Lights, Camera, Action

We spent all weekend doing DIY-type stuff at the new house during the day and packing up the old apartment at night, and right now I am typing this with hands that I'm quite certain are broken, or at the very least sprained. At the very, very least, they're entirely covered with paint, so much so that you almost can't see my skin beneath them, and that's a very attractive look, I assure you, so let's all hope I don't have a important meeting tomorrow that I've forgotten about because if so, I'm going to have to wear gloves at the office. Indoors. In June.

Anyway! Here's the video I shot last week in Oklahoma, when my hands were neither broken nor sprained nor spattered with paint (and good thing too, since we've all seen how much I use them to talk.) I haven't watched this yet, so I've no idea what ridiculous things I might have said on camera, or if that cardigan and that necklace really even go together properly (I sort of just threw the latter on at the last minute when my Lack Of Turquoise alarm went off, so that might have been a bit of a risk, who knows? I like to live dangerously, obviously), but I hope you have three minutes to watch it anyway, because it was a lot of fun to make.

Huge thanks to Ree for hosting us at her gorgeous home, to Jenny for looking after us and baking us quiche, and to Karen for being a breeze to talk to under hot studio lights. And to you, lovely readers, for giving me lots of anecdotes over the last few weeks that I was able to use as conversational fodder as we filmed. If my hands weren't (probably) sprained and (definitely) paint-spattered, I would totally give you a high five.

Jun 21, 2010

Great video, and I think your cardi and turquoise necklace look great together! :)

By the way, I live in Oklahoma (obv by my "name"), but not on a ranch with wild horses...

Jun 21, 2010

I would have to agree with Melissa in regards to the sweater/turquoise combo. Maybe a pair of turquoise gloves could be useful to you in the coming weeks?

Jun 21, 2010

Adorable video. I was surprised it was over so quickly.

Another thumbs up for the combo and those shoes look amazing. Painful, but amazing.

Sarah Franklin
Jun 21, 2010

Great video, although I have to say I was distracted away from the turquoise issue by trying to decide which of your words sounded English and which American. Total mid-Atlantic mash-up, dude, with a REALLY English 'costume'. Fun to listen to!

Funnily enough, Karen was sounding somewhat English too which confused me until I remembered her English husband. Ah, the joys of global love and multiple uses of the word 'quite'.

Jun 21, 2010

You did a great job, Holly. And the first thing I noticed was the necklace paired with the cardi, and I just love it. So, you know, if you're not thrilled, you can just pop it all in the mail and I'll take care of it for you ;)

Jun 21, 2010

Love the pink cardigan/turquoise necklace combo. Of course I'm partial to turquoise jewelry living in Arizona!

Good luck on the moving...I'm so impressed you're painting, we've lived in our house 2 1/2 years and the walls are still "builder beige."

Great video!

Jun 21, 2010

Fun video! I love the cami/necklace combo, but I love the pointy, pink shoes even more!

Jun 21, 2010

What great fun to see and hear my favorite bloggers chatting with one another.Lovely!You did a wonderful job. But the session was a little brief. I hope that future conversations will be given a bit more time to flow.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jun 21, 2010

Thanks, C! We actually chatted for hours, but they had to edit the footage down to only three minutes, which was kind of a shame.

Jun 22, 2010

This year is my 5th wedding anniversary, I gave my husband cedar wood planks for grilling fish :) so I knew that answer!

Karen Travels
Jun 22, 2010

I am sooo glad you did the because it led me to finding your highly amusing blog! I love finding new amusing blogs!!! Your's is great!

Jun 22, 2010

Very cute video. Great group of bloggers to see interacting with one another. (Macy's? Blogher? needs to cut it out with the annoying pop-up sound though. Geesh.)

Your accent is so much stronger than I would've expected, as long as you've lived here.

Jun 22, 2010

I loved it! My favorite part is FINALLY hearing your accent...I love how your "About" page said that your blog should be read with a British accent, and now I know *exactly* how it should sound in my head when I read it.

Also, loved your pink heels.

Jun 22, 2010

I dont know why but i always thought you have this husky, Miley Cyrus kinda voice but with the British accent.. I'm surprised that you have this sweet adorable voice instead! hehe..

Jun 24, 2010

Great video. I dig the turquoise choice! I always forget you have a British accent. I need to rewire the voice that represents you when I am reading your blog.

Jun 24, 2010

How fun! I, too, wish it was longer! And I was glad to hear your voice, since there are so many different kinds of British accents, you never quite know what to expect. Yours sounds just like my brother-in-law's (who was sort of international like you). Perhaps it's the sound of the British boarding school. :)

Jun 24, 2010

what did I do wrong? I'm a bit late here and the video is of Ree talking to someone who is not you about shoes . . . now I'm off to investigate to see if I can find your video :(

Jun 24, 2010

This is my favorite video of the series. largely b/c you and Karen. The pink was a great choice!

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Jul 02, 2010

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