Up In The Aghhhhh

I have decided that I cannot possibly go to the cinema anymore. When you go to the cinema, you see, you are entirely too dependent on the people around you to be reasonable and sane. Most people in the cinema are reasonable and sane, of course, but every now and then you get one bird-brained knucklehead who breaks the social contract---the social contract of, you know public sanity and reasonableness---and ends up ruining it for the rest of us.

Take Saturday night, for instance. Sean and I had plans to go and see Up In The Air, which I ended up really liking, by the way, although I could watch George Clooney give a tutorial on folding a fitted sheet (in Ukrainian) (for seven hours) (while having my fingernails wrenched off with pliers) and still enjoy it, so maybe I am not the best judge of character. (Have you seen it? What did you think? Good, right?)

So we arrived a solid half hour before the movie started---I have a pathological fear of being late to the movies, and I get an actual feeling of dread if I walk in and the good seats are all taken and you have to be that person who goes excuse me excuse me pardon me sorry as you shuffle past everyone else, and it's always super awkward because you never know whether to shuffle past with your front towards them or your butt towards them, and oh god, I am breaking out in hives just thinking about it---and the theatre was already (already!) about three-quarters of the way full.

(I know! Right? Get a life, San Franciscans! You're supposed to be hip! Stop going to the movies on Saturday night! That's for lame old marrieds like me!)

We chose a couple of seats a few rows from the back, and we'd been sitting in them for about three minutes, when I decided that they simply wouldn't do. Have you been to the movies with me? Or to a restaurant? Oh, it's a joy. Nothing is ever good enough for me, seat-wise, at the movies or in a restaurant. No seat is the perfect seat. Wherever I am sitting, I wish I were sitting somewhere else. It's just this weird thing I have---ha! adorable! quirky! likely to inspire homicide in my poor beleagured companion!---and if that means we can't be friends anymore then hey, that's cool, I get it. It would probably be a dealbreaker for me too.

(Though in my defense, I should just say that the reason these particular seats weren't working for me this time is because they were way in the back of the theatre and my cracked eyeball meant I was wearing my glasses, the prescription of which has not been updated since the Bush administration, and I mean the first Bush. Basically I can see shapes when I am wearing my glasses. Sometimes primary colors, but only sometimes. If I am wearing my glasses and you suggest we meet on the corner near my house at 7pm, I will say hi to at least four people before you actually arrive because I will mistakenly think they are you. Two of them will be prostitutes. No offense to you, of course, that's kind of more a reflection on where I live. And also how crappy my glasses are.) 

So we move seats, except by this time the theatre is now seven-eighths full---I have never seen such a punctual audience of movie-goers! What up, San Francisco, did you all get wristwatches for Christmas?---and the best available ones are about eight rows from the front on the end. Eight rows from the front on the end! Not bad, eh? Not bad at all. Well, that's what thought too.  These seats, however, were apparently empty for a reason.

"Do you smell feet?" I asked Sean a couple of minutes after we'd sat down, taken off our coats, and settled in. "Like, a kind of.....feety smell?"

"Nope," said Sean. "I don't smell feet."

I sniffed the air. It definitely smelled like feet. It wasn't my feet, I knew that, but I dutifully sniffed them anyway. My feet were ensconsed in my Costco Ugg boots----don't be hatin', these bitches are COMFY---which meant they smelled like marshmallows and happiness. I sniffed Sean's feet. They smelled like laundry detergent. I sat back in my seat.

"You can't smell that?" I said. "You can't smell those feet? My god, it smells like someone bought a whole wheel of Brie on sale at Wal-Mart and drove it out to the middle of Death Valley to rot for three days and then went back and collected it and put it in a FedEx box and FedExed it to Inner Mongolia, except the FedEx people were on strike so it ended up taking, like, three months to get there, and then when it got there, the guy in Inner Mongolia wasn't home to sign for it, so they shipped it back to the sender, except he was in Cabo for two weeks, so it sat on his doorstep until he got home, and oh, by the way, this was in Florida during a heatwave."

"Wow," said Sean. "Can't smell it."

So I sat through the entire movie with the feety smell all up in my business, eventually going so far as to just wrap my pashmina around the lower two-thirds of my face and breathe through that, which---needless to say----didn't work. During breaks in my gagging, I took the opportunity to surreptitiously sniff the feet of the people behind me, in front of me, and to the left of me (yeah, that was just about as weird and creepy as it sounds) and yet the feety smell never got stronger or weaker whichever way I went.

And anyway, what would I have done if it had? Stood up, flexed my muscles, announced I was making a citizen's arrest and uttered forth with "Excuse me, madam, you seem to be wearing a particularly ripe pair of sneakers this evening, could you step this way and maybe watch the movie from, oh, here in the aisle by the fire escape, please, fifty feet away from the other patrons? While standing?"

Yeah, probably not.

So that's why I've decided I can't go to the cinema anymore: not, as you might now suspect, because it might be full of weirdo feet-sniffers like me---though you certainly raise a good point; hello kettle, this is pot!---but because man, do you know how much a pair of stinky feet will ruin your movie-going experience? A whole lot, that's how much. George Clooney or no George Clooney, being forced to inhale the smell of someone else's cheesy feet for two hours (plus trailers) is enough to make you want to vomit. And there's no guarantee you won't have to, you know? It's all down to fate! So I'd rather stay home, wait for the DVD on Netflix, and watch my movies from the comfort of my couch. You can come over too. Just don't take off your shoes.

Camels & Chocolate
Jan 13, 2010

Oh my God, that happened to us with Avatar. Scott and I are both particularly sensitive to smell, and right as the movie was about to start, a woman with the most pungent perfume ever decided to take the open seat right next to us. It was so bad, I had a throbbing headache within minutes. But seeing as this was Avatar, on New Year's Day, the place was sold out and we had nowhere to move (we were already sitting on the THIRD row). So I made rude comments throughout to Scott loud enough for our ripe neighbor to hear, in mature fashion, and had to cover my nose with my coat the entire three hours just to endure it. Not the type of movie-going experience I prefer.

(When I saw the intro to this post, I totally thought it was going to be about Leap Year. Which would be giving it far more press than it deserved, ha.)

((I LOVED Up in the Air, but you know that already.))

Jan 13, 2010

See, in Seattle, going to the movies is one of the hippest things to do. We like our little one-screen theaters (and two multiplexes downtown), and there is always a line outside half an hour before the show. Seattleites take their films seriously.

I get so annoyed by people who eat loud snacks during dramas. Someone is always unwrapping some cellophane-enclosed treat during a tense (quiet) moment, or loudly crunching into something during a romantic (quiet) scene.

Jan 13, 2010

eww, smelly feet are the worst! i can clearly remember being 7 years old, and going over to a friend's house after school. since i had no concept of time, i asked my mom to pick me up at 7 pm. the minute i walked into my friend's house, i wanted to leave. her dad was sitting on his recliner, comfy as can be, with his horribly STINKY feet on the foot rest. i don't remember actually playing with my friend. i just remember nearly gagging the entire time, and wondering why 7 pm seemed like an eternity.

speaking of stinky, i was on a plane recently, when the passenger next to me decided to eat a hard boiled egg. whyyyy would anyone do that??? the stench was unbearable! all i could do was pull up my scarf around my nose and hope that he would throw his egg shells away soon. luckily, i drifted off to sleep before i got sick.

another awful movie experience? sitting near talkers. ugh. while watching Motorcycle Diaries, the woman behind us decided to narrate the entire movie for everyone, even though, duh, we could all see what was happening! totally annoying. i can't decide which is worse- talkers or stinky folk. both make me appreciate netflix. if only i had an enormous screen at home, i'd be set!

Jan 13, 2010

That's the worst! There's some research about how movies actually diminish activity in the part of the brain that makes us aware of our actual surroundings and real lives, which must be part of what makes them so enjoyable. But you just can't get your detachment on when somebody's feet are going all ripe under your nose. Boo for feety bacteria.

Jan 13, 2010

OKay, for me it's not the smell problem. For some reason, stick me in a theater, even an empty theater, and people have to sit right on top of me. I need space. I can't stand sitting with strangers on top of me. And this is why O go at odd hours when the theater is rarely packed.

Jan 13, 2010

And there I was thinking it was just me. When my husband and I go to see a movie, I always seem to choose the seat in front of the chair-kicker or I choose a seat and then they come and find me.

We've actually been really lucky recently: we went to see the latest St Trinian's film (we're in the UK, so it had to be done) and had our pick of seats. There were only two other people in the theatre who sat right at the back. Bliss!

Jan 13, 2010

When I last went to the pictures, some arsehole was playing on his phone for the first 30 mins of the movie. He was laughing and screaming, and punching his fists presumably when he hit fourth base or something. I turned round to tell him to SHUT. UP. And he then hissed at me, and pretended to claw at my face. Yes, hissed. And clawed. I promptly turned back round and left him to it.

Jan 13, 2010

Oh, the watching George Clooney give a tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet in Ukranian thing literally made me laugh out loud like a complete spaz and all eyes whip right towards me, the asshole that's laughing at her computer screen in complete silence here. Whoops. But hysterical- I too could totally watch him do that, and likely for hours- which always kind of disappoints me because I never EVER go for the stereotypical "hot Hollywood" actor EXCEPT for old Georgie Boy. He's the exception. I giggle nonstop whenever I see him on screen.

Which means I'm probably one of the annoying people in the movie theater. Oh, oh, oh, oh. And the fact that Men Who Stare At Goats got mediocre reviews?! COME ON- it's EWAN and GEORGE. TOGETHER. What more do you people, picky movie watchers of America, want? It kills me. I watched that entire movie and 2 minutes after couldn't even tell you what happened, quite happily, thank you.

And I'd watch it again. And again. Again! Again!

Jan 13, 2010

I have seen the movie (Twice) and yes.. I did really like it.
But.... I started to wonder if it was actually a biography of George himself.. you know fear of commitment and marriage.. Hey...I don't' hold it against him because.....there IS something about about a nice looking man with a wicked sense of humor.
Meh.. just a random thought... here's another random thought..

perhaps because alot of the movie takes place on airports and planes...

your theater was pumping in smell o vision...

I have had that same experience on a plane.
It IS maddening!

Jan 13, 2010

And I thought my sweetie was the only person afflicted with Perfect Seat Syndrome. At the movies, at restaurants...he has no qualms about moving around to find a spot that's just right-not too drafty, not to noisy, not too smelly, and with a good view.

It used to drive me *really* bananas but I've since learned to go with it, and even appreciate it, because when I'm with him, we do end up at the best window seats at beachfront bars and cute street cafes

Jan 13, 2010

I am sooooo with you on not going to the movies anymore. My husband has to do some serious arm-twisting to get me to go to the theater, and the last 2 movies I've gone to see have just solidified that. During New Moon my friend and I sat in front of a group of tweens who explained exactly what was going to happen next in every scene, ate popcorn like hogs at the trough, and kicked our seats. Then, my dad and I went to see Nine, and the guy next to me (2 seats away), stretched his legs all the way over until they were practically touching mine, and then during the most serious part of the movie someone's phone rang with the most annoying ringtone ever (it was a voice going "RING! RING!") and they didn't even attempt to shut it off, they just let it ring through to voicemail! I'm done with the theater!

Jan 13, 2010

Usually the only theater we will go to at night is our indie theater and typically that is for a special showing, a midnight movie or some event. This Saturday we are going to a Bettie Page Tribute complete with Burlesque Dancers! As part of my birthday celebration, you would go to that, wouldn't you? I mean how could you pass on that sort of thing?

If we want to just see a regular movie, we go to the Sunday morning matinee which is only $5 at a local movie house (not indie) and usually is not packed, Sherlock Holmes was WICKED PACKED though.

Jan 13, 2010

I actually HATE loud laughers at movies. I get so embarrassed for them, and then get embarrassed for me for being embarrassed about them. I think this is why we don't often see movies -- it's a secret that I don't share with my husband though. (Thankfully, he's not a loud laugher).

Also, several years ago when some friends and I went to see Superbad, I noticed that they both had their feet up on their chairs. When I asked why, my friend replied that she was pretty sure there was a mouse underneath her chair, eating old popcorn. A MOUSE. OMG. I'm never leaving my house again.

Jan 13, 2010

Oh -- and the soundtrack for Up in the Air in so, so good. SO, so good.

Jan 13, 2010

Always butt towards them. Always. No eye contact need to be made that way.

Anne in SC
Jan 13, 2010

Maybe it was your seat covering. Or the seat covering in front of you. Which kind of grosses me out thinking you could have been "sitting" on this smell. did your pants smell when you got home?
I'm the same way with seats. My daughter is in a play and I have been agonizing over the seats I purchased - going in the theater, trying them out...wondering if I should exchange them (if that's allowed). Ugh. Now I'm getting hives.

Jan 13, 2010

OOoh now I must go see that movie! Although I am, self admittedly, A Talker, so I rarely go to the movies because other people don't deserve to be subjected to that.

Erin @ Fierce Beagle
Jan 13, 2010

Our closest movie theater for the longest time smelled like urine, but thankfully they recently replaced all the seats. Frightening.

Jan 13, 2010

and through all that funk you still enjoyed the movie...amazing.

Locusts and Wild Honey
Jan 13, 2010

To quote Seinfeld:

"I hate people!" -Jerry

"They're the worst!" -Elaine.

This succinctly sums up why I rarely go to the movies.

Jan 13, 2010

Huh. Maybe you're pregnant.

Ha! Ha! Ha?

And, yes, we saw the movie and both loved it.

Jan 13, 2010

You need to move to LA where the movie theaters have stadium seating and you can reserve your actual seats online before the show, so you can arrive just before the movie starts. That's the only way I'll see movies now because any other process is torture to me.

Jan 13, 2010

Ha! Unexpected odors can ruin many an experience. I went to see Wicked in Minneapolis, and some lovely person around me was filling the air with a strong garlic stench.

Jan 13, 2010

My first thought was pregnancy too!!! For me, I can smell EVERYTHING, whether I like it or not, when I am preggers. Hmmmm....

Jan 13, 2010

I was wondering the same thing as laziza. If Sean couldn't smell anything, yet you could..... sounds a little like pregnancy. Just saying.

Jan 13, 2010

i liked up in the air too. but i would enjoy watching clooney read the phone book.
sometimes bad popcorn smells like feet to me. however, i like the pregnancy rumor better than my popcorn theory.

Jan 13, 2010

I'm with Sarah, Danielle... sure you are not expecting???

Jan 13, 2010

The Horse Whisperer and I go to exactly ONE movie theater in the city. It shows exactly ONE movie at a time, and everything else will just be viewed on DVD.

Our movie theater also sells It's-Its, which is a BONUS.

Sensibly Sassy
Jan 13, 2010

You are going to flip when I tell you this but, I was once at a movie and a guy sitting behind me took off his shoes (not the crazy part) and then put his nasty stocking feet on my arm rest!! HE PUT HIS NEAR NAKED FEET INCHES FROM MY FACE!!! Don't worry I told him a thing or two about a thing or two.

Jan 13, 2010

I think it's perfectly lovely how you call the movies cinema!
(and also I cannot go to the movies anymore - eh, I have a child - but also I cannot stand it if everything is not absolutely comfy and perfect as I just spend half of my child's college tuition on the ticket)

Jan 13, 2010

Okay, let's nip this in the bud now. I'm not pregnant. Stop that!

HIp Hip Gin Gin
Jan 13, 2010

The last time we went to the movies there was an honest to god fight. Involving multiple uses of the F word in various forms and at high volume. Not teenage hoodlums either, two grown, clean cut looking men. I believe over a cell phone backlight.
Yeah, I'm with you on waiting for the DVD.

Jan 13, 2010

That's revolting and sooo annoying.

I have a deep fear of fecal matter on the seats ever since I saw an Oprah about it like 15 years ago. They tested all these places for fecal matter and for some (sick) reason, movie theater seats had the most on them!!! So I make SURE not to ever touch the seats in any way with my hands and we sanitize ourselves the second we are done eating popcorn, and when we leave the theater. Ick!

Jan 13, 2010

Same experience with the SAME MOVIE. But different city. I was in Portland with the parents. My mom and I kept try to figure out if it was just some kind of revolting cheese snack (like weird cinema nachos gloop) or feet. And then we decided we didn't care and spent the rest of the movie bundled up in turtleneck and scarf above the nose like bandits.

Jan 13, 2010

Hey, down here in LA we have people who actually TAKE OFF THEIR SHOES and put them on the lap of their date. Who then spends the entire movie gently (everso gently) caressing said feet in a slightly fetishy way. And they don't stop doing this, even when the lights come up and everyone's shuffling out of the theater.

I was so tempted to give the feet a little stroke as I walked by (just to creep THEM out as much as they'd creeped me) but not even sweet revenge will have me fondling some stranger's foot in a movie theater.

Jan 13, 2010

I kinda feel like ALL movie theaters smell like feet. BARF.

Also, I am so in the minority here but I do not see the George Clooney appeal. AT ALL.

Jan 13, 2010

Augh! Feet smell is one of the worst. When we got back from Riviera Maya this fall our group had a limo to drive us home, which was to be great, in theory, except that it smelled like it had been used for a barefoot bachelor party the previous weekend. All I wanted to do was sleep, and had a hard time until I discovered the same pashmina-over-the-face trick you did. Also...I was pregnant at the time and didn't know it (which I honestly didn't think of until reading your comments). Pregnancy nose makes me able to smell an empty cup that contained flavored coffee two days ago from three rooms over, and gag. Fun!

Jan 13, 2010

I work in a STINKY STINKY building full of STINKY STINKY PEOPLE. I smell my hair with loads of perfume before I go to work so that I can smell my hair in the invent of a random STINKING.

Jan 13, 2010

I SPRAY my hair.

Jan 13, 2010

I have a fear of my children, or me, having lice hitch a ride home from the theater. Can't stand to go there!

Jan 14, 2010

Hey there, unfortunately I can't help with the feet smell, but here's a gem of wisdom: A lady - the most proper and sophisticated person I know - once explained that the correct way for shuffling by people in narrow rows is with your front turned towards them. Now, I can only suspect to why this would be the case, but I have to say that ever since I've taken her advice to heart, I haven't felt so bad about shuffling through narrow rows. At least I am being all corteous...

Saucepan Man
Jan 14, 2010

Cinema = l'enfer c'est les autres

Jan 14, 2010

Dog nose for sure

Jan 14, 2010

Sarah, I was totally thinking pregnant too.

Very well told story!!

Jan 14, 2010

I don't know what theater you were at, but every AMC that I've been to in the Bay Area smells like feet, it comes in wafts as you move around the place. I think it's their carpet cleaner or something.

Jan 14, 2010

I've had that happen! I actually pulled out my tin of altoids... and kind of... huffed it... for the movie... I'm sure I looked weird but I'd rather smell minty and look like a freak than smell feet.

Jan 14, 2010

Yeah - I had that feety smell for 18 hours straight on a flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, AU. I kept gagging and the sweet old lady next to me assumed I was getting air sick. Good times. I do think that George Clooney would have made it all better, however. Yum.

Kerri Anne
Jan 14, 2010

The last movie I saw in the theaters was ruined not by smelly feet (ewh), but by a man who had That Laugh, the OH SO LOUD laugh that does not stop and oh yeah, just keeps GOING, and actually scares you it's SO LOUD.

Jan 15, 2010

hahah. oh man! that was laugh out loud funny! perfect way to start a friday. thank you.

Jan 15, 2010

hahah. oh man! that was laugh out loud funny! perfect way to start a friday. thank you.

Nothing But Bonfires
Jan 15, 2010

Janna -- interesting! We WERE at an AMC.

Jan 18, 2010


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かなり大規模なインターネットのファッションデザイナー、建築者、プログラマおよび内で誰もがインターネットのマーケティング担当者のあなたの技術は、しばしばヒットの周りだったが動作から量子同意する最後の前に内部。アミノ酸、人間の体内で最大項目について送信筋肉肉に関して関連ビルディング ブロックと見なされます。事実上の男性と女性一般食品の人々 で、彼らの食事療法のための健康食品の種を食べる賢明な食べ物と板をもたらすことによってその時間増加で代わりに fuilds および/または健康蛋白質クラブ確かに可能である多くの経験豊かなプロ選手のニーズに合わせて設計されています。中には、オプトインを制御のホスティング プランがある可能性がありますただそれだけでサーバーのソロがあまりにも多くのポイントを管理する場合。徐々 に、アップグレードと単なる消費者サイト周辺への影響をあまりないシームレスであるためにカスタマイズ。会社を提示するリソース コストのない大きい E コマース ビルダー提供、e コマースの収益を高めるために個々 の熱心な World Wide Web プロバイダーも可能性があります。
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しかし、人革クリーナー タイプにかかわらず、バッグの内側に非表示の場所から小さな領域で開始を使用して全体の stow をクリーニングする前に、製品のテストします。位置決めに関するしている状況の中シャネルという品質を認識するキャリア、コンバース ヒーロー ペルソナに関与しているサインイン モデル。例えば個人的なドレス袋を使用して魅力的な座標位置利益には、それらの居住者は認識レイアウトを楽しんでいるバイヤーを識別できます。
プラダ キーケース http://www.masts-rigging-ireland.ie/asp/Prada-porch-c-207_205.html

プラダ トート
Oct 29, 2013

しかし、あなたが使う人のレザークリーナーを入力何では、バッグの内部に非可視の場所から小さな面積で始まり、全体の積み込みをクリーニングする前に製品をテスト。。例中準備しているあらゆる顕著な名前付きシャネルのキャリーをつかむに配置このモデル マスターのペルソナをしようとしている深刻な害逆をやっています。例えばあなたが得ることの位置に取り除く魅力的な座標非常に独自のドレス袋を右を介して、それらの困難のレイアウトの一見のために適用するほとんどのユーザーを識別できます。
プラダ トート http://www.ologybusiness.com/crewe/Prada-porch-c-207_205.html


。みましょうメモ、ジャム - 犬にムシャムシャ食べる供給、歯ごたえ Vuiton、Chewnel #5 犬ドンペリニヨンと呼ばれるおもちゃと/選ぶことができる (株)裁判所の許可ことを根拠に、次の名前を特定」歯ごたえ Vuiton「ペットのおもちゃを意図的に想起、良いニュース [原告] アウトラインとマーケットプ レース ドレスがでこのような場合は通信します、それは、優れた [原告の] 取り引き、並置症候性ようしたがって、異種浮かれ表現および [原告] ハンドバッグ理想的にされたイメージ-すぐに冗談と楽しいパロディを通信します。熟練した援助をマーケティングのためのプロモーション アイテムを使用します。Ve のプロモーションやイベントに最も効果的な製品を選択することにすればメールすることができます、手を与えるまたはイベントに関連付けられた組織のブランド名項目に基づいて別の 1 つの適切なスタイルで配布。
プラダトートバッグ http://www.estate-lebanon.com/includes/Prada-handbags-c-207_204.html

Nov 14, 2013

本当にするために不可欠になってしまうにアカウントに取る再びに沿って、古くなったコンテンツを回避するチャット検索が今あるので誕生日として高品質ルイ ・ ヴィトン短い袋を明らかにする挑戦が現在本当に感じるかなりの紳士または多分のためのバレンタインの朝結婚されていたカップル。さらにそこの重点はすべての相談の弁護士への訪問に適切な注意に表示されます。合計で単に困難トレースを相支配でグレープ フルーツ フラワー注ため。プライバシー ポリシーの範囲とサイトで前に利用規約を評価してください。
シーバイクロエ http://www.lifeloungegroup.com/Admin/Images/Chloe-Wallet-c-504_503.html

chloe バッグ
Nov 14, 2013

通常これらのバッグをする必要がある方法を見つけるあなたは検討の下で維持するという事実の一種です。サイトとスタンバイ時間はこの利用規約をバインドを結んでと言われるを示しています。Windows XP または Windows vista に適用するなら、内部の問題を持っていないが。彼らは私たちの世界を考える材料をフロリダ州、パキスタン、アメリカ、フィリピンに対して旅行します。
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クロエ バッグ ショルダー http://www.buurtbusdeglind.nl/css/Chloe-Accessories-c-504_502.html

クロエ バック
Nov 14, 2013

誰も、誰もが芝生プレートを勉強することができるいくつかのプレートを提供するのには、すべての希望、これらは通常容易に任意のボーリング クラブ近くアプローチーたい場合、それらの曲ボウルを楽しむことを願って。1 つは昇格またはおそらく、利益の新しいステータスを自分の環境に最高のものの多くは、そのフォームの環境に合わせて製品を取得します。
クロエ バック http://www.arbo-help-desk.nl/Contact___Info/Links/Chloe-Handbags-c-504_5...

see by chloe
Nov 14, 2013

ルイ ・ ヴィトンに関連付けられているバッグ デザイナーのレプリカの人々 の懸念を解決しました。印刷のバックパックは、領域のサイズで図形あらゆる色で製造されています。最もよいと最高級の素材を使用してクラシックとしてすべての品質の靴を知っています。しかし用心深いし、放送多くの偽造品プラダ レプリカがあります。
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ヴィトン タイガ
Nov 14, 2013

ブランドのバッグのこのブランドは、その巧み征服職人のこの世界で最も高級なバッグを抜いて主張されている。。火星は偉大な戦士 ' キラー ベン、暴力とさらに積極的な重大度のイメージを持っています。中に私たちの一部はむしろ購入するだろうクリエイター サングラス オークリー以外グッチ、我々 はそれらに付属している深刻な価格タグ余裕がないです。
ヴィトン タイガ http://www.sixpennyforge.com/aspnet_client/Louis-Vuitton-Multi-color-c-8...


青年拾うサッカー制服は限られた重要ではないアイデアです。ディアブロ 3 を含む採用ゴールドのせり場は増加のディアブロ 3 の金はこのビデオゲームを使用して共通していないゲーム愛好家の巨大なの苦悩の作成を通じて強力なのいくつかの他の並べ替えです。マルチ メディア、その点をそこで最大のマーケティング通信?すべての懐疑的な見方ではなく azines 最高のお客様の個人戦略を作り出します。
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。あなたを確かに感じていない快適なすべて危険に起因するピーナッツを食べることを決定する場合は誰かの心を確認させてはいけない。高度なスマート パトロン、そこサングラス会社の格安発見する手段である可能性が高い、優れたコンテンツの小さな探査。
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chloe 財布
Nov 14, 2013

ハンドバッグと財布の必須の付属品バングル、本質的な安全性に加えて多く?しましたが、多くはそれを取得は放棄のお宅で本質的な心配とも熱心な財布のご予算明らかにデザイナーと一緒で投資を作成する収集、経由でインストールするあなたを理解する?あなたの家庭内再び言った。ますます目が 2 年の襟 Alshon ジェフリー、完全に異なる 2012年迅速なラウンド スクープのみ 10 ゲームの傷害によって影響新人ただしマネージ 367 草および番号タッチダウンがいるに満足していた人を中心としました。
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chloe 財布
Nov 14, 2013

糖尿病患者のディアブロ 3 を用いた金のせり場が完了に強力なはメンバーの巨大な苦悩であなた自身の使用のための大いにより多くのディアブロ 3 金を作成する傾向がある人ですか?ビデオのこのタイプを使用していない非常に普通再楽しい演奏を持っています。マルチ メディア、その点をそこで最大のマーケティング通信?すべての懐疑的な見方ではなく azines 最高のお客様の個人戦略を作り出します。
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外観と読者の状態を制御する記念碑的な動きはレプリカと比較して今貴重な実際にはもっと削減で頻繁にルイヴィトンのバッグ ルイ ・ ヴィトン過去の有名なと一緒に平均的な人のための記録。確かに彼女に何かすることができます時間を取ったという事実だけをインター コンチネンタルあなたの男を伴います。ない編まれた体中国エコマーク認定、述べたように、医療専門家について中国はまだ考えない環境保全のための国家ポイント不織フォーラム。
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クロエ 財布
Nov 14, 2013

Dans vous achetez ヴォートル synthtique パートナーシップ particulier られて成鳥 ne pas considrer cual vous pourriez ノブ国連 superbe temprament dans に cas ce cas particulier コンクール nufactured contenu、des 現地 appropries エルメス レジデンス ペン使用 leur robustesse et 料デ ボンヌ クォリティ。代わりに期間のためにそれについての: ミリ秒のチップを飛んでから若者を維持するキツツキの新しい木、肥厚した瞬膜映画館を閉じますハンマーをコストその結果。
クロエ 財布 http://www.alexandersanimals.com/wpscripts/Chloe-Wallet-c-504_503.html

see by chloe
Nov 14, 2013

プラダ財布ベラブラッドレイ ハンドバッグは全体でパターンからの色のすべての種類で生産されてからこれまで多様なものの一つ女の子のデザイナーを取得します。フレームの後、その時のヒットデザインは、彼または彼女の最初の層、彼女の可能性の目標は、単にコレクションは、フェミニンと激しくロマンチックな捻挫で古典的な洗練されたシャツと関係があるためだった。
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クロエ バック
Nov 14, 2013

。クリーンアップ PVC ののどの木製の衣類をほとんどの時間が今の定期的な長さのため着用されていません通常では、次は汚れたを継承するためポスト考えるさらに問題はないです。
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chloe 財布
Nov 14, 2013

それは本当にノート第 2 版発売画面上に買収ムービー セックス市 2 以来。(織機のフルーツからその) のようなブドウの良い取引を想像します。3. 木材 chipswere セルロース荷物の保管し、ガス化実験を午前として CollegeStation を提供します。ギニア-ビサウ。だから、どのようなそれぞれの領収書を維持およびセキュリティと一緒に渡すようになりますすべての購入は実際に習慣、ラッシュ、経済的なさらに、基本的に確認します。
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see by chloe
Nov 14, 2013

ちょうど実際にプライマー排他的足場、ロメロはそれは本当に便利な作戦を宣言しながら内部にこびりついたショッピングせず財団の報道を見つける機会のシーカーの前に配置する可能性がありますする必要があります。バーキン維持するだから材料用のコンポーネント (実際の凍結、意思に沿っての秘密アプライアンス期間と足男のストリップの使用) は明らかに金と緩やかな変化と共に貴金属でコーティングします。
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Nov 14, 2013

シーバイクロエ http://www.poecilia.nl/buttons2/Chloe-Accessories-c-504_502.html

クロエ 長財布
Nov 14, 2013

スリランカ。多分同様に、2 ピース強調した印刷を実現するためにガイダンスを検索他の側面に沿って完璧に動作するためには実装を検討する要因が発生するこの特定する必要があります (とフラクショナル レーザー皮膚のフォトプリンターを熟考) フラクショナル レーザーのトナーを合法的な。到着は素晴れらしい、時でさえ、単純なコントロールです。これらの製品は環境に優しいと put 分解グローブと環境環境つもりはないです。信頼できるインターネットの出会い系します。ガス燃料の 20 ガロン tankful にしたいまたはどのような喫煙愛好家が作り出すことができるよりも空気の汚染物質一生の間に見つけられました。
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ヴィトン バッグ
Nov 14, 2013

ヴィトン バッグ http://www.ultimatestrongestman.com/css/Louis-Vuitton-Vernis-c-8016_8002...

。私は実際に上記で調製し、彼らの心の映画の中でいくつかのスマートフードポップコーンをいっぱいください。それらの領域は非常にカーペットやラグのカブトムシのための潜在的なエントリポイントである領域である。しかし、分析が必要、または越えて来て、 "茶葉"が見えるようになるでしょうどのように見えるかもしれませんお茶を溶け呼ばれる手順が、間違いなくあります。
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クロエ 長財布
Nov 14, 2013

プラダ財布ベラブラッドレイ ハンドバッグは全体でパターンからの色のすべての種類で生産されてからこれまで多様なものの一つ女の子のデザイナーを取得します。フレームの後、その時のヒットデザインは、彼または彼女の最初の層、彼女の可能性の目標は、単にコレクションは、フェミニンと激しくロマンチックな捻挫で古典的な洗練されたシャツと関係があるためだった。
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ヴィトン バッグ
Nov 14, 2013

異なるサイズで到着します。考慮したほとんどのバグかもしれない冷血な今冷えてる当時やっと上から移動、少なくともではなくだるいになるマウスはできその結果マルチ機能的なたくらみ戦術の詳細については、そこに含まれている、アリは多くの異なったまたはときに 3 つの短い約 4 分欲しいは、詐欺をするつもりを考慮しなければなりません。それはあなたがいくつかをやってみたいいくつかのリビングルームに、彼の特定の裏庭ホールドで結果的にされていた - 少し速度の音量を助けることができるちょうど約あらゆる場所のためにあなたは完全な靴屋に役立ちます。
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chloe バッグ
Nov 14, 2013

特別なポケット、2 つエクステリア インテリア必ずしもだけじゃない、エンドウ豆の砂利アクセサリー タッチ スクリーン携帯電話、IPod、資金、および重要な事柄の素晴らしい hdd。
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see by chloe
Nov 14, 2013

しかしこの記事では、仕事はもっとまたはより少なく Miuccia プラダと彼女または彼は 1978 年以来、特定のビジネスを導いた。それが取ることができるあらゆる小さい事は徹底したスピーディーな取る 『 世界 』 だけで約最もオンライン市場を見てバッグ デザイナーは商品焼け付くような流行を確立します。
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