Why I Love Pete Campbell

Oh man, really? I have to spell it out for you?

Internet, not since I made the mistake of starting my first day of boarding school by hanging a life-sized poster of Chesney Hawkes above the bed in my dormitory---therefore cementing my reputation as "the girl who hung a life-sized poster of Chesney Hawkes above her bed on the first day" for the next seven years of my life, all the way from age 11 to age 18---have I faced so much open ridicule over a professed love interest. 

By the way, in case you would like to see a picture of Chesney Hawkes, who was a British one-hit wonder with an unfortunate mole who was famous for approximately three seconds in late 1991, this is him:

And yep, I'm preeeeeeeetty sure that this is the EXACT poster I hung up over my bed. Oh man, 11-year-old self. Did nobody tell you that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? 

Anyway, ever since I confessed to preferring Pete Campbell over Don Draper back in June, a different person has asked me practically every week just WHAT THE HECK I THINK I'M PLAYING AT, MY GOD, REALLY. 

Internet! I did not confess to a crush on Hitler! I did not express an interest in inviting Sadam Hussein over to look at my record collection! I did not even casually drop into conversation that I thought Spencer Pratt was kind of hot! Why the animosity towards poor old Pete Campbell, huh? What did Pete Campbell ever do to you?

(Um, besides sleep with your au pair, knock up your secretary, attempt to blackmail you, or maybe throw the roast chicken you cooked off the balcony, I mean.)

I get it, Pete Campbell is not tall or dark or handsome. He doesn't brood or act smooth or affix people with smoldering glances. But he's just so.....impish! He wears such skinny ties! Sure, he's manipulative and adulterous and awful, but old Don Draper is pretty manipulative and adulterous and awful as well, wouldn't you say? And does Don Draper do THIS?

(My friend Nathan sent me this clip and I watched, transfixed, for close to ten minutes. IT WAS LIKE A TRACTOR BEAM. I COULD NOT PULL MY EYES AWAY FROM THE LOOP. IN FACT, I AM STUCK IN THE LOOP AGAIN. MAKE ME STOP WATCHING.)

I guess I don't really know why I love Pete Campbell, except that he is such a fun and hilarious villain to love. I mean, come on, we've already ascertained that I like the bad boys: Jordan Catalano, of course, and Daniel Desario, and---most recently---good old Justin Bobby. Hell, even Sean was a little bit naughty once way back in his youth: who could forget that time he got arrested, aged sixteen, for practicing his graffiti on the side of a fast-food restaurant and only got caught because he was--AND I QUOTE---"too drunk to run."

I know! And now look! He's a fine upstanding citizen who wears argyle!

It is possible that I also love Pete Campbell because of this dancing scence, of course, athough---to be fair---I have actually loved him from the beginning and this merely strengthened my case. And maybe pulled a few people over to the dark side too. "Oh, that's why Holly likes Pete Campbell!" I imagined them saying in their darkened living rooms. "I get it now!" 

In fact, my one regret about my wedding is that this episode of Mad Men aired about three weeks after it, which meant I never even had the chance to convince Sean that we should learn the above for our first dance. Ah well, maybe for our first anniversary then. Watch this space. That's why they invented YouTube, right?


By the way, are you wondering whether you won a tiny, awesome computer? If your name is Jess and you are comment 138 on this post, then you did! Hurrah! Your day just got better! First thing you do is download that Pete Campbell video, okay? And if your name is Lauren and you are comment 190 on THIS post, then you won your very own Tassimo hot beverage machine! You can make Pete Campbell a cup of hot chocolate. I feel like he would like it with marshmallows.

Rachel H
Jan 07, 2010

That looks like the Charleston. I am not coordinated enough to do that so I think this Pete Campbell fellow is on my list now too.

Jan 08, 2010

Hm. he's a little too ... Pee Wee Herman doing the Tequila dance in that first clip. Sorry. I'm with you on Jordan Catalano, but you can totally have Pete Campbell all to yourself. :)

Jan 08, 2010

Hmmm. Yeah. I still don't get it. ;)

Jan 08, 2010

I am now so sad that this aired after your wedding and not before, thus robbing me of the chance to see you recreate it. Really, what kind of world is this that it would be so unthinking? *sulk*

Jan 08, 2010

I LOVED that dancing scene at Roger's weird party. I was already quite fond of Pete and that scene made me fonder, although I definitely draw a line at fond. I mean, honestly, can you imagine *making out* with Pete Campbell? I mean, REALLY making out? No, no, no, no, no, no, no.


(Can you?)

Jan 08, 2010

Oh Holly, I'm still laughing about you hanging up the life sized Chesney Hawkes poster on your first day at school. He was your one and only and noone could take that away from you!

I actually met Chesney H when I was at uni, he knew a friend of mine and we hung out for a bit. I have a photo of us both somewhere which would have made me ecstatic in 1991 but which was downright embarrassing in 2001!

Val M
Jan 08, 2010

I can't believe you failed to mention your love for bad boy Tim Riggins!

Jan 08, 2010

How does one "practice" graffiti?

Jan 08, 2010

I totally get it. Absolutely. Also, Pete Campbell and I share an alma mater. Is it weird that I get excited when fictional characters went to the same college that I did?


This is such funny timing- I had a mega Mad Men marathon last night I was having very salacious dreams about... Pete Campbell last night.

amber, theAmberShow
Jan 08, 2010

I get it. He's kind of dirty and shifty and sexy. Way too small for me - I like my dudes BEEFY - but I totally get it.

Mary S
Jan 08, 2010

YES. Pete Campbell. He is so perfect. Such an interesting guy. I love how he has sex (hungry and impatient) and I prefer his body to Don´s. I am not much for the barrel-types of bodies.

Jan 08, 2010

Three reasons why I also love Pete Campbell:
- When he punched Kenny for calling Peggy a lobster
- His face at the end of season two when he told Peggy he loved her and she told him that she had his baby and gave it away
- The dancing. Ohhh the dancing!

Jan 08, 2010

I...still don't get it. Although that dancing clip is pretty cute. But Pete Campbell? Just not feelin' it.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jan 08, 2010

Oh man, how COULD I forget Tim Riggins?! You're right!

And Teej, I agree: a better way to put it would be that I am FOND of Pete Campbell. Exactly.

Locusts and Wild Honey
Jan 08, 2010

Thank you for this in-depth examination into the darker spaces of your brain.

I accept this answer and am possibly even a smidge swayed.

If you convince Sean to learn and perform that dance for the Internet, I'll make Nathan grown a mustache for a year.

Jan 08, 2010

I love him too and have done my fair share of Internet stalking Mr. Kartheiser. This is my favorite of the real-life pics I found:

Could you die?? *swoon*

Jan 08, 2010

OMG!!! Thanks for posting that dancing clip.... that was my all-time favorite scene so far from Mad Men... it's going directly onto my blog. Right now! I'm off!

Nothing But Bonfires
Jan 08, 2010

Mymsie, that's the thing -- I don't care at all for Pete Campbell when he's NOT Pete Campbell (ie: when he's the actor who plays Pete Campbell, like your picture above.) Not my bag at all. I only like him when he's Pete Campbell!

jennifer in sf
Jan 08, 2010

I do LOVE the dancing, and I do love some Pete Campbell (and Trudy) but it's not a crush kind of love.

Although I should admit that while Don is kind of smoking hot, I really have a crush on Roger.

jennifer in sf
Jan 08, 2010

P.S. Thank you for sharing the Chesney Hawkes poster. Because it is AWESOME.

Jan 08, 2010

oh god, that was just about my favorite post ever.

Jan 08, 2010

You may already know this, but you can see plenty of this fine actor (unless it's the CHARACTER you really like) in the last two seasons of Angel (i.e., the vampire craze BEFORE this one). Worth a view if you are interested in seeing him perpetually anxty-and-wronged.

And this is a downer, but I don't think Pete so much slept with his neighbor's au pair, as sexually assaulted after verbal extortion -- "I did you a favor, now do me one..." and she said something along the lines of "please, no" -- that was a hard one to watch, but so very honest in the way it was talked about by her employer and him afterwards!

Brenda Willis
Jan 08, 2010

I saw him at LAX on Jan. 29th- he was on my flight back from New Orleans - Delta commercial. He was trying to be incognito- with longish dyed blond hair (!), really kind of orange-y and hadn't shaved an at least a week. Better looking than on the show though. Also, much shorter than I would have thought. Probably 5'8 or 5'9.

Jan 08, 2010

@Holly: Ahhh, I see. Well there is something irritatingly-adorable about Pete. I love when he says, "Hells bells, Trudy!" :)

Twice Five Miles
Jan 08, 2010

Wow, that poster is... wow.

Operation Pink Herring
Jan 08, 2010

Yup, that's exactly how I feel about Sawyer from Lost.

Operation Pink Herring
Jan 08, 2010

And Damon/Boone from Vampire Diaries.

Jan 08, 2010

Yes, I understand. I was the girl that luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurved George Michael from grade 7 on and SWORE TO GOD that there was no way that he was gay, as we were going to get married and live happily ever after in our castle in the hills of some fabulous european magical land... Yeah.

Jan 08, 2010

I find Pete's insecurity charming. That's why I follow him on Twitter. http://twitter.com/_PeteCampbell You're welcome.

Jan 08, 2010

Even after watching the loop and the dancing video, my reaction is the same as Don's watching Pete and Trudy's little number, "Hmm... yeah, not for me." ;-)

Thespian Libby
Jan 08, 2010

I'm gonna have to confess to a Mad Men crush on Roger. Not that I wouldn't be quite willing to spend some quality time with Don Draper,but Roger is much more clever and a hell of a lot smarter. Looks, money, wicked sense of humor....what's not to like?

Jan 08, 2010

Now you've made me all sad that Mad Men won't be on until forever. Booo!

(Pete...I don't know, Holly. He's a funny villain, I'll give you that.)

Jan 08, 2010

I just spent the past few minutes with my husband singing "I Am The One And Only" down my ear and doing handclaps over his head. Which is making Pete Campbell look pretty sexy in comparison.

Jan 08, 2010

So I had a comment (what was my comment? what?), but as I was scrolling down and caught that picture of Pete Campbell as Not Pete Campbell, I realized something. Pete Campbell looks JUST LIKE MY BEST FRIEND FROM ENGLAND. I mean, he's not from England, I just met him in England and I'm sensing this is a story better told not in comment box-form. But HOW DID I NEVER NOTICE THIS? The resemblance is...uncanny. My god.

Oh! My real comment: Pete Campbell throws a roast chicken off a balcony? Curse my Amish ways! The ones that force me to wait until episodes come out on DVD! That sounds like just the sort of scene I will greatly enjoy.

(My non-English friend from England would never throw a roast chicken off a balcony.)

Jan 09, 2010

OMG! I'm Jess, #138!! This is so stinking exciting!! I think I'll have to use my prize to learn more about Mad Men. I don't have cable & thus have never seen it. However, based off that dance clip, I can totally see why you have a crush on Pete. I like the goofy and I like the goofy bad guy even more.

Asha {Parent Hacks}
Jan 09, 2010

Really? Pete? I have no Don Draper crush, but Pete? Yes, that dance sequence was awesome, but those wheedly little eyes and that pale, bald ambition...shudder.

My top MM crush: Joan. My God, that hair, those curves, that voice, those brains.

Runner up: Roger Sterling. Cynicism with a smile, that sly silver fox.


Jan 09, 2010

I actually like Harry and his nifty glasses and bow-tie, hee.

I do have moments of thinking Pete is pretty cute because he fits the mold on what I usually find attractive, but then he goes and does something totally scumbaggy. Trudie really grew on me this season, I hope he shapes up because I think they do make a fantastic team.

Don, however...meh. Doesn't do a thing for me. He's too good looking. He's like a mannequin. I like my men to have something unique about them.

Jan 10, 2010

woah! he is an aces dancer!

Jan 10, 2010

I fully admit that all of my Mad Men likes and dislikes are based on shallowness (but I consider this to be in keeping with the show's theme of advertising). I mean Don is so dreamy and Joan is delicious, even Roger has his charm. Pete has never done it for me. He is too skinny. Lets call him weedy.

However, I almost came around to your way of thinking when I saw that episode where Trudy was gone and he lay around the house eating breakfast in front of the tv. And I totally did say "I can see why Holly likes him". But then he had to go and coerce that poor au pair into sex and any positive feelings went right out the window. A second or two of adorable cartoon watching just didn't make up for the smarmy.

Jan 10, 2010

Pretty much every episode, I like Pete Campbell a little bit more. Season 1, Episode 1, I despised him, but now I am definitely more in your camp. There is just something about him. You know what I think it is, he is pretty straight forward with how he deals with people and situations. He decides to blackmail Don and he goes right into his office and does it. The dancing scene at the Roger's wedding did cement it for me as well.

Jan 11, 2010

If it makes you feel any better, Moose and I did quite a few of these moves at your wedding, although the music was probably a bit different...

Jan 13, 2010

See!! That is the thing is that I can never find him sexy after watching him as an angst ridden teenager from another dimension on Angel. That and he looks like my friend's little brother. But I get why you are attracted...

Jan 14, 2010

I feel you. Scary as that is. heh.

May 06, 2010

I like Pete Campbell and he looks dashing in each and every situation. I love to watch him. I will see episode but after my 000-S02 exams. Little bit busy!

May 10, 2010
May 10, 2010

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