I Want To Give You A Free Teeny Tiny Computer

When I first got the email asking me if I’d like to review the Viliv X70EX I forwarded it straight to Sean. “This gadget looks cool,” I wrote. “But I have no idea what it is.” Sean wrote me back so fast that he must have got whiplash doing it. “THAT IS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER,” he said. And then he sent me a link to some videos on Amazon---where I also discovered that the Viliv X70EX costs $599+, and anything that costs $599+ has got to be fairly impressive---and although I dutifully watched these videos, I’ve got to tell you, I still wasn’t a hundred percent clear on what the Viliv X70EX actually was. I mean, I was maybe, like, seventy four percent sure. And a half.

Read on to find out what the Viliv X70EX actually is, what you can do with it (hint: pretty much everything that is AWESOME), and also how you can win one yourself, either to keep or to give to someone else so that you totally look like the kind of person who gives $599 holiday presents.....

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