Or a Tweet. And then I'm sucked in for at least another 12 hours of lost time and ocd behavior. What a strange and wonderful affliction we've contracted!

Wacky Mommy
Nov 08, 2011

You crack me up, lady. Next to your heart, indeed. Yes, Sudafed = speed. i like Allegra mo bettah.

Camels & Chocolate
Nov 09, 2011

YOU FRAMED THE SET LIST. I'm still mulling over that one.

(Also I'm bummed that my return to Northern California is for Snowcial, which also happens to be the weekend of Alt Summit. I was hoping I could talk you and Sean into a ski weekend! Here's a thought: Come to BlissDom the following month and we can celebrate our birthdays!)

Nov 10, 2011

I think it's a bad year for colds. I'm on my second of the season and I, too, "never" get sick. I'm usually disgustingly healthy. Now I'm just disgusted.

Nov 15, 2011

I love you. You make me laugh...

Evan Dando
Jan 09, 2012

Hey there this is Evan Dando . I would love to correspond with you what do you reckon ?

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