Sneak Peek Office Makeover: DIY White Board

Not that I want this to turn into a DIY blog or anything, but can I just show you the super-easy, super-gorgeous, super-functional white board I made for my home office? I'm going to post some photos of the whole room makeover one of these days when I get my act together and finish off the 10% of it that still needs doing—nine of that ten percent is putting things away in drawers, hence the procrastination—but for now, here's a quick look at a little something I made over the weekend. 

When I was first thinking about what I wanted in my home office, a white board was right up there with, you know, a desk. I work best when I'm working from a list, and I work even better when that list is displayed as prominently in front of me as possible. While I love the floor-to-ceiling chalkboard wall I painted in my kitchen, a white board just seemed so much more....officey. And yet all the white boards I came across when I was searching were so unattractive and....well, officey.

So to recap: I wanted an officey thing for my office that didn't look like an officey thing for my office. A challenge!

Thanks to the magic of Pinterest—and my falling into rather a large Pinterest hole for an entire week, mainlining sugar-free Red Bull into the wee hours of the night so that I could frantically keep pinning like Jared Leto's character from Requiem For A Dream, okay that didn't really happen BUT IT FELT LIKE IT—I discovered that you can write on glass with a dry erase marker and it'll wipe right off. (Here's the original post I pinned.)

And that got the little wheels in my brain turning. Of course, they were supposed to be turning on other things at that point—when I'd need to defrost the chicken for dinner, who I needed to email back, how to solve world peace etcetera etcetera—but all I could think about was making my own white board that looked however I wanted. 

So I bought the Ung Drill frame at IKEA—which I have had my eye on for months and months, without ever really knowing what I could do with it—and I spray-painted it turquoise. That is basically the extent of this DIY, I'm afraid. It's really incredibly easy.

(I originally took a couple of photos that had my actual work to-do list on there, and then had a brief panic that I might be spilling company secrets or something, so rewrote it with something a little more vague. Despite this, I still totally forgot to buy cat food.)

I did have a bit of a job finding turquoise spray paint, but I finally found it at Michaels, five minutes before closing, and had to beg the woman in the framing department to open up the metal cage it was kept behind, while simultaneously convincing her that I wasn't going to use it to make meth or tag the local church or whatever it is they suspect nice young ladies pottering around Michaels on a Friday night are going to do with a can of turquoise spray paint. (The brand is Design Master and the shade is Robin Egg, and it is a whopping $6.99 a can, so bring a coupon. Look, I just told you to BUY YOUR SPRAY PAINT WITH A COUPON. Do I seem like the kind of person who'd use spray paint for ill will?)

Once it was dry—I did a coat of spray primer and then almost a whole can's worth of spray paint—I just put the glass back in, turned the grey IKEA backing paper around so it was white, secured the back onto the frame, and hung the whole thing on the wall. I bought a dry erase marker at Walgreen's and made my to-do list that day. And just like the Internet promised, the dry erase maker wipes off the glass like a dream.

See? No more to-do list. Now I'll NEVER remember the cat food.

Dec 18, 2017

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