Home And My Range: Part One

Imagine, if you will, someone asking you if you would like a new stove. Imagine you are in a car in the middle of Montana, on a road trip with your onetime boss and you have already played every car game known to man. Imagine that you have not had cellphone service for 24 hours---which, let's face it, feels like two weeks now that we've all got the Internet on our phones and can check Twitter while buying a pair of shoes and renewing our library books---and imagine, most of all, that you are in the middle of a kitchen renovation, the crux of which will happen next week and likely involve a surplus of alcohol and a lack of floor. Imagine all this and then imagine opening an email with the subject line "Would you like a new stove?"

Click to read more. Here's a hint: would YOU like a new stove?

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