Get Shorty

More New Hair Here are a few things that will always happen: you will always wake up on the morning of your hair appointment and be having a good hair day for a change. You will always think "crap, do I really want to do this?" You will always arrive early to the salon and flip through some of those hair magazines and change your mind a hundred times. You will always accept the stylist's offer of tea and then regret it when you suddenly have to pee halfway through the appointment. You will always find it uncomfortable to stare at yourself in the mirror for an hour---especially during the first twenty minutes, where your hair is slicked back and wet---and you will always, given the time to scrutinize, find another zit (or chin) you didn't know you had. You will always fumble the tip (is there a cool way to do the tip? I don't think there's a cool way to do the tip) and then you will always walk home slightly awkwardly, subtly trying to catch glances of yourself in shop windows and also protect your new hair from sudden sharp breezes. You will always wail "I don't know! Do you like it? I thought I liked it! But now I don't know if I like it!" when you get home, and then you will play with it a little, and half an hour later you will think "oh, I think I like it." More MORE New Hair So anyway, yeah, I did it. It's short, no? But it's pretty much exactly what I wanted, and sweet cracker sandwich, I loved the stylist. I loved her so much, I just wanted to take her home with me and make her drink beer with me and maybe see if she was up for a game of scrabble or a few episodes of Flight Of The Conchords. If you live in San Francisco, this is the stylist you should be seeing; listen to Wood, she knows what she's talking about. But if you do decide to see this stylist, you must promise not to take my appointment, alright? Hmmm, we should really shake on that. I always think the true test of a haircut is how it looks the next day, when you wash it and then try and do it yourself. Since I don't own a round brush or a flat iron or a cadre of Bumble & Bumble products (or even one Bumble & Bumble product, actually), I was a little worried about this, but it turns out that when a cut is good, it pretty much does all the work for you itself. This picture is from the second day, and I think I even like it a little bit better---it's a little softer and more relaxed: Gone Short Or maybe I'm just a little bit more relaxed, not having to worry about whether or not I'd singlehandedly have to bring the baseball cap back into fashion for the next three months (worn backwards if the back was particularly bad. Which it's not, by the way, although oh my god, is it short:) This is the back (Wow, I don't think I've ever seen my neck before.) Anyway, thank you so much, Internet, for all your suggestions and ideas and votes on the last post; it really did help to get your input, and I shall totally return the favor and vote on your next haircut, should you require my opinion. Do you require my opinion? I like giving my opinion. So you should totally get back to me on that. And now, I swear, there will be no more talk of my hair, because really, I've already devoted more than enough time to it, and there are far more important issues to discuss. Like, for example, the FOUR pairs of shoes I bought this afternoon, and no, I am not even joking. I was supposed to be looking for Sensible Shoes for Ecuador, and ... well, you know what that's like. Apparently, I am now going to be hiking volcanoes in black pointy BCBG stilettoes and horseriding through the Andes in houndstooth ballet flats with the most darling little bows. Oh well, if nothing else, I suppose it'll make a good story. And then I can finally stop talking about my hair.

Aug 27, 2007

Oh. My. God. That is exactly how I want my hair!! Mind if print out your pictures to take to my stylist?

(p.s. I just starting reading your blog. Your apartment is adorable. And your hair too, obvs.)

Carol Snider
Aug 27, 2007

It's the perfect look for you! Love it!


Aug 27, 2007

It's PERFECT ON YOU! Your neck is long and pretty too. If I looked that good in short hair, I'd fly to SF just to get the cut.

gina in sc
Aug 27, 2007


Aug 27, 2007

Love it. You've described by hair angst with a new stylist all too well. I have an appt on Wednesday with a friend's recommended stylist because the lovely one I had for two years has been on maternity leave for four months and may never come back. (I'm all for it for her sake, but wah.) We'll see if I'm brave enough to post the "before" photos!

Katie (The Yap)
Aug 27, 2007

It is AWESOME. I like it better when you styled it yourself, too. It is fuller or something. It is a great style. I just had a bad cut and it is driving me crazy. I wish I lived in SF so I could go to your stylist!

Aug 27, 2007

Looks gorgeous. You're so right, I hate that wet hair moment when everyone else around you is just being primped to perfection and you're sitting there looking like a drowned rat clutching a magazine clipping and all of a sudden doubting your choice and your hairdressers interpretation skills!

Aug 27, 2007

First, the hair is GORGEOUS! Very flattering.

Second, no one gets the tip thing right. Not even the daughter of a hairdresser. You'd think she'd teach me a trick or two?

Third, MAY I PLEASE HAVE YOUR PEACHES AND CREAM SKIN. Or your skin could give my skin a pep talk about how I'm no longer in puberty. That blackheads and zits should be a thing of the past.

Aug 27, 2007

A good haircut is worth putting down my cup of coffee and actually typing a comment. I love it! I'm not a fan of short hair but this cut and style almost makes ME want to cut my hair all off! :)

Aug 27, 2007

Oh - the tip thing?

I never have cash on me and pay for the cut with my credit card and there is always a space that says TIP on the line above "total" so you add the tip in there. Easy Peasy. :)

jive turkey
Aug 27, 2007

So cute! Looks perfect on you.

wood from sweetjuniper
Aug 27, 2007

gorgeous. I love it. well done!

Aug 27, 2007

It looks great! It's really flattering on you and it looks especially good on Day 2. I love my curly hair, but haircuts like yours make me slightly wistful because I will never be able to do the stylish, piece-y thing that you have going on.

As far as you voting on other people's haircut dilemmas, tragically mine was just a couple weeks ago, before I had found your blog. But I will keep it in mind for next time. Sound like a plan?

Aug 27, 2007

Very cute. I love it.

By the way, show pictures of the new shoes.

Aug 27, 2007

I agree with everyone - it's perfect for your face! Now can we clone this mysterious stylist and send her to the Midwest?

Aug 27, 2007

I love it! And you don't own a round brush? We must fix this!

Aug 27, 2007

I just got a bad cut too, and am suffering. I was out of town, I had free time, and I was desperate to clean up the mop. Big mistake. The icing on the cake: I am trying to go LONGER, so I asked her not to take much off, but she took about 2 inches off the bottom. So, now I can't exactly go to my regular guy to have him fix it, because then it would be EVEN SHORTER.

Yours looks fab though. So which picture did you give the stylist?

Aug 27, 2007

I love the super short cut on you! You have an adorable face!

I'm still trying find my ideal haircut. Sadly, my hair is not the right texture for a lot of the cuts I see --- it's a mix of super coarse and super fine --- so I just keep trying different ideas.

Aug 27, 2007

Beautiful cut! It completely suits you. And I have been wanting a change, so thank you for being a guinea pig so I could see how cute that cut ie. I recently TRIED to change, but wound up with a flat, lifeless whatever-this-is, and need something better. Seriously, I am taking your photo to the stylist.

I live just under an hour away from San Francisco. And for a great cut like that, I would travel, oh...three hours. So, tell me, who is she? Where is she?

Aug 27, 2007

You look great! Adorable yet sophisticated. So, did you end up using an instructive photo for your stylist? If so, which one did you use?

Aug 27, 2007

It is absolutely perfect. Perfect! SWOON.

Aug 27, 2007

I agree with everyone else. The haircut is gorgeous! Did you get it colored too? I ask because that color is PERFECT.

Aug 27, 2007

Congratulations for the great hair cut! I have waited almost a month to even take a picture because the bangs are a total disaster!!
Just started reading your blogs, really enjoying it.

Not The Mama
Aug 27, 2007

It's beautiful! I absolutely love it. I always envy short hair, but with my round face, it makes me look like a chipmunk. And I'm totally with you on hating to stare at myself in the mirror for an hour (especially with my hair all slicked back). And no, I don't think there is a cool way to handle the tip. I always feel like a giant dork.

Nothing But Bonfires
Aug 27, 2007

Wow, thanks everyone! What lovely things you're saying.

I took two Ellen Barkin photos, and THREE Natalie Imbruglia photos (all printed out on a sheet by Sean) and we decided on an amalgamation of the two styles. And no, I didn't get it colored there -- I did it myself a few weeks ago, the color I always do, which is French Roast (I think it's L'Oreal?)

And Meritt, I can normally do the tip in the TIP HERE space on the credit card slip, but this time there WASN'T one! Luckily I had cash, but I always hate that awkward hand-over.

Aug 27, 2007

LOVE. That is all.

Sarah Marie
Aug 27, 2007

It's a bonus that you had a good hair day on the day of your appointment... The stylist has to at least make you look as good as when you came in! I'd say she succeeded--looks fantastic!

Aug 27, 2007

I think we're going to need to see pictures of the shoes.

Also, cutest hair cut I've seen in ages. I just sent a link to my sister because she's on the hunt for a new cut. And if she doesn't jump all over it, I may have to do it myself because, lordy that cut is fantastic.

Aug 27, 2007

I love it! If I hadn't spent the last 10 years of my life trying to grow my hair out (which is incidently still just past my shoulders) I would cut it just like that!

Aug 27, 2007

and by the way, I agree with Jennie and think that we need to see pictures of the shoes!

Aug 27, 2007

Love it. And shoes? yes. yes. yes.

Aug 27, 2007

Delurking to say I love your hair! It suits you perfectly. And I live in San Francisco (well, close enough) and I have a six month old and I desperately need a hair cut and I was hoping you would share your stylists name with me...I promise not to steal any of your appointments! Thank you!

Aug 27, 2007

Love it. I covet your hair style but I don't think it would ever be possible with my head of hair.

Aug 27, 2007

Your hair looks fabulous! Now if I could only get that stylist here to do something with my long hair!

Nothing But Bonfires
Aug 27, 2007

Okay, so come closer....a little, closer still, I'm going to whisper: the stylist's name is Jubilee (best name ever, no?) and she has a little shop on California St called Jubilee Hair Studio. (That goes to her website by the way, if you click on it.) You should totally go to her if you can. Tell her I said hi. And that I love her. Like, to an embarrassing degree. (Oh, and here are her Yelp reviews, in case I haven't convinced you yet.)

Aug 27, 2007

Love it!!! I am totally jealous of your bone structure.

Aug 27, 2007

love, love, love the new cut! it's adorable.

i want to see the shoes though. :)

Aug 27, 2007

Alas, my neck is too thick and my chins too double for me to copy your cut. I was going to go in for a "Katie" a la Mrs. Cruise, but then saw your photos and almost told the stylist to give me "The Holly", (because I'm sure internet-savvy salons across the country are being inundated by now, and they would've known just what I meant) and THEN I snapped into my senses (just in time, I might add), realized my neck problem, and got my perfectly serviceable, but boring, trim.

As soon as Elizabethan collars come back in style, however, I'll be racing to the salon with photos of you in hand.

Aug 27, 2007

So cute. It makes me wish I had straight hair!

Aug 27, 2007

oh my goodness, so absolutely lovely! "the holly"—i love it!

question on tipping, i usually do 20% (is that what i should do?) but recently a different person has started washing my hair. so i tip her, right? but then do i subtract that from the stylist's tip, or just suck it up and hand over a few extra bucks? what's proper?

Aug 27, 2007

At Cinta (on Grant in SF), where I've gone for a while but where it tends to be hit or miss (I loved one person, but she totally ruined my friend’s hair – but everyone there is really good at the scalp massage --- mmmmm, scalp massage) they have little envelopes at the reception desk for the tip. You fold up your money (is it the Brooklyn fold where you have the smallest bill on top and the Bronx where the larges is on top), insert, write the stylist’s name on the front, and go. It can even be anonymous this way. But other places, especially where I’ve liked the cut, I’ve sort of enjoyed the old Mafioso feeling of sliding the money into my stylist’s palm – “I asked for satisfaction, and I received it. I won’t forget this favor you have done for me.”

It does look great. But you have one of those faces where you could be bald alongside Natalie Portman and hold your own. :)

Kezza in NZ
Aug 27, 2007

De-lurking from New Zealand. I love your hair - always have. Its cute and funky and always looks good. Take it from someone who ends up with an afro every morning - you are well looked after by the hair gods!
Don't get me started on chemical straightening, colours, cuts etc . . . it makes me tired just thinking about it.

And bring on the shoe pics!

Aug 28, 2007

Oh, it's CUTE! I'm jealous. I could never carry that off, but I would so love to. Oh, and shoe pics? They're like really great porn. Bring them on!

Aug 28, 2007

I love it! Very flapper girl. (Which is a look to which I aspire, I have to admit.) Now all you need is a cloche hat. And crimson lipstick.

Aug 28, 2007

I live in SF! Mind sharing the name of the stylist and salon? Thanks!

Nothing But Bonfires
Aug 28, 2007

Iris, scroll up!

Aug 28, 2007

The hair is lovely.... but how can you mention FOUR NEW PAIRS OF SHOES and not post a picture of a single one? Come on, show a little love to the shoe-aholics out there. xox

Aug 28, 2007

I am all about the little envelopes for the tip. The ones they have up at the register? (If they don't have them, they should.) You just stick some dough in there and write her name on the outside with a little "Thanks! XO, Holly" and then leave it at the front desk -- no awkward handover necessary! This method is my best friend.

Cute hair -- kudos on making it look even better the day after the cut. Not an easy thing!

Aug 28, 2007

Gorgeous! It really suits you!

Aug 29, 2007

Good Lord Woman, in that shot of you from the side you look EXACTLY like Angelina Jolie. And I mean the hot lara croft Angie not the stick figure on the cover of every celeb gossip rag (okay so I buy them all. at least they have shiny paper and staples, not the newsprint that comes off on your hand. if it's on shiny paper and stapled it must be true, right? Right?)

Aug 29, 2007

Oh, Holly. Ecuador ain't gonna know what hit it.

You look awesome. Have a great trip! I am the golden comment, coming in at #50. Kind of proud of myself.

Aug 30, 2007

Your haircut look fabulous! On me, I think I'd look like
Alfalfa (way before your time). ;-)

Enjoy Ecuador! There will be more fun things awaiting your return.

Aug 30, 2007

Hi, I wanted to let you know...I know this will seem extremely stalkerish, but I printed out the pictures you posted to take to my hairstylist. I wanted a cute haircut but was having trouble finding one. Tuesday on a whim I typed in "short hair" into Flickr and your picture popped up. I knew immediately that was the haircut I was looking for and my stylist got me in last night. Thanks so much for posting the pictures, I owe my cute new short hair to you!

My stylist said it was one of the cutest haircuts she's seen in an extremely long time. I live in South Dakota, we don't have much to go off of. ;)

And, I found a great new site (yours) to peruse while I'm at it!

Thanks again. :)