The Knot's Got Nothing On Me

So all of a sudden it's March and I'm freaking out. I do this every March, actually---find myself at a point where I can't possibly believe two months of the new year are gone already and I've done NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING with them---but this year the inherent panic of It Being March Oh My God is heightened by the fact that March is one month closer to September than February was, and September is when I'm getting married. 

I should probably say that again, so that you really get the effect. I AM GETTING MARRIED IN SEPTEMBER. And September is now six months away. And it's not even like I'm getting married at the end of September, oh no no no, I had to be all crazy and pick Labor Day weekend---"Our anniversary will often fall on a three-day weekend!" Sean convinced me sweetly, "just think of all the getaways we could take to celebrate!"---and, as we all know, Labor Day weekend is at the beginning of September. And the beginning of September is soon.

Speaking of our wedding date, I think I mentioned that we ended up choosing Saturday September 5th. We did it for a variety of reasons, most of them based on the likelihood of several important family members being able to make it over to this side of the pond, but what do you know, not only do we end up with the pleasant side effect of having 09.05.09 as our anniversary---or the equally satisfying 05.09.09 for when I'm feeling particularly British---but September 5th, I kid you not, turns out to be my paternal grandfather's birthday. I had no idea, you see---he died a few year years before I was born; all I know of him is a black and white portrait in which he looks like Ezra Pound---but a couple of days after we'd set the date, my dad sent me an email. Not that it's a big deal, he wrote, but September 5th was Opi's birthday. He would have been 94. I like that.

I like it too. I like it very much. It's like when I bought that vintage cake topper on eBay from 1947, and then my mother saw it and said "oh, 1947 was the year Grandma got married!" These are just small things, I know, and---let's be honest---nothing more than happy coincidences. But still, but still. 


I feel I would be remiss in my Wedding Planning Update duties if I didn't tell you about our STDs. Wait, would you like to see our STDs? We got our STDs from the Internet! We love our STDs!

(I'm talking about our Save the Dates, of course. Though don't tell me you don't appreciate a good STD joke as much as the next person. Go on, make one, it's hilarious. "Our STDs are turquoise!" "We're going to give all our friends our STDs!" See? The laughter never ends.)

(Uh, unless you actually have an STD, I guess, you know, the proper kind. Probably not so funny then.)

Our STDs were something that I was very invested in---see, even that's funny! I'm like a 12-year-old boy!---and I can't quite explain why, except to say that they were the first real project we'd done for our wedding, and I've always wanted a wedding that would allow me to do projects. I like making things, you see, and even though the only thing I really made for these Save the Dates was a massive mess of the envelopes (ba-dum-dum), I think they turned out pretty well in the end. Sean designed them from start to finish using a 1950s map of San Diego as a starting point, and we had them printed on linen cardstock for a ridiculously low price.

The unofficial "theme" of our wedding---and really, it's not a theme at all, because, come on, barf---is travel and maps and places that are far from each other, and I really don't think I have to explain that one at all. I love old globes---I am planning on finding a few more vintage ones at the flea market in coming months and using them as centerpieces on the tables---and it's really just a happy coincidence that most globes are that pretty turquoise-meets-sea-green color that's my favorite hue in the world, so I guess that'll be a sort of theme too.

Wow, would you look at that, it's almost like I've been reading wedding blogs and paying attention or something! Now all I need to do is find some use for that doily edger I bought. Uh, a wedding-related use, I mean. Doily-edging my cats' tails doesn't count.


Speedy Canizales
Mar 05, 2009

Your STDs look awesome, they really do (hee hee).

Carlsbad is a great location. I used to visit every year as one of my clients was based there. They were located next to the Outlet Stores. I remember Carlsbad being very California - endless blue skies, ocean nearby, and wonderful sunshine. You picked a great venue.

Mar 05, 2009

Your STDs do indeed look awesome. I love the globe centrepiece idea.

& this made me think of your blog...

Mar 05, 2009

But doily-edging their tails WOULD be good revenge for getting peed on so many times, I think ;)

Love your STDs :D When I was on the Knot before I got married, we made fun of STDs all the time. Only, you know, not the kind that give you warts.

Mar 05, 2009


1 - love love LOVE the map concept...we are BIG map people in our house

2 - I loved my wedding and thought EVERY ounce of effort was worth it...every second favorite day EVER (after the birth of my son)....BUT the best wedding advice I got...was from a male friend who said "the wedding matters, but the marriage matters more" every time you find yourself feeling light-headed about the details (and you will)...try to come back that....I know it helped me! Immensely!

3 - Did you know that National Geographic makes HUGE world maps that you can put on your wall, etc...(although said application onto your dining room wall, *might* cause a fight that leads you towards divorce, not that I have any experience in that situation!) Here's our dining room for ease of reference....

Mar 05, 2009

Wow those are some of the nicest STDs I've ever seen! :0 ) The map design is very cool and pretty similar to the theme of the blog!

Also WN, that map in your dining room is awesome! Love the photo, now if I only had a dining room to put one in!

Mar 05, 2009

Your STDs are seriously cute. (I totally just snorted. Why am I a twelve-year-old boy on the inside?)

Wacky Mommy
Mar 05, 2009

We chose Labor Day weekend for the same reason -- our anniversary is Sept. 6th and no I cannot remember what year. Wait... OK, had to check with Steve. 1998. Then our daughter was born two days before our first anniversary. Nothing says "newlywed" like throwing up all year.

Love the maps idea, and the turquoise-meets-sea-green. Ooooooooh I cannot leave without giving advice -- it's the mother in me, sorry. Our caterer packed us a picnic basket to take with us after the reception, cuz she knew we wouldn't eat otherwise. I think we took a bottle of wine, too. And we spent the whole reception together and made people come to us instead of the other way 'round. Didn't feel like "working the room," y'know?

Best wishes.

Operation Pink Herring
Mar 05, 2009

I never noticed your wedding category title before... dude, best category title EVER.

The STDs are gorgeous! (This will never stop being funny).

Mar 05, 2009

Love your STDs (har har).

Yesterday I saw these rings and sent the link to a friend. She and her husband travel a lot so I thought they'd appreciate them. Neat, huh?

Pink Sun Drops
Mar 05, 2009

GORGEOUS! Love the travel theme : ) .

Mar 05, 2009

the loveliest stds i have ever seen. really. this is one i would keep on the fridge for a long time.

Anne in SC
Mar 05, 2009

We got married on a Saturday of a 3 day July 4th holiday weekend. It was really handy for all of the out of towners to have an extra travel day built in. And because of it - we had most people come (we weren't in a crazy economy then). Our grand plans were to be able to use this anniversary as a means of easy celebration for us in the years to come as well - turns out, everyone likes traveling on our wedding anniversary so things book quickly and are more expensive. So we tend not to to travel, but bask in the extra easy day wherever we happen to be. It is very convenient.

And I love the small "coincidences" happening with all your numbers. Seems as if the universe is lining up for you both.

Mar 05, 2009

When I get married, I'm hiring you to design all aspects of my wedding. Oh? You don't do weddings? What if I pay you a ridiculous amount?

I love love love your STDs.

Nothing But Bonfires
Mar 05, 2009

I can ALWAYS be swayed by a ridiculous amount.

Mar 05, 2009

Love, LOVE LOVE! the save the dates! I am SO OVER the STD magnets everyone I know seems to do, with the stock colors and fonts and obligatory photo. Yours are gorgeous and fun and original and make me think that I need to make more creative friends.

the sassy kathy
Mar 05, 2009

dearest holly,

i would just like to say that at first i know you mentioned you weren't really into the whole wedding thing, and then suddenly found yourself sucked into the whole process. i was of the same "big deal" mindset and did not really understand this. then i got engaged (on friday!!!) and suddenly, i get it. so much pressure from every direction. i already totally Bridezillaed my fiance about the potential guest list. just wanted to let you know that i'm commiserating.


Mar 05, 2009

That is one beautiful STD. I'm looking forward to these updates.

Anne & May
Mar 05, 2009

I most heartily promise that you will get it all done and in plenty of time. And I am here at the ready to help with anything. Just say the word.

And your STDs are simply beautiful--and I don't often have a chance to say something like that!

And I LOVE the repeating numbers in your wedding date. We got married on 11.08.08 and I love that too.

Take heart! You're getting there!

Vampy Varnish
Mar 05, 2009

We chose Memorial Day weekend to get married almost 2 years ago AND it was on the beach in Hawaii! That way we always have a great excuse to go back to Hawaii and stay. Though this year, we shall be in London for our 2nd anniversary! :)

I love the map theme, it's very classy and cool.

Mar 05, 2009

I am so jealous of your STD's!!!(I know this is getting old, but I couldn't resist, and I am jealous. Mine were awful, and they cost me a small fortune. In fact, my wedding would have been much more successful if I didn't get those pesky STD's. (I know,I'm pathetic.)

Mar 05, 2009

I'm right with you. Almost that is. I'm getting married the day after you – September 6th. I also live in the Bay Area, but I'm getting married in Portland, Oregon. Trying to plan while in my 2nd year of a Comparative Literature PhD – write papers, grade papers, conference with freshman, prepare for oral exam on the theory of metaphor, oh, and find photographer, plan menu, etc. Whew.

Mar 05, 2009

Those are super cute! My fiance is obsessed with maps (he's a planner, like, professionally - an urban planner) so we may have to "borrow" (ahem) that theme.

And yes, wedding themes make me wanna vomit too! Yet, I still can't get enough of checking out other people's themes on all the wedding blogs out there!

Mar 05, 2009

Love. Them.

Mar 05, 2009

i absolutely love your save the dates, they are so cute and creative. and love the globe idea, your wedding is going to be amazing.

Mar 05, 2009

At a reception I went to, the tables all had city names instead of numbers, so that when the guests picked up their name cards to see which table they were at, it would just say "Paris" or "Damascus". It turns out they were all places that the couple had traveled to together, and in each of the number holders on the table there were postcards from that place. I'm not usually one for themes either, but I thought that was adorable. (And if there's any awesome theme to have, it's maps and/or travel!)

Long time lurker, by the way. Hi!

Mar 05, 2009

Your wedding experience is amusingly the opposite of mine, which was much more hurried and less elegantly preplanned and rehearsed.

Needless to say, we did not send out fancy STDs, but now, for the first time, you have made me miss out on the grand occasion kind of wedding.

You have already shown much more restraint in your STD jokes than I likely would. It's probably for the best.

Mar 06, 2009

I think your STD’s look great.
Since it’s Friday, and time for my brain meltdown, here’s a no brainer limerick for you.

There was a girl named Holly,
Who seemed real nice and jolly,
Come September - 2009,
She ties the knot – one ring at a time!
It’s happily ever after for this dolly.

--- crawling back into the woodwork ---

Mar 06, 2009

The old map of Southern California is brilliant. The lack of an Interstate 5 plays straight to my long time affair with William Least-Heat Moon's 'Blue Highways"

Mar 06, 2009

I, too LOVE your STDs.

Mar 06, 2009

I love your stds! I just ordered mine today, too. My mom helped me with her mad Photoshop skillz. THEN she found out a coworker dabbles in graphic design and happens to be the press manager (duh, I forgot my mother works somewhere they do PRINTING!). She offered to help with the stds AND to both design and print our invites! She will accept no payment for her creative time and my mom gets 50% off the printing, so now I get to have fancy lithographic print instead of the DIY print-at-home I was going to get for not much more money.

Man, I am seriously getting sucked into wedding world, too.

Mar 06, 2009

congratulations with the wedding! my friend is getting married this september too! she's been looking at wedding invitations, but she's a bit conscious about the price tag. i'll have her look at your STDs. maybe she'll get some good ideas.




Mar 07, 2009

I think they are lovely but as a reader from the UK where we don't have STDs (at least not your kind, we have plenty of the others.....) why not just send out formal invitations??!
Confused from London.

Mar 07, 2009

GPM -- we will be sending out formal invitations, probably 8-10 weeks before the wedding. The Save the Date is just useful in telling people "hey, this is when we're getting married, just so you know." Because 95% of our guests are coming from elsewhere -- and about 50% of them from England -- we want to give people way more notice than we would if they were just coming from down the road. The Save the Date lets them know to earmark that weekend for our wedding (if they want to come!) and gives them ample time to make arrangements for flights and hotels in advance. If we just sent out our invitations 8 to 10 weeks before the wedding, probably no-one would come because they wouldn't have had enough notice to make arrangements for traveling so far.

Rob O.
Mar 07, 2009

I'm really digging the map theme and your announcements are awesome!

Dede & I lucked into some awesome timing the year we were wed - the date we chose, August 3rd, not only landed on a Saturday, making it easiest for family to travel in, but it's also my wife's grandparent's AND parents anniversary date. So we were able to keep that tradition going and that seemed to really make a big impression on my late Father-in-Law. And Dede's birthday is just 2 weeks later, so I never have any trouble remembering gifts for either occasion.

September in Carlsbad sounds really nice! One of Dede's late Uncles lived there and we went out for a visit just about 2 months before the wedding. Love, love, love the San Diego area!

sensibly Sassy
Mar 07, 2009

Those are some wonderful looking STD' are right, it's still funny ;)