And Now I Want To Give You $500 In High-End French Skincare Products

Obviously I am the world's most generous person at the moment, a sort of female Santa Claus/Dalai Lama mash-up with bangs, if you will, spreading joy and light wherever I go (as long as I've had my coffee first.) (Which I haven't yet. Don't mess with me.)

Not content with giving you a free teeny tiny computer, you see, I would now like to give you $500 worth of makeup and skincare products, which I am pretty sure you will like as much as I liked them (spoiler alert: I liked them a lot.)

So here are our missions. You: go and win $500 of fancy French stuff for your face and skin. Me: go and get some coffee. Let's reconvene later and compare notes. The red bird flies at midnight. Etcetera.

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