Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?

You know how you thought you'd seen the last of my wedding? WELL, GUESS WHAT SUCKAS, IT'S BACK. I hope you pictured me wearing a pair of really badass sunglasses when you read that. Maybe also throwing the devil horns and doing a couple of roundhouse kicks.

So we got the entire disc of pictures from our photographers a few weeks ago, which means we've been reliving the wedding anew---just in time for our threemonthaversary! If your one-year anniversary is paper, what do you think your threemonthaversary is? Dust?---and a theme has emerged among them that I just had to share. It is the theme, my friends, of dance. Oh yes! Of dance! It is the theme of busting a move! Cutting a rug! Shaking what your mama gave you! Shaking it like a polaroid picture! Hoping that no-one gets it on film, oh crap, they did!

I put a lot of effort into the playlist for our reception---which, if you will remember, we decided to do ourselves with a BOATLOAD of help from Leah and Simon, who loaned us their PA system---and one of my favorite memories from the week before the wedding is sitting in my dad's study with all of my siblings, trying to cull it down from eight hours of music to.....well, I think we made it to about six hours in the end, four of which we ended up not needing. I really, really, really wanted to dance at my wedding, and I really wanted everyone else to dance too. Thankfully, Internet, I was not disappointed.

But how did the dancefloor get this AWESOME? Well, I think we need to take a little trip back in time. Follow me, will you? And bring your dancing shoes.

After Sean and I had done our first dance---I hesitate to write "performed our first dance," as "perform" seems to imply that we knew what we were doing---my dad and I danced together, and there is a hilarious story about that which you're going to need to remind me to tell you about later, although suffice it  to say that if you're going to download a song from the Internet to dance to in public in front of lots of people, MAKE SURE YOU LISTEN& TO THE WHOLE THING THROUGH FIRST.

After that, the dancefloor became a free-for-all, and my carefully-curated playlist---which I put together with the help of you all, if you remember, so I definitely owe you all a beer for that; feel free to collect on it if you're ever in San Francisco---led to many awesome moments like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

And this one:


Brother Luke even brought his tambourine out at one point:

And then decided to do away with his tie, which was, like, totally cramping his style:

But then---then, my friends! Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any wackier!---Baby Got Back came on the sound system (not Baby Got Pie, unfortunately) and Luke and Susie broke out into their signature, patented, clear-the-dancefloor-and-get-your-cameras-ready choreographed routine:

It was pretty much the best thing ever. Someone, somewhere has a video of it, which I am going to have to hunt down. The hilarious thing about this dance is that Luke and Susie learned it a few years ago from a YouTube video when they were bored and had nothing else to do. As they later explained to me, "we had to...uh...change a few of the moves. You know, because we're brother and sister."

A few songs later, Brother Luke and Brother Tom ended up getting into a dance-off, and if there's one thing I like more than a choreographed routine, it's a dance-off. Best wedding present ever! What do you think, does Luke take the crown for this move?

Or does Tom take it for this one:

(Yep, this is pretty much my favorite wedding picture ever. Including all the ones of me and Sean, you know, actually getting married.)

Or perhaps we should award the dance off crown to a third contender, family friend Richie, who will at some point in the future most likely be receiving a letter from the lawyer of this little girl's father:

(Lots more pictures here. You know, in case the eight thousand I've forced upon you already aren't enough. I mean, our disc has over a thousand on it. Expect to still be hearing about my wedding in 2015.)

Amy --- Just A Titch
Dec 14, 2009

I love this---seriously, so fun! Any wedding that involves a routine & a dance off is automatically awesome.

Also, I am not sure whether or not I offered song suggestions or not, but next time I am in SF, I would like to have a drink with you :)

Dec 14, 2009

Adorable pictures! Looks like everyone had lots of fun.

Any chance you'd upload a list of the songs on that playlist? I'd love to see what's on there!

michelle woo
Dec 14, 2009

So awesome. I'm planning a wedding right now and trying to figure out how to best maximize our photographer's eight hours and I'm like, DANCING. You must stay for the dancing. The Robot will definitely make a showing.

Dec 14, 2009

Since I'm divorced and not really dating, I will NEVER tire of your wedding photos. They make me happy. And I think it's a really good sign that you're not tiring of it either.

Dec 14, 2009

I have loved all your wedding stories and photos, but this one was the first one that really made me want to have another wedding. Mainly because The Macarena was played three times at my wedding by our DJ, which is three times too many if you ask me, and he never once offered up any Sir Mix-a-Lot.

Dec 14, 2009

Yes, the dancing photos are the unexpected gems of the wedding photos. My faves too. Your family looks like too much fun!

Dec 14, 2009

I could not love these more. A dance off! Man, what a wedding.

Dec 14, 2009

fantastic, what was the father/daughter song?

FunnyGal KAT
Dec 14, 2009

We have a photo from our wedding of one of my friends doing the worm! (I assume Tom is doing the worm in that photo). I say any wedding involving a dance-off and/or someone doing the worm is automatically a good one!

Nothing But Bonfires
Dec 14, 2009

P, my dad and I danced to Turn, Turn, Turn by the Byrds.

jennifer in sf
Dec 14, 2009

Those are some of the best wedding pictures, like, ever.

Dec 14, 2009

Siblings doing a routine to Baby Got Back!? It does not get better than that.

I am planning my own wedding now, and I LOVE seeing all the photos from your lovely day. Keep them coming, I say!

Dec 14, 2009

These are freakin' awesome!! My favorite photos of weddings (I hate to say) are from the reception. I love looking at ours. Everyone is having such a blast!

Camels & Chocolate
Dec 14, 2009

I HAVE a video of it! Am uploading and e-mailing it to you pronto.

Dec 14, 2009

I love the one of your brother's legs! So awesome. Your wedding looks like it was so much fun. It almost makes me want to have a wedding (we're planning on eloping), but then I remember what my family is like, They're wonderful, but no.

Dec 14, 2009

I'm tellin ya, I can take all the wedding you can give!! Mine isn't for another 8 months so I'm in the midst of wedding fever.

Those pictures are priceless!! Looks like everyone had an amazing time.

Dec 14, 2009

I'm tellin ya, I can take all the wedding you can give!! Mine isn't for another 8 months so I'm in the midst of wedding fever.

Those pictures are priceless!! Looks like everyone had an amazing time.

Dec 14, 2009

The dancing at your wedding brought whole new meaning to the word Awesome. And forget the New York City Ballet - the twins are forever emblazoned in my brain as the Best Dancers On the Face of the Planet.

Dec 14, 2009

At the end of the night, they had to DRAG everyone off the dance floor. Now THAT's a good wedding.

(And "Babies Got Back," as we call it in our household, was quite possibly the highlight of the wedding, no offense to you or Sean or the lady who played the organ.)

keenie beanie
Dec 14, 2009

Please, please, PLEASE show us that video!!!

Dec 14, 2009

Ooh, ooh! I totally helped with that wedding playlist. I think. And As I'm in San Francisco until this Thursday, I'll gladly collect on that beer! ...or at least on a recommendation of one pub/restaurant not to miss while I'm here. :)

Dec 14, 2009

Oh my god. You have the coolest wedding photos, EVER, and I only wish my brother and I were as cool as Luke and Susie. LOVVVEEEE.

Dec 15, 2009

some of my favorite wedding photos are also of everyone drunkenly hitting up the dance floor - yelling along to journey, arms outreached during sweet caroline, glow sticks going during sandstorm. and oh the facial expressions and poses caught on camera! : )

at my cousin's wedding earlier this year, my husband and the bride got into not just a dance off, but a vogue off. it somehow devolved into my husband dancing with two chairs and was the hardest i've laughed maybe ever.

Dec 15, 2009

I just looked up the lyrics to Turn, Turn, Turn; and am I missing it? It seems like a sweet song to mark moments in life. And for every "sad" line, these seems to be a happy one (kind of the point of the song)?

Operation Pink Herring
Dec 15, 2009

Man, it's a close call! I'm. Not sure who the danceoff winner is, Brother Tom, Brother Luke, or the dude at my brother's wedding wh I thought was having a seizure (silly me), but was actually acting out the lyrics to "Play That Funky Music (White Boy)," specifically the part that goes "lay down and boogie til you die."

Fun wedding dancing is the best.

Dec 15, 2009

My dad and I danced to "Scarlet Ribbons", because he used to sing it to me when I was little.

It was the second (and last) time in my life I ever danced with him. The first time was at my sister's wedding.

Dec 16, 2009

when I dream about my wedding (which I really only do at weddings or when looking at photos of other people's weddings), wacky dancing is a top priority. Especially since I am usually the guest with the awkward dance photo and I secretly love it. Looks like I would have fit right in at yours.

Dec 16, 2009

Those are fabulous photos! CLEARLY everyone had a BLAST!

Dec 17, 2009

Unfortunately I'm not going to be in SF in the near future, but if you did use my song suggestion and happen to be in Bristol any time soon, give me a shout and I'd love to redeem my beer!

Dec 17, 2009

these pictures are AMAZING! I can only hope that when (if?) I get married that mine is half as fun and beautiful as yours looks!

I agree with whoever said that we NEED to see the video of the dance routine...

Dec 17, 2009

I hate to admit this but we did the robot as our first dance. It rocked a lot.

Dec 17, 2009

Every single picture I see from your wedding makes me love your ENTIRE family more.

(But Susie is still my favorite.)

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