Putting It All Together: A Night Out And A Day In

I like to wear clothes. This is no secret. I also like to buy clothes and, in addition to buying clothes, I also like to talk about clothes. I'm hoping that you like to talk about clothes too, and if you don't like to talk about clothes, well, that's cool, you can feel free to sit this one out if you want and I'll come get you when my husband is doing another mustachioed photo shoot or I remember yet another thing I still wanted to tell you about my wedding.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to be part of a new BlogHer project called Putting It All Together; it's basically a collaborative video series wherein Some Ladies From The Internet talk about what works for them---from lifestyle to personal style---with input from you. (Yes, you! You, right there. I see you. You're eating that turkey sandwich at your desk. Careful, your boss is coming up right behind you. Switch over to that Excel spreadsheet in 3...2...1....)

Anyway, I say no to a lot of extra "projects"---whoever wants blogging to feel like homework, right? I just want to write about my feeeeeeeeelings, man---but this one sounded pretty fun. Besides, by the time I shoot the video I'm hosting, I'll have just got back from a trip to London---home of Cadburys chocolate, deliciously sharp cheddar, and my grandma's apple crumble---and I thought it might be a hilarious little experiment to see if the camera really does add ten pounds, because if it does, then at least I'll totally have a watertight alibi.

Wait, what's that now? Did I say I was going to be hosting a video?

Indeed I am. I'm going to be hosting a video and it's going to be shot at the home of Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, aka The Woman Who Is Responsible For Peach Crisp With Maple Cream Sauce Oh My God How Good Does That Sound? As part of the Putting It All Together series, the five of us----Susan, Sheila, Rhoda, Ree, and moi (I actually wrote "me" first but it rhymed with "Ree" and sounded like I was trying to write some weird slam poetry between these emdashes)---will be filming at Ree's ranch in Oklahoma over the next few months. The topics we cover will range in scope, but we'll be asking for your best advice and funniest stories, and featuring them in each video. I'll be your host in June, which means you'll hear a whole lot more from me then. For now, however, I'd just like to talk about clothes.


When I worked for a magazine in Charleston, I wore heels to work every day. Let me clarify that: I wore heels to work every day. (Remember that preposition. It's going to come in handy later.) This was because a) I worked in an office that was mainly comprised of pretty young women and pretty young women like admiring the shoes of other pretty young women, and b) I drove to work every day, meaning those four-inch pointy stilettos only had to totter out of the front door and into the office, for a total of about six and a half steps.

Now I work in San Francisco, where I have a 20-minute walk to work in the mornings and a 23-minute walk home. (It's uphill that way, you see. Give a girl a break.) Unfortunately for me, I still like shoes. More to the point, I still like heels. Call me crazy, but I don't feel like an office outfit is put together until I'm rocking something sharp and pointy on my feet, which is silly, because my office has a pretty relaxed dress code and I could probably get away with Crocs if I wanted to. (I said if I wanted to. Too bad I would never want to.) What this means is that I walk to work in either a pair of thousand-year-old Pumas I've had since my first year of college or some cute (but awfully unsupportive) flats, then change into a pair of heels when I get to the office. As a result, the area under my desk resembles the shoe department at Barneys---oh alright then, at Marshalls---with no fewer than ten pairs of heels lined up in my cube. As you would imagine, I take quite a lot of heat for this. On the upside, however, I could probably run a library of shoes if I ever wanted to.

It's okay. I can quit at any time.

My question to you, however, is this: do you wear heels every day? Do you wear heels any day? If you walk to work, do you rock the sneakers and change when you get to the office or do you have some cute and functional flats I don't know about that are good for walking and looking decent with a dress? If you do, can you tell me about them? Or better yet, FedEx them to me? 


There's a joke in San Francisco that goes something like this: oh, you're going out for a super fancy anniversary dinner? Well, you must be wearing your nice jeans.

The thing is, no-one gets super fancy and gussied up here much, or if they do, then I'm not hanging out in the right circles. My evening look---and I mean my going out evening look, not my general evening look, which is the Target sweatpants and t-shirt I'm wearing now as I'm sprawled out on the couch writing this post---is based mostly around accessories. Large pair of dangly earrings from H&M? Those bad boys will perk you up right quick, and by "perk you up," I mean "make you look a little fancier than you're feeling." These are my current faves, and if I had a penny for everyone who's stopped me and asked "whoa....are those....some kind of....coral?", well, I'd be able to buy another pair of six-dollar-totally-not-coral earrings immediately. MAYBE EVEN TWO.

Anyway, you can't just wear a pair of dangly earrings for an evening out---well, you can, but your evening out will probably end up being an evening in, by which I mean in jail---so it certainly doesn't hurt to have a pretty dress on standby, because nothing says I'm Going Out! like a pretty dress.

I have two current favorites. There is The Silky Green One:

I'd say "I'm the one in the green dress!" but I could just as easily say "I'm the one who's not blonde!" Who knew all my friends were blonde?

And there is The Ruffly Grey One:

Be careful. This one kind of makes you look like a zombie.

For extra special occasions---like, say, your 30th birthday---I also highly recommend wearing a Betty Draper-esque skirt:

Might not recommend the giant helium balloon, though, as a perfect evening accessory. Particularly if you're going to the movies.

But what about you? What do you typically wear for an evening out? Do you have a favorite new piece that you insist I buy right now? You'd better be able to link to it, you cruel tease. If I fall in love with a one-of-a-kind necklace you had custom-made on your trip to Uzbekistan three years ago, I'm coming after you.


Mar 16, 2010

Hey Holly, for portable, functional flats, you might want to check these out: http://www.rollies.sg/


Mar 16, 2010

Glad I followed that link, 'cause I was seriously concerned Michelle was suggesting you get those shoes with wheels in them the punk kids fly around the mall on!

So these are not the cutest ever, but they are not hideous and are comfy for a walk to work. If you feel comfortable rocking the Lands End, which I honestly only do on occasion.

Mar 16, 2010

Love the Pioneer Woman! Can't wait to see what ya'll put together. I wear heels pretty much every day and drive to work so I do not have to do the ole sneaker with pantyhose look...luckily.

Mar 16, 2010

So, about 7 months ago I had back surgery (thank you, first-born son...) and have been fighting this battle ever since the dreaded words came out of my doctor's mouth... "I think you better lay off the heels..."
I have spent COUNTLESS hours at all manner of shoe emporium trying to find the elusive sexy flat. Verdict: Does. Not. Exist. I bought a couple of pairs of kitten heels for the office, but it just isn't the same. But, my favorite 4 inchers cause serious pain.
As for daytime (when I am not at job-job, I am at mom-job) I spend my time trying to put together Stacy and Clinton's perfect "mom on the go" outfit. At home, it is all sweats all the time.

Mar 16, 2010

I just bought this tank dress from Target, and am passionately in love with it.


Pieces Of My Life
Mar 16, 2010

I work (write) from home, so at this point my wardrobe consists solely of:
Four pairs of Old Navy gray sweatpants!!
Plaid flannel PJ's from JC Penney!!
Three Gap t-shirts!!
An EMT fleece sweatshirt!!
Several scrunchies in coordinating colors!!!!

But when I go out, I do try to tie it all together by throwing on a lovely pair of blue Nikes, and slicking on a coat of cherry Chapstick.

Mar 16, 2010

I walk to work every day and the commute is at least 20 minutes. I can't do high heels for a 20-minute walk. In the winter (in Chicago) I wear my snow boots and take cute flats or heels to change to when I get to work. In the summer I mainly wear flats. They aren't terribly comfortable or supportive but I can walk 20 minutes in them, which is the most important thing. I think if I drove every day I'd be much more likely to wear fabulous heels.

Operation Pink Herring
Mar 16, 2010

I walk/bike to work and I rock the waitress look for my commute: running shoes (if I'm going to the gym that day) or Privos (if I'm not) with my work outfit. I change into one of the twenty or so pairs of shoes I keep under my desk when I get in. Oh, how I wish I could wear heels. They just hurt my back and my knees so much!

Did you mention where that gray dress is from? I'm in love with it!

Mar 16, 2010

I own one pair of flats (if you don't count flip flops, which I have probably 30 pairs of, but I can't wear those to work), and they are falling apart.

For work I either wear those falling apart ballet flats, or 4 inch heels. I am just not a kitten heel girl, I can't do it. I can't wear pointy shoes either, so pretty much all of my heels are round or almond toe pumps. I love them! I do need to find some cute, comfortable flats though.

For going out - I live in Austin which is really casual too. Usually it's "jeans and a cute top with heels", and "jeans and a tshirt/tank top with flip flops" during the day. I do love a pretty dress though!

Mar 16, 2010

I love P-Dub! That's going to be awesome.

I bought a really cute Kensie dress back in January for my birthday. It's pretty much the same shape as your green (Kensie!) dress except that it's white with a black lace print. I am so not a lace type girl but I love this dress. Sorry, can't find it anywhere online!

Otherwise it's just jeans & a cute top with some fun jewelry.

Camels & Chocolate
Mar 16, 2010

That green dress is still my absolute favorite of anything I've ever seen you wear and I fully intend to steal--erm, borrow--it for a fancy occasion someday. Uh, hope you don't mind...

Alas, I don't have a favorite piece. I'd say my Closet 'o Dresses in general is my wee little obsession.

FunnyGal KAT
Mar 16, 2010

I wear heels to work about half the week and flats the other half. Since I drive to work, I usually don't bring a pair of sneakers or flats to change into. But I do keep a pair of slippers under my desk and wear those in my office (and OK, sometimes I wear them around the rest of the building). They are kind of ugly but way more comfortable than wearing heels all day.

Since all of my favorite clothing is maternity stuff right now, I'm not even going to make a recommendation (although I recommend maternity clothing in general because a stretchy waist that expands when you eat too much? best.invention.ever)

Pinkie Bling
Mar 16, 2010

Forgot to mention how much I COVET the Betty Draper-esque skirt!

Other Holly
Mar 16, 2010

You get to go to the Pioneer Woman's ranch? Sorry I had to quit reading after that because of an intense amount of jealousy that came washing over me. I'll get over it eventually I'm sure.

Mar 16, 2010

I wear heels and flats equally to work, but always heels with a dress. It just looks right. My office is very casual (read: sweatpants and t-shirts) but i just can't bring myself to that. I would just want to eat and take a nap all day at my desk!
For going out, since I live in a beach town, really no one dresses up. Even nice jeans would be fancy. I love clothes though, so usually I do a nice top, jeans and fun jewelry as well. I love dresses though! Love your gray dress! Do you mind if I ask where it is from??

Hip Hip Gin Gin
Mar 16, 2010

I only rock the heels to very fancy situations because they pretty much make me cry. I really don't understand how something so pretty can feel so bad. What I do to make my flats more shoe like (as in protect feet from pounding pavement and not just look pretty covering toes) is to put in those gel insert thingies. Yeah, not sexy, but no one sees them and they really help make the shoe a lot more supportive and comfy. Take them with you when you shop, depending on the shoe you may have to size up a bit.
Love that grey dress by the way!!

Mar 16, 2010

Thanks, all! Grey dress is just from H&M. They have it in a kind of peachy color too.

Mar 16, 2010

I walk home from work every day, so I always grab my sneakers when I leave the house, and change into them for the walk home. If I'm wearing an outfit that looks really weird with sneakers, I typically snag a pair of jeans to change into as well. It's really not so bad when I remember to grab everything!

jennifer in sf
Mar 16, 2010

I am 97% flats, 3% heels. The most comfortable but cute flats I've had came from Jeffrey Campbell, Born, or Biviel. Oh, and the Cole Haan ones I bought on Gilt (which is also where I got the most comfortable heels I own).

Oddly I have successfully worked in wearing dresses on a regular basis during the day, but still almost always go the jeans route when going out at night. Not sure what that's about.

Mar 16, 2010

Do you own a pair of Fluevogs? That awesome shoe store in the Haight has them, or you can buy online. Very comfy even on the hills.

Mar 16, 2010
Mar 16, 2010

Since I work in what's basically a workshop and stand on my feet most of the day, I don't/can't wear nice heels that often (that doesn't mean I don't love them). I do wear heeled boots but those have to be relatively comfortable. Most of the time I'm either in running shoes or comfy flats (and occasionally flip flops in the summer).

Mar 16, 2010

1) Heels. I am a lawyer, and I do wear heels to work four out of the five days per week. My firm would probably let me get away with anything, but I like wearing them and, since I'm fat, they make me feel thinner because I feel taller. (Does that make sense? It does in my mind!) I love wearing them, although I have to confess that I only wear 3" heels and lower because I am afraid of breaking an ankle on the tall skinny ones.

2) Going out clothing. Depends on the function. If it's a date with my husband, then it's jeans, a nice sweater, and a jacket - plus accessories. Party at a friend's house? Maybe I wear nicer pants, but the same basic uniform. Wedding? A dress.

Mar 16, 2010

I am lucky enough to work directly across the street where I live... people probably have to walk further from where they park! So I can wear heels to work. Though through this blizzard, I've been wearing boots a lot as well for my treachorous commute (Baltimore Blizzard of 2010--represent!!!)

I do work for Corporate America so when I do get to wear jeans, I wear flats occasionally.

Mar 16, 2010

Ok I can one up you (isn't that annoying?):) I too live in the SF/Bay Area, but work in South San Fran at the world's most relaxed Biotech company on earth. We can literally wear sweats and running shoes to work every day if we wanted. It's kind of disheartening because I like dressing up a little bit, but then I go into work and feel WAY fancy!

Right now though I am loving this cardigan from Target. http://www.target.com/dp/B002XPJTNO

Mar 16, 2010

actually, I do have one link - I love these earrings and they sort of are like your peach coral earrings. but turquoise! I wear these all the time.


Mar 16, 2010

darn. I wrote a long comment earlier that I think may have gotten deleted.

basic gist:

live in NYC and work in advertising, so hear you on the walking + not needing to be super fancy.

winter I live in flat boots and summer I generally walk in flip flops or flats and then change to sandals.

as for outfits, these days I've been doing a lot of long/loose tops with short jacket and skinny jeans with heels (and dangly earrings). if it's fancier I'll do a fun dress with sparkly shoes and a fun purse.

fun topics Holly! :)

Mar 16, 2010

I walk to and from work--about 20 minutes each way--and most of the time I wear either a pair of t-strap Aerosoles or some gray Chinese Laundry 2-inch heels, which are both insanely comfortable. During the summer I tend to do it in unsupported black flats which are always trashed since I do so much walking/participate in a lot of dance parties where booze gets spilled in my shoes. Often, I'll bring other, higher heels with me to wear in the office.

I am almost exclusively a dress girl all the time, so lately I have been roughing up my super-girly look a little with a faux-leather bomber from Forever 21. So far, I don't think anyone is fooled.

Mar 16, 2010

I have the same predicament, I live in Vancouver and walk about 3.5 km each way. What I've found is that I can wear a flat pair of Frye boots and still look put together for the office and walk to work in them. But I can't wear boots everyday so I keep a few pairs of shoes at my desk too.

Mar 16, 2010

hmmm...I'd posted earlier but I don't think it registered...
well, to sum-up the previously longish post:

I don't wear heels, and I'm always on the search for the most comfortable pair of flats around.

My three favourite brands are:
*Merrells: http://www.merrell.com/

*Bjorn (also called Born): http://www.bornshoes.com/

*Clarks: http://www.clarks.com/

--and I wear pants in the winter and then skirts/dresses at any temp above 60 degrees.


Mar 16, 2010

Love the dresses. I see myself in cute dresses and cute shoes in my world of fantasy cute clothes, however most work days it is a rotating world of solid colored tops and pants that all go together and the biggest choice I make is brown versus black flats. I totally suck at looking cute at work. I really do.

Mar 16, 2010

What a cool program you are participating in with BlogHer and Macy's. As a Mom of 3 (all under the age of 6), it's rare I get "all dolled up" so to speak, but I do have a few items in the wardrobe for date night with my girlfriends and husband :)

Bought a nice wrap dress from Macy's..INC. INC usually has nice, colorful collection of evening cloths at a fair price.

When I put this dress on, my kids know the babysitter is coming!

Mar 16, 2010

I totally want that Betty Draper skirt. If you bring it with you to Oklahoma I will drive to PW's ranch and steal it from your luggage while you are filming. I'm totally not kidding.

Mar 17, 2010

I personally believe that Casual Day has gone too far!
I am a Child and Family Therapist, and at my last job, worked with a man who wore SWEAT PANTS to work. Not just any sweat pants....FLEECE sweat pants. Of course, sometimes he would dress up the FLEECE SWEAT PANTS with a BUTTON DOWN SHIRT (or was he dressing down the shirt? Either way...FLEECE SWEAT PANTS! To work!)
While I rarely wear heels to work, I step it up a wee notch above workout wear, and usually wear skirts and dresses with punches of color (orange cardigan? oh, yes! Canary yellow scarf? Of course! Magenta tights? Done! Just not all at once...)
I am excited for the video, Holly ....sounds fun! Plus, PW food!

Mar 17, 2010

Two of my FAVORITE bloggers (You & Ree) in one place!! Ahhhh! Nice!!

I cannot help with fashion. I own 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of shoes. Brown & black, brown & black respectively.

My closet is a sad, sad story. Sad, really.

Mar 17, 2010

I don't wear heels to work or really ever since I hurt my knee and had massive surgery last year. I own ONE pair of heels that I can wear for about three hours if the event calls for them. I have fallen in love with the Ecco brand. Super comfortable and some are cute (some are orthopaedic looking) I bought these red flats for $30 from Last Chance. EVERTIME I wear them, I get compliments.


Have you been to Last Chance? Might be worth the price of the flight to Phoenix.

Mar 17, 2010

Yay! It's Leah in the Best Dress Ever! showing off the fact that she has the Best Legs Ever! on the night that she went out and got catcalled by the Coolest Guys Ever! with all her Best Internet Friends Ever!

And of course she went out saying, "Fine, I'll wear the dress. It's not like I'll end up on the internet or anything."


Mar 17, 2010

I love heels (& shoes in general) but had to get rid of them (ok, I kept my favories - shh!) year when I developed Morton's Neuroma in my left foot. Trying to find roomy, cute, non-pointy shoes has made life difficult. So I currently wear sneakers at home and boxy ugly things to work. *sigh* Every now & then I'll wear my old favorites but I can't go for more than a day without risking pain...

I currently drive to work but am planning to walk this summer since we just moved close enough. And I'll probably wear my Keen's and carry work shoes in a bag.

Mar 17, 2010

I love heels but hardly ever get to wear them because I'm a nurse. My favorite pair was a classic round toe by BCBG, but then my dog ate them and I haven't replaced them yet. How do I not have a backup pair of black heels?

Mar 17, 2010

Unfortunately heels are not a part of my life because A) my dad is a podiatrist and B) my job involves running around a rather large office trying to find people who manage to disappear right when I need them. Run after a nurse, find a doctor, find another doctor, go back to the desk, go to the other nurse, then the other other nurse...you get the idea.

My go-to staples: a pair of Frye boots and gladiator Sam Edelman sandals, silver. I could wear those shoes every day for the rest of my life.

Mar 17, 2010

Not a high heel girl, truly think I'd break my neck, but I'm good for 1 - 1 1/2", work in an office were it is business casual M-Th, jeans on fridays so not much dressing up to be had.

Very excited to see two on my favorite bloggers working together - Love P'Dub!! I squealed big time when I got her cookbook for Christmas this year.

Can't wait to hear stories from the ranch!

Mar 17, 2010

i'm a lover of flats. my insanely tall gorgeous sales partner teases me about the flats. and what's sad is that my commute in SF is maybe 7 minutes and i can't tolerate the heels. except boots with heels. which is odd. but anything with flats - i'm all over it.

and i totally agree with you about the dressing down here in SF. when i visit family in new orleans, i pack all of my classic NICE stuff.

Speedy Canizales
Mar 17, 2010

I live in LA and drive to work, so I wear heels from time to time. Lately I've been wearing flat boots and metallic flats from J. Crew to go with my dresses. I haven't worn pants (other than jeans) in months. Dresses are just so much easier for me.

Dresses are easy to dress up or down. If I'm going out I pair dresses with tights and high heels, and accessories with earrings and necklaces. At work I tone the accessories down and wear the boots or flats.

Mar 17, 2010

I carry a pair of rolled up flats in my bag everywhere I go. I love heels so they're really a huge relief when my feet hurt. Have a pair under my office desk. In fact, they're great for casual walking too!

You can get them at www.rollies.sg. I think they ship overseas upon request. Some friends have managed to get them.

Mar 17, 2010

I think my 4-inch Beautifeel heels are one of the most expensive pairs of shoes I have ever purchased, but they are 100% worth it!


A rule I try and stick to is that I need to literally need to be able to walk a miles in a pair of shoes and I can in these!

Mar 18, 2010

my favorite part of getting dressed up is SHOES* whether flats, heels, stilettos or flip flops... they all make your outfit look that much cuter

Mar 19, 2010

I love getting dressed up. I have a few basic t-length dresses that with a few accessories and fun shoes I feel great! Great post. Can't wait to see the video.

Mar 19, 2010

Key for me when dressing up for an evening event is eye makeup. Never been a blush or lipstick girl. A little MAC or L’Oreal eyeshadow in a color that “pops” with some nude lip gloss and mascara makes me feel great. Of course, it helps putting on the long gorgeous gown..but eye makeup is something I couldn’t go without. Fun program! You are so lucky to go to Ree’s Ranch. I’ll be watching the series closely.


I'm a fan of vintage skirts, especially the high-waisted variety. They create nice silhouette and they're so easy to pair with even a basic t-shirt. And they are pretty simple to find at thrift shops too. Which I should really keep to myself since I sell them on etsy... just don't spread the word.

Mar 19, 2010

I wear heels pretty much every day-no matter how far I walk (but admittedly, not far). My go to outfits- wrap dresses from BR, pencil skirts from J Crew topped with layered tees or a blazer and large necklace. I've started buying the same thing in multiple colors which makes dressing so much easier!

Mar 21, 2010

Oh my GOD. I was already jealous that my boyfriend (Riccardo @ BlogHer) was going to be going to the ranch to SHOOT said videos and now I'm even more jealous because y'all are going to have so much fun without me!! You guys are going to have a blast. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with! (by the way, I was a huge fan of both you and Ree long before I even knew Riccardo existed!)

Mar 24, 2010

Could you please define "going out for the evening"? I'm pretty sure I've heard it before, but I forgot what it means.

I know you think I'm kidding.

Sadly, no.

Ricard Bravo
Mar 24, 2010

I love these brown boots, would love to lick them while you're wearing them!

Mar 24, 2010

I work in a home office, as in someone else's home. Casual is an understatement...just jeans, tennis shoes or Sketchers.
I live in Austin, very casual. An evening out just requires jeans, a dressy/sexy top,heels,some dangly, fun earrings and.
I do have a few dresses hanging in my closet, just in case...

Katy M
Mar 25, 2010

I live in San Diego and dare I say it's even MORE casual here! I do have two pairs of "nice" jeans, though!

I love your pics of your "going out" clothes! Fun!

I think I may have to start carrying around a giant helium balloon. It makes a statement! :)

Mar 27, 2010

I wear my nice jeans and a dressy top for an evening out. Comfort is key for me.

Deb Anderson
Mar 27, 2010

I found a satin boyfriend blazer a couple of years ago and I absolutely LIVE in it now! It's perfect with a frilly blouse and jeans.

Lisa Stone
Mar 28, 2010

I love the gray on you.

I am going to surprise myself by saying....TeamDress! I love my jeans, but I made the switch this year and I'm happy with it.

Mar 28, 2010

I don't wear dresses so much; I love a pair of dark trouser jeans and an awesome sweater with a really fabulous pair of boots, though.

Apr 08, 2010

I own one pair of heels. They were my go-to shoes for anytime I needed to get dressed up. About a year ago, one of my dogs chewed up one of the heels. I've used this as an excuse for why I never wear heels.

Oh yeah, the outfit. A nice evening out? Yeah, probably my "good" jeans, or maybe just jeans that fit. Or maybe just anything that is somewhat clean and doesn't smell like baby puke. Sorry, TMI?

Jeanette Huston
Apr 10, 2010

Jeans and a cute shirt. That is who I am. Casual but cute.


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