Extreme Makeover! What Color Should I Paint My Bedroom?

One of the things that’s been so thrilling about moving into our own house---apart from the fact that we can finally justify buying one of those awesome metal tape measures; you know, the kind that you can pull out really far and then snap back with a satisfying zhhhhhrppppp---is the knowledge that we can paint the walls any color we like. Sure, we painted a couple of rooms in our old apartment, but they were safe, small spaces---the bathroom, the hallway---that we could whitewash back to rent-friendly conditions the weekend before we moved out.

Our new house is, quite literally, a blank canvas---and I mean a really, really blank canvas: every single room is white---and we’re itching to get started on livening it up. Of utmost importance is the bedroom. The rest of the house might be in chaos as we struggle to organize and unpack, but in order to maintain my sanity, I need the bedroom to feel like…well, kind of like a hotel room.

Want to see the "before" of my bedroom and help with the "after"? Click here to read on.

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