Postcard From Ecuador (Sloppily Written)

Dear Internet,

Hi! Hi from Ecuador! Weather is great, wish you were here etc. Well, actually, that´s not true---I mean, I do wish you were here (although the logistics of that are mind-boggling), but the weather isn´t, in fact, great. Actually, I brought all the wrong clothes; the guidebook said we could expect ¨spring¨ weather, but I think they meant spring in, like, Siberia. Thank god for the waterproof jacket my co-worker lent me (the same one who lent me her backpack! a round of applause for Jessica!) and also for the one pair of sneakers I threw in at the last minute, and also for the new layer of fat I´m sure I´ve acquired after three days in this country, with its $1 beer and its prevalence of queso and jamon sandwiches. (By the way, I never thought I´d say this, but I´m sort of getting a little disenchanted by cheese.) (I know! Is that a pig I see flying?)

Anyway, in other news, I rode 22 kilometres on a bicycle today, and also Sean threw himself off a bridge. Ha! No, really, he did. But it was a controlled throwing; he went bungee jumping. Me, I hemmed and hawed on it for a while and finally decided I just wasn´t brave enough. I mean, I was thinking about it, but then the 18-year-old German boy who went up before Sean came back looking a little pale, and I said ¨so how was it?¨and he said (in a very thick German accent) "it was a little like suicide.¨ And, well, Internet, that sort of sealed the deal for me.

Sean said it was fabulous though. He looked like he had fun, anyway---well, as much fun as you can have jumping headfirst off a bridge into a ravine, at the bottom of which is a waterfall. (Oh, I have so many pictures of this, Internet, you´re going to die of boredom when I finally get back and upload them. Which I guess is better than dying of bungee jumping with questionable ropes, so, you know, win-win.)

We´re having an amazing time, anyway. We´re in Banos at the moment (after a five hour bus journey from Quito, during which I was sure we were being kidnapped, although it turned out, obviously, that we weren´t. Damn Sean for being right again.) It´s a beautiful little slip of a town surrounded by mountains and waterfalls and a volcano and all sorts of lush greenery and it´s most famous for its minerals baths, which we visited this evening. Apart from the fact that it was sort of like being in a very large, very hot bathtub with 50 strangers, it was a blast. I´m going to assume there was some sort of honor code set up to ensure nobody peed. Let´s hope so, anyway.

Oh, right, this is a postcard, isn´t it? Well, alright then, I´ll finish. Take care, Internet. Sleep tight. Eat your greens. Call your mother. Talk soon.


PS: Ah, I´d forgotten the frustration of Internet cafes: being forced to write half-assed posts that leave out most things you´ve done, just so you can come in under the allotted time slot and answer emails to assure people you´re not dead. (If I didn´t email you, rest assured I´m not dead! If I´d gone bungee-jumping this afternoon, however, it might have been a different story. Lucky you, is all I can say.)

Sep 04, 2007

Tired of cheese?! What a ridiculous thought.

Obviously you've been kidnapped and were forced to write that under extreme duress. Tell me where you are and I'll send help. And cheese.

Heather B.
Sep 04, 2007

Glad you're having a good time but I totally missed you this weekend. But let's not dwell because this Ecuador thing is fascinating.

Sep 04, 2007

Reminds me of my time in Argentina, and damn if you didn't make me miss the hot springs there. Its fun pretending its not as gross as it probably is.

aBd libbing
Sep 04, 2007

I would have been freaked out by potentially fatal bungee cords and bath pee (hopefully not fatal), too. Can't wait to hear more!

Sep 04, 2007

No, lucky YOU!!

Sep 04, 2007

Glad you updated! And I'm very eager to see pictures!

Sep 04, 2007

Glad you're having a great time! I'm delurking to say that you totally made the right decision about the bungee jumping. Don't believe what they tell you about it being fun - it IS a little like suicide. And also the harness thingy they put around your legs? Once you've jumped and bounced around and then you settle down a bit, those harnesses carry your entire body weight, so you'll have a large, painful, harness-shaped bruise left as a souvenir of your bungee jumping for the next couple weeks. It was the most super-terrifying thing I've ever done and I would never do it again! Though it is weird that I was able to override my body's instinct not to jump to my death.

Sep 04, 2007

I'm so jealous! I grew up in Ecuador (near Puyo), and we went to Baños for nearly every vacation when I was small. We loved to eat taffy and visit the butterfly shop, which is off the main square downtown. Enjoy the rest of your time!

Sep 04, 2007

Oh, I TOTALLY chickened out on the bungee jumping in New Zealand. Yes, the cliffs were spectacular and the water very blue and undoubtedly teeming with many exotic fish, but NOT WORTH DYING FOR, THANKS.

Sep 04, 2007

Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you, and not getting us killed on the bungee.

And I think I need to be disenchanted by cheese, so my clothes would fit better. Can I do that in the Bay Area, or do I need a vacation to Ecuador?

Sep 05, 2007

Maybe you're only sick of one KIND of cheese. Maybe you need to just change up your cheese choices.

You can't be sick of cheese.
And I can't wait for pictures, it sounds glorious.

Sep 05, 2007

Ecuador IS amazing. This guy named Alex totally fell in love with me when I was in Banos. Where are you staying out of curiosity? I stayed at the hostel plantos y blanca-they have great breakfast. If you go back to Quito be sure to get some raspberry-coconut ice cream cones they are the shit. And if you're already sick of cheese, DON'T visit the cheese factory near Chugchilan because that could almost ruin cheese for you for the rest of your life. Sorry for this random rant, your most made me miss Ecuador so much!

Sep 06, 2007

Like, thank GOD Holly! I was just clicking on your link on my blogroll thinking, "damn, she be in Ecuador...what am I going to do while I wait to get all of this food off my desk?" and wondering whether to write a blog post about how annoying it is when all your blogroll has much more of an exciting life than you do and are off in far-flung places like ecuador, and

Bless you and your cotton breathable socks.

You've written us a postcard. XXX

Sep 06, 2007

Who is the person writing this post as the Holly we know and read would never say that she was tired of cheese!

I could never bungee jump so I totally understand and you are a hero in my book as you took a 5 hour bus ride! I rode a schoolbus for all of my school years (I did the math and it equals 156 days of my life on a bus without a break) and now cannot get on a bus for long journeys.

Can't wait to see pictures and have a safe journey home.

Sep 07, 2007

I can't wait to see how your adventure turns out! It's so great to read about and experience without having to worry about mosquitos or rain or crazy bus rides!