On The Upside, I'm Not Particularly Scared Of Spiders

I have a decent number of irrational fears---falling asleep and never waking up again; being pushed onto the train tracks by an uhinged stranger at the last second before the train comes; wooden spoons---but at the top of my list of Things That Scare Me, No Matter How Illogical is that I will one day get mixed up with a drug kingpin who wrongly thinks I owe him money.

Let me first state, for the record, that there is no situation in my life, current or otherwise, that would ever lead to me running in the same circles as a drug kingpin. I am as bookish and straitlaced as they come: I get nervous when I accidentally put something that should have been composted into the recycling bin, for goodness sake. I do not know any drug kingpins, nor do I know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who knows any drug kingpins. I live a pretty drug-kingpin-free life, as far as I can tell.

But this doesn't stop me from cringing away from the screen and cowering into my pillow whenever anyone on TV is in the same peril. Like the episode of Friday Night Lights two weeks ago, for instance, when that drug dealer tells Vince he owes him five thousand bucks, or like pretty much any episode of The Wire. My stomach was in knots for the entirety of Pineapple Express, and I think I have been permanently scarred by that 90s movie Go, with Katie Holmes. (Did anyone else in the universe even see that?)

It is such a ridiculous thing to be scared of, particularly when there are far more likely and logical things to fear, but yes, there it is: my name is Holly and I am irrationally scared of getting accidentally mixed up with a drug kingpin who wrongly thinks I owe him money, leaves severed cats' heads on my doorstep with notes reading "NEXT TIME YOURS," and corners me in dark alleyways to tell me I've got until Friday to come up with the cash. Me, in my little house in the not-cool part of San Francisco, with my quinoa in the pantry! 

I cannot be the only one with an irrational fear though, right? Tell me yours and we'll laugh at how ridiculous we both are.

Jun 06, 2011

I'm fairly certain that anytime I drive past a car abandoned on the are of the road (abandoned? Hell, just plain pulled over onto the shoulder PERIOD), it will explode the second I'm even with it. Makes for fun road trips when I am constantly squeenching my shoulders up in anticipation for the expected ball of fire.
And when I pass it safely I STILL have to look in the rear view just to make sure it didn't explode AFTER I went by. Because that could probably kill me too.

Jun 06, 2011

Oh God the typos in that posting. I blame the wine, not any brain damage I've sustained as a result of the imaginary incendiaries littered along our nation's highways.

Jun 06, 2011

I cannot stand walking through those sensors at the entrance of shops. I'm terrified I'm going to set them off (for no reason whatsoever), and that everyone in the place will look at me accusingly. Absolute nightmare material.

Jun 06, 2011

Don't watch the show Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic, then, whatever you do.

Jun 06, 2011

1) I am terrified of flying (seriously, I haven't been in an airplane since 2000 and I KNOW it's a very safe way to travel but bleeehhhhhhhh).
2) I can't bring myself to walk on those grates that cover storm drains, lest I end up at the bottom of a 15 foot hole.
3) Stairs where there are no backs on the stairs, only the flat part (if THAT makes any sense). I always feel like my foot is going to get caught.
4) Small boats, especially canoes because I'm always afraid it's going to tip (to be fair, I did have a bad small boat experience, so at least that one is rooted in reality).

Jun 06, 2011

I have never traveled internationally even once (which makes me very, very different from you), but I am similarly afraid of getting mixed up in drugs except that I'm afraid it'll be something where I'm framed for smuggling and trapped in a third world prison where no one speaks English, like the second Bridget Jones (except I have no Mark Darcy... I mean, my dad's an attorney and would probably help out, but he's just not Colin Firth at the end of the day) or that movie with Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsale (is that her name?) and I want to say Vince Vaughn's in it too, and I think it's called Breakdown Palace? Brokedown Palace? Something along those lines.

I'm also terribly afraid of birds, which some might say is irrational.

Jun 06, 2011

Clowns - 'nff said... creeeepyyyyy

Jun 06, 2011

1. Waking up from a coma and not knowing anyone or just waking up in an alternate reality in which my life is very different. (weird yes, but sometimes after travelling by myself, I have woken up not knowing where I am or, very briefly, who that person in my bed is - very scary).

2. Being arrested for a big crime (e.g., murder) that I didn't commit, with lots of evidence against me.

Jun 06, 2011

I'm sooo good at having irrational fears. they include: falling through the subway grates on the sidewalks in NYC where I live, so this one is a near constant. someone placing an illegal substance in my bag while I'm not looking at an airport and being arrested in a foreign country (can you tell I've seen that 90s Claire Danes movie where she's imprisoned in Thailand) and, my husband's personal favorite, wild animals being loose on the streets. Like tigers and lions. I understand this is near impossible but when I was 17, a bunch of horses got out from the racetrack near my house and I was driving down the highway when half a dozen horses came charging next to me. so suddenly a zoo escape seems possible.

Kate in Ohio
Jun 06, 2011

Squirrels. They are rats with long tails that can run up my leg. They are everywhere here where I live. (shudder).

Twice Five Miles
Jun 06, 2011

I have two. The one that keeps me up at night is a horrible fear of home invasion. So I lie awake, burglar alarm set, mentally rehearsing my moves once I hear the intruders enter the hall. (For the record - first move is to roll out of bed onto the floor, second move is to grab phone and dial 911 then leave it there so they can track my location, third move is to somersault to the wardrobe and grab the baseball bat from it - stashed there for just this purpose. Somersault! In my head I am a very stealthy ninja.)

The second one has to do with those central atriums in most new shopping malls. I CANNOT walk next to the railing. I'm fairly certain that I will somehow fall over, or be pushed over, or take leave of my senses and jump over. I cringe when I get too close.

Despite this I swear I am a very normal and grounded person.

Jun 06, 2011

Being in a store *right* before it's going to close. I get really uncomfortable, and I feel like I have blinders on my eyes as I charge around people with my tunnel vision firmly locked on getting out of the store. I'm not afraid of getting locked in, I just don't like being there before they lock the doors. It's a very weird phobia.

Jun 06, 2011

Sidewalk grates. I avoid them as much as possible, for fear one will give way and I'll fall through.

I'm also afraid of flying, although I still travel quite a bit. Everytime I get a plane though, I swear to myself, if I survive the flight, I'll never leave home again.

Go is an awesome movie.

A Little Coffee
Jun 06, 2011

Oh, I may have already commented to this effect on your wooden spoons post, as my irrational fear is more along the lines of your wooden spoon fear than your drug kingpin fear. So here's mine, and it's really weird: bristles. I can handle them in a few situations, but something about the sound they make when they touch various things (and if you're going to use bristles for their intended purpose, they're going to touch things) just squicks me right out and I. CANNOT. HANDLE. IT. Top of the list of sounds that make me lose my shit:

-when you're putting toothpaste on your toothbrush, if the toothpaste tube actually touches the toothbrush bristles.
-straw brooms sweeping cement surfaces
-those street sweeping vehicles. Gah. Well this is really bristles on cement as well.
-fingers touching toothbrush bristles
-nailbrushes scrubbing fingernails

AWFUL. And no, I have absolutely no idea where this aversion came from. I have never had a terrifying bristle experience. It's strange, I know.

Jun 06, 2011

Mine are almost identical to Twice Five Miles; I am terrified of a house intruder coming in and killing me (this fear always arises in bed, so I imagine that's where it would happen), and I'm afraid of bridges or any other kind of heights with low railings!

Jun 06, 2011

Being shot at through the driver's side window while I'm driving. I live in Maine so not too many drive by shootings...actually, none that I can recall. No clue why I'm afraid of this, but I guess that's why it's an irrational fear!

Jun 06, 2011

Wen I was a kid, my dad had leather gloves lined with rabbit fur. I was terrified of putting my hands inside them. Sometimes, to torture me, my brothers would force them onto my hands, although putting them onto THEIR OWN hands would have been excruciating enough for me.

Jun 06, 2011

Stepha - Band Name! Imaginary Incendiaries!
Jen - the stair fear should not be slipping through them, but rather zombie hands reaching through and grabbing your ankles.

I have too many wierd fears to name...when I was in high school I wouldn't step off the bottom step until I reached around the corner to turn the basement lights on. Somehow that bottom step kept me safe from the monsters down there. I still was afraid, though, that when I went to turn the lights on that there would be a(very hairy, because aren't they all) intruder hiding around the corner that I would hit while trying to turn the lights on.

Jun 06, 2011

I will also advise you not to watch NatGeo's Locked Up Abroad (a show I love) because a travel companion of mine watches it regularly and is now convinced we will be locked up when we go to Patagonia later this year. I keep telling him to remember not to take anything from strangers - no bags, no drugs, no gifts.

As for me, my irrational fear is when I am on high balconies or rooftops (but not mountains for some reason) I feel like I will suddenly throw my keys or phone or something off the top. This was ridiculous when I lived on the third floor of an apartment building that had an outdoor stair and walkway, I was constantly afraid I would have to go down and dig around in the grass for my keys at night.

Jun 06, 2011

I am ALSO afraid of the unhinged stranger on the train platform thing! So much so that my heart races when I have to cross someone in front of the platform edge; maybe they're the unhinged one! This is New York, after all. It doesn't matter if she's wearing Gucci. Cray-cray has money sometimes.

Jun 06, 2011

I am absolutely afraid of accidentally committing a crime that would then cause me to get arrested and put in jail for a very long time/the rest of my life. I can just see myself pleading for my innocence--I didn't know I was committing the crime! I'm a good, law-abiding person!--and being misunderstood and locked away forever.

Jun 06, 2011

I saw Go with my DAD my senior year of high school. I had NO IDEA how drug & sex filled it was going to be!

Jun 06, 2011

I didn't think I had any irrational fears until I started reading this list. Backless stairs! Me, too. And street grates! Oh, yeah. Plus bridges with low railings, and the front-row seats in balconies, and... I think I need to take some deep breaths.

Jun 06, 2011

Is it weird that I loved Go and have seen it numerous times? Scott Wolff as a narc is hilarious! Onto phobias:

Trucks: I have never been in a car accident but have had a few close calls and they all involve trucks. Always speed up when driving next to one and make my husband avoid them at all costs when he is driving. I live in NYC and they are everywhere, so it can make for tense times.

Mirrors: Won't look in one if it is dark(ish) in the room. Who knows what is lurking in there?

Zombies: Went through a bad period where I was watching movies and reading lot's of books on them. This fear has dissapated a bit, but it doesnt take much to get me worried about them attacking. Particularly when I am in the country.

Whew. That felt good to get out!

Jun 06, 2011

Yesyesyes to home invasion fears. And anything apocalyptic. Natural disasters centered over my nondescript town in New England, zombie wars, riots, anything where the law and order of society go right out the window.

Jun 06, 2011

I completely share in the being pushed onto the train tracks one. I honestly cannot board a single train without pushing this thought away, and since I board the train twice each day, that is a lot of thinking about death by train smashing.

I also fear being wrongly accused---and thus imprisoned---for a crime I didn't commit. Any sort of crime, really,there is no discernible theme.

Pretzel Thief
Jun 06, 2011

Wooden spoons, eh?

Well, then, you would have hated the name of my now former blog, Licking the Wooden Spoon.

Yuuuup. Have I just blown your mind now and skeeved you out beyond belief?

I, too, have the "pushed onto train tracks" fear. Gah! Shuddersome!

My other irrational fear is that, while climbing steps, I won't step onto one properly (for instance, I'll only step on with the part that's right above the foot's instep) and I'll "timberrrr!" on down backwards, crack my neck, back and DIE HORRIBLY.


Saw Go, loved Go. Katie Holmes was my girl crush circa her Joey Potter days, I loved Scott Wolf because I was a big Po5 fan back in the day, and...

Oh yeah, there's also the little matter of TIMOTHY OLYPHANT.

That man is a fox.

Jun 06, 2011

OH MY GOD. The wooden spoon. Bane of my kitchen. Also - popsicle sticks. Or if someone bites down on a popsicle with their front teeth. Oh, I get nauseated just thinking about it.

I'm also about as straight-laced as they come, and I'm terrified of being wrongly convicted of a crime I didn't commit; the thought of being in jail and not being able to prove my innocence is the stuff of nightmares!

Jun 06, 2011

I've read way too many mystery novels, and so whenever I take a walk in the woods, or even past an empty lot with lots of high grass, I'm terrified that I'm going to stumble over a dead body. Since, based on the novels I read, this happens a lot, the older I get without it happening to me, the more certain I am that next time I'm in the woods . . .

Jun 06, 2011

When I was younger, I liked to make up nonsense songs to sing while I cleaned house and did homework. The songs never had any point and often contained made-up words that sounded cheery. Well, cheery to me, at least. However, after watching The Dark Crystal, I became terrified that my nonsensical word order was actually a secret combination of utterances, which if sung in the correct order, would unlock an ancient demon of havoc. This is, of course, opposed to an anciet demon of love or unicorns or some other nonthreatening entity. I sure was a fun kid!

Jun 06, 2011

I consider my fear of hornets and wasp irrational. I've run into traffic and almost got hit by a car on multiple occasions because there was a wasp nearby. If I see a hornet, I basically blackout and start running.

Jun 06, 2011

I am irrationally afraid that I will be accused of murdering someone and will have no alibi because even though my husband is here with me, no one will believe my husband, because he HAS to give me an alibi.

Jun 06, 2011

Irrational fears, I have got them. My top two that I have had for as long as I can remember? Being convicted of murder and being put on death row (which for the record, the state in which I live in doesn't even have the death penalty...but I travel!! And I can't even kill a spider. Roam free, little friend). A close second? That the airbag in my car will just spontaneously go off while I am driving. (And yes, I have asked engineer friends many times if this is even possible. No? Well, the bag is in there (with gun powder, no less!) And it could go rouge is all I am saying!)

Jun 06, 2011

(Ha, I just read the comment above mine and it is so good to know that I am not alone! We're all in this together, Tamara!)

Jun 06, 2011

Oh man, you guys, these are such good irrational fears! And actually not all THAT irrational if we're ALL having them, right?

I am totally with you all on the "accidentally being accused of a crime I didn't commit" one -- that's another huge one for me, as well as the "accidentally getting mixed up in some weird drug smuggling while traveling" (also cannot watch Brokedown Palace OR Return to Paradise anymore, both of which deal with that very subject.)

Jun 06, 2011

Ever since I watched the episode of Fringe (last year) where "The Candyman" comes out of your closet in the middle of the night wearing the shiny robber's mask, I have to make sure our bedroom closet is shut tight before I go to bed. You know, because obviously if he's in there he won't be able to get out if I SLIDE it shut! Gah, I'm almost forty years old and I just admitted that I have an irrational fear of closet monsters.

Jun 06, 2011

I'm late to the party, but are you ready? I'm afraid of driving over objects in the road. Not potholes or people or anything reasonable, but like, grocery bags or trash. I'm afraid they will blow my car up, either themselves or by getting sucked into the car's engine. I'm the child of Army vets, I grew up on military bases, my brother is a Marine, and I have read and seen too many books and movies and had too many conversations about IEDs and roadside explosions. That helps it make sense, right?

You have not seen irrational until you watch me swerve to miss an empty plastic grocery bag billowing across the road. I'm getting better, but only slightly. It's freaky, man.

Jun 06, 2011

I love Go. I have it on VHS. :D

I find chickens really creepy. I prefer to not be near them.

Jun 06, 2011

My irrational fear? Being buried alive. You know those stories about coffins with scratch marks on the inside? Yeah. My worst nightmare. I cannot imagine a situation in which this would ever, ever happen to me. Still, though. Still.

Jun 06, 2011

As a kid my fear (lessened a little now that I'm older) was that Jesus or Mary (very specifically those two only) were going to appear to me with a message I had to pass along to mankind (Wow! Self-important much?). Every night I'd finish my prayer with "And, please dear Jesus, don't appear to me". Once I got over that and figured somebody else could take that burden my fear then switched to having ghosts try to communicate with me. I once had a psychic tell me I had very strong psychic tendencies and I was like, "Hmmm. And how do I shut that down completely? SHUT IT DOWN". I can't watch any of those Ghost Hunter shows for fear I'll "open a door" to the other side. So I'm basically scared that a million ghosts are waiting for me to unlock my psychic ability. Yeah, that's rational.

Jun 06, 2011

Oh Procrastomom, I also have to shut the closet door every night before I go to sleep! I'll ask Sean if it's shut properly, he'll say yes, and I will GET OUT OF BED TO CHECK because I need to have done it myself. I'm not even sure what I'm afraid of....there's just a weird sense of foreboding that something "bad" will happen if it's not.

Wow, I am really laying all my neuroses bare here.

Amber Wolf
Jun 06, 2011

Mine is the same as yours basically, except I just am scared that I've committed a crime that I don't know about and therefore when prosecuted I won't be able to prove my innocence. Every time I see a cop I think to myself, "Have I murdered someone and don't know it?!", "Did I rob a bank yesterday on accident?", or "Are these children really mine?".

Yes. Also, my brother has the same exact fear. Except, he thinks that the cops are going to arrest him for all of his overdue movies he left unpaid in LA.

Jenny B
Jun 06, 2011

I have a fear that while I'm driving my car, the tires will fly off and I will proceed to careen off the road and my car will inevitably explode into a ball of fire.

Jun 06, 2011

Oh honey, you asked for it!

A) Clowns. *shudder*
B) Leeches. I live in THE DESERT, but still. Leeches
C) Nothing can hang over the bed while i am sleeping, because of the monster hands under the bed of course.
D) Winding twisty roads, if someone else is driving I am certain we will plummet to our death 'accidentally'

I should stop there.. Heh.

Jun 06, 2011

That my green card will get rejected when I go through airport security and they'll put me in the little windowless room with someone who hasn't showered and doesn't speak english.
Unlikely, but POSSIBLE. That's what makes it scarier.

Also, that I'll find a dead body on the side of the road.


Holly, I have this exact same fear!!! Also, I am terrified of being up on the cathedral catwalk during and earthquake. And of falling while licking my lips, and biting my tongue off. Seriously. What is wrong with me???!?!?!

Jun 06, 2011

Big time I can't go into a pitch black room.... I also have to do the slowly reach my hand around the doorway to find the lightswitch thing!

I also have the train track fear that someone will push me on the track, especially during rush hour on the tube in London!

And also have a mild fear of people opening champagne bottles... some people are just down right untrustworthy when it comes to the grand opening of a new bottle. Cork off. Hit in face. Enough said.

Jun 06, 2011

I found Go totally terrifying (and this is why I watched every episode of Breaking Bad through my fingers...but am still SO.EXCITED. for the new season.), but am not really scared of the drug-kingpins of the world. Every time I get in my car at night however, I have to check the back seat and truck, and then while I'm driving, I'm constantly looking into the rear view mirror, making sure no one's back there ala Scream. I have the chills just thinking about it.

Jun 06, 2011

"being pushed onto the train tracks by an uhinged stranger at the last second before the train comes"

Oh, I have definitely felt this irrational fear! I recently moved and miss the N muni train for it's speediness but not for the (extremely remote) possibility of being shoved to my death into it's oncoming path... Also somewhat similar to this I often get a nervous sensation crossing in front of driveways between a garage door and an idling car...

This morning I was on the bus to work and looked up to see what appeared to be some sort of silent signals going on between the man sitting in front of me and the bus driver (I could see in the rearview mirror) and thought it was strange... then the man took out his cell phone and at the same time an ambulance went by and I was somehow convinced that he was about to remotely blow up the bus so I got off 2 stops early... I don't normally have terrorist phobias, but I do kind of have a fear that I will someday dismiss a random irrational situational fear as crazy when it was really deep-seeded intuition that could have saved my life if I'd listened to it! ...does that sound crazy?

When I was a child I could NOT go underneath a bed, it would freak me out terribly (and force me to find more creative hiding spots for hide-n-seek). Come to think of it, that would probably still freak me out, I do still hate tight spaces, although more so in a lying down or sitting position than standing.

I think the strangest phobia I've had though is another childhood one: one day at the mall with my mom (I was maybe 4 or 5??) we were about to descend to the lower level when I looked down at the escalator and REFUSED to step onto it. I don't remember how exactly we got back down, or how long it took me to get over the fear, but I was terrified of escalators for at least part of my childhood. Thankfully I have recovered from this, although I still like to look down as I CAREFULLY step on (and off) as well as keep a precautionary hand on the railing. Is there a word for Fear of Escalators?? Hm.

I recently read a book about past life regression which suggested that irrational fears may be caused by traumatic experiences/deaths in previous lives (especially the most recent). Not sure I believe in this but it's fascinating to consider! I don't know how many deaths a year are caused by tragic escalator accidents... but who knows, perhaps in a previous life you were in fact framed and left to sleep with the fishes by a cruel drug-lord!

Jun 06, 2011

28 Days Later. That is all. If you have not seen the movie, then DO NOT. I couldn't even make it through to the end but what I saw? HAUNTS ME. I cannot peer through blinds for the fear that some rage-crazed government-created zombie is waiting on the other side to eat my face. ::shudder::

Jun 06, 2011

"Every time I get in my car at night however, I have to check the back seat and truck"

Katrina, I do this too!! I think my fear stems from that urban legend about the car behind someone who kept flashing their lights and freaking them out and turns out they were doing it b/c there was someone in the backseat with a knife or something...? I have to turn on all the inside car lights and bend down to check under the back seats too... not really sure what could be hiding back there but I guess that's why it's irrational... lol

Thought of another one too: you know those weird dreams where you're in some sort of bizarro alternate reality where you're in your house with your family/roommates/significant other but everything's just sort of OFF and leaves you with a really creepy uneasy feeling...? Well, my irrational fear is waking up from one of those dreams and everything's STILL all effed up. Like "oh honey, I just had the STRANGEST dream"... *rolls over and Bizarro-boyfriend is staring her in the face* "AHHHHHHHH!!!!". I've definitely "woken up" from one of these into another Bizarro dream world (dream within a dream, weird!!) so I've sort of gotten the effect and it is FREAKY. And then when I really do wake up I have to look suspiciously around the room to make sure everything looks right and have to brace myself to look anyone in the face!

Jun 06, 2011

Have you seen Locked Up Abroad? I always have similar fears after watching that show. It makes it seem like you could easily get mixed up with a drug kingpin when traveling abroad.

Anna K
Jun 06, 2011

Being skinned alive. Particularly, being tied to a chair and skinned alive with a live video link to my loved ones. I must be held hostage in this fear. I have never been in any sort of situation that would conceivably end this way. I must have seen a film when I was younger...

Emma Denny
Jun 06, 2011

OK an avid reader but never posted on here before! my irrational fear is getting in my car at night - I'm always terrified that there is someone hiding in the back and they will grab me round the neck as I drive off. Trouble is I'm too scared to check the back when I get in so I just spend the whole drive absolutely terrified!

Jun 06, 2011

I have a horrific fear (that involves tears and panic attacks) of having my blood drawn or receiving a medical inoculation. I have plenty of tattoos but the second blood needs to be drawn someone better hold me down, or I'm running right our the hospital doors.

Jun 06, 2011

Ha. We *own* "Go."

Reading (and chickens)
Jun 06, 2011

I have the most embarrassing irrational fear. Even though I am not remotely the type of person to believe crazypants fundamentalists, whenever a cult declares the End Times, I think, "WHAT IF THEY WERE RIGHT AND I DIDN'T EVEN ORGANIZE MY SPICE CUPBOARD HOW I WANTED?" Do you know how relieved I was to wake up on May 22nd, and then I made a joke to my husband, like "oh ha ha, I can't believe people thought the world would end, so silly!" as if that's what I thought the whole time.

See, drug kingpin scenario looks pretty normal compared to that.

Reading (and chickens)
Jun 06, 2011

I'm always scared of "End Times," like May 21st. I KNOW, I KNOW. It makes no sense, I don't share anything in common with those type of people and YET, how glad was I for May 22nd? Very.

See, drug kingpin scenario seems pretty good, right?

Jun 06, 2011

I keep a running list of these sorts of things. Somehow it feels comforting to have them written down. A few of the ones that are not scientifically impossible are:

1. Sidewalk grates and, similarly, being on an elevator when the cable snaps.

2. Being in a car going under an overpass just as someone jumps off of the overpass and lands on the car.

3. Getting knocked in front of an oncoming bus at the bus stop.

There are also all of the single girl living alone ones--being in the shower and seeing the bathroom doorknob slowly turn, sleeping in my bedroom and hearing the sliding glass door open and someone in the living room whispering my name...it's sort of a wonder I manage to ever sleep at all.

Jun 06, 2011

I have "Go" on DVD. Great movie! I'm horribly afraid of spiders, but since I once lived through a hobo spider "infestation" - OMG - I don't consider that an "irrational" fear. I am always afraid I'm going to going to choke to death when I'm eating alone. I've had this fear since childhood, and once when I was eight, I refused to eat for a solid week, or even swallow my own saliva!

Jun 06, 2011

That someone sitting in an exit row of a plane, is going to open the door of the aircraft and everyone is going to be sucked out. Every single flight, I suss people out sitting in those seats and wonder if they are "stable"! All is takes is one pull down. Arghhhhh!

Jun 06, 2011

I canNOT stand next to my bed at night. Like when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I have to sit with my feet tucked up to drink my water. I'm afraid there is something under the bed, monster, zombie, cat, whatever. Sometimes hits me in the day too. And I like cats.

Jun 06, 2011

I have a fish phobia. Seriously.

Jun 06, 2011

My irrational fear relates to little holes. not pinholes from nails in walls, but holes big enough for bugs and spiders to pop out of. Even those dried flowers with the huge holes that look like honeycombs on a stick? *shudder*

I blame it all on the nature show I watched as a kid that discussed trap-door spiders.


Jun 06, 2011

I have many irrational fears, but two that are more intense than others.

1. I am afraid that I will run over someone while driving and not notice.

2. I am afraid that a serial killer will be in my basement just waiting for me to come down and do laundry, and he'll pop out and strike just as I turn on the washer since he knows that I won't hear him because the noise of the water easily drowns out the noise of footsteps.

Jun 06, 2011

metal measuring tapes!

Jun 06, 2011

1. Electric windows in cars. What happens if you crash into a body of water? Electric windows will short out and then you are stuck until the whole car is full and you've sunk very far.

2. Something will happen to me (ie: fall down stairs and lose conciousness) while I am home alone with my 2 young children and no one will know until my husband gets home from work. My fear is more for them than me.

Franca Bollo
Jun 06, 2011

Oh, just a minor one ... being buried alive in a box. Nothing starts spontaneous sweating like the thought of that. And it's thanks to a Dutch movie whose name I cannot remember (probably a good thing). There was an American remake with Sandra Bullock, long long ago. I think.

Franca Bollo
Jun 06, 2011

FYI, "The Vanishing". I saw the Dutch original. <>

Jun 06, 2011

I am absolutely terrified of abandoned houses with the front doors open. Just driving by scares me so bad it makes my shins hurt, which is also really ridiculous. And I live in the Ozarks, so guess how many abandoned houses I see in a week. Many.

Jun 06, 2011

Jenn (comment #5) I have three of the same fears - the sidewalk grates, the backless stairs (there is definitely a split between sliding through them and crashing to my death and/ or something creepy reaching through and grabbing me), and the canoes. No thanks. Ever. I also have a ridiculous fear of mirrors in dark rooms -- in elementary school someone told me if I looked into a dark mirror and said "Bloody Mary" three times, some horrific creature would materialize, come out of the mirror, and get me. If I have to go into the bathroom at night, some part of my mind starts to say "Bloody Mary" even as the rest of me is practically screaming "STOP STOP!" I either have to turn on the light or, more often, just get out of the room. I don't want to be there if I've accidentally gotten the ball rolling and can't stop the creature from getting me!

Jun 06, 2011


1. clowns. SCARY.
2. irrational fear of being beheaded/sharp things against my neck. think it comes from my love of period films. but still. SO random.

Jun 06, 2011

I have Emma (#43)'s car one for sure. Also, clowns, definitely.
I also have a weird fear of driving under freeway overpasses. I am afraid that an earthquake will hit at that exact moment (I live in Southern California! Totally could happen!!), the overpass will collapse and I will be squashed like a bug.

My sister has an irrational fear of sea mammals! I'm not talking orcas, either...like, whales that only eat plankton!

Jun 06, 2011

I'm afraid to read any of these other comments for fear that then I'll start thinking about them and then have MORE irrational fears! Holly, you are funny! : )

Bailie Marie
Jun 06, 2011

Mine is being pushed off a cliff, when I went to the Grand Canyon I never even got close enough to really see the actual canyon part!

Jun 06, 2011

Go was my favorite movie during my raver faze. Oh yes, there was a faze.

Jun 06, 2011

I'm afraid that I'm going to get in trouble with the police. It's completely irrational I've never even had a parking ticket and I've never been to the principal's office.
Also afraid of mice and rats being in my house. Outside I've seen them and nothing no reaction, in my house they have crossed over into my space and I can't handle it at all.

Jun 06, 2011

loved go! saw it, owned it (on vhs), even recommended it to a coworker a couple of weeks ago!

Jun 06, 2011

There is a Porta Potty right near where I go jogging, It is sort of in an isolated area. And every time I open the door to use the portapotty, I am SURE that there will be dead person in there. Sort of slumped over on the seat. And the body will fall out on me when I open the door. Ughh.

But me and my stupid teeny tiny bladder. I have to pee EVERY time I jog there!

Jun 07, 2011

I have several irrational fears. The past year it was that I would accidentally write a prescription of tylenol that was too high of a dose and result in that person going to the ER with liver failure. Prior to that, I lived in constant fear of a pilot with a heart attack mid-air. Actually, I still have that fear. Too bad I'm flying again next week :(

Jun 07, 2011

I loved re-reading these and realizing I'm not the only one with fears of monsters/killers in your house/closet/basement/under-the-bed. I also have panic attacks if I'm left in the deep end of the pool alone (obviously I can barely handle the vastness of the ocean). How do we all possibly survive in society? haha!

Jun 07, 2011

Oh, and! I'm always afraid I'm going to trip, land face-first, and break/knock out my teeth, Bridget-Moynahan-in S&TC-style.

Jun 07, 2011


Jun 07, 2011

I'm terrified to go into a store or bank when the armored money truck is outside. I know, I KNOW, that I have stumbled into a months-long international scheme to rob the truck and that any second, armed hoodlums will burst out of hiding, gunning down anyone in their path, to steal the money. And because I just HAD to go to Target for paper towels and socks that morning, I'll end up bleeding out in a parking lot.

Kristin H
Jun 07, 2011

Being tortured. I constantly see things in everyday life and think about ways that people have used them to torture others. Like, you know the meat slicer in a deli? That shaves off thin slices of meat? I won't go into any more detail about that. All the time with the torturing in my mind.

Jun 07, 2011

1. Opening my eyes after washing my hair in the shower and finding an intruder standing in the bathroom.

2. Opening my eyes in the middle of the night and finding an intruder standing at the foot of my bed. While my husband snores on.

(The two above are most likely exacerbated by the fact that I can't see without glasses/contacts and I don't sleep or shower with them on/in. Not seeing well makes one feel defenseless.)

3. Someone coming out from the dark and clobbering me while I am opening the front door when I get home every night from work. (I do have my glasses/lenses on for this activity, but must focus my attention on the doorknob to get the key in for those FEW CRUCIAL SECONDS.)


If we were in a scary movie, everyone that posted their fears would start disappearing one by one, and soon (horror!) Holly would have no one commenting on her blog. 8-)

Jun 07, 2011

i am afraid of birds and clowns in general terms- both due to tragic childhood experiences.

when i was a little girl i was visiting my uncle's dairy farm and a rooster chased me around for some time before my screams were heard. big birds have terrified me ever since.

similarly, when the circus came to town a few years later, i entered a coloring contest and won. when you win a coloring contest at the circus (in the 80's, probably not so much now) a gross and creepy clown comes over when they call your name and takes you away from your parents to pick up your prize.

f***ing terrifying.

Jun 07, 2011

Ooooh! I have a bunch. Some of them have been mentioned
1. Mirrors at night. Ugh. It started when I was a little kid, probably about 9 or 10, and I got the idea that the reflection on the other side of the mirror was the "evil" me. I thought there was a whole dark/evil side existing on the other side of the mirror, and I might get dragged in at night. Shivers! I can't deal with big mirrors at night -- like in a hotel room that has mirrored closet doors or something -- yikes! I have to cover them up.
2. Falling down a stairwell (especially concrete stairs) and breaking out all of my teeth. Actually, anything that involves breaking my teeth, but stairs are the worst.
3. I have the same fear as some above about automatic car windows. I have a friend from Norway, and she told me that when she learned how to break out of your car if you crash into the ocean while driving in the fjords. After that, I could not fathom why automatic car windows don't have a manual override. Freaks me out! I have a special hammer/cutter tool in my driver side door pocket just in case, and have studied how to get out of the car if this happens!
4. Driving off a bridge -- if I go across a long bridge, I have an irrational fear that I am going to just drive off into the water. Similar things with high balconies, etc. I am not scared of heights, really, just concerned about accidentally throwing myself off of them.
5. Regarding the textures and sounds issues -- I understand ALL of the strong reactions to textures and sounds. I can feel the uneasiness in my body, a shiver down my back, and I can FEEL it in my TEETH -- makes my skin crawl -- I don't have an issue with a lot of the items mentioned (wooden spoons, cotton, etc), but just hearing the descriptions made my senses go nuts. Mine are metal on metal, forks on plates, nails on a chalkboard, etc.


Jun 08, 2011

Oh God, I'm terrified of a home invasion! Just last night our dogs were barking like crazy at something outside and I got so spooked that I made my fiance go check outside to see what was out there. And that's pretty much a weekly thing. I'm scared of the dark and even in my OWN HOUSE, the only house I have EVER lived in, I will still RUN down the hallway because it feels like someone's watching me from behind. To this day, I can not sit on my bed and let my feet dangle over the edge or sleep with any of my limbs hanging off the bed in case something under there wants to reach up and grab me.

As far as sounds, I abhor (I mean, ABHOR) the sound of things rubbing on carpet or a soft rug or whatever. Bare feet, socked feet, GAH IT'S FREAKING ME OUT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. I also can't stand when dry skin (like dry hands) meet something soft like this huge dust mitt thing I have to clean the shelves. The way it sounds when I slide my hand in it is enough to make me go cross-eyed.


Jun 08, 2011

I have this total irrational fear about tissues. Like it's okay if you have a cold, go ahead and use them. But do not put them against your teeth (I hate the squeaky sound it makes) and DO NOT rub it between your fingers. I don't know why that squeaking sound makes me cringe. I have the same sort of fear in regards to cotton balls. Do not rub them together unless you want me to run screaming from the room. My husband laughs but I can't help it.

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