Like Me, But With A Lot More Blush On

Every time we go down to San Diego, like we did this weekend, we get so much done that I start to go the opposite direction of worrying about the wedding, and instead I just get pleasantly complacent. Wedding? I shrug, what wedding? Oh right, THAT wedding. Eh, it'll all come together. This is either because we get so much done down there that my buckling to-do list bounces back into something resembling approachability, or because Virgin America---recognizing a harried bride when it sees one---is habitually slipping Xanax into my diet coke on the plane. Place your bets!

This weekend we did an extensive at-home tasting of white wine, resulting in the purchase of three cases, as well as an extensive at-home tasting of champagne, resulting in the realization that we'd......probably just have to do another extensive at-home tasting of champagne next month when we're down in San Diego again, since none of us could agree on the clear winner. Hey, it's a tough job, alright.

We also discussed the entire order of the ceremony with our vicar---Sean will kill me for telling you that he got a little teary-eyed during the vows bit, though I'm willing to sacrifice myself to do it because OMG SO CUTE---and did a walkthrough with the rental company to hammer out such scintillating details as lighting (lots of white paper lanterns), table arrangements (rectangles of eight), and dancefloor (boring old wood parquet or snazzy black and white checkerboard? I can't decide. I've always wanted the latter, but it's going to be outside and I wonder if it might look weird on the grass.)

On Saturday morning, I also had my hair and makeup trial, and yes, I realize how that sentence sounds---"I had my hair and makeup trial!", like, wow, I'm pretty sure people have been getting married for centuries without HAVING TO REHEARSE THEIR HAIR AND MAKEUP BEFOREHAND---but I asked the authority on these things (ahem, Twitter) if a hair and makeup trial was worth it before the wedding day, and the answer was a resounding yes. Tales of bright purple eyeshadow and glittery cheekbones and helmet hair abounded, as did tales of weeping and wailing and rending of garments. And since Photoshop can only fix so much and the rended garments in question would be a big white wedding dress, and also since I'd rather my grandchildren not look at our photos many years from now and wonder why grandmommy decided to dress up like a drunk pirate hooker for her wedding, I decided I might as well go ahead with it, just in case.

It went pretty well, I think. I love the hair, primarily because I can hardly believe someone made that sleek, shiny, chic bun from the overgrown, split-ended, growing-out-kind-of-weird (BUT STILL GROWING OUT DAMN IT) mess on my head. But I quite like the makeup too, even though I think I pretty much just look like I normally do, except with a lot more blush on.

I liked the makeup so much, actually, that I did a sort of embarrassing thing at the end of my appointment: I hugged the makeup artist as we were saying goodbye. And the makeup artist had not been going in for a hug at all, she'd been going in for a handshake, but to me it had looked like she'd been going in for a hug---plus I was feeling so warm and fuzzy about how well she'd covered my crow's feet that I THREW MYSELF AT HER---and it was was bad, Internet. Have you ever been a participant in a one-man hug (bonus points if you're the one man doing the hugging)? Because I can tell you: painfully awkward does not even begin to cover it.

So I kept hugging her and she kept not hugging back---instead kind of turning her handshake into a weird side pat, while holding her body away from me---and then we parted, and I was all oh crap, should I hug the hair stylist as well now? To make it look like This Is The Sort Of Thing I Do, all fine and dandy, nothing to see here, move along please? I didn't though, because if she hadn't hugged me back either, I probably would have needed to find the nearest Self-Esteem Workshop (Module 127: How To Deal With Rejection From Beauty Professionals) pretty darn quickly, and I just didn't have time for that.

Because I had to go home and make a practice bouquet! Despite any kind of floral knowledge or training---I basically just buy a bunch of flowers at Trader Joe's and stick them in a vase when I get home---I decided fairly early on to make my own wedding bouquet, because I just kind of......thought it would be fun, I guess. Realizing that it might be prudent to try a practice run before the big day, my mother and sister and I headed to a wholesale flower market, picked up $29 worth of white flowers, and then Sean and Susie and I sat around outside for an hour or so, watched a YouTube video, and managed to make this: 

Alright, it's not perfect---there are half a dozen things I'd change the next time we do another one, up to and including cutting the stems shorter and using all our flowers---but for three people who, up until Sunday afternoon, had never set foot inside a wholesale flower market, let alone put a bouquet together, I'm pretty pleased with it. It weighs a ton, though. Who knew flowers would weigh so much? Single ladies at my wedding, beware. You might want to bring a crash helmet.

Julia G
Jul 13, 2009

love the hair!!

Jul 14, 2009

Okay I am sort of new to your blog, but I think I love you already! You are cracking me up, because the whole awkward hug thing is something I have done umm, more times than I'd like to admit. I've actually done one where it was me doing the hugging, other person doing the handshaking, awkwardness happens, then we both catch what the other person was doing, BOTH try to follow the others lead, and it's DOUBLE awkward hug! I think this particular one actually ended up being a triple awkward hug, I'm not sure because I'm still trying to block it out of my mind. Gaaah!
Anyway, you're hair and make-up look absolutely gorgeous!

FunnyGal KAT
Jul 14, 2009

I did my own bouquet for my wedding and I figured as long as I was holding some glob of flowers, it didn't really matter how they were assembled. It was cheaper to do myself (like $100 versus $400), but I do remember it being very heavy. Your look great-- and I love your hair. It seems like all your plans are coming together nicely.

Jul 14, 2009

I really like your hair, and the updo she gave you, it looks very Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' The make-up is pretty too and not too heavy which is nice, very natural and summery.
Good luck with making the bouquet!

Jul 14, 2009

You could just use a throwing bouquet, so no one suffers a detatched retina or whiplash from a bouquet to the face (assuming you --and I think you are-- are the type of bride to wing that bouquet hell-bent for leather over your head) I made my own bouquet out of long stemmed calla lillies, so I just went to a local craft store and bought some silk callas and replicated the bouquet for hucking purposes. Worked like a charm!

Jul 14, 2009

oh, the awkward hug. And it was made more awkward because I was at a dull, professional networking event. You know - the kind in a bland hotel ballroom, with "Hello My Name Is" nametags and Powerpoint that's overwhelmed with clip art. There were a bunch of engineers milling about, talking about software. I was with the company hosting the event. Making me one of the hosts, I guess.

There was also an open bar, so by the end everyone was somewhat friendly (and if you know engineers, you know they're not naturally chatty and social). And as the event wound down, I HUGGED people goodbye.

You don't hug people at work. I knew this, yet somehow, the hugs! They just popped out.

I'm mortified just thinking about it.

Jul 14, 2009

Love the hair, the make-up and the choice of flowers! Gorgeous!

Jul 14, 2009

I LOVE the bouquet! I'd never thought of having a lot of different flowers but all the same color. Very cool. :)

I really like your hair & makeup too. It's all coming together!

Operation Pink Herring
Jul 14, 2009

The hair and makeup look amazing! I felt silly doing a trial run, too, but honestly... it just made me feel SO much better. I didn't hug the makeup lady, although I wanted to. Instead, I just told her that I really liked her tattoos. Not sure if that's better or worse than an unsolicited hug.

The bouquet looks GREAT. All bridal bouquets are heavy! I learned this holding my best friend's during her wedding. The minature pumpkins LOOKED cute, but holy hell, my arm HURT by the end of the ceremony!

(PS - I went to Party City on your tip and those elusive picture holders have been procured. THANK YOU!!!!!11!)

Tracy H
Jul 14, 2009

OMG you are going to have a beautiful wedding! Your hair & makeup look beautiful and the handmade bouquet is gorgeous! I wouldn't change a thing! Good luck!

Jul 14, 2009

LOVING the hair and make-up!
And the bouquet? Awesome! WAY better than I could have done. Thank goodness for pre-planned Las Vegas weddings that make the bouquet for you :)

I say go for the checkerboard floor.

Jul 14, 2009

You'd better warn your maid-of-honor too about the weight of your flowers! I was just in my sister's wedding and when I had to hold my bouquet and hers for part of the ceremony I was wishing I'd been lifting weights recently to make that a little easier.

I think the checkerboard floor will go well with your theme too.

Jul 14, 2009

Very impressive bouquet!! Maybe I can hire you for my wedding!

Jul 14, 2009

I learned the hard way how heavy boquets can be the day of my cousin's wedding. My own boquet was probably ten pounds and then when the MOH had to fix the bride's train I had to hold her boquet as well (which was bigger and better than all of ours) and holy jesus it was like a strength training exercise but in a strapless brown dress! AY-YAY-YAY!!!

I think it may just be how those things work.

Vampy Varnish
Jul 14, 2009

The hair and makeup are seriously amazing, you look gorgeous!

Loving the bouquet also, very good job.

Jul 14, 2009

I want to awkwardly hug you for saying "set foot" instead of "step foot."

I once accidentally kissed a boyfriend's mother on the lips because I didn't know which direction she was going with the kiss/hug. Mortifying to this day.

Lovely hair and makeup and flowers! You're a natural!

Jul 14, 2009

You are SO SMART to have done the hair run-through thing!!! I came home from the "beauty parlor" in tears on the day of my wedding, went straight to the shower, and ended up with barely dry and only marginally "styled" hair for the wedding itself. Ugh! Three cheers for all your sensible internet advisers, I say!

Jul 14, 2009

I LOVE the hair and make-up! You look smashing!

I really like the bouquet too! I'm impressed! You're so creative!

Can I hire you to be my wedding planner if the day ever comes?

Jul 14, 2009

How slippery will the floor get after 1 or 20 people spill their wine on it? That should determine your decision.

Hair and make up look fabulous darling.

Jul 14, 2009

Re: makeup/hair: Ooo la la!

I do believe I am more excited about this wedding than you and Sean are, possibly.

Jul 14, 2009

The hair is FANTASTIC!

Jul 14, 2009

I'm still giggling at your realization that flowers weigh a ton. My mom is a wedding florist and she always makes the toss bouquet quite small and with lots of filler flowers. I just realized it might be partly because it will be sailing through the air. Might be worth considering for your own toss.

Jul 14, 2009

You've just sent me into a panic, Holly! My wedding's 10 days away, I'm doing my own hair, makeup and flowers and I haven't even given a thought about how any of those will look, let alone done trial runs on them. Hmm...maybe I should get started?

Jul 14, 2009

i would like to speak up for the checkerboard flooring.... i think it would look BEAUTIFUL. kind of an alice in wonderland feel.

Jul 14, 2009

Love the hair and makeup and I think you're completely ballsy for doing your own bouquet! I wouldn't be able to do much more than tie some twine around a bunch of dandelions.

Jul 14, 2009

Like you, I planned my San Diego wedding from the Bay Area so going down to SD made me feel like I accomplished so much and made me feel like everything was under control. Even though we crammed tons of wedding stuff into our short visits (nine venues in four days, for example), it was still fun and, dare I say, relaxing?

We made all the bouquets for my sister's wedding (and by "all" I mean the bridal bouquet and two maid of honor bouquets, so not really that many) as well as the flowers for the reception tables, and I too was shocked by how heavy those things are, not to mention how many leaves you have to strip off and how many stems you have to trim to fill one tiny square vase.

My sister ordered a bunch of white flowers from the guy at the OB farmers' market and then we spent an afternoon going crazy with the flowers. It was a fun thing to do together, although it did make us realize why florists charge so much after a few hours of pulling thorns off one pack of roses.

I was okay holding my bouquet, but once I had to hold mine and the bridal bouquet, I started feeling like I was going to pitch forward because my weak girlie wrists were not up for all that weight after a few minutes. Thank goodness the ceremony was really short.

The hair and makeup look gorgeous! It might seem like a lot of blush now, but it will look great in the pictures.

I've done that spontaneous one sided hug too. Awwwwwwwkward. Afterward, I felt like I should apologize or somehow un-hug this person.

Jul 14, 2009

Ok so you're totally making me want to renew my vows or SOMETHING so I can re-do EVERYTHING about my wedding (except the hellish planning crap, though, so glad to hear that your to-do list is shrinking).

ps this was the code I just had to type in: +#!3e@
WOW that was a lot of shift-key usage!!

Jul 14, 2009

I'm reading your blog and giggling in my office and my husband strongly suspects I'm not doing his bookkeeping as I should be.... he's a smart one.

And he's also a source of my great awkward hug story of a few weeks ago. After church we were filing out to shake hands with the priest. He saw my husband coming, and (I believe) extended his arms for a "I can't believe you're here!" gesture.... my husband thought it was hug the priest time and went against all his male instincts and leaned in... at this point, both priest and hubby realize they are are on hug trajectory and cannot at this point pull out without embarrassing the other, so awkward hug and back pats ensued... The priest's wife and I have been laughing for days about the sighting of two introverts hugging in public.....

hee hee hee....

Jen Hinton
Jul 15, 2009

I love the way your hair is done, it's lovely.

I was actually searching for Blogher post to highlight on my BTR show today and thought it would be fun to read a few from last year. I found yours and immediately recognized your pictures from those I have seen from last year! I hope you are attending this year and we have a chance to chat!

Jul 15, 2009

You're so pretty it's almost ridiculous. I love your dress and the bouquet is awesome!

Jul 15, 2009

Ha! Thanks! That's actually my sister Susie, holding the bouquet.

Jul 15, 2009


And XANAX! THAT's what I was lacking during wedding planning. Sheesh. I knew I forgot something ;)

Sensibly Sassy
Jul 15, 2009

Wow the hair, makeup and flowers look beautiful. It's all coming together lady!

Jul 16, 2009

So, your hair looks beautiful. It made me all weepy. Beautiful, you.

Jul 16, 2009

love the hair, love the makep, love the flowers!

Jul 16, 2009

Holly - You're a knock-out and all the decisions for your look that day are perfect. I *HATE* when brides doll themselves up to the point you barely recognize them on their wedding day. Somehow it seems insincere to get married so outside yourself. You do want to be a beautiful version of yourself that day, but you are who Sean fell in love with, so a beautiful you is who you will be!

Jul 18, 2009

Meredith, I agree. Wedding day makeup should be "you but better" as in just a little more polished, but some brides go a little crazy and are almost unrecognizable.

I wasn't sure about spending the extra money to have my makeup done, but I decided that I wanted my face to be glowing and perfect. I didn't want to look back at all the pictures and think, "Why do I look so sweaty?"

We just got our wedding pictures back today and it was totally worth the extra money!

Jul 28, 2009

pretty hair and makeup!!
I approve.

(not that you were waiting for my nod of approval)

Nov 16, 2009

Hi! SO I'm finding this a bit late, but I'm getting married in San Diego next summer and I'm wondering if you could share the name of your hair and make up people? They both look great! Thanks!! :-)

Mar 25, 2011

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May 19, 2016

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