In Other News, The Pope Is Catholic

On Monday, I went to the gym for the first time in.....well, I don't think I'm ready to reveal that yet. It's too embarrassing. But it was in a month beginning with "A." No, not April! I'm not that lazy. Oh alright, it was August. Yes, friends, before Monday, I hadn't been to the gym---which, I should point out, is LOCATED IN THE LOBBY OF MY OFFICE BUILDING, NOT LIKE I NEVER SEE IT OR ANYTHING---since August. Though in my defence, it was the very end of August. Like, maybe a week or so before the wedding. Maybe August 28th. Yeah, let's call it August 28th. Calling it August 28th makes it a lot less horrific that I'd abstained from doing any sort of regular exercise for five months, I think. I mean, it was the end of August! It's fine!

It was Sean, actually, who finally motivated me to brush off my sneakers, dig out my membership pass, and get back into the gym. And he did it with the eight words most likely to strike fear into my very core:

"You know you're still paying for it, right?"

Internet, nothing will motivate me faster than the remote possibility that I could be losing money on something. I'm telling you, you haven't seen me book a flight. I could make a sport out of booking flights. They should make it an Olympic event and then they should just hand me the gold medal right there because I am kickass at booking flights, the main reason being that I have an almost pathological desire to pay less than the person sitting in the seat next to me, even if that person is a friend or relative.

Swear to god, I could find the cheapest flight from Khatmandu to Rotterdam right now, blindfolded, in the dark, using dial-up Internet on your grandma's computer. And then I would wait a week until the price dropped. And then I would wait another week until it dropped even more. And then I would buy it---BOOM!---and I would email you to tell you how much cheaper it was because I waited. And then I would email you again the next day to tell you much it had gone up since.

Anyway, getting back in the gym immediately made me feel awesome. I don't know about you, but I have about a ten-pound weight swing that I can move up and down in, and I know when I'm getting to the top of that ten-pound weight swing because I'm really super cranky all the time. My clothes don't fit properly and I'm tired and lethargic and I generally want to twist off the head of anyone who even mildly irritates me like it's the lid of a particularly stubborn jar of kalamata olives. Five minutes into my elliptical machine routine and I was already breathing like a zen master again. Fifteen minutes into it and I was sweating like a suckling pig and cursing the day I'd even joined a stupid gym in the first place, but at the end of thirty minutes, I felt great, on top of the world, stronger than the strongest person alive.

I need this tattooed on my head or something, so I don't forget it: YOU FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU EXERCISE. At the very least, I need to write it in Sharpie on a piece of printer paper, photocopy it, and stick copies of it around my apartment because, bless my heart, it's always such a darn surprise to me when I figure it out. Again and again and again. Look, I even wrote pretty much the same post as this in May 2008! It's like I never learn.

Feb 05, 2010

As someone whose shins are aching even as she types (in other words, someone who just started exercising again), I add a hearty AMEN.
Also, want to employ those killer cheap-airline-flight finding skillz in aid of a faithful reader sometime? I am okay at finding good flights, but I don't think I could medal in it. Also, do these flights of yours tend to be in the middle of the night with a 7 hour layover in Vladivostok? Because that's not always helpful.

Feb 05, 2010

Exercise makes you feel better? Huh. I'll try to remember that.

And then I'll try to remember to manufacture some time so that I can follow through. If that doesn't work...I suppose there's always cloning. At least one of me can be thin...

Feb 05, 2010

Please post in detail about how you book cheap flights. Thank you for your advice!

Feb 05, 2010

Every time I don't want to work out, I always remind myself that I've never, EVER regretted going to the gym. Ever. And even when I completely, totally, with my whole entire heart do NOT want to go, I always feel better once I've gone.

That being said, though, sometimes sitting on the couch with some wine and cheese has its appeal, too.

Feb 05, 2010

it's something so simple to forget, isn't it? I have to remind myself every single week that I feel better (both physically and emotionally) when I exercise. But damn if it isn't hard to motivate myself to do it. And I can one-up you on the convenience...I have the equipment in MY HOUSE. So i really have no excuse not to exercise everyday, except laziness. :)
And yes, please share your cheap-ticket finding hints. If I could master that, I could justify a lot more trips!

Feb 05, 2010

Yeah nothing motivates me quite like knowing I'm paying for something and want to get my money's worth. Also, I second the request for a tutorial on how to get cheap flights!

Feb 05, 2010

I had this same epiphany this morning after going to the gym. The trouble is, it is hard to remind myself of that feeling when my alarm starts going off at 630 am because at that point my mind thinks "screw the gym, my body needs sleep more than exercise. . ." and I spend the next hour not really sleeping, just resting between 9 minute snoozing intervals. Trust me, that does not feel better than the gym.

Feb 05, 2010

I remember this same thing every time I go to the gym. Every. Single. Time. And always after. Never before. You know, when I could really use this type of reminder.

I feel ya. My gym membership was always something I battled endlessly, and yet each time I left I would think to myself, "Wow. I really do feel SO much better after going!"

And then not go for two weeks.

BUT, the thing that finally motivated me to work out regularly was having some sort of team to be accountable. Or like a boot-camp thing. Having something you signed up for, something where you have a leader or a coach telling you when you have to come and sweat took away my option to stay home with the brownies.

Because really, this lady doesn't do self motivation all that well.

Feb 05, 2010

The fact that you mentioned the smaller, lesser-known and thus cheaper airport in the Netherlands makes me really believe in your ticket-booking skills.

Feb 05, 2010

I'm exactly the same! Except that I don't really go to the Gym (except for dance classes, maybe) but go out jogging a few times a week -only I haven't gone forever, because there's snow on the ground, and it's cold, and I'm busy, and I've been down with a cold (maybe because I DON'T EXERCISE ENOUGH?)

Feb 05, 2010

I know!!

Luckily I'm in a GREAT stretch right now--I have a new gym that's 45 seconds from my house, and a new husband who's a gym rat, so we're reinforcing each other. Or, actually, being each other's annoying gym buddy (it always works out that when one of us doesn't want to go, the other does, and guilt-trips the one into it).

Plus I'm training for the Charleston Bridge Run.

If only I could hang onto this motivation forever!

Feb 05, 2010

Oh this is so me, too! I ran track for ten years and after I finished college, gave up on exercise nearly entirely.

But. I know it makes me feel better about myself, so why can't I give it another chance? I'll work on it if you will!

Feb 05, 2010

Me too! me too! me too!
I feel better, sleep better, and my pants fit better. win win, right?

Why then did I skip tonight and go to Homegoods? Why?

Camels & Chocolate
Feb 05, 2010

I'm like you when it comes to flights. If you'd known how much time I devoted to researching and booking all my Africa and Borneo flights in the last month when I should have been working on my book...well, you'd be proud, let's just say that. It was like the Olympic finals in flight research and booking.

this new place
Feb 06, 2010

I totally let go of my gym membership after not using it for about a year. I generally do power walking outside every day, but if I slack off for like, a week or longer, I feel less guilty than not going to the gym, because the gym was costing me money ON TOP of just being a lazy lump. heh.

Feb 06, 2010

Oh, Holly. My tattoo would simply say EXERCISE or even simply MOVE and the other one would say HYDRATE because I forget to do that, too. IT'S SO SIMPLE, and I always feel better when I do those things consistently, but yes, I just kill myself because I don't do them. I am so very much my own worst enemy, on all kinds of levels. Sigh.

Feb 07, 2010

I felt exactly the same way yesterday after I'd completed Level 1 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. (Aside: the first time I heard about "the shred" was when Leah blogged about it after Wombat's birth. It piqued my interest, but then I forgot about it until my sister randomly went out and bought it. What are the odds?!)

Anyway, though I wanted to strangle Jillian, I also felt SO MUCH BETTER. And I slept better. And even though muscles I didn't even know I had ache something awful this morning, I am cheery and upbeat.

So, yeah. Yay exercise. I should leave less than a month and a half between workouts.

Feb 07, 2010

Reading this, I am going to start running again. Tomorrow! ;)

Feb 07, 2010

"I need this tattooed on my head or something, so I don't forget it: YOU FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU EXERCISE."

It could be me speaking this sentence, sometimes its just so hard to remember that when my alarm goes off at 5:30am and its dark and I'm cosy in bed. The difference it makes though when I do drag myself into the gym is amazing.

Feb 07, 2010

Could you write a post on the cheap flight thing, travel guru?

Feb 13, 2010

I need that exact same tattoo. I plan on going to the gym before work every weekday, and every weekday I choose "moar sleep" over "breaking a sweat," but I always feel FANTASTIC on those paltry few days when I actually do make it to the gym. I feel better physically AND mentally - I mean, even if I do nothing else for the entire day, I've exercised!

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