We Went To Seattle And It Was Just Like Grey's Anatomy

Actually, you know what, it wasn't like Grey's Anatomy at all, but whenever I'm visiting a new city, I tend to approach it with the only knowledge I have, and the only knowledge I have is often pop culture-based and usually revolves solidly around a popular TV show. Thus, when we were in Chicago in April, we were all "OMG, that's where Abby ran up the stairs of the El in pursuit of Luka!" and "hey, don't you think Neela would totally hang out in Wicker Park?" (Those are ER references, by the way, in case you're not one of the three remaining people on the planet who still watch it, along with me, Sean, and Kristabella.) And so when we were in Seattle this past weekend, Sean turned to me and asked--I kid you not, though he's going to kill me for repeating this---"where do you think McDreamy lives?"

YES, LIKE MCDREAMY WAS A REAL PERSON. We even had several conversations about whether or not Meredith Grey had to take a ferry boat to work at Seattle Grace, and these conversations were had while we were on a ferryboat ourselves. Clearly we need to get out more. Note to self: the little people in the TV are not actually real!

(PS: I totally don't think she takes a ferryboat. Sean does. What do you think? Also, do you think she'd be friends with me? Please check the box for Yes, No, or Maybe.)

So getting back to reality, Seattle was fantastic. I just want to grab all of you who gave us such fantastic suggestions for things to do and lock you all in a room and shower you with coconut cream pie from Dahlia Bakery. Like seriously, I would just stuff it in your mouths until you couldn't eat any more coconut cream pie, and then I would ply you with chocolate truffle cookies from there instead, and then when those ran out, I would go to the donut stand at Pike Place Market and shower you with mini cinammon donuts, and then when you got sick of those, I would buy you all a heaping dish of macaroni and cheese from Beecher's and a slice of Serious Pie.

What I'm trying to say, I guess, is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all your dining and sightseeing recommendations. We basically did the Internet's Tour Of Seattle, As Recommended By You, and it was fabulous. I must say, you all have impeccable taste. And impeccable tastebuds.

We arrived in Seattle on Wednesday night on separate flights: me from Las Vegas, where I'd spent 48 hours in the airport for work---no, that wasn't a typo, I was reporting on Thanksgiving travel, and had to be there from 6am to 6pm two days in a row---and Sean from San Francisco, where he had left the house in a rush and therefore forgotten not only a) his glasses, but also b) to close the window in the living room. Of course, visions of burglars breaking in through the open window haunted me throughout our entire trip---and watching Home Alone on Thanksgiving night didn't help---but Sean, stoic that he is, seemed mostly unconcerned. Although perhaps this is because he had forgotten his glasses and therefore wasn't having visions of anything

While we were checking in to the Pan Pacific Hotel---highly recommended if you're going to Seattle by the way; the bed linens are like buttah, and by that I mean soft, not slippery and fattening---I happened to mention that we were recently engaged. And bam!, the next thing we knew we were being upgraded to a much nicer room, this one with a view of the Space Needle. Internet, you have not lived until you have lain in the bathtub at eleven o'clock at night---after 12 hours standing on your feet at Las Vegas airport---and gazed out the window in front of you at the Space Needle, all lit up with a Christmas tree on top.

In our scant three days in Seattle, we moseyed around the market like a couple of tourists, did the Underground Tour, took a ferry to Bainbridge Island---where I did indeed try the life-changing TOAST! suggested to me by Hilary, even though I didn't believe, until then, that TOAST! could be life-changing (it totally can, by the way, hence the capitals and the exclamation point)---and went to the top of the Space Needle. We visited the library, browsed Elliott Bay Books, took in the view from Kerry Park, and basically did everything you told us to do, up to and including coffee at Seattle Coffee Works (like, eight times, because a caffeine buzz was the only way we were going to get everything done.) We returned home on Saturday night spent and exhausted, but very much in love with Seattle. What a great city, man. No wonder McDreamy lives there. And Frasier too.

Camels & Chocolate
Dec 01, 2008

Seattle's just like a calmer San Fran. Only with a lot more rain. And McDreamy, of course. (I hope Denny's Ghost didn't follow you through the Underground.)

That picture of you two is absolutely stunning! And so very 1975. Did you time travel en route to Seattle???

Dec 01, 2008

While you were away I visited San Francisco, and New Boyfriend and I stumbled upon that little British candy shop you've mentioned before and I had to do that awkward "my friend...err, this girl I know...ummm, well I've never met her, but this girl whose blog I read, well she loves this place!!!" I was overwhelmed with choices and ended up buying nothing. But I did manage to eat two It's It within 24 hours, so I consider the trip a WIN.

Glad you guys had a nice time and are home safely!

Dec 01, 2008

I'm planning a West siiiiiiide (of the country) trip for 2009, and will definitely be hitting up Seattle, so this post is making me even more anxious for the new vacation days to kick in! I need to get a fake ring & mention my new engagement for hotel upgrades, too... that would rock (no pun intended)! Glad you guys had such a great trip, especially coming off of 48 hours in the Vegas airport.
House of Jules

Dec 01, 2008

Glad you had a great time! Seattle is a wonderful city. I love your coat, by the way - such a gorgeous colour!

Dec 01, 2008

I haven't watched Grey's in a few years, but Meredith probably doesn't take the ferry, I always imagined she lived in the Volunteer Park area of Capitol Hill or Wallingford. But from the looks of Derek's property, he lives on one of the islands and would have to take the ferry. Anyone else want to weigh in?

I'm so glad you enjoyed it here. Sounds like you really crammed a lot in! Sometimes I am jealous of the tourists running around enjoying themselves.

Dec 02, 2008

What a great picture. I am in love with your coat! Who is it by?

Dec 02, 2008

I need to remember the whole telling people you're engaged thing, I only have a few months left to take advantage of it. :)

Dec 02, 2008

As someone who sits in front of her computer knitting things for Etsy while watching Frasier episodes on Youtube, I can't believe you waited so long to mention him! But the thing about Sean not having visions of anything was very funny, so I shall forgive you.

Dec 02, 2008

I need some of that TOAST! :)

Dec 02, 2008

I'm glad you loved your time here in Seattle. I've heard that McDreamy question before, and also, if all the locals and townies hang out at Starbucks.

Dec 02, 2008

I always assume Meredith (and Alex and Izzy and now McDreamy!) lives in the Capitol Hill area. But back when McDreamy had the camper, he was totally taking the ferry to work each day.
I haven't been back to Seattle since I became a hardcore Grey's Anatomy fan. I can't wait to go back with fresh TV eyes!

the sassy kathy
Dec 02, 2008

ohh seattle is one of those cities that i'm obsessed with even though i've never been there! also included are portland and boston. my basis of loving these unvisited cities is HGTV... b/c apparently i am a middle aged housewife at heart.

Operation Pink Herring
Dec 02, 2008

Is that the coat you had made during your travels last year? It's FABULOUS.

Dec 02, 2008

Upgrade to a better room? Swanky! Though I don't watch either of those shows. :(

Oh, but I watched Frasier!!

Dec 02, 2008

I think Seattle is the location for our big family trip this year (we take one every year) and I am so going to bookmark this post so I can remember everything we need to do. I know that we have to definitely do the Experience Music Project because my husband is a die-hard Jimi Hendrix fan, so much so that we have a painting (done by his brother) in our living room. It doesn't match any of the decor or colors but it's Jimi and therefore worthy.

Mrs. Who
Dec 02, 2008

We stayed at a bed-and-breakfast in the University District when we were in Seattle and I've always thought Meredith might live there. So, no ferry.

We LOVED the underground tour and thought it was so creepy and interesting. It made us want to visit underground Atlanta, so that's on our list the next time we go there, along with the aquarium.

Glad you had a good time!

Dec 02, 2008

Chloe, I am afraid Operation Pink Herring is right -- I had my coat made in Vietnam a few years ago when Sean and I were traveling. If you're ever in Hoi An, I'll give you the name of the shop where I had it done! It cost $28, if you can believe it. It's my very favorite coat in the world.

Dec 02, 2008

Glad to hear you had a nice time! Even better that you didn't once mention the less-than-stellar weather, which always seems to be the focus of Seattle reviews. Yeah, yeah. It can be gloomy, and indeed, it does rain a lot, but my husband and I love Seattle. We decided to move here after a weekend visit in February (read: worst month ever, in terms of weather), after experiencing a lovely few days much like what you described in your review. Basically, we fell in love with the city, and with each other all over again. It's been a little over three years since leaving California for the Pacific Northwest, and I can't imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life. Seattle is absolutely fantastic.

Dec 02, 2008

I am fortunate enough to have a best friend who lives in Seattle, and had my first experience there a few months ago. Like you, I was completely captivated. It's a glorious city! Now...have you tried Portland? Because that is even more lovely, in my opinion.

Glad you enjoyed the trip! Take care.

Sensibly Sassy
Dec 02, 2008

oh I love that picture! So adorable. And your writing made me miss seattle..in a good way though

Dec 02, 2008

Oh don't worry, Portland is next!

Anne & May
Dec 02, 2008

We should do Portland together. Guess who lives there? NICKI! As in Dan and Nicki!

She's going to give us a royal tour and you guys could come too!

Seattle sounds very fun. I'm very jealous. We're going to try to do some shorter trips this year. There are so many cities I haven't seen!

Dec 02, 2008

I don't think Meredith takes a ferry boat to work either. And she would totally be friends with you!

Dec 02, 2008

I have always wanted to live in Seattle. I'm with you, I don't think Meredith takes the ferry to work but I'm pretty certain McDreamy did before he moved in. I've seen every episode (some twice...nerd alert) and I can't tell you how I "know" that.

I'm really loving your hair, by the way.

Dec 02, 2008

Meredith does not take a ferry boat to work. She lives on Upper Queen Anne and the hospital is located on lower Queen Anne so she drives even though she could walk.

McDreamy has property on Bainbridge Island and used to take the ferry but now drives since he lives with Meredith.

Can you tell that I'm a Seattlite with too much time on her hands?

I'm so glad you had fun here and hit all the yummy places to eat! Didn't you just die in Serious Pie? I love that place!

Dec 02, 2008

As it was the setting for her near-demise, I don't think Meredith takes the ferry any longer. Especially now that McDreamy has moved in.

(Funnily enough, the ferry was the setting for MY near-demise, too, after we MISSED ONE because I had convinced my husband we should park our cars in Bremerton and walk on the ferry, as parking was so horrendous in Seattle. My bad. Parking was horrendous in Bremerton, too, and despite running for three blocks with our three kids, we missed the boat. Boy, that drive to Bainbridge Island to catch the next (last one of the day!) ferry was pretty silent.)

Anyway, I think Meredith would totally be your friend. Just as I think Sandra Bullock would be mine. Maybe the four of us could go out for coffee sometime.

Dec 02, 2008

I had to make sure to read all the comments just in case we aren't the only people left watching ER. And alas, we are the final three.

I don't think Meredith takes the ferry. McDreamy did when he lived in his trailer. And I think they will when they move into that new house, that hopefully won't be made out of candles.

And also, who would NOT be your friend?

Glad you guys had a great trip! That is a great photo! I love Seattle!

Dec 02, 2008

Hooray! Am THRILLED you made it to Blackbird and that you enjoyed the TOAST! :) Yay! Glad you had so much fun- it's a great, great town, indeed!

Dec 02, 2008

I love Seattle. And I loved this post. Because you are very cool and sassy, and though I don't watch ER or Grey's, most of my best friends live in the TV. And since you don't seem to be insane, then maybe I am not either!

Dec 02, 2008

We're celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in Seattle in February so I'd love it if you could share your list of recommended sites and eateries. I'm feeling really overwhelmed with random suggestions on Fodors and TripAdvisor because I'm not-so-secretly convinced all of those people are insane.

Dec 02, 2008

I'd be looking for places the movie Singles was filmed at.

I still watch ER, too...it's been 14 years and I'll be damned if I'm going to give up now. That series finale had better be worth it!

Dec 02, 2008

Meredith does not take the ferry and she would totally be your friend. That's a fact.

Dec 02, 2008

Glad you enjoyed our neck of the woods; we like it too, just don't tell to many people, you know, we like to keep it to ourselves. :-)

As for the Ferry Boat issue, the ferries here go to the islands (Bainbridge, Vashon, the SanJuans,) and across the sound to the peninsula on the other side where Bremerton, Gig Harbor and friends live, (like me.)

As such, McDreamy could possibly take a ferry boat from his trailer; Meredith would assuredly NOT take a ferry to her house, she lives in a swanky neighborhood close to downtown.

I am confident however, that they would both be your friends.

And also, I still watch ER. So now there are four of us.

It annoys my husband to no end that I take up the precious DVR space every Thursday night so I can catch up on ER Friday after school, but I must see the show to the end as I have watched since its inception.

Dec 02, 2008

Ouch! I meant "don't tell TOO many people," not to

Dec 03, 2008

Wait. So you mean that you and Sean broke up and then got back together and then broke up and then got back together and then broke up and then ......

That's not what you were meaning, was it, with the title?


Dec 03, 2008

I'm glad you had fun here. It really is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. (That's pretty much how I feel about San Francisco!)

Dec 03, 2008

Funny, I've never thought of butter as particularly soft, but I suppose were I to plummet from the top of the Grand Canyon, that landing in giant slab of butter might, indeed, be soft.

Dec 03, 2008

Your trips looks so delightful. Everything about you seems delightful to me. So cute.

Anyway, add me as the 4th remaining watcher of ER. In fact, I've watched it ever since it began, never missing any episode. (well, maybe a few...) I'm in mourning that it's ending this year. So sad. Just as it seems better than ever. (minus Abby) A few weeks back when they had Dr. Green on, as soon as he spoke, I started BALLING. Like a BABY! Just the familiarity of his voice and all the memories of how much I've enjoyed this show, just came crashing back. I've got issues.

Anyway, Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Dec 03, 2008

You are ridiculously adorable in your red coat and lovely little hat.

Dec 03, 2008

You truly should have come to our house for Thanksgiving, rather than eat it in the hotel! Damn, if only I could have contacted you guys sooner! Glad you enjoyed our fair city -- and wow, what a great photo! I've been here for almost two decades and have yet to stand on THAT wall and take THAT picture. (Well, not THAT one, because you already took it and you're you and I'm me... but you know what I mean!)

C'mon back now, ya hear! (That is sooo NOT Seattle talk!)


kat - Three Cent Stamp
Dec 03, 2008

I'm assuming you did not sleep your way through SG nor "do it" in the elevator? Did you hear from Denny? :-) Well, I must admit your beautiful photo bears a strong resemblance to the McDreamy part - as the photo of the two of you is very stunning.