Why I Should Start Shopping Online

Is it just me or is anyone else pathologically polite to the people who work in the dressing room? I mean, I'm polite to everyone---or at least I try to be---but my manners, for some reason, zoom into overdrive when faced with a dressing room attendant.

I go out of my way, first of all, to make sure I've counted the number of items I have before I go in; we've all been behind that girl at H&M with the armfuls and armfuls of stuff, holding up the whole line as she skims out her brightly-colored bits of tat: "......nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen. So I have fourteen things. Is that too many?" Me, I'm ready at the get-go: smile plastered on, prepared as a Girl Scout, just hand me that plastic tag with the 3 or the 4 or the 5 on it, and in I zip.

It's worst, though, when I come out. For some reason, I feel this massive sense of guilt about the pieces of clothing I'm leaving behind. "I'm so sorry," I'll say, sheepishly. "Nothing worked. I seem to be having an off day." I always, always, always apologize, you see; as if it's my fault that none of their damn pants fit me right.

Often, I keep a couple of things anyway---things I've got no intention of buying, things that made me look awful---just so I don't have to hand the whole pile back. Is there anything worse than handing the whole pile back? There is nothing worse than handing the whole pile back. Oh, what a failure you are to hand the whole pile back!

So "these work!" I'll trill, "thanks so much!" Then I'll sneak back and hang those three or four or five things up right back where I found them, slink out of the store empty-handed. It's like I don't want to hurt the dressing room attendant's feelings, you know? Poor dressing room attendant! What if she's disappointed that I didn't like that wraparound dress?

Jul 16, 2009

Oh my god, I thought I was the only one. What is wrong with us?! :)

Jul 16, 2009

What if she's disappointed you (apparently) liked that wraparound dress?

I used to be exactly the same and then I got pregnant and for some reason the too young, too inexperienced girls handing out the numbers looked at me as if I had eaten way too much and was a bit gross and that did it. I actually began enjoying handing them back everything and saying "nothing fits, nothing at all".

Jul 16, 2009

Goodness, I totally know that feeling. I also feel apologetic toward the clothes themselves, like "70% off Calvin Klein dress that flattens my boobs, you're so pretty, and it's... it's not you, it's me...."

Jul 17, 2009

I feel the same way....but!! Having been one of those dressing rooms attendants in the past, I can tell you that it is often better to just leave the clothes. Most stores have a specific way they want things hung/folded/buttoned/stacked, etc, so if you put it back, it may just mean that someone else has to go and fix it later while it's already back on the floor. So in the end, it actually SAVES them time and work when you leave them the pile of clothes! Don't feel bad, think about all the time and energy you are saving them - it's like a good deed! Just don't be the one who trashes the dressing room....please. :-)

Jul 17, 2009

I do the same thing -- although I never realized it until reading this post! I popped into the Gap over the weekend, tried on a bunch of adorable items that ended up looking awful and yet felt compelled to take a shirt and a dress out of the dressing room with me (to hang up myself!) while assuring the employee that "these work great, thanks!!" I'm sure they'd rather I just hand back the pile so they can hang them up properly.

Jul 17, 2009

Um, I do that. Not hand the whole pile back, that is. I always want them to think that I'm buying SOMETHING, at least.

Not everyone is pathologically polite, however. See, I used to BE a dressing room attendant. After two years of refolding, rehanging, steaming, marking as damaged and blahdeeblah, I QUIT.

Only once, I went in a recently vacated room, and there in the bottom of the pile? Of things I had to rehang and rebutton? Was two pairs of panties. I drew the line at panties, my boss did not. I quickly evaluated my minimum wage check against touching others panties and left that very same day.

I went to work at a body care (read: soap and lotion) store after that and was in love.

Jul 17, 2009

Polite? Wish I could say yes, but alas no. I am annoyed at having to get the dang plastic tag, leave half the stuff out with the attendant and come back for it.

I don't go shopping often so make good use of the trip. I am annoyed at being limited to X items in the dressing room.

Jul 17, 2009

I'm the same way. In high school, I worked at a small clothing store. Nothing was worse than being assigned to the dressing room.

Jul 17, 2009

After waitressing and working in retail, I am overly polite to everyone in a service industry job, especially around the holiday or back to school season. I would rather take back scads of things you don't want as opposed to going to clean out your dressing room when you left, only to find piles upon piles of things flung off in all directions.

Tip your waitresses and always at least attempt to rehang the things you hand back to the fitting room girl. It'll make everyone much happier.

FunnyGal KAT
Jul 17, 2009

Ha! I do the same thing and then am always a little peeved when, after I tell them how many items I have, they make me hang them up and then they count them themselves one...by...one (as though you can't eyeball four items...) Does the polite, well-dressed lady who made sure she had less than the limit of items and thoughtfully counted them for you look like she's going to steal?

Jul 17, 2009

I am not a patient person but last night in a dressing room my patience was tried. The dressing room attendant ignored and ignored and ignored me. I remained polite but must have looked really frustrated waiting outside my dressing room door watching the attendant talking on the phone (!) because someone else finally swooped in and was very helpful at helping me find the right size jeans. Of course, when I needed a dress that was not fraying, I simply picked it up on my way out rather than bother asking again.

Jul 17, 2009

Well, I'm not proud of this, but I used to be the dressing room attendant at Ross. I was 16. And it was as awful as you might think.

Someone mentioned above that they hate it when people re-count what they've counted---it's because Mystery Shoppers come and we HAVE to do that lest someone sneak in an extra halter top and steal it without us knowing. It's some store goal that we always know how many items are in the dressing room---believe me, I didn't do it one "shop" and was written up, a low point in my life.

Good manners are always appreciated---and believe you me, you're in the minority with your sense of guilt and kindness. But we don't mind if you give us the whole stack! It's OK! Just don't deposit your things randomly about the store, forcing me to stay past close and put them away. Not that you'd do that. But some do.

Jul 17, 2009

I always feel guilty about the clothes I leave behind also. I've actually purchased ill fitting clothes before when I've felt that I have wasted the attendants time running for other sizes. Then I return them days later and I feel bad about that too.

Jul 17, 2009

Oh man, I'm the same way. Though sometimes, my best intentions to be all Girl Scouty go awry because some things have hangers and some things don't and I have things falling off me and a rogue cardigan gets loose and the dressing room attendant goes to pick it up and I'm all "Five! I have 5!" but she's clearly lost all faith in me, and before I know it my best attempts at preparedness are slipping right out of strained-by-the-bulk-of-4-high-waisted-skirts arms!

Also, imagine my horror when a friend and I were at Banana Republic last week. We'd made a beeline for the sale section right as we walked in (a reliable cue for No I don't need help, just looking, thanks! (again, with the overly polite apologeticness, I'm so sorry I can't afford for you to coach me through the purchase of 3 200 dollar dresses, truly!))
And we were burnt out on shopping and spent all of 5 minutes in there. SO as we are leaving, very clearly empty handed, a salesgirl goes, "How'd it go?! Awwww, nothing?!" I blurted something and scurried out because oh, the failure, and to have to confront it so head-on!

My god, who knew I had an ESSAY on the subject in me? Apparently, it has yet to reach its thrilling conclusion, because I had the Totally Over it Overtired Dressing Room Attendant at Forever 21 the same day, and I had to the awkward dance where you have more than you can take so you have to switch out when you're done with something, and OH HOW I HATE THAT DANCE. And she did too. And for the Totally Over it ones, this is the worse, as they are armed with some kind of politeness shield, and nothing, nothing will pull them out of their funk. Perhaps this is a common fate of F21 employees, as everyone heads in there with about 12 items that looked overwhelmingly cute on the floor, until they go into the dressing room at remember that they're at Forever 21. They must get armfuls of failures all day long, is what I'm saying. And when you're this overly polite, guilt-ridden type of shopper, you imagine this must *really* get to them.

sensibly sassy
Jul 17, 2009

Guilty as charged, you are not alone in this. At least we are overly nice and not the person that just leaves the pile of clothes in the corner of the dressing room

Jul 17, 2009

Oh my GOD! This is the #1 reason I shop almost exclusively online. I mean, aside from the horribly unflattering lighting and mirrors, which bring out every ounce of cellulite on my body and add some that I think actually belongs to someone else, to boot.

In addition to the general awfulness of trying on clothes (why is it always so HOT in there; I come out sweating and disheveled every time), I feel like a miserable failure handing The Pile back to the attendant. I ALWAYS make a comment like, "Weirdly off day!" or "Bad body day!" (I HAVE SAID THESE THINGS) and I get the hell out of there like I'm on fire.

I am so glad I'm not alone.

Jul 17, 2009

As a former dressing room attendant, all we really care about is that you take the clothes back out of the fitting room when you're done. :) Or that you hang them up. Either, or, or both. Beyond that, no hurt feelings, I swear!

jennifer in sf
Jul 17, 2009

Oh yeah. I always pre-count. I mean that's just common courtesy in my mind. Also I always very carefully re-hang anything I'm giving back. I've mostly gotten over feeling bad about not buying anything. I think the re-hanging helps.

Jul 17, 2009

I used to work retail and let me tell you, we don't care if you actually buy anything you bring into the dressing room. Just PLEASE hang your stuff back up! My biggest fitting room pet peeve is when someone brings in like 14 items, buys nothing, and leaves every single item in a huge dusty pile on the floor. Or hangs everything backward on the hangers (seriously, wtf is that about?)

Jul 17, 2009

Rachel is SO RIGHT. Being assigned to the dressing rooms sucks a lot, but cleaning up after people on top of everything else is like being kicked while you're down.

I'm no longer in retail, but can pass along this wisdom: Straightening racks at the end of the night sucks just as hard as dressing room duty. Don't feel obliged to return things to their homes on shelves/racks - if they get put back "wrong" or in an incorrect place, it's just as much work and time spent as the dressing room situation. It's a lose-lose.

You know what else is a lose-lose? SKINNY JEANS. Sorry, I just had to get that out. :)

Jul 17, 2009

I do the same thing, but not so much out of fear of hurting their feelings, it's more that I feel like I'm making all this extra work for them...having to hang up all those items I didn't want!

Jul 17, 2009

I do the same thing!

And I always usually take most of the things back and hang them up myself because I feel bad that they have to do it for me. Even though it is their job and I'm probably hanging it up in the wrong place and in the wrong direction.

Unless the dressing room attendant is a bitch, then I just hand the whole pile back to her.

Jul 17, 2009

I used to work clothing retail and I second Jamie's comment about straightening up at the end of the night being just as bad as fitting room detail. Where I worked, all the sleeves of the shirts had to fan out and all the hangers had to be finger spaced apart. Left me with filthy fingers at the end of the night.

Which is probably part of the reason I have a very messy closet--it's rebellion rearing it's ugly head even after all these years.

Jul 17, 2009

I have a friend who worked in retail and said that someone once tried on a bathing suit and uh, STAINED it and then just LEFT it there for the dressing room attendant to deal with.

So, you know... better to be too polite than THAT person. Obviously.

Jul 17, 2009

It's not that I think I'll hurt their feelings by not keeping anything, but that I don't want them to have to put away MY mess. I got worse at this over-politeness once I became a waitress. Now I tell everyone, "Oh I wait tables", so that they don't think I'm better than them. Not that the gal at the Ross thinks I think I'm better than her--I'm paying only $6 for everything and she knows it, but I still don't like people waiting on me. Blech.

Jul 17, 2009

I go a step further. I pretend to want everything and put it back myself, exactly how I found it.

Jul 18, 2009

I used to work in the library (both in middle school and again later in college) and one of my jobs was reshelving, which is very similar to working the dressing room. It's a thankless job where you know that everyone coming is just creating work for you, but on the plus side (at least in a library), it means that people are using their resources. Books are good! Right? Wrong.

SOOOOOOOO many people come in and demolish an entire shelf looking for one book because God forbid they actually LOOK AT THE TITLE ON THE SPINE. No, it's much easier to just put your arm along one side and sweep all the books out so that you can read the title on the cover instead.

Ahem. My point is that in theory, it's great if people put their books back (because it goes along with my philosophy on life, which is be responsible: if you drop something, pick it up; if you take something, put it back; if you use something, then you should be the one to wash that dish or put away whatever it is). In practice, however, it sucks. People "put away" library books by cramming them back wherever they see an empty spot on a random shelf. That means the next person who looks for that book will never find it. The librarian will look it up in the system and tell them that it should be on the shelf because it isn't checked out and then the person will go back to the same shelf and try to find the same missing book again.

For these reasons (in addition to my OCD), I always hang up my clothes in the dressing room and then put back at least half (if not all) of them myself. I don't shove them onto whatever rack is closest to something I'm browsing. I put every piece back on the rack it came from, according to size and color. I'm such a freak that when I'm walking around the store and I see something dangling from a hanger, I take it out, put the other shoulder in, and then put it back.

I still feel guilty because as I'm putting clothes back, I know some of the sales people are silently cursing me because they assume I'm one of those jackasses who shoves clothes on the wrong racks just to be a pain in the ass.

Shopping online would be perfect if only we could somehow come up with a system to standardize sizes. I know that's what those numbers on my clothes are supposed to do, but I don't understand how I can wear three different sizes within the same brand/at the same store.

Jul 19, 2009

omg! i do the same thing!

Jul 19, 2009

If nothing fits me, the whole pile gets left. I am conscientious about putting the clothing back on the hanger right, and not dumping them on the floor instead of handing them back, but I have no qualms about leaving what does not fit. People that are getting paid five bucks an hour have more to worry about than whether I buy anything or not. Like whether that other lady's kid just took a crap on the floor in the corner booth.


Yeah,I like Some of these are just too cute for words!

Jul 23, 2009

oh my god - here i've always thought i must be the only person out there that could possibly be shamed & feel the urge to apologize when none of the things i've tried on work out. what a relief it is to hear there are more out there...

Jul 25, 2009

As someone who used to work in clothing sales (wait, what is it supposed to be called, "retail"?) I totally totally appreciate that you do that. I mean, I was never personally invested in whether or not the person managed to find something that worked, but I so appreciated people being friendly and nice and cleaning up after themselves and stuff. So don't feel bad that you do it, I think it's awesome! Thanks!

I mean, thanks in the past.... ;)

Nov 23, 2009

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