Sorry Your Birthday Dinner Was Kettle Chips and Beer

So our first major accomplishment of the week was finally sending out all our wedding invitations. Leaving them at the post office on Thursday morning felt much like I imagine abandoning one's precious firstborn at preschool must feel like: which is to say, AWESOME. I mean, man, I love those invitations, but I was so sick of seeing them. Don't get me wrong, they're absolutely perfect and worth every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears we threw into them---smart move, marrying a graphic designer, I'll tell you that---but, after months of perfecting every color and comma, I was also kind of ready to get them out of my house. As god is my witness, I'll never glue a doily inside a teeny-tiny envelope again! 

With two months to go until the wedding---actually, eight weeks and six days, which is much more reassuring---the next two big projects are the cake and the flowers, both of which we're doing DIY-style. There's also a million and seven other things to get done---most of which I fully admit I am making far more complicated than I have to, because that's the way I roll: it isn't a successful wedding if someone doesn't get an ulcer beforehand!---but I'm just trying to pace myself and breathe and repeat soothing things to myself and remember what's really important about all this, which is that drinking a glass of champagne every night to cope does not mean you have a problem. Right? Right! To hell with your deep-breathing and your mantras: give me fermented grapes!

(I'm totally kidding. Sometimes it's gin.)

(I'm totally kidding again. I actually hate gin. It makes me sad and morose and weepy, which means that should you and I ever end up at a karaoke night together, you should never order me a gin and tonic, because the next thing you know I'll be doing a heartwrenching a capella version of Everybody Hurts and blowing my nose on your shirt, yes, your favorite shirt, sorry about that, but you can't say I didn't warn you.)

Anyway! Saturday the Fourth was Sean's birthday, his 33rd to be exact, and we celebrated the best way we know how: with beer and baseball and cupcakes. Oh Internet, I made the most insane cupcakes, like probably the best you've ever had in your life. The batter was chocolate and Guinness, the middle was carved out and filled with a chocolate whiskey ganache, and the frosting was spiked with a few teaspoons of Baileys, and sweet baby Moses on a unicycle in Tennessee, THEY. WERE. DIVINE. They could end wars, these cupcakes, I'm pretty sure of that. Do you have a war you need ending? You can find the recipe here.

It was because of these cupcakes, in fact---to clarify: because we ate too many of them---that our dinner plans for Sean's birthday were thrown off. We'd been planning to make the trek to El Castillito for a giant burrito---nothing says Happy Fourth of July! like a flour tortilla---but when seven o'clock rolled around, we were still too stuffed with sugar and frosting, and then it was eight o'clock, and still we could hardly move.

Just before nine, we dragged ourselves out of our sugar coma and walked to the corner of Union and Leavenworth streets, which is one of the best vantage points in the whole city, to watch the fireworks over the bay. "Could you manage a beer?" I asked Sean, and he agreed that he could, and Internet, this is how we became that classy couple standing on the street corner  on a public holiday, drinking Sierra Nevada from brown paper bags and stuffing fistfuls of Kettle Chips into our mouths. (The convenience store had a ten-dollar minimum for credit cards. We also had to buy some Altoids. Which, come to think of it, was probably a blessing in disguise.)

Do we know how to party or do we know how to party? Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought. But enough about us, how was your Fourth of July?

Jul 06, 2009

Oh man... I still have a few of those cupcakes in the freezer. I decided I should only frost half a batch at a time because my god they were just so good. Now I'm afraid to frost the frozen half lest I eat them ALL.

Jul 06, 2009

I made those cupcakes for my boyfriend's birthday in March and they are incredible. I remember that food coma well!

Jul 06, 2009

Oh! I made those cupcakes for St. Patrick's day and they were so good I almost didn't share them with anyone. But 12 jumbo car bomb cupcakes didn't really jive with my New Year's resolution to eat healthier and lose weight...

Jul 06, 2009

I made them for my husband's birthday too! They really are beyond words... everyone should try them!

Jul 06, 2009

I have that cupcake recipe pinned permanently to my refrigerator door! It's my go-to recipe for everything from celebrations to, um, hey you took out the trash, let's have cupcakes!

Jul 06, 2009

I am SO glad you made those cupcakes. Aren't they the best cupcakes you've ever eaten? I'm telling you, my last meal on earth will be those cupcakes if I have anything to say about it. Oh, and happy birthday Sean! :)

(PS. For our 4th, we sat on the back deck and stuffed mini cheesecakes in our mouths. Mmm.)

Camels & Chocolate
Jul 06, 2009

Well, since Scott and Sean share a birthday (though Scott's officially a senior citizen at 35!), we also celebrated with too much sugar. Moose's famous cheesecake which I attempted for the first time (to great success!) and my mom's famous strawberry pie. We spent the day out by the pool in the insanely hot Southern summer heat, then caught a night flight back to San Fran.

I've said it on both Sean's and your Facebook walls, and I'll say it again: Those invitations are AMAZING. I didn't want to open it and break the seal of the map-lined envelope! Damn you, because now anything I do for my wedding will pale in comparison, ha! (Kidding. Though I'm tempted to just go pick up some fill-ins at Target now.)(Kidding again. Sorta.)

Jul 06, 2009

Ooh... our 4th also featured a recipe from Deb's site, but it was the horseradish potato salad, which: YUM. As a group of responsible 20-30 somethings, our celebration included fireworks, a unicycle, beer pong, flip cup and a late night hike to a nearby watertower, during which I was somewhat inexplicably carrying a golf club. Hooray, America!

Jul 06, 2009

What do you do with the rest of the bottle of champagne, after you've had your one glass? How do you keep it from going flat, so you can enjoy another glass tomorrow? My strategy is to just drink the whole damn bottle, a habit that I am finding both expensive and intoxicating. Give me a solution!

Jul 06, 2009

I just have this stopper thing from Ikea -- got it ages ago, but if you wedge it in firmly enough, it seems to do the job: keeps the champagne bubbly for ages!

Jul 06, 2009

Those cupcakes look amaaazing. I now know what Husband is getting for his birthday.

(Nevermind that Husband hates cupcakes. In fact, he hates all forms of cake. That just means there will be more for me. Right? Right.)

Jul 06, 2009

You made the carbomb cupcakes! What guy could resist the Guinness cupcake? (If such a guy indeed exists, I don't want to meet him.)

The invitations are INCREDIBLE. I didn't open the envelope for hours because I was imagining all the work that went into the lining. When I finally opened it up (as carefully as possible), I think my jaw actually dropped. And realized that if I ever get married, I will probably just send an e-vite. Because the Most Awesome Wedding Invitations Ever award has already been distributed. (Um, will you still come to my wedding if you get an e-vite? It will be a classy e-vite! I SWEAR.)

Jul 06, 2009

Any chance you'll post a pic of your fab invitations? I'm currently debating over whether or not to make mine. I made our STDs and they turned out well! However, I don't know if I would be as ambitious as you with the envelope linings. I'm excited to hear about your other wedding DIY projects!

Jul 06, 2009

Sure, I'll post them sometime next week!

Jul 06, 2009

Oh yeah, sending out the invitations lifts a huge weight from the shoulders!

When we sent ours, I almost felt like whew, all the hard work is done. It was just temporary insanity, but it felt good while it lasted.

The cupcakes sound freaking AWESOME!

By the way, burritos are one of my favorite food groups, so a celebratory burrito is always acceptable, no matter what the occasion may be!

Jul 06, 2009

Kettle chips and beer sound like a great birthday dinner to me!

My 4th of July weekend was great! First a wedding rehearsal followed by a fab dinner, a wedding the following day, then a day of recovering, then a day of partying and fireworks (requiring another day of recovering). All in all it was fun and satisfying and I didn't want to come back to work today.

Jul 06, 2009

"sweet baby Moses on a unicycle in Tennessee" I would really like a shirt of that...

Jul 07, 2009

Can I have some cupcakes? I want a sugar-induced coma, really I do.

Sounds like an amazing birthday.

Jul 07, 2009

I cannot WAIT for the first opportunity I get to make those cupcakes. I've been something of a cupcake fiend this year (which does not, sadly, jibe well with the South Beach diet, nor any diet, come to that) and combining cupcakes with delicious chocolate and alcohol? sheer genius.

Happy Birthday to Sean!

Jul 07, 2009

I know I should be totally upset at the idea of sending my child away to school but seriously, I'm willing to bet it's the same feeling you had with sending out the invitations - DUDE! ONE LESS THING SITTING AROUND NEEDING ME!

The invites are out. This is seriously happening. Awesome!

Jul 07, 2009

I have been DYING to make those cupcakes. Like I literally have the recipe bookmarked!

Jul 07, 2009

You must continue with your Champagne Every Night regimen to properly bolster your tolerance for the big day.

There's nothing tackier than a drunk bride.

Jul 07, 2009

If I have cupcakes, Kettle Chips (which are from Oregon, btw) and beer for dinner, I'm holding you to blame. I just hope you can live with yourself ;-)

Jul 07, 2009

"sweet baby moses on a unicycle in tennessee" - possibly the best exclamation i've ever heard.

Jul 08, 2009

The cupcake paragraph made me crack up. I think you should dispatch a few of those sugary delights to the Middle East, see if you can't patch up that sixty year conflict with a handful of alcohol-infused baked goods.

Jul 08, 2009

I have made these cupcakes as well... but the frosting was a bit tricky! Best cupcake I've ever made, though!

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